At The Drive-In - Arc Arsenal Lyrics

I must have read a thousand faces
I must have robbed them of their cause
sickened thirst, sickened thirst
keeps it together
soft white glow in the cranium
a bulls eye made sedated

beware! [x3]

I must have read a thousand faces
and all these voices won't give up
sickened thirst, sickened thirst
glues it together
a catatonic leisure at 1000 miles per hour

beware! [x3]

so who's in charge here
barking out loud so clear
because I'd really like to meet him

so who's in charge here
in the review of this mirror
because I'd really like to meet him

so who's in charge here
barking out loud so clear
because I'd really like to meet him

uproar east, strike west

have you ever tasted skin?
sink your, sink your teeth in it

have you ever tasted skin?
sink your teeth into...

have you ever?

beware! [x6]

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At The Drive-In Arc Arsenal Comments
  1. George Ramos

    This is the best intro to any bmx or skate video. And there has been. The 2001 Trend bmx video from Austin Texas. Epic video

  2. Troy Brown

    Best build up ever

  3. ZLight115 サミュエル

    Cause I really like tomato

  4. Tara Blanchard

    I’m pretty sure this is about Dahmer

  5. petrocism

    Still so fucking great

  6. UwU Fucc U


  7. ross3490

    Have you?

  8. muuk

    Enyone 2019 ?

  9. Drew Jones

    saw these guys in arkansas in a hole in the wall place...had no idea who was playing...went anyways....this was the only band i rocked out to that night. I heard they did some great things over the years. Well deserved.

  10. Link Max

    Who's in charge in here I'd really like to meet him!!!!

  11. Sneer

    pol ql te amo gracias por mostrarme esta banda

  12. Tiffany Amber

    So high school 1995 for me 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  13. TheCivildecay

    Love how this song ends with the singer just screaming his lungs out without any screaming technique, just screaming like a madman : )

  14. Josh K

    Any guitar pros here who know how to get that shrill kind of haunted type riff sound @ 0:44 ?

  15. Ecatlatoa

    Post hardcore at its finest.

  16. Matthew Barstow

    I remember I bought this album because of one armed scissor then realised this song was on book of shadows

  17. charles kyman

    il pezzo più bello di sempre !!!

  18. eightnineteen819


  19. Zach Mayes

    Reminds me of La Dispute

  20. Stutter • Allan Scott

    Still a classic

  21. steve A

    Light years ahead of its time, so unique & overwhelmingly powerful

  22. Crash Palace

    One of the most ultra-intense listening experiences.

  23. Thetonzar uberman

    So whos is charge in here ??!!

  24. Kurt Cobain

    Anyone who thinks this is a stupid song..........Is Gay

  25. waz 312

    punk as fuck

  26. Jamie x?x

    The screaming at the end of this song makes my fucking nipples hard, every time.

  27. Dave Powell

    greatest band for years and years mar volta to at the drive in love it still roxs now and still rock in 2017 and seen them support royal blood congrts great

  28. Alexsandro De Souto Silva

    Que porta é essa?

  29. Brendan Stave

    When the vocals kick in I imagine Cedrick standing on the wings of a jet plane singing this because thats how fast and in your face it comes at you.

  30. Robertsmith3828

    Have you ever tasted skin?

  31. Robert Perry

    Awesome band so underrated. Great to watch their recent reading festival performance and great they've made a new album

  32. Gog Noggler

    1:33 is so rad. The energy and momentum and power of that riff combined with the drums lol it's so damn aggressive. I feel like it's the sound of getting beat up by a ninja or something.

  33. Schrodinger's Cat

    FUCK.... just blew out the windows. here come the police

  34. winchuni22

    This is a first round, first punch knock out!

  35. OneEyeMan

    "Catatonic leisure at 1000 miles per hour"
    What an absolutely awesome song.
    I'm 60 and can't get enough of this stuff!


    Reservoir Dogs

  36. Alex Salinas


  37. Rob

    not feeling this at all, maybe I am too young to appreciate this (26)

    Alex Beristain

    Rob it's not for everyone. See ya'

  38. NAQIB R


  39. brett Schweinberg

    Greatest album-opening track ever?

