Astro - Innocent Love (풋사랑) Lyrics


Nunmuri jakku meomchuji anha
Ibyeori seotulleotdeon iyuneun
Neon naye cheotsarangigi ttaemune
Dulmane jangsodeul mot irun yaksokdeul
Dashin neol bol su eopdaneun geol
Jal ara ara ara

Putsarangirado ara eoryeodo apeun geon gatjanha
Ibyeori nasseoreotdeon geon marya
Neon naye cheotsarang seotulleotdeon sarang
Gomawotdeon sarang

Naega saenggakhaetdeon geotbodan deo apeugido hae
Uri sajincheob boda ne haengbogeul gidohae
Naega meonjeo saranghanda
Naega manhi akkindaneun mal
Mothaejwoseo hangsang mianhae
Yeomchieopneun marijiman ne ane
Nae moseub ajik
Putputhan cheot sarangeuro namgopa
Hago shipeun geotdo da mothan uri
Huhoehaedo ttokgata
Sseulde eopneun nunmuri ttuk ttuk ttuk ttuk
Tteoreojyeodo nan gwaenchanha
Nan kkuk kkuk kkuk kkuk chamado boijanha

Chueogi jakku tteonaji anha
Cheot sarangieotjanha
Sarangi seotulleotdeon geol ara
Mianhae deo jalhaejuji mot haeseo

Uri heeojyeodo neomaneun
Apeuji anhgireul nan ganjeolhi barae
Jebal jebal jebal

Putsarangirado ara eoryeodo apeun geon gatjanha
Ibyeori nasseoreotdeon geon marya
Neon naye cheotsarang seotulleotdeon sarang
Gomawotdeon sarang

Neul hamkke ulgo
Neul hamkke utdeon
Gomaun saram
Naye cheot sarangiya yeongwonhan sarang

Neon naye cheotsarang (naye cheotsarang)
Seotulleotdeon sarang (seotulleotdeon sarang)
Gomawotdeon sarang haengbokhagireul
Kkok haengbokhaeya hae (oh)
Sarangbadaya hae (sarangbadgireul gidohae)
Shigani jinamyeon (useul su itgil)

Chueogi dwae beorin putsarang
Gomawo naye cheotsarang


눈물이 자꾸 멈추지 않아
이별이 서툴렀던 이유는
넌 나의 첫사랑이기 때문에
둘만의 장소들 못 이룬 약속들
다신 널 볼 수 없다는 걸
잘 알아 알아 알아

풋사랑이라도 알아 어려도 아픈 건 같잖아
이별이 낯설었던 건 말야
넌 나의 첫사랑 서툴렀던 사랑
고마웠던 사랑

내가 생각했던 것보단 더 아프기도 해
우리 사진첩 보다 네 행복을 기도해
내가 먼저 사랑한다
내가 많이 아낀다는 말
못해줘서 항상 미안해
염치없는 말이지만 네 안에
내 모습 아직
풋풋한 첫사랑으로 남고파
하고 싶은 것도 다 못한 우리
후회해도 똑같아
쓸데없는 눈물이 뚝 뚝 뚝 뚝
떨어져도 난 괜찮아
난 꾹 꾹 꾹 꾹 참아도 보이잖아

추억이 자꾸 떠나지 않아
사랑이 서툴렀던 걸 알아
미안해 더 잘해주지 못 해서

우리 헤어져도 너만은
아프지 않기를 난 간절히 바래
제발 제발 제발

풋사랑이라도 알아 어려도 아픈 건 같잖아
이별이 낯설었던 건 말야
넌 나의 첫사랑 서툴렀던 사랑
고마웠던 사랑

늘 함께 울고
늘 함께 웃던
고마운 사람
나의 첫사랑이야 영원한 사랑

넌 나의 첫사랑 (나의 첫사랑)
서툴렀던 사랑 (서툴렀던 사랑)
고마웠던 사랑 행복하기를
꼭 행복해야 해 (oh)
사랑받아야 해 (사랑받기를 기도해)
시간이 지나면 (웃을 수 있길)

추억이 돼 버린 풋사랑
고마워 나의 첫사랑

[English translation:]

My tears won't stop
You were my first love
The reason why the break up was clumsy
Was because you were my first love
In our places and the places we promised to meet
The fact that I won't be able to see you again
I know of it well, I know, I know

Even though it was puppy love and I'm young, I know
I'm saying that break up was unfamiliar
You were my first love, my clumsy love
My love that I was thankful for

It hurts more than I think it would
Looking at our photo album, I pray for your happiness
I'm always sorry that
I didn't say earlier that
I loved you and treasured you a lot
They're shameless words, but
I want my image to remain as a fresh first love
It'd still be the same even
If we regret it
Us who can't even do what we wanted
Stop the useless tears
I'm alright even if I fall
It doesn't show even though I'm suffering silently

The memories won't leave me
You were my first love
I know that our love was clumsy
I'm sorry that I couldn't Treat you better

Even though we've broken up
I sincerely hope that you don't hurt
Please, please, please

Even though it was puppy love and I'm young, I know
I'm saying that break up were unfamiliar
You were my first love, my clumsy love
My love that I was thankful for

The person who always cried
And smiled with me
The person I'm thankful for
You are my first love my perpetual love

You were my first love
My clumsy love
My love that I was thankful for
I hope you're happy
You have to be happy (you have to receive love)
As time passes (that you'll be able to laugh)

My puppy love that became memories
Thank you, my first love

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