Astro - Lie (다 거짓말) Lyrics


Cheoeumeuro cham mani apasseo
Bang aneseo sori nae ureosseo
Ireonaseo bichwojin nae moseub
Neo ttaemune nuni manido bueosseo
Neoye gieok jiwoboryeo
Sajindo beonhodo jiwodo
Geunyang gyesok mannago shipeo
Neowa yaksokhaetdeon nari
Nega eopshi gakkawojineunde

Da geojitmal da geojitmariya
Ibyeoreun sarangeuro ichyeojindaneun mal
Da geojitmal eoreundeul mariya
Cheoreopshi deullyeodo eojjeol suga eopneun nanikka

Nega eopshi jinaeneun geotmankeum geuboda
Deo shimhage mam apeun ireun isseulkka
I bamboda museoun bam isseulkka
Jago ireonamyeon nega eopneunde

Geurae maja geureonga bwa
Hanbeon kkeuneojyeo beorin shireun
Dashi itgiga eoryeobna bwa
Neowa nanun yaksokdeureun
Eotteokedeun jigyeoya haneunde

Da geojitmal da geojitmariya
Ibyeoreun sarangeuro ichyeojindaneun mal
Da geojitmal eoreundeul mariya
Cheoreopshi deullyeodo eojjeol suga eopneun nanikka

Nuga mworadeon gane neomaneul barabwatdeon
Naneun maneun saenggageul haesseo manido ureosseo
Neowa haetdeon yaksok hanahana jigiryeogo hanamana
Nae yeopeneun nega eobttaneun sashiri
Mak naege keuge dagawaseo mareul geone
Kkumeseoneun ajikdo neoneun
Nae pume angyeoitneunde no way neon wae
So far far away
Jeo meolli isseo dwidoraitneunde

Hayeomeopshi heulleogan shigandeul
Dashi doedolligo shipeunde

Da kkumiya modu kkumil geoya
Tujeongburyeodo an doeneun geo da aneunde
Da geojitmal dorawa jugetni
Cheoreopshi deullyeodo eojjeol suga eopneun nanikka

Nega eopshi ttak haruman sarabwado
Nan himdeureo ppalli dorawa jwo
Jigeumirado geojitmarirago
Nega malhaejumyeon an doegetni


처음으로 참 많이 아팠어
방 안에서 소리 내 울었어
일어나서 비춰진 내 모습
너 때문에 눈이 많이도 부었어
너의 기억 지워보려
사진도 번호도 지워도
그냥 계속 만나고 싶어
너와 약속했던 날이
네가 없이 가까워지는데

다 거짓말 다 거짓말이야
이별은 사랑으로 잊혀진다는 말
다 거짓말 어른들 말이야
철없이 들려도 어쩔 수가 없는 나니까

네가 없이 지내는 것만큼 그보다
더 심하게 맘 아픈 일은 있을까
이 밤보다 무서운 밤 있을까
자고 일어나면 네가 없는데

그래 맞아 그런가 봐
한번 끊어져 버린 실은
다시 잇기가 어렵나 봐
너와 나눈 약속들은
어떻게든 지켜야 하는데

다 거짓말 다 거짓말이야
이별은 사랑으로 잊혀진다는 말
다 거짓말 어른들 말이야
철없이 들려도 어쩔 수가 없는 나니까

누가 뭐라던 간에 너만을 바라봤던
나는 많은 생각을 했어 많이도 울었어
너와 했던 약속 하나하나 지키려고 하나마나
내 옆에는 네가 없다는 사실이
막 내게 크게 다가와서 말을 거네
꿈에서는 아직도 너는
내 품에 안겨있는데 no way 넌 왜
So far far away
저 멀리 있어 뒤돌아있는데