    Matias Asconeguy Raco

    Let me answer you, that's call: Son et Lumiere.

    maxvador54000 capitainji

    At the drive - in good !!! <3

    Romain Gomard

    Try the great southern trankill by pantera

  40. PurpleUnicorn 601


  41. Ziki Tv


  42. Alastair Lamont

    2.55 minutes of catharsis.

  43. Lieutenant Prick

    Why aren't this guys huge rn, this was a kickass album

    Evander Christy

    Lieutenant Prick this album came out almost 17 years ago, that's probably why. plus they disbanded. give Mars Volta a listen


    James Rick They are back together since 2016.


    James Rick They got back together and released an album this year.

  44. georgeharrison70

    (Continued) All of those bands that I mentioned are pioneers of post-hardcore, and I find it so strange how a bunch of important post-hardcore artists broke up after they released classic albums.

  45. georgeharrison70

    Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that a lot of post-hardcore bands tend to be short lived, especially when they've made legendary albums that defined the genre. At the Drive-In broke up after they released Relationship of Command, Unwound broke up after Leaves Turn Inside You came out, and Fugazi went on "indefinite hiatus" after The Argument. Refused also broke up after they released The Shape of Punk to Come, and Big Black was over after the release of Songs About Fucking.

    Joe M.

    Don't forget "Spiderland".

    Chris Uresti

    georgeharrison70 even nirvana was considered post hardcore at one time before the grunge label and they only put out 3 albums

    Jones Fan

    ATDI didnt exactly break up though. Omar, Cedric, and Ward went on to create The Mars Volta which they were in until 2012 or 13 and after the current last TMV album they revived ATDI

  46. Man de Gaturiss

    It's Ok 💛 Merry Christmass.

  47. Andrew Miroslawski

    like a mix between the mars volta, rage against the machine and black flag. that is probably one of the greatest imaginable musical mixes ive heard off!!!


    Andrew Miroslawski But before them.


    >Mixture of bands from the genre post-hardcore is derived from and their other band
    How surprising

  48. Bladelores

    I remember listening to the intro and having absolutely no idea what the hell to expect, I had listened to In/Casino/Out before this but this was just something else

    I haven't listened to this album in so long... Still good

  49. Jake Travis

    Makes me think of Pailhead.

  50. Mac

    Is the intro lick a reference to some other song? I've definitely heard it in something else

    Rhystic Studies

    Cicatriz ESP

    Nunya Biness

    oh my god for over a decade ive been blasting these songs...i never connected THIS to CICATRIZ. both are two of my all time Mr. MagicManSam are a Cat among Pidgeons

    Alex Beristain

    TheMagicManSam seriously? I didn't even know.

  51. Ken M.

    I'm not usually a fan of this kind of music but something about the lyrics just strikes true.

  52. raina bishop

    Wow it's been really long o.o

  53. Douglas Fabiani

    uma banda fantástica,pena que acabou!

    Sidney cavalcante

    Douglas Fabiani não acabou não eles lançaram um disco ano passado

  54. Ecatlatoa


    Alejandro Fonseca



    Alejandro Fonseca Millan IN THE REAR VIEW OF THIS MIRROR



    Ivanyi Attila

    I think the same.


    I KNOW hahaha dude im trying to make the volume louder and its already to the max wtf


    I can't decide if I like ATDI or The Mars Volta more. Both very unique, which is ironic because of the lineup.


    another vote for atdi. more has more heart imo. even if the mars Volta may be more impressive technically


    Gengarred tmv for sure

    Michael Edwards

    It depends on what I'm in the mood to listen to. I love both bands equally for different reasons.

    Rich Tremblay

    Used to love TMV more, now it's the opposite. I find ATDI had more passion, raw energy and is more "straight to the point".

  56. SomethingOhMy

    that intro never fails. Cedric put his ass into this one

  57. Sopta

    The part at 1:34 sounds like Outlaw Torn by Metallica.

  58. Junky Monkeys

    Love all at the drive in stuff, but this is one of my favorites!


    I remember listening to this on my discman, walking down the street, screaming the lyrics and people staring...



  60. OddGonzo

    Remember when 'emo' meant something non-negative?


    I'm well aware, I like emo, I hate people labeling music "emo" because they think they can relate it to their shitty teenage angst movement. Nowadays everything that has someone yelling over guitar is "alternative" or "emo". Pisses me off man.


