At The Drive-In - Cosmonaut Lyrics

we sample from the shelves
tore a page out of this chapter
deface the essays in the book that you're reading
we are the leaches that stop the bleeding
deficit attention program
by any means necessary
blare sirens to the library
whisper instructions to the book-wormed glossary

is it heavier than air - tell us, is the black box lying?

aeronautics hacked
the spine of paragraphs
prepare to indent, a coma that read-
floating in a soundproof costume
here comes the monolith
brass knuckles for the hissie fit
an abbreviation for the landing of fleets

position the stitches - like miles of torpedoes
permission was hinted
lungs that hollered in a sleeper hold

is it heavier than air - am i supposed to die alone?

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At The Drive-In Cosmonaut Comments
  1. Nisa C

    felt like dancing. thanks eric

  2. PolDee187

    best song on the album.. no shit

  3. egg

    i live for 1:55

  4. beatsvolume tres


  5. rustiblu26

    One of the greatest bands that ever existed

  6. dohertm2

    These lyrics were trapped in my head "is it heavier than air?", Classic!

    Joseph Rudowicz

    Is what heavier than air?


    @Joseph Rudowicz the stresses that are inside one's head, of course!

    Joseph Rudowicz

    @dohertm2 That's your interpretation, yes, and I am inclined to agree.

  7. Guillaume Houët

    from zero to 4G's in zero seconds


    a lot of times i came here for kikiikikiiikiauaghauaaaaaa

  9. D'dorn love it


  10. 2lgOl2

    Best one by far

  11. Ecatlatoa


  12. Matthias Thurow

    Tell us is the black box lying? (Bixler-Zavala, Cedric, 2000, Tx, US)

  13. James Kennedy

    This shits gangsta

  14. Maynard Agnew

    Dani y Sam, se rifaron al recomendarme esta banda inmortal!

  15. A Taco

    Top 10 best intro riffs

  16. wal balzan

    We sample from the shelves
    Tore a page out of this chapter
    Deface the essays in the book that you're reading
    We are the leaches that stop the bleeding
    Deficit attention program
    By any means necessary
    Blare sirens to the library
    Whisper instructions to the book-wormed glossary
    Is it heavier than air, tell us, is the black box lying?
    Aeronautics hacked
    The spine of paragraphs
    Prepare to indent, a coma that read-
    Floating in a soundproof costume
    Here comes the monolith
    Brass knuckles for the hissy fit
    An abbreviation for the landing of fleets
    Position the stitches, like miles of torpedoes
    Permission was hinted
    Lungs that hollered in a sleeper hold
    Is it heavier than air, am I supposed to die alone?

    Angel Skippings

    Thank you

  17. Ray Allen

    If anyone knows the original group who sang this please tell me I think it's eather rage against or public enemy but I could be wrong


    This is an At the Drive-In song. They wrote it.

  18. tanya lowe

    Still brilliant ... after all these years haha, makes me leap jump and scream, the best

  19. Tomas Gonzales

    ATDI come back and bring the dead back to life

  20. recovery beer

    This album.

  21. Randy Soto

    I hate at the drive in they suck ass!!!! My name is Randy Soto and I am not a fan. Ps I love my wife!

  22. Stancys’s Vape Room

    Few bands stay with you from first finding them til toe tags lol atdi changed my life,

  23. John Frusciante

    Might be my favorite ATDI song of all time. It just smacks you in the face instantly and off you go.

  24. RDL L


  25. Presipizle's Productivity Protest

    This song sounds like your trying to land a ship that's burring up on reentry .

  26. joeyy dvsn

    atdi threw down with this track at 2017 Riot fest Chicago

  27. John Frusciante

    Personal favorite.

  28. Sand Wine

    Hummmmmmmmmmmm !!

  29. Ric D

    This song captures the essence of a spacecraft taking off like no other

  30. diego ortiz

    Am i supposed to die alone?

  31. david chavez

    garage rock revival!!

