At The Drive-In - Hostage Stamps Lyrics

My eyes scroll to the back of my head
The Lord's dare taken in vein
Keepsake battalions, phantom couplets
A new tactile cremation attested
Opaque spurs, contemplative mayhem keeps us
Branded on the wrist do not embalm
A paper nest truancy of wasps
Wrap me up in mylar film
The anachronism enacts the indigenous
Prolonged exposure to combustible nativism

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liquor store
Drunk on the piss of semaphore embers

The hospice waltz of corpus flowers
Leaves pinko fumes from turret guns
Sawing at the base of pylon towers
Banking on the drought, banking on the opaque spurs
I've defeated every crypt
In the potters field of Machuca
Calling from the blossoming dust
Slid down the bank, choking on sherm
A new tactile cremation attested
To opaque spurs, contemplative mayhem keeps us together

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liquor store
Drunk on the piss of semaphore embers

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liquor store
Drunk on the piss of semaphore embers

Raise your nithing poles
Raise your nithing poles

Put your hurt in a safe
Throw it in wet cement
Never speak of this to a living soul
Heed the mercury blots
Of this Rorschach advice
No good will come of your insect rebellion

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liquor store
Drunk on the piss of semaphore embers

Raise your nithing poles
Raise your nithing poles
Raise your nithing poles

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At The Drive-In Hostage Stamps Comments
  1. Jaun Dong

    Might as well be the Mars Volta without jim

  2. Lee Oliver

    Is this a song about Scientology? "The Hole" is apparently the name of a place where they send 'bad' worshippers as 'punishment'.

  3. Saturnino Valdés

    Drink a lot and then ask how

  4. Arnold Guijarro,freemasonmafia

    Go watch my video arnold guijarro

  5. Kyle Krantz

    At the drive in has been a band longer then I have been alive

  6. Amaury little MÔ

    Damn, I like this guitar sound on one note, crunchy and powerfull!!

  7. stephentherarabear

    Hypodermic people poking fun at the living

  8. James Campagna

    The only song on the album that sounds like old ATDI.

  9. Sebastián Narváez

    It's quite funny that I start to listen At the Drive in thanks to a friend and at the same time Tool.

  10. aman tewolde

    wasup my friend?

  11. Weerd Munky

    Ladies and gentlemen, musicians do mature and change drastically over the course of 18 years, just thought I'd let all those ones of you know that, that think they should sound like they did almost 2 decades before. Did the Chili Peppers sound like the same band on their first self-titled album in 1984 as opposed to By the Way in 2002? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  12. TheCivildecay

    The production is waaay too clean on this song.

  13. Joey Prochaska

    I actually really appreciate this band but can anybody actually give me an in depth interpretation of the lyrics? I have no fucking clue what he means

  14. Ni Mario Hanhmann

    Why did Jimmy Kimmel Live delete the song performance's video?

  15. Eduardo Duini

    The Mars Volta <3

  16. inxy

    bring back TMV

  17. Henri valkonen

    Omar is the best! as a producer i sai that you other lack... tembo tempo tempo....

  18. Bastian Vera

    Vuelvan a Chile weon!!! Buenísimos Shows que se mandaron

  19. Sithari

    This so good

  20. tony bologna

    too much vocals

  21. lookifyouwant

    i really love how all these people show their lack of knowledge when it comes to this band... comparing to the mars volta is psychotic, vocal pitches are completely different. TMV was a musicians band due to the incredible timing signatures that ATDI doesnt exhibit. this is no way a dis on ATDI im so glad that they are back together its just a shame you have so many idiots trying to pretend they know what the hell theyre talking about. in a day and age where music is so lacking im just glad there is still some hope for rock and roll.

  22. A Taco

    I think Omar will forever be my favorite guitarist

  23. Pavol Janík

    Does anyone know where can I get guitar tabs for this?

  24. White Smith

    Anyone know why Jim ward didn't come back? His backing vocals went well with Cedric Rodriguez dasilva Perez Smith Gonzalez bixler Abdul Rahman Malik's frontman style.
    Sparta was pretty decent, and SleeperCar was pretty good relaxing music.