하염없이 흘러간 시간들
다시 되돌리고 싶은데

다 꿈이야 모두 꿈일 거야
투정부려도 안 되는 거 다 아는데
다 거짓말 돌아와 주겠니
철없이 들려도 어쩔 수가 없는 나니까

네가 없이 딱 하루만 살아봐도
난 힘들어 빨리 돌아와 줘
지금이라도 거짓말이라고
네가 말해주면 안 되겠니

[English translation:]

For the first time, it hurt a lot
I cried out loud in my room
When I woke up and saw myself
My eyes were really puffy, because of you
I tried to erase your memories
Your pictures, your number
But I keep wanting to see you
The day we were supposed to meet
Is getting closer but you're not here

It's all a lie, it's all a lie
They say breakups are forgotten with love
It's all a day, just what the grown ups say
It may sound childish but I can't help it

Trying to live without you
There's nothing more painful than that
No night more scary than that
After I wake up, you're not here

Yes that's right
A thread that's cut off once
It's hard to mend again
The promises I made with you
I have to keep them

It's all a lie, it's all a lie
They say breakups are forgotten with love
It's all a day, just what the grown ups say
It may sound childish but I can't help it

No matter what anyone said, I only looked at you
I thought a lot, I cried a lot
Trying to keep each promise I made with you
The fact that you're not by my side
Hits me hard and tells me
Even in my dreams you're in my arms
No way, why are you
So far far away
You're so far, turned away

Time that endlessly flowed
I want to turn it back

It's all a dream, everything is a dream
I try to convince myself but I know it's not
It's all a lie, will you come back to me?
It may sound childish but I can't help it

It's only one day without you
But it's hard, come back to me
Tell me it's a lie
Can't you?

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Astro Lie (다 거짓말) Comments
  1. Anasuefeah Gasper

    Sanha's voice💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Maitrayee Dubey

    It breaks my heart every time.... Every single time I listen to this it just makes me so mad.... The lyrics, the music, the singers all of it is so good then why don't they get the attention they deserve.... People should understand that even if they are not the biggest band and not as famous as some bands this doesn't mean that they don't make good music... I'm saying this as an ARMY.... They deserve so much more..😢😢

  3. Exequil Alcaraz

    It felt like JinJin is almost crying when rapping his parts. UwU

  4. carlo elvenia

    The tone is like a AS WE DREAM in produce 48

  5. Rona Garganera

    Jinjin's part hit me so hard!
    So proud of these 6 talented boys

  6. haechanluvr


  7. Melisa Ledesma

    bella canción..

  8. Su Sa99

    2019 😂

    still listening to astro song..

  9. Harimoto Miyako

    The translation is wrong. But the song itself is super good

  10. Karen Luma

    I don't stan Astro but this song got me

  11. wallet cha

    Love love this song 💕💕

  12. Kanthi Sri

    Eun woo's voice is soo soothing ❤

  13. Faith Dizon

    Jin Jin's part breaks my heart into a million pieces ☹

  14. Jay

    when they sing "mariya" is get mad jealous coz my friend's name is Maria and it sounds so beautiful like they're singing her name lol

  15. 개밥그릇

    진우오빠 노래 잘 부른다 감정이 확 오네

  16. Su Sa99

    Will listening to their song forever.. Never boring..

  17. Dhesery Grace Nillas

    I can't hold my tears,I'm so emotionally

  18. Rem Rawt

    Eun woo is my life🥰🥰😍🥰😘☺️

  19. Rem Rawt

    Please give Eun woo more lines😭😭🥰🥰😍😍 and this should be an Ost🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭🥰

  20. Hemali Narjinary

    Wow so sweet song.💞💞💞💞💞 I really liked this song.😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💝

  21. 나의별

    어떻게 아스트로 노래듣다보면 더욱더 팬으로써 좋아진다...

  22. HuiJi Choi

    They are handsome!
    They singing skill very Good!!!