    OddGonzo Nigga this is post-hardcore, not emo

    Wow Owls

    @Letz ...No, fuck that. Emo was similar to punk. ATDI fans were not "emos" like you see today. You clearly don't know shit about music history or genres, stop spreading misinformation. You aren't aware of shit, and you're pissed off about something that isn't even true.

    Luis Davila

    ATDI is post/hardcore!!

  61. Jeffrey MacMullin

    "Have you heard of the band 'At The Drive In'?"
    "There's a band that performs at the drive in?"

    Jason Oramas

    lol such a great band no one knows about

  62. love knife

    this song pretty accuratly describes how i feel about all the idiots in youtube comment sections.

  63. Jersey Randalls

    because i'd really like to meet him.

  64. langosta a lo pobre



    unless you got physical document wher3 the band members state it's meaning
    then your futile rebuttal remains unnoticed

    langosta a lo pobre

    +Nick Marsico Wrong comment, mate

    Wriggle Nightbug

    I heard that lyric as what it was the first time I heard it, tf you doing mate

  65. Richard Nygaard

    The ultimate concert would be at the drive in-crime mob & kittie

    Jersey Randalls

    +Richard Nygaard no it wouldn't be.

    Richard Nygaard

    +Jersey Randalls

    How you doing buudie learned all in a heart beat.

  66. Cody T


  67. Polemic

    this song describes a psychopathic mind so accurately

    Jersey Randalls

    +Nick Marsico no it doesn't.

    Cygnus Vismund

    you wouldn't know

  68. CaptainHowdy760

    XD just can't get over you kids listening to this in 2016

  69. CaptainHowdy760


  70. BucaManTV

    This would be sick for a wrestler to use as his music


    Gacy would have. haha lok you people listening to this in 2016

    Million Dollar Man

    +CaptainHowdy760 The fucking Chainsaw !!

  71. Eder Cartabon

    los queremos ver juntos de nuevo.....

  72. Wild Horses

    Sounds like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the lead singer

  73. Redemerd

    I must say that rise against have a big influence of this band....


    +Jason S they are.


    +Jason S or they are simply idiots...


    +YbIj And u are the best of us ;)


    +Redemerd Never heard "Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking" ? Is the same for writing something...
    How could you write that rise against have influenced an older band than them ??? This album is older than the first album of Rise Against... Time connexion problems or have you encounter the Dr Samuel Beckett ?


    +YbIj maybe you have to come back to the school and learn to read again friend.... i know that this band is too much older than rise agains and that is what i say in my first comment!

  74. Вячеслав Мизгирёв

    How can people calls Attack Attack and same shit a post-hardcore after this??!!


    We're living in an age where Paris Hilton is considered a DJ, and Justin Bieber is considered a rapper.

    Adderall Jesus

    +sickphNIX I've never heard either of them referred to as either of those things.

    Wydozv ExYeest

    post hardcore, screamo and emo are the most mislabled genres ever

  75. ADGO

    This song sends me to a special emotive place beyond daily consciousness. Intense overwhelming masterpiece

    Michael Abrahams

    Masterpiece is the right word. I have never heard anything like this..

    Ryan Taylor


  76. shane alexander




  77. Fernando Fernandez

    That intro.

    Andrew K

    +Fernando Fernandez I still remember hearing this when it first came out. No idea what to expect and that intro.


    just the whole song really

  78. Pr0fess0rSasquatch

    Whoa, this song just gave me hardcore déjà vu. I had this album when I was like 14 before I even knew what post-hardcore was. Fast forward 8 years later, my interest in progressive music is rapidly expanding and here I am back where it all started, but seeing it from a completely different perspective.


    @Pr0fess0rSasquatch same thing with me and The Fall of Troy

    Jasiel Cardoso Villa


    Adi Ridhwan

    same goes to me when I listened back to The Mars Volta

    Tyler Graham

    imagine hearing this when you were like 7 and finding it again

    Deer sea Heraklorne

    I feel this way hard man. It’s way better now

  79. George Endress

    I must have read a thousand faces
    I must have robbed them of their cause 
    sickened thirst, sickened thirst 
    keeps it together 
    soft white glow in the cranium 
    a bulls eye made sedated 

    beware! [x3]

    I must have read a thousand faces 
    and all these voices won't give up 
    sickened thirst, sickened thirst 
    glues it together 
    a catatonic leisure at 1000 miles per hour

    beware! [x3]

    so who's in charge here 
    barking out loud so clear
    because I'd really like to meet him 

    so who's in charge here 
    in the review of this mirror
    because I'd really like to meet him 

    so who's in charge here 
    barking out loud so clear
    because I'd really like to meet him 

    uproar east, strike west 

    have you ever tasted skin?
    sink your, sink your teeth in it

    have you ever tasted skin? 
    sink your teeth into...

    have you ever? 

    beware! [x6]

  80. quinlan newman


  81. Zachary Wellington

    I always shit my dick to this song. 