  25. SmittenTheKitteninMittens

    Happy 1 year Birthday

  26. guido GJ


  27. Alex weber

    one armed scissor changed the way I listened to music. I heard it pop on VH1 when I was 12 or 13, and I just stood and stared at the tv until it was over. this band is the band that defines music for me. couldn't be happier that they r back. I saw them live and it was my bucket list show.

  28. Jordan B

    Mars Volta getting back together is a given. I just want more DeFacto.

  29. Алексей Котов

    Birds and rats. Yes

  30. Boyo

    Could this be considered post-prog being as it came after The Mars Volta?

  31. indecent proposal

    Pretentiousness lyrics aside, the music is alright

  32. Justin Pedigo

    was this video made by the Robot Chicken team?

  33. Justin Pedigo

    THIS should have been the opening track! The intro was boss. Like maybe in the ballpark of Starslight or Arcarsenal.

  34. Chip Walter

    I never really got the ATDI vibe but have all Mars Volta's stuff. Saw Mars Volta live twice, Sparta once. (I was bored by that Sparta guy). So I get it where many ATDI fans are hating on this track. Cause it sounds more like the Mars Volta. And its is just brilliant in my book. lol

  35. light hope

    he's found a new dictionary <3 :D

  36. CVTaxi

    Cedric sounds like he's starting to loose his voice.

  37. lunarcaninebay

    Why do I hate the band that I used to love? Junkies... never loyal to anyone but themselves.
    You guys deserve everything.

  38. elporto

    Amazing song. If anyone is interested I have this and some other ATDI live videos on my channel including one where Cedric lands on me while crowd surfing in enfilade. Classic.

  39. miles

    My english teacher recommended this band to me lol (he's like super cool and knows my taste in music because we listen to the same music)

  40. Hügelmann

    Great song! But i do have to admit that i miss Jim Ward's vocals.

  41. P Arthur

    Nothing will ever match with their earlier work, sorry not sorry

  42. Jrottin _


  43. znubzz188

    are there any good bands like ATD in besides TMV? Not that I wanna start a flamewar on ATD in vs TMV or whatever...

    Rah Rah

    i really love the blood brothers, to be honest. crimes is an amazing album by them. they're kind of like atd, in a way, if you really squint. but they're a little more melodic in the vocals. pretty girls make graves is also really great. andrea zollo's vocals kill me. i love them so much.


    too bad they didn't use HE-MAN and G.I. Joe action figures for the video

  45. Luiz Fernando

    fucking love this record, holy shit it's brillant

  46. Lowbrow Rodeo

    Love this.

  47. Robert Bunke


  48. Beck Sabbath

    we must be grateful that they are finally back!!yeah shamefully a great member is missing but WE know how many talent they have,they will Arise and it's good to hear them in this times that almost all the bands mostly are all crap!!

  49. drohne0815

    new TOOL song, nice!

  50. Uso Indevido

    Sounds more like Mars Volta going Pop Rock.
    Wish Mars Volta were still together tho....

  51. Rick Benadryl

    fuck trump and fuck white people

  52. Marc Renville

    fuck you all. fuck fuck you all

  53. NeoTheOne

    Seems like a war on addiction song/video

    Lee Oliver

    I think it's actually about his time in Scientology. After reading an article about the leader's wife being kidnapped (something the church still denies, btw) and her assistant being punished & under constant surveillance in a place they call 'the hole', I'll never hear the line "30 days spent in the hole" the same way again.

    Here's the article if you're interested:

  54. NeoTheOne

    I'd love to see them do a tour with Murder City Devils and Blood Brothers.

  55. Chakra #5

    I just picked up this cd at Best Buy! I've been wondering what Cedric and Omar were up to and this is so worth the wait! I've been jonesing for something since Antemasque. I don't care what incarnation the dynamic duo take as long as they keep it up!

  56. Bippy

    It's sooooo gooooooooood ooooooooommmggg why am I so late ???

  57. ernst de waal

    oh how i missed them terribly.

  58. Colin Tipton


  59. Nik Novakovic

    the vocals sound great, and the vintage vibe is great too.

