At The Drive-In - Coating Of Arms Lyrics

substation submerging
suburban disturbance
incoherent gourding
coat of arms they came
hack a knocking paranoia

in the walls, we heard family dying
while the band played on
told sky to leave to the east bay clone
weren't you taking me home

secret service, we deserve this
we lost the friends to the pavement
to the pavement

substation, subconscious
let's do our william tell routine
let's do it

chewing on the goodyear's handcuffs
are the wristwatch

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At The Drive-In Coating Of Arms Comments
  1. David Saint Cyr

    It doesnt hold up anymore

  2. deathbyzen

    Not even 500 views? What the fuck. Love this album...

    george F

    deathbyzen , their best