    Zachary Wellington dude same

  82. atom_jack

    Best on the entire album. Thus meaning the greatest post-hardcore/rock song of all time


    +ChuckleNuts Lol. I like that.... I Like that a lot.


    I dunno ...choosing between this and one armed scissor is like having to decide which of your children you like more


    I like ATDA a lot, but I can think of a couple dozen The Fall of Troy songs that are better.

    Adam Wood

    no way.... Cosmonaut is the boss of that album...


    @oldnavyrum i agree. Personally, OAS is my favorite, but this is a CLOSE second.

  83. Jefferson Stoiani

    I Must have read a thousand faces
    I Must have robbed them of their cause
    Sickened thirst, sickened thirst
    Keeps it together
    Soft white glow in the cranium
    A bulls eye made sedated

    Beware! 3 times

    Must have read a thousand faces
    And all these voices won't give up
    Sickened thirst, sickened thirst
    Glues it together
    A catatonic leisure
    At 1000 miles per hour

    Beware! 3 times

    So who's in charge here
    Barking out loud so clear

    Because I'd really like to meet him
    So who's in charge here
    In the rear-view of this mirror
    Because I'd really like to meet him
    So who's in charge here
    Barking out loud so clear
    Because I'd really like to meet him

    Uproar east, strike west

    Have you ever tasted skin?
    Sink your, sink your teeth in it!
    Have you ever tasted skin? 
    Sink your teeth into...
    Have you ever?

    Beware! 6 times

  84. Nostalgic_Chaos

    Seriously, though. This tune is just TOO MUCH. Makes me feel like I'm going insane and it's always a great song to listen to when you need to blow off steam, when I just don't want to care about life or anything else for a few minutes. Bliss.

    bullshtt skipper

    +Nostalgic_Chaos best way to start an album of this calibre . A straight punch to the face


    +bullshtt skipper Indeed.

  85. Rigo Ruda

    Un reencuentro seria buenisimo!

  86. Deanna Lupo

    I first heard this song on "Blair Witch Project 2" shitty movie but awesome music


    shitty music and shitty movie. What rock did you just crawl out from under?

    Deanna Lupo

    I said shitty movie good music so settle down

    Corey Weatherford

    Dude, youtube commenters are the worst. Blair Witch 2 sucked by any stretch of the imagination, and this is indeed a great song. Lets not even read the comment, then spew hate, yeah!

  87. n01zs3

    pedazo de disco y tema

  88. Sandeep Jain

    inspiration for m shinoda and the LP's next album...

  89. Julie Thompson

    I hadn't listened to ATDI in so long, and thought about it today. Thanks for uploading.

  90. StephenBased

    GTFO with this rise against trash

  91. Noel Velasquez

    Havent heard this in a few years and the other day I remembered ATDI .. man this sounds so awesome .. too bad there arent too many original artist like these guys around 


    original? How many chromosomes do you have? I'm saying three.


    @Defenseman61913 I love how unsuccessful you were at trying to rile people up. Especially at how many people you tried to comment at . Doesn't matter, someone who tries this hard must be a fan right? 

  92. Brian BarrSinister

    This awesome song is chilling as fuck in context of The Book of Shadows...

  93. Dareonius

    Rise Against wishes it was ATDI.

  94. Ecatlatoa

    The only word to describe this song is intense.

  95. For The Oracle

    His voice sounds like the dude from Rise Against in this song.

  96. TheFab1985

    tried it. thanks for the tip. Did not spark to me yet. But who knows :p sometimes the best stuff hits me late.

  97. Parneideron Studios

    Hmm... Rise Against are my all time favorite band... Truly I do not see any similarity in vocals, except for the fact they are both amazing singers.