At The Drive-In - Governed By Contagions Lyrics

Portrait of a family force fed through tunnel straws
Singing cannibal hymns of the bourgeoisie
There's a narc on every corner
Knock, knock, knock on every door
With a home made remedy to loosen every tongue

How many bites do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself, my love

Smuggled in their faith like an orbit in decay
Drools the cloying adulation of the piss ants
One shot for every snitch leads the needle to the stitch
It's a homemade remedy to loosen every tongue

How many bites do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself, my love

How many cries will the owners fake to save pathological truths?
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself, my love

That's the way the guillotine claps
She's the one who's governed by contagions
That's the way the guillotine claps
She's the one who's governed by contagions

Life! Is not the answer
Cry! Will you assimilate love in the time of gilded crumbs?
Crawl! Until you weep with blood
Life! Is not the answer
Canaries in the coal mine dropping like flies

How many bites do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace your poleaxed love

That's the way the guillotine claps
She's the one who's governed by contagions
That's the way the guillotine claps
She's the one who's governed by contagions

Too many bodies shriveled up in their tributes
Too many bodies flayed with a grin
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself for a flood
He's the man behind the dresser giving zodiac advice
He says there will come a day to delete everything
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself for a flood
There's a woman eating her newborn under a tractor's frame
She says barren are the fields from the nephilim rain
Brace yourself, my darling
Brace yourself for a flood

That's the way the guillotine claps
He's the one who's governed by contagions
That's the way the guillotine claps
He's the one who's governed by contagions

Governed by contagions
Governed by contagions

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At The Drive-In Governed By Contagions Comments
  1. Justin Long

    Love that bridge

  2. CloakandDagger77

    You know what they say about waiting 17 years ... “PACEMAKER PACE YOURSELF!!!”

  3. NoctaLunais

    This shit is literally enlightenment.

  4. Gabriel Hernandez

    Very good lyrics

  5. Andrea Codoshian

    I love the intro. So simple but idk it gets me every time.

  6. Dylan Hebert

    i like when they go "that's the way the guillotine clamps"

  7. Buddha Stalin

    I love at the drive in, but this sucks

  8. Wow Doge

    At the drive in is not a thing. Again... Well, hope the Volta will come back

  9. Francesco Motolese

    love from Italy LOVssssss!

  10. tony bologna

    they'd be better off without cedric.... its sounds like he doen't hear the music because he's too busy yelling nonsense.

  11. Mario Castillo

    OMG I need this record.

  12. akatatoo


  13. Vonn Folse

    Um...hello?!! Sideshow "Trigger"!!

  14. ElegyForTheMasses

    The subtitles look like the lyrics display on those Korean karaoke machines that come with like 10,000 songs which mostly all sound like MIDI files.

  15. Алексей Котов

    Mars Volta is much better 101%

  16. C C

    It’s really pretty crazy to hear how dynamic they are. Early mars volta and atdi sound like angst and uncertain mess, but then after all this time they can still specify atdi and it sounds so totally different from mars volta. They say they have no formula, but they do to some extent

  17. Daren Redman

    This video looks better in 240p lol

  18. Zee Payne

    These guys are too old to be trying,.....unfortunately it's embarrassing I have been a fan for a long time but this pop bubblegum punk shit sucks

  19. Jesse Brigman

    nope i'll just listen to the existing discography

  20. Mega BrandOn

    What a relevant song, with the death grip that heroin has on our nation. Fentanyl is murder in drug form.

  21. Steven Nope

    alright i have to get this off my chest as a card carrying fan as a kid who just missed out on this on this band right after i found out who they were. there was no high speed internet ad i had no earthly idea what cool was but i knew these little fuckers had it, i didn't, AND they KNEW it. it all grew into a lovely relationship with the mars volta which in retrospect made more sense for me in every conceivable way, and we got a couple of decent sparta records out of the whole deal, too. I'm half kidding of course, and is a lovely man, he looks pretty attractive and healthy for an older guy and he really has his head on straight for a musician and i have so much non-sarcastic respect for that... but let's face it when ATDI broke up and it was time to go home with someone, you wanted the guy that mercilessly shit talk his former band mates for no reason, smoke crack behind a cabinet and dedicate a song to The Fall then tell the whole audience if they don't know who The Fall is they are basically Limp Bizkit fans, while some tiny genius prototype of a hipster wit biochemical mescaline analogs in his brain that his own body created and dances like he is definitely having a seizure. ... i know this is long winded- that's my flaw to bare-but this is all to say i don't blame me or anyone else for being so inspired and enriched by the mara volta even if we thought sparta didn't measure up at the time.