  23. dearestsunwoo

    Damn i really do love evry sad songs they have

  24. Hey Ze


  25. UWU -

    2018 November ?❤

  26. twice once

    why ASTRO produce an amazing melody like this!..what a masterpiece...nvr look on just one eyes on them... i found them are hard to ignore

  27. twice once

    the intro is already taking me to divee more n more into this planned to just visit for awhile is gone!

  28. Skye

    Jinjin’s part 😭

  29. aroha aroha

    Rocky and jin jin part........ 👏

  30. Neinuo Sorhie

    MJ's voice just brought tears in my eyes😭 I love you so much MJ oppa💜

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    이거 뭔가 프듀48 꿈을 꾸는 동안이랑 비슷하다(저만 그런가효??)


    이게 더 먼저나왔어요 ㅠ

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  33. Lee Hasoo

    the songs that i have heard r all sad which i like

  34. Ruby Sparks

    This song is very beautiful!

  35. Bea Baay

    Astro😍😍 I'm acting like crazy with your voices oppas.😊😊😘

  36. p b

    mj's voice soo cute

  37. p b

    eunwoo & Rocky 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  38. YourFriendDerp

    My heart...i am beginning to get 'the feels' again...

  39. Farhana Ifnt

    This song is so deep, it's struck in my heart.

    I still don't get the lyrics lmao. But it's still nice and emotional song.

  40. Jenevieve Sojor

    Why are they underrated :((((

  41. 김에리카

    Such a good song. I feel like astro songs are songs of my life. 💔❤

  42. Nadia Chuquimia


  43. its akemi mofo

    This song would be a perfect concept for a girl who has fallen in love with a webtoon character

    Similar to W - Two Worlds, but with a more youthful and innocent love.

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  45. FaktaUnik

    I hope we support all the members of the astro do not just support one member only because they are very talented
    #fightingastro #fightingaroha

  46. YOYO H

    0:10 attack 😫😢 one tear fell
    This song talks about love yup it can hurt I live astro their songs makes me happy 😊

  47. amy kim

    lol its i wake up and look at myself, my eyes are puffy because of you. i get why you got confused because in korean 눈 can be either snow or eyes. just pointing out :)

  48. Maria Letícia

    Beautiful music, beautiful voice, ALL BEAUTIFUL 💖

  49. Dahabo Wacays

    The emotion carried in this song is just so haunting and I just- I'm a mess basically

  50. Abby Juban

    T-ara's lie, B1A4's a lie and now astro's.. And all songs are just too painful and beautiful..

  51. Kaishi Min

    I'm not a fan yet but all songs are so freaking beautiful. My favorite so far are: First Love, Your Love, Because it's You and Lie. I'm always excited when they release a new album cuz I already know there will be at least one song i will fall deeply in love with <3
    Does someone has some suggestions how to get to know them easily (like what to watch for "not yet fans")???

    Binwoo Trash Eunbinnie

    watch Their Drama Called "To be Continued"


    their Always You and Call Out MVs. As well as their cute VLives

    a loonatic 4 astro

    you should watch ok astro. It's on youtube

  52. YOYO H

    I loved them 😃❤️
    Well I have not got my heart broken by someone only Astro because 😭 I am crying Right know I would not lie to my self

  53. rubber band

    jin jin sounds like he's about to break down crying T^T

  54. Karleine Lee

    Correct me if i'm wrong but i heard Sanha say "When I write the songs for Astro, It helps me express how I'm feeling and people actually listen to how I feel." SO... WHO BROKE MY SANHA AND I WILL HUNT THEM xD

  55. everyone's so weird today

    Rocky's rap at the end...

  56. AC L

    Jin jin's rap make me feel dying

  57. Sandrien Scholiers

    in love with moonbin's voice

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    Vocal line is voiceee.😻

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    i'm glad i stan astro. huhu

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    This song made me cry 😭❤

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    That voices... That raps... I'M SO DONE!! TwT

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    Honey_butter _brawd

    Black Cat last line😢😍😍

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    ima stan Rocky now, I was honestly going thru all their videos trying to listen to him and JinJin

  66. Ferdaous

    JINJIN killing me again with his voice :'( the song is so beautifull

  67. Rikki.

    Thank you for this :)

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    mj voiceee sooo gooodd MJ...😘😘

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    이노래하이라이트는 진진오빠 랩 부분이다..ㄹㅇ거기 너무좋아ㅠㅠ💜


    평생아로하 A R O H A 인정요!