  32. Dragon Claw

    Here comes the monolith.

  33. Joseph Díaz

    Am i supposed to die alone?

  34. brett Schweinberg

    I like to refer to this track as a panic attack in a bottle.

  35. steverocks1980

    Kill me at 2:49 ... sequence of the century

  36. Mary Ragghianti

    a very close 2nd to quarantined{splinta 73}

  37. Wolfatadoor


  38. Thetonzar uberman

    Someone please put lyrics on this song!

  39. varethika

    Feb.2017 2:44 headbangin my fukin brains out to this, it just never gets old..!!!!

  40. War Boats

    I listen to this and run around my bedroom punching things

  41. Thetonzar uberman

    Huge fan of tmv but this strikes straight to the hearth of epicness!

  42. Mannequin Republic

    2:44 gives me chills every time

  43. Cheri

    Shouting, in the most awesomely beautiful melodic energised way! That's why I fell in love with their music.

  44. Mr5kull5trobe

    The one album I favoured all the others I bought in 1999

  45. Man de Gaturiss

    Oh Yeah Fucked Up Like This 😈

  46. Lukav

    2:24 just is awesome. The whole song rocks, though.

  47. Green Kid

    song is STILL fuckin huge

  48. Sax Aguilar

    Simplemente perfecto!

  49. MoreGreenTea

    dont lissen to men in the military theyre terrorists. i just want to raise an army to kill my own people. airstrike that church, please... -- the new world

  50. Feather Black

    Me (heavy metal) and my friend (old punker) together jumping and smashing his appartement listening Cosmonaut.
    Day after I couldn't move my bloody head.

    Josh K

    you should be more respectful of your friend's property

    lastchanceforaslowdance_ 02

    @Josh K you must be fun at parties

  51. Don Peyote215

    first time I ever heard this album i was 13on vacation to ocean city Maryland 2001 it was love at first hear

  52. Benny Ayala

    its amazing

  53. WN y

    love it!!!!!!!

  54. Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    The chord progressions are amazing.

    Axel Alvarez

    You’re damn right my friend!!

  55. AnixiasPlays

    This is my favorite song - The Fall of Troy sounds so similar to these guys sometimes; even Thomas and Cedric sound similar sometimes!

    Leandro, O Transtornado



    Fall of Troy listened to this record endlessly, I imagine. The influence is almost to the point of parody.

  56. MoiEnNoir

    Saw this get played live last night in Chicago!

  57. Cheri

    To say Cedric has a way with words would be an understatement

  58. Diego Hernandez

    Such a badass song

  59. Once Again

    Takes me back 10 years.

  60. C I

    1:55 ... nuff said.


    +C Hill 2:38 bud

    C I

    @cclbiah good point! It's all fucking mint to me!


    damn straight brother

    Opvs Cvlpa

    0:00-3:23 is my favorite part.

  61. Sadie Kitten

    Fuuuck why is this song so amazing?!

    Jason Oramas

    why are all of their songs so amazing

    Motoplex Argentina

    Totally agree. I bought this album in 2001 and is sitll one of my favourite.


    Come on... You already know the answer of your question, don't you? It's because they were fuckin' amazing, precisely.

    James Sweeney

    +astroboirap can I ask what music you're into yourself?... im Just curious, because I'm not being vindictive by any means. I just realise that opinion is so subjective...

    Mutlucan Şıhman

    Sadie Kitten i saw you every mars volta and at the drive in comments. Lets get married while we share such a similiar musical taste 😂

  62. N S

    Tickets in hand - a very happy man !


    +Neil S lucky guy, trying to find some right now.

  63. Typocrite

    Listen to a piano cover of this song here:


    +Typocrite Yo man if this is you playing, nice job m8

  64. VinceverevecniV


  65. Ricardo DSR

    Q: is it heavier than air?
    A: Yes, the 14-bis, was.