    all that being said, i remember being floored by jim's voice layered ontop of itself when sparta come out. i don't know what exact records and capacities that keeley provided back up vocals other than he joined in 2005. there is no telling what their relationhip was before that and if jim was even looking for someone who sounded like him vocally. what i DO know is keeled is doing all of that jim-like singing on this new reunion record (that i like) that really should be JIM singing the jim-like parts. don't make a big bad ass sandwich and then throw some fuckin' miracle whip on it. i'm sorry ward's loss on this record, even if it was his choice, was very painfully noticed and even though i cant say i wouldn't do the same them getting a jimposter just rubs me wrong. at least don't make the poor thing SING. have a HEART. this isn't TMV. jim ward is every secret ingredient you didn't know was in your favorite meal.

    finally, you know what, at the end of the day J. ward made music , stayed out of drama, kept integrity, aged well and as it's all said and done cedric and omar are the one's who came off like assholes for talking such hateful shit about him in interviews, and they don't look all that great in this situation either truth be told.

    had to say my piece on jim.

  22. Sultan Grimoire

    Wow so glad they did a lil something, this rips

  23. misterjohn john


  24. Creamcheese Diarrhea

    Well,at least the Triangles and negative message entertains.

  25. Gussys Video Game Videos

    his voice hasnt changed whatsoever in 20 years. that my friends, is unbelievable considering he screams.

  26. StevenM801

    here kitty kitty..

  27. Rhianna Lynch

    Outlast 2 in a nutshell

  28. xylofiso

    y + white girl brought me here

  29. Cadan Kewn

    Lyrics are fuckin mental

  30. Joe Terrazas

    sad to be an el pasoen

  31. Ryan Smith

    Makes me miss Mars Volta.

    Chakra #5

    Ryan Smith same here man. I got into ATDI back in 1999 but when they formed The Mars Volta i was blown away and then i was crushed when they broke up. I love everything Cedric and Omar do, wether it's ATDI, The Mars Volta, Antemasque or whatever. I love Cedric on the Anywhere album too. I hope those two never stop making music. I hope one day they resurrect The Mars Volta though.

  32. Meseamer Yo

    This is an atheist poem

  33. Alberto Lopez

    please somebody know which software was used to create this video?

  34. Jonathan A


  35. Don Parker

    just the right amount of manic. seeing them here in their hometown to start off the u.s. tour and album release. big fan of jim ward and I know he'll be there. who knows what'll happen. the new album is great. just the right amount of manic. something atdi always delivers.

  36. Erik Morton

    jock rock

  37. Darwin Blinks

    Page & Plant of the new millennium

  38. arthur rogers

    Fuckin thank you

  39. Michael Adler

    Huh, leopards and hyenas.

  40. 7BitTrip

    "Brace my poleaxed love" really took me by surprise
    Goddamn, these guys are good

  41. CunningCondor

    Drums, man.

  42. Weerd Munky

    Soooooo bad ass.

  43. SIGHBOY6

    Antemasque feat ATDI drummer and bassist

  44. Shaun Gates

    Now how do you suppose an elephant got on top of a high-rise apartment complex? There's no elevator capable of safely sustaining a weight load like that, and elephants aren't good with stairs! Lol. Even still, I can't wait for this album to release. Major props, ATDI!

  45. MegaHerbMan

    Seriously man! This is Post-Hardcore at its finest! I love the squealing guitars at the end. Makes up feel how chaotic human nature is. Glad your back At the Drive In.

  46. audrey quentin

    i just found out about ATDI like three months ago and have been obsessed since! i'm so lucky to have heard them at the same time as their comeback after 16 years. i can't imagine how all of you OG fans did it for so long

  47. budogden

    Loving this song! So glad these guys are back!

  48. Phil_Insane


  49. Delfino420Concetina

    andale wey
    andale wey
    hijo de tu pinche madre

    ni mergas kon esto
    esta shingon el desastre

  50. keita kane

    im i fucking dreaming or sleepwalking

  51. Mag Pie

    Best out of the three new ones yeyyyyy

  52. Paul Garcia

    not trying to see her again just looking to not get robbed.