  70. Maddy Jean

    They hide some of the most emotional songs behind such outgoing funky ones I want to scream
    Astro knows how to toy with a heart

    Maria Sajunarah

    True. Why?? 😭😭

  71. Aryyaaannn

    i love this.... i really love this boys....... im so proud of them saranghae!!!! fighting!!!

  72. CJ RIanA


  73. MENO !

    My new favorite song 🎵

  74. Love Astro

    I feel so overwhelmed every time I read the positive comments for ASTRO.😊 It's always been good to be an Aroha. 😍😘💖

  75. RubyTheQueen

    JinJin's rap has improved so much! So proud ❤

  76. eeveesky


  77. jellybean

    one of my favs from the new album😊 Jinjin's voice is honestly life

  78. bibiq

    "Even if you leave only one day without you, I'm having a hard time.
    Come back soon.
    You should not tell me it's a lie now."

    **clutches heart and sniffs**

    everyone's so weird today

    astro babs that was the line that hit me the hardest out of all of them because I lost a best friend recently and that's exactly how I feel

    charly Marie canlas

    Me too 😭😭😭

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  80. Princess Chalhoub

    Is this a new song for this year?

    Mydeer _

    yup their new song in Dream pt.1 album 😊

    Princess Chalhoub

    Yep its their 4th Mini album

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    beautiful masterpiece

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    은우오빠 목소리 좋다

  83. park seungjun's laugh

    omg jinjin's rap was sooo good TvT
    Thank you for making this!


    I'm in love with Sanha's voice....

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  86. 스노우드롭

    this song is too short ahh astro likes to make abrupt endings just like confession😭

  87. 스노우드롭

    the melody & lyrics are so sad😢 what is the meaning behind this song? because at one part sanha sang "its all dreams i know you can not be tortured" & it made me confused...

    Sunny love

    스노우드롭 erm I think the song is about how the girl left the guy and the guy is hoping that this is all a dream (Sanha's part) but he knows he shouldn't complain about what is happening. Maybe he did something to make her leave???


    Sunny love ahh but the lyrics(translation) really dont make sense. "im lying to all the grown-ups i cannot help because i cannot count" like what does that mean *sigh*

    Sunny love

    스노우드롭 I think the actual translation would be 'this are all lies, the words of the adults' even if I hear that I am childish, I can't help it because that is me'


    Sunny love oooo thank you!

    Sunny love

    스노우드롭 no problem. I hope it made sense!

  88. X1 Hyeongjunnie

    how in the world did you get the full song?!?

  89. Veera

    They all have amatzing voices
    Why are they so underrated?
    Also I just love Jinjin's rap


    Wera L they are very popular though..!


    @스노우드롭 Sorry I didn't know
    I'm international fan and there peoples don't mention Astro very often, which is shame


    Wera L i'm an international fan too btw! but they're quite popular overseas too. they have gone to several countries for a showcase already heheh they even came to my country ><


    @스노우드롭 ohhh U lucky!

  90. iema miracle

    the forth lie I listen to and I love it after big bang cnblue and madtown😍😍

  91. TaegiLoveChild

    Jin Jin's part is my life. His voice is pure gold! I'm crying. T_T

    AC L

    Sciles O'Brosey agree

  92. Rachael Soh

    thank you for this !

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    This song is too innocent, and makes me reminisce on my first love. Omo, I feel like such a noona. HAHAHA Love these boys! Thank you or translating their songs! <3

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    thank you for the translation😭I've been searching this everywhere 😭 my fav song in the album💓