Assuming We Survive - Just So You Know Lyrics

Jesse was a girl
That I knew back in middle school
She got me into rage
And bands that I never heard or knew
And one day she started feeling different
I knew she needed change
And when I saw Jesse three years later
I knew he was the same

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Waiting to be judged
For who we are and what we do

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Full of broken hearts
Just waiting to be loved

Eric was a kid
And his dad made up all the rules
He never had no friends
He never thought that he was cool
And one day he told his dad
That he loved the boy across the street
With a heavy look of disappointment
His dad said he should leave

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Waiting to be judged
For who we are and what we do

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Just waiting to be loved

It's okay to not be okay
You gotta love yourself and find your way
It's okay to not be okay
You gotta love yourself
The only difference between us
Is who we are
It's okay to not be okay
You gotta love yourself

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Waiting to be judged
For who we are and what we do

Just so you know
You are not alone
There's a million of us
Full of broken hearts
Just waiting to be loved

Just so you know
You are not alone

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Assuming We Survive Just So You Know Comments
  1. Mitchell Davies

    Fantastic song fantastic band thanks to discover weekly on Spotify once again

  2. 91750fast

    great band right here!

  3. Mauricio Thomsen

    SUCH POWERFUL LYRICS!! <3 you're not alone.

  4. sliiping sweetheart

    new favorite band. y'all are so fucking talented

  5. Manny Feliciano

    Saw you guys open for Sum 41 on their last tour. You stopped by the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale and man, you guys kicked ass! Thanks for the music. Hope you make your way down here again soon✌🏼

  6. Emmett o

    I saw them open for sum 41, they were one of the best opener bands I’ve ever seen. They had the crowd enjoying it and singing along

  7. Disciplus Gaming

    Very underrated. Saw with Sum 41 recently and they were every bit as good if not better. Incredible live show, insane energy. Fucking loved it.

  8. Jonathan Leal

    Just saw these guys opened for sum41 and these guys can put out a show for sure

  9. Andrew Beilfuss

    Honestly, this sing speaks to me, I've felt alone most of my life, until I started listening to Assuming We Survive. Without them, I wouldn't be alive

  10. Lyndsey Collins

    i can't stop listening to this 😭💕

  11. JayLife23

    Just so you know..I LOVE THIS SONG 😎

    Assuming We Survive

    JayLife23 we see what you did there 😝

  12. Pneumomask

    "It's okay to not be okay!" I needed to hear this, thanks guys.

  13. Jinx Rogue

    This is amazing

  14. Josh Jonas

    Were you the band that slid off the interstate in Montana, near Forsyth? If so, this is the Deputy that assisted you.

  15. antwood63

    I remember seeing them before they started to get big at the House of Blues in Anaheim CA when they played with my friend band called Divide The Day. Anther friend of mine is also friends with the singer who interduces him to his wife

  16. Taylor Granese

    This is by far my favorite song ever!!! I love this band!!

  17. the moral of jess

    Went to my first warp tour in 2018 near Chicago. Stumbled on this band as I was walking by. They were playing this song. Kind of felt like fate since my name is Jessie. Been listening ever since.

  18. giovani D

    Adrian is the shit. Since NBF, STILL one of my all time favorite artists and AWS maintains great music over and over again. I dont know what is up with the rock genre this day and age but all I can say is keep it up and your time will come to blow up to be the financial success that you deserve. ONE DAY it WILL HAPPEN once you guys find a consistent platform to give you the next level exposure you guys need.

  19. Tyler Downer

    Love this song, just like all of the rest! Love ya uncle Philip! Keep shredding guys!

  20. Ryan Cavanaugh

    I don't think your wrong for standing up for what you see as undue hate but homosexuality is a choice and no one has ever been born by it. If you loved a girl and found out that she was gay, how would you feel about that? I would feel insulted and sorry for her.

    Ryan Cavanaugh

    @Ivan Camacho *

    Ivan Camacho

    I'd feel humiliated for not being able to tell before falling in love, but not offended and not sorry for her either, she is happy with her choice, no one gets to make those for someone else.

  21. Hannah vlogs too

    How I'm feeling right now.

  22. Wert Minkefski

    Found this from the Heart Support video. Great Stuff!

  23. Trevor Ward

    literally ADTR. still fire

  24. Ella Haggard


  25. CrimsonSkorpio

    You guys are amazing, I love this song and everything it's about. Can't wait to see you on my birthday in philly!

  26. TheNateDevourer

    Heard it at Warped, enjoyed it, moved on to songs I’m more familiar with. Listened to it here, actually listened, and have been tearing up at work. Thank you guys. So much.

