At The Drive-In - Alpha Centauri Lyrics

widows an antique replacement
a briefcase filled with mace
widows six legged lost and found
students spray the kent state mist
wishing wills missing clientele
widows sex legged lost and found

parkas worn in summer apparel
sweat lodge comatose of broken arrows

widows veiled in rebound sheets
this is the ghost of a chance the lonely
widows sex legged lost and found
precision watch the scalpel make roads
hear them talk in paranoid parables
widows sex legged lost and found

storefront chairmans fingering buttons
this running of the bulls will trample all
the life support system
madrid space station spain
e space flesh vs machine

matadors chase the bulls in a china shop

gored my neck but don't spare me death
i'm running circles red cape paper
taste the vapor

matadors chase the bulls in a china shop

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At The Drive-In Alpha Centauri Comments
  1. I P

    Gored my neck don't spare death

  2. John Johnson

    today is january 1st 2020 and im sorry for bringing it up, i just really wanted to.

  3. Mo Anguidae

    279 likes? C'mon people!

  4. Shadowpikachu543






  5. Jordi

    Ghost will make a cover of this?

  6. Ricardo Clemente

    even though these guys were in their mid-20s (if i remember right) when they recorded this, this is by far the best teenager music ever made. Cedric's conspiracy paranoia lyrics from El Gran Orgo forward, full of suburbia, politics and history class vocabulary through the lens of someone on LSD, were ridiculously inspired. while i don't condone recreational drugs at this point, i still have a great admiration for Cedric's creativity with words, which, far from the word-salad he's often accused of, were full of rich images so that each song of theirs really was like a small film, which i realized later made so much sense out of the band's name.

    i consider this teenager music because it, this song in particular, recalls a time when everything meant something, and you actually felt agitated about some injustice somewhere (whether or not you actually did anything about it), because there was actually time to read about that kind of stuff and form feelings about it, before adult life came in like a running of the bulls to drag you along until God says so.

    this is such an amazing intro, the energy from start to finish is a real lightning in a bottle moment. even the ending of the song - especially the ending - really does something to me. it sounds desperate, like trying to get it all out before time expires. it sounds like the fact that the aforementioned energy of youth really does last about as long as this song, burning bright and beautiful for a season, only to leave a smoldering heap of embers and ashes, never to truly reignite again. it sounds like a new phase beginning but some innocence dying in its place. i don't know. i used to miss high school really bad, and this band was the soundtrack for that feeling. now i hear them and it makes me want to light that fire all over again, but to use it for something way better and more level-headed this time. maybe even At the Drive In can help me to serve God the best i can. maybe they helped push me here all along. who knows


    nice words ! <3

    Terminal Ward Band

    whatever you do, keep writing in your arsenal. You have a way with words, one we can't all be so lucky to find within ourselves. Cheers.

  7. Raymundo Jarillo Sánchez

    I can't whit all the intensity this song transmits!

  8. Egaliter revolutionare bonaparte

    I don't understand the lyrics, but the music is so fucking awesome

    Rodrigo Ibarra

    Cedric is into the surrealistic thing, so there's no way you could understand his lyrics.

  9. Thomas Anderson

    this was the best music to gey all tweaked out and drunk to

  10. mkjh

    'Students spray, the Kent state mist'

  11. Nostalgic_Chaos

    What a fucking brilliant opening song.

  12. JackInTheBox

    I don't like much of what At the Drive In have done, but this is a great song.


    @Cracked Rearview weird, I think you should listen to more At the Drive-In. This is pretty much their standard sound (not to say that in Relationship of Command they bring their sound to a whole other level of epicness)


    @DontTouchMyPogoStick Since I wote that I've come to appreciate ATDI much more.

    Ricardo Clemente

    this is possibly their best song, or a top 5er anyway


    You're a bad person.

  13. J. Deiss

    Beautifully angry

  14. Martin Totti

    1:58 Fuck me !


    Yep, brilliant, I know. Pretty insane.

    Martin Totti

    and i love insane fills ! :D

  15. Goctagon

    His voice sounds a bit like Tim Mcillrath of Rise Against


    @DontTouchMyPogoStick Well that is Cedric himself so, of course. But yeah you are right on that one! Haha! Altho Rise Against used to be much better when they were more hardcore.

    Julian Wilkins

    I always thought he sounded like an angrier version of the singer of Rage Against The Machine.


    @Julian Wilkins I can totally see that too. 

    Sean Dana

    +Julian Wilkins yeah, I agree. My first impression was that they reminded me of a much more creative and musically capable version of Rage Against the Machine.


    DontTouchMyPogoStick FNM was definitely on par with Bungle ;p as an instrumentalist myself a Patton band is a PATTON BAND haha

  16. OfficialDBDClan

    lovely stuff

  17. Paul Silva

    I was high when listening to this what's this song about

  18. Stefan Risko

    5k views.. 2 comments... wtf, ATDI!!!!

    Rocked Lolla.

  19. radnyrandy

    A briefcase filled with mace!!