  60. Nik Novakovic

    still lovin these guys, fuckin great stuff

  61. Kelley Peat

    wat is this video Lol

  62. xylofiso

    you better tie it quick, script can't look 90 degrees to the right

  63. Insomniac Boxing

    Holy s! Was giving this album another shot. Fell asleep and woke up to this jam. Nice blend of the Volta w ATDI

  64. Achilles Diego

    Muito bom

  65. Ceazurhaha

    About once or twice a month I stay up late at night watching music videos and hopefully discover new bands. Today I came across this.

    Trey Warnock

    These guys are far from "new", but I'm glad you managed to stumble across them. You've just discovered one of most talented influential bands of all time. You're in for a treat...go back and listen to anything they have ever done.

  66. baconofhope

    welcome back!

  67. 生涯絶対クッソオシ声帯域無男2953428


  68. People on the Streets

    huh, i didn't know ATDI did Tool covers

  69. Melvin Fonseca Zúñiga

    Last scene is the vinyl gatefold art :D

  70. lust_xo

    How I love them so much!
    I just with The Mars Volta would get back together already!!
    But I am okay with At The Drive In <3

  71. Duck Tape Melodies

    Wow. The mix kinda sucks. You can barely hear the bass while the guitars and voice are soo upfront. I wonder who run the ship while they were recording this.

  72. ClassWarrior87

    Inoculated at the liquor store. Drunk on the piss of semaphore embers.

    This is a great outro! This is what RoC lacked. Catacombs as a bonus track doesn't compare to this dystopian paranoia!


  73. Bill Knott

    Tell us, is the black box lying?

    Nuff Nuff

    Bill Knott definitely heavier than air..

  74. Artoo DeckU

    17 years and I'm almost thinking it's worth the wait, this song is so good.

  75. Da Herstorian

    i wasnt going to give it a chance glade i did the last volta sucked and antemasqe sucked. .... know i spelled that wrong

  76. yung mu

    i feel like this is a great song but the vocals are too loud in the mix

  77. Kal El

    I saw At The Drive-in live yesterday night at the Marquee Tempe theater! Its the first time I've been to a rock concert and I'm happy it was to see Cedric and Omar. It was a cool show, they opened with "Arcarsenal"  then "Pattern Against User" followed with a mix of their new songs and ROC  and the last songs they played where: Hostage Stamps & One Armed Scissor.

    Kal El

    Carlos its me!

  78. JayMac

    Well done on covering the end of the damn clip with un-closeable crap! That kinda ruined a great experience for me. I don't mind if you have stuff there, just make it so I can close it and watch the climax of the damn clip!

  79. Eclectician

    This should have been the opening track on the album...just awesome

  80. fabrdg


  81. josh pizza

    great band, great song. Very good

  82. moyno85

    This song is basically just the indie version of Cicatriz ESP. Chord change at 0:52 is almost identical to the "Still scalping this ticketless applause" line from Cicatriz ESP. Anyway, #geekout

  83. MrJohanMaes

    This song is BIG. O + C = magic!

  84. james pricefield

    holy crap its robot chicken meets rise against

  85. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


  86. Peamush

    He recorded this holding the mic. That's crazy and it sounds really cool

  87. Michael Adler

    Someone lost their Tool video and put ATDI music over it.

  88. Brian Greig

    Definitely reminiscent of Tool's video for Sober. (Or any of Tool's early videos for that matter)

  89. Timmy Too Turnt Up

    pre order link doesn't work for me

  90. Clarence Dass

    Can't wait for the new album!

  91. search and destroy

    Heard the entire album. Friend of mine got a hold of it somehow? We blast that shit up the other night on some bose speakers. Best album in decades. I heard lots of bands and styles. Best album in fucking decades. 95% of you will not be disappointed I promise you. The other 5% can fuck off.

  92. Chad Leader

    I just don't think that they are playing their best atm...

  93. libny sandoval

    where have I been??? Idk they made a new song wtf!!!

  94. mike usa

    1:08 to 1:40. I'm stuck on this section.