    Assuming We Survive

    TheNateDevourer ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Sarah Bentley

    I'm honestly thinking of either getting "just so you know, you are not alone" or "it's okay to not be okay" tattooed.

    Assuming We Survive

    Sarah Bentley if you do let us know!

    Sarah Bentley

    @Assuming We Survive hell yeah I'll let you guys know!

  28. Flakey

    Saw you guys at warped tour! Was awesome! Got a new fan obsessed with your music!

  29. Pete Wentz's Eyeliner

    You guys were awesome at warped tour! One of the bands I was looking forward to seeing the most!

  30. Joey Redpath

    Damn ADTR little brother lol

  31. Kenzi


  32. Sam :)

    Saw this in Milwaukee at Warped... You guys are great live!

  33. PANIC! Attack

    I fucking love this song

  34. Olli Silver

    I love this song. It is so good and I have no words for it. I hope to hear this live at some point

  35. Ivan Camacho

    I took a road trip to California to do the Disney thing. Happened to be on the same dates as warped tour, so I bought tickets but wasn't too excited about it until I came across this band. Needless to say, this was road trip music for the whole two weeks and now California and AWS are forever one and the same in my mind

    Assuming We Survive

    Ivan Camacho wow thank you! Hopefully you got to go to Dland and eat some churros 😛

    Ivan Camacho

    Sure did, and I can't wait to see you in Colorado this fall!

  36. caleb carnage

    Caught you in Nashville at warped and you honestly blew away most of the bands on the main stage despite being on one of the smallest stages warped tour has your performance and sound blew me away from start to finish...

    Assuming We Survive

    caleb carnage thank you! Truly means a lot ❤️

  37. Alejandro H

    Not usually a fan of pop-punk but this song is awesome. Great message and it's catchy as all hell!

  38. Shellie Mathews

    FUCKING awesome!!!

  39. Rachel Nicole

    amazing song boys 💓

  40. Gwen Colyer

    I like how this video has about 100 more comments then all you are is history by state champs skskskks

  41. lilchrissy08976

    When you want to download the song. But not out yet. 😭😭

    William Nett

    lilchrissy08976 its on spotify now, if you use that. Idk about everywhere else rn tho

  42. Emmy The Monster


  43. Jamie Rose

    Didn’t know who you guys were but I heard you guys playing at warped and I had to go check it out! Amazing show. Glad I went to check you guys out!

  44. Gabe De La O

    I just saw y’all today at warped and damn y’all found yourself a new fan

  45. Rrehak24

    Omg just put this on iTunes already so I can jam to this 24/7 lol

  46. Cassie Famoso

    I love this song so much. Thank you for writing this. Can't wait to see you at Warped Tour this summer

  47. Music_is _life_36

    holy shit, i was brushing up on new bands i might wanna see at warped and i think they just made the list.

  48. Unsivilized Manner

    You should check out Amber Galloway Gallego’s ASL cover!!! She took your song and interpreted it in sign language. Love this song!

  49. A J

    Why isn't this on spotify? I'm like checking almost daily for this song

    William Nett

    A J it is now. They waited to release it with the ep cd

  50. Shane Mosley

    God damn I love this song "YOUVE GOT TO LOVE YOURSELF!"

  51. Agung Iskandar

    when realeasse new a album?

    Assuming We Survive

    Agung Iskandar very soon. Stay tuned

  52. The ST Explorer

    Another fantastic song, Uncle Adrian ❤

  53. Peter Mendel

    Dose any else kinda get a ADTR vibe from this song?


    Peter Mendel yes

    joel kunze

    Ya i talked to the lead singer at warped and he said adtr is a big influence

  54. Shawn-Ray Dalinsky

    Just so you know, I love this song

  55. Mikey R.



    Please share

  57. Nick Damjanoff

    By far one of the most entertaining bands I’ve seen live! Awesome new song guys!

  58. Julia Sheehan

    This is a really beautiful song! Thanks for creating it! Xoxoxo

  59. KymEChimera

    I am never disappointed by the music y'all make!

  60. Owowkiller

    Get this shit on apple music ASAP

  61. Looktowardsthesky

    So glad I saw u guys at soma like 2 years or so ago ! U guys are badass

  62. Looktowardsthesky

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  63. melissa englebert

    I love this and I love you all! :) <3

  64. Colt B

    This band is SOOOOOO under rated!

  65. Julia Fritz

    I love you guys so much! great job - such a lovely music video

  66. nick hughes

    Cant wait yo see you in Pittsburgh

  67. Bree Hunsaker

    Literally just discovered you guys with this song. Incredible! I haven’t been into a band this fast in a while!