  53. Paul Garcia

    so what I'm supposed be be "you make a good point duhhhh." You ain't gonna be able to rationalizations ain't going to do you a bit of good.

  54. Chris Plumb

    Sometimes I feel like Cedric's lyrics are too cryptic for their own good. Lines like, "He says 'there will come a day to delete everything'", and "love in the time of gilded crumbs", might be cool to me if I knew what they meant (might), but because I don't, they sound kind of cringey, not least of all because of the vocal delivery. Knowing what those parts mean could potentially change how I perceive them for them better.

  55. Brandon Ozaeta

    Anyone going to Mexico City and want to meet up?

  56. Chris Jenkins

    Just over a month until the rapture boys

  57. Byrd Main

    positive squad +

  58. Heisenberg85

    What happened to them?!? This sucks!!!

  59. Act

    what a fucking eargasm to know atdi is reformated!!!! thanks a lot , from France!

  60. Chip Wortel

    Nice song. Y'know what would make it better. Jim Ward....

  61. woobiehastelly

    Loving the El Gran Orgo era shouts at 2:49

  62. Mega BrandOn

    We have waited YEARS for this. Music today needs this.

  63. Robert Dahms

    Should have just left it alone and ended it with one armed scissors

  64. dave9617

    Not one of their best, but this song rules!! Glad they're back, and can't wait for the album!!

  65. Black Phillip

    I don't miss Jim Ward.

  66. J Tetteroo

    Someone get me a time machine.

  67. vegan x


  68. jsun blue

    i dont know man. at the drive in has always been my hands down favorite band. but so far all these new songs dont have the intensiveness that made them great

  69. J Tetteroo

    It's as if they never left.

  70. EtcEtcAndEtc

    Piss Ants? It's pissants

  71. Enamul Hoque

    How the fuck did i miss this!?

  72. Enamul Hoque

    His voice is back!

  73. madsrasmus

    Has anyone else noticed how similar the riff at the beginning is to the riff in Fugazis song Public Witness Program?

    Steve G

    You see, this is where things get complicated and you have to then dig out Minutemen albums to see if Fugazi "borrowed ideas" from them etc etc


    Could not agree more man, just realized it by coincidence anyway:-)

  74. Chris Hepburn

    very relationship of command era. and I thought that was some of Omars and Cedric's best music together

  75. cc c

    Does anyone hear Fugazi in the main guitar riff. I think a live performance, possibly Small pox champion live as an excerpt from Instrument. Someone back me up here.

  76. Phoenix Teezzz

    new at the drive in? or same old at the drive in? i think its the latter.

  77. elchucofried

    915 stand the fuck up!!!!!

  78. Carmel Kirk

    Oh my dear sweet nipple fuck!! I had no idea this even existed. Time to binge the whole album now.

  79. Renato Fontes

    Fucking amazing

  80. idonteatcheetos

    nothin special imo

  81. Salamander

    Is there absolutely nothing else interesting going on in rock except for whatever omar rodriguez lopez is involved in nowadays?


    QOTSA may release a new album this year... besides that I can't think of any other widely known band with new music. The only option now is to search and support underground bands.

  82. WarRobots4Life

    Thanks God!!!!!!!!! I prayed so much for this!!!!!

  83. Dan Martins

    That's the way the guillotine claps!!! Holy fuck this song is AMAZING

  84. Noah Young

    sounds a lot like soad

  85. Bri

    this is garbage

  86. Isaac C


  87. irregular mana

    I just found about this song fucking love atdi!!!

  88. Hopeful Heart


  89. DubeeMcCheezy

    yes come back son

  90. Prisa Gud

    It sounds like Antemasque, and there is nothing bad about that. I loved that Antemasque album.

  91. Wallawoofa Pabadango

    Yall should give Anywhere a listen, Cedric did drums on all three releases.

  92. Ricardo Santayana Sánchez

    Who can dislike this?

  93. Filipe Amaral

    That is a riff!

  94. Daniel Rueda


  95. Mrius86

    I am young again.

  96. Sie Fi

    Holy shit this is awesome!

  97. Bianca G. BK.

    At The Drive-In Da House Again Mutherfuckerrrss ! hahahahahhaha Really I feel emocionate with this ! Real Hardcore Sound ! I feel proud of these guys :)