At The Drive-In - Give It A Name Lyrics

never thought this day would end
walked the tired steps of latter day friends
and all because
your stubbornnes was
smiling through your braces
never thought
this day would come
you threw the bricks
that built this wall
amantillado! at the top of your lungs
i can't hear you anymore

so take your diamond bland shaped tears
and maybe i'll see you in twenty years
and i will always wear your ring
you know the one
that turned my finger green

it's not you, it's me
you don't know what
you've got 'til it's gone
silver platter opportunity
never taught what you thought you know

meal tickets have been refused
you gave me a reason
to sing our last song

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At The Drive-In Give It A Name Comments
  1. sorrysasquatch

    Nobody knows about this

    the last

    Some of us do. I love early ATDI. Although it does suck that I don't know a single person in real life who likes them.

  2. aaron braden

    Glad i ordered this ep. This will complete my atdi collection