    Assuming We Survive

    Bree Hunsaker hell yeah awesome! Welcome to the fam! 🙌🏽❤️

  68. Hunter Dalgleish

    great work! i came from Ryan Seaman's Instagram story and I'm so glad i did :)

  69. Sean Rachubka

    Hell yeah! Release a new album and/or re-release The Haunting because that song is SO SICK and I can't find it anymore.

  70. TMP Memestealer

    Simply put, this song is amazing

  71. Happy Tiki

    It’s amazing, at first you are like this is a great song. Listen closer to the lyrics and I cry a little....

  72. Ashley Williamson

    Ahhhh I love you guys so much. Please play this at warped tour 💜💜💜

  73. Lee


  74. Baby Campbell

    Y'all never disappoint, see you soon!!

  75. SecondsFromTheGround

    I love this song so much I keep replaying

  76. Jose Castillo

    That easy core vibe tho 🙌🏽🤘

  77. Eric Rader

    Dudes! Love it! 🤘

  78. Robert

    Best Local and Upcoming artists out there. Love all your songs. Thank you for replying to my message on facebook awhile back about the Lyrics for Get Busy Living. Thanks for new track

  79. Robert

    Smashed that like button and shared publically to Facebook. Will this be available to purchase on iTunes??

    Assuming We Survive

    Robert Houser yes very soon! Stay posted

    Shane Mosley

    Robert Houser or Google play music? Lol

  80. RidgidMusicReiewsTV


  81. Hayden Ledwick

    How have I only just found you

    Assuming We Survive

    Hayden Ledwick better late than never! ❤️

  82. LillyLovesYouxo

    im literally crying i love u guys so much

  83. Emily Loper

    I really needed to hear this, thank you assuming we survive

  84. spooky boi

    who gave you the right to make such a good song omg

    Assuming We Survive

    Terryn Fitz 😂❤️

  85. Harry Brown

    So good I found you on Ryan Seaman’s insta story

  86. joni

    Discovered you guys at my first concert when you toured with Falling in Reverse back in 2015. Been listening since. Can’t wait to see you guys again at Atlanta Warped Tour🤙

    caleb carnage

    buckaroo dude I can't wait to see them in Atlanta either they're so sick one of the better bands playing Atlanta for sure


    yea, most of the bands I want to see are getting off the tour before Atlanta and I'm so glad AWS is staying

    caleb carnage

    Yeah..I'm lucky enough to where Motionless in White which is my favorite band of all time is on the whole tour Twiztid as well but The Used has so depressed that they're not playing atlanta Four Year Strong as well but AWS playing Atlanta makes me happy lighterburns is really exciting as well

  87. caleb carnage

    Honestly one of the best bands on the vans warped tour lineup this year you guys are amazing

  88. Chelsea Torres

    Such a great song! Great video as well. Watching this on repeat cause I’m trying to memorize the lyrics for warped Pomona and Ventura! Can’t wait to see you guys soon! ❤️

  89. tara mumford

    I love you guys so much man

  90. Felicia Gonzales

    Crying real tears

  91. Chaos Girl

    Great song, boys!! So emotive and inspiring.

  92. DizzyJackie

    I fell in love with your guys music when I saw you on the icon for hire tour your music is fricken amazing!

  93. saija

    this is great, all the love from Finland xx

  94. Sean Sabiston

    I love the direction you guys are going! Cant wait to hear this live!!

  95. Alexia

    this is art

  96. STOCK V8

    Why doesn’t assuming we survive have a bigger following ? I mean yay for us being the few who have this underground music that is not super main stream but I want you guys to blow up and world tour and make lots of music and money to support your family’s and continue to do what you love without worry!

    Shane Mosley

    Benjamin Maniscalco I know they will get there. They became one of my favorite bands in the world after seeing them open for I prevail on the lifelines tour. Theyre time will come

    STOCK V8

    Shane Mosley hopefully ! I saw them on warped tour just walking by cuz I heard the band name and sounded good and wow I was like “this is a dope ass band” haha funny to I left broadside before they were big and went to listen to assuming we survive 100% better to me

    Assuming We Survive

    ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for the kind words!

  97. Freshy Entertainment

    Good vibes 👍👍👍👍

  98. JayLife23

    I feeaking love you guys man. Ive been a fan for years now and will continue to be. Your music gets me by a alot and your songs are a must on my gym work out playlists.

  99. Gerard Christian Music

    Y’all gotta get this on Spotify asap

  100. Ryan Seaman

    Love this song!