  66. nick s

    Who the fuck dislikes this song??????  It is one of the most high energy and beautiful songs ever.

    Kilian Gatter

    @nick s Justin Bieber with his 31 other YT accounts

    Johnny Hammer

    Only new rappers "lil"rappers like this

  67. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Remember this being on a Metal Hammer magazine CD and being absolutely blown away by this song, must of been when I was about 14. Even after listening and liking new bands/genres this song still kicks arse :)

  68. S Carattini

    Never Forget ATDI

  69. Suspect Heroin

    position the stitches,,-________________ like miles of torpedoes

  70. Lonnie Booth


    Lonnie Booth

    @Toni Schumacher Its fantastic.

    Justin Wade

    +Toni Schumacher That following six seconds or so is the single greatest use of screaming in any song ever.


    YES! Yes it is. <3

    dublin stoner 710 dank

    Lonnie Booth so true


    Best moment in human history

  71. Darren Butler

    Yes!!!!! This album is special

  72. mewow

    my favourite on this album!!

    jimmy overton

    really kris?


    @elwhyify I think he's for real


    @elwhyify definitely. the energy in this song is so good!

    jimmy overton

    @lookits kris fuck what was I smoking that day, this is indeed a tune, just had a little rockout on me bed

  73. Jay Hamilton

    29 people can suck it

  74. Jay Hamilton

    every song on this album kicks ass


    +Jay Hamilton Very, very true.


    True, but this is one of the best - top 3 for me

    John Olmos

    Best post hardcore album ever

  75. Evan Drane

    I forgot that this song always makes me want to go insane and just lose my shit.

    Thetonzar uberman

    Evan Drane me fucking too..

  76. maxilovesreggae

    Goosebumps and shivers, and I'm not even ill. So much energy in this track!

    Alabama Kush

    @maxilovesreggae I'm not the only one. :)

  77. Cleia Barreto


  78. Andres Contreras

    love cedric's vocals from :56-1:15

  79. Steve Bolton

    the part after the bridge at the end is amazing. so much energy.

  80. theo paijmans


  81. mouthwash075


    wee snaw

    when im trying to ask for more guac at moes but my anxiety makes it difficult

    dublin stoner 710 dank

    mouthwash075 hahahah yesssss


    Come out! Run! C-C-C-C-Come out right now!
    That's how I hear it, but whatever he says, it's amazing.

    Matt Sanderson

    @Lukav I always heard "Come on! Wait! Ge-ge-ge-ge-get me out of here!"

    Evocative Arts

    Pretty accurate lol

  82. Noah Lamoreaux

    I like a Post-Hardcore band. Fuck.

  83. Christopher Frausto

    emo rage against the machine

    Evocative Arts

    J. Deiss ^^^^^^^ 👏👏👌

  84. Brandon Brown

    It's pretty obvious the dude was joking.

  85. Damiano Amadio

    And 12 years later Gravity was released...

  86. Joseph Rudowicz

    That was the greatest fucking retort in response to the biggest fucking ignoramus in the history of youtube. THANK YOU JESUS for being the one to correct that ignorant piece of fuck.

    Joseph Rudowicz

    My oldest comment. Seems I was inebriated.

  87. Alabama Kush

    It give me chills every time.

  88. Justin Villarreal

    I concur.

  89. Tom Dux

    Pretty cool!

  90. Corporate Prison We Stay

    In the words of George Harrison "Life flows on within you and without you", you are never alone because you are always with life.

  91. Carey Hoffman


  92. Carey Hoffman

    I'd argue that starting at 2:24 makes it WAY better.

  93. Jackson Ulstrom

    Pffft. Haha.

  94. zagyex


  95. Tech_ 49FPV

    from 2:44 to 2:50 is my ringtone : )

  96. Jackson Ulstrom

    Anybody know what he says after the "IS IT HEAVIER THAN AIR?!" scream in the bridge? It sounds like, "Come on! Break! C-c-c-c-*something that starts with a hard c*".