Assuming We Survive - Better Without You Lyrics


It's Friday night and I'm feeling low
And you're the reason that I do so
I'll keep on drinking 'til I'm comatose
Or I pass out on the floor

You got me starin' out the window
Eight hours later, you're a no show
Where I'm from that's called a no go
Guess I should have known

I'm sleepin' with one eye open
Hopin' that you will make it home

Oh, you're always on my mind
But right here, right now
I'm better without you
Oh, I doubt this for some time
But right now, I know
That I'm better on my own


Remember when we used to lay in bed and talk the night away
Today it feels like you have nothing left to say
I packed my bags and collect my things
Take what you want, but you can't have me
I'm keeping my heart under lock and key
Wherever I may roam!

I'm sleepin' with one eye open
Hopin' that you will make it home

Oh, you're always on my mind
But right here, right now
I'm better without you
Oh, I doubt this for some time
But right now, I know
That I'm better on my own

You and me are heading for a disaster
One I cannot ignore (I cannot ignore)
I'm moving forward, you're moving backwards
I can't take, take, take anymore

So come on, come on
You're always on my mind
But... (haha)
Right here, right now
I'm better without you!

Oh, you're always on my mind
But right here, right now
I'm better without you
Oh, I doubt this for some time
But right now, I know
That I'm better on my own

(Right here right now, that I'm better on my own)
(Right here right now, that I'm better on my own)

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Assuming We Survive Better Without You Comments
  1. Gavin Villarrubia

    The merch from the FIR tour😂👏

  2. Rick D

    Just watched a dave baksh doing a demo wearing your guys' shirt, curious to see how you sound. I dig

  3. Tyler Gil

    I just found out about assuming we survive at the sum 41 concert yesterday and they look amazing

  4. Cory Crank

    You guys are badass! I just saw you in Pensacola and you rocked my socks off! Thank you!

  5. Omg Tranqy

    Just saw these guys live touring with Sum 41 so cool to see them perform live

  6. Jacob Mcbride

    The lead singer is my uncle

  7. Jinx Rogue

    This family <3

  8. Ryan Cavanaugh

    "Love, devotion, surrender"

  9. Ryan Cavanaugh

    Sounds like you weren't very sure..

  10. Noble Bodies

    we still have this song in our head, good job guys!

  11. Ryan Cavanaugh

    This and 18 days are exactly what I needed..I would say thank you but I think I owe you 2 bucks..

  12. Damian Miller

    I'm not really a big pop punk/post-hardcore fan anymore, but you guys are really good. Saved on my spotify!

  13. Kathleen Murphy

    OK, I'm 59.....but you'all definitely rock....!!! My granddaughter Jayda, has a photo of herself with your group at Jones Beach, NY.

  14. Tyler Mack

    Just saw these guys at warp tour and they are truly awesome! New fan right here!

  15. CreateCraftDestroy

    Hyped to see you this final Warped!

  16. Ivan Camacho

    Had they been around in 2004 or so, they'd be a household name over bands like Sum41 or Panic

  17. Rocking Reviews

    Just getting into you guys since I saw you were playing Warped Tour. I love All Roads Lead Home!! Every song is different. Can't wait to see you @ 1720 on April 14th and @ Warped Tour June 21st!! You guys are amazing in this world of shit music out today!!

  18. wolftherian37 2

    Sounds like falling in reverse

  19. Baun Bodzer

    my best friend just showed me them and I'm in love with this band

  20. Schleim Königin10

    Anyone go to there concert last week if not amazing

  21. SPIKE508.

    Get this video to 100,000 views

  22. rotncreep

    This Band Kinda Has A Day To Remember feel and love it 😇

  23. Sarah Wheeler

    I saw these guys last night along with Metro Station, I definitely liked their music. They do remind me of ADTR.

  24. Amanda Ledesma

    Heard you guys for the first time at the metrostation concert last night and I am in looooove 😍

  25. Sacha Gordon

    They performed last night as an opener for Metro Station!!!

  26. Jeremy Lewis

    Saw you guys in Lubbock earlier this year with Wage War, I Prevail, and Islander. You guys definitely earned a new fan and I have been listening ever since.

  27. Milly Rodriguez

    i seen them live last night in chicago🔥🤘♡ i even got a pic with the lead singer!!!😍😘❤

  28. Opinionated Queen

    hi adrean i miss you it's me charlott

  29. FireAshXD and Dustyapple productions

    they are even better live! my sister and I heard of them when we saw them opening for icon for hire in Lancaster PA at the chameleon club and left a fan, which says a lot as it's not a style we normally listen too much. Adrian is super nice and friendly, we even got our picture taken with him :)

  30. Abby

    Just saw these guys live! they put on an amazing show! 🤘 defiantly won't be the last time I see them. ❤

  31. gajjit

    Gotta tell you, these guys sure do know how to put on a show. Absolutely rocked Boston before Icon For Hire. Singer is a really nice guy too. Met him after the show.

  32. Corey Fitzgerald

    like everyone has said you need to see these guys live. killed it in indy with icon for hire

  33. Kimi Brown

    Saw you all live in orlando at a small venue.Loved you guys.Come to Jacksonville,Fl next time.

  34. Diddy Guitar

    i was thinking of going to warped tour, or going to see sorority noise this summer.. might to just go to both now

  35. smithterrell92

    saw you guys live yesterday. You rock!!!

  36. justbrealle

    absolutely love this band! & they're so amazing live <3

  37. Fuzzywuzzy196

    It was dope seeing you guys at the Icon for Hire show at the House of Blues!

  38. Hunter

    This is fucking great

  39. David Chacon

    This band knows how to put on a show! They also know how to bring the crowd and make it apart of it! One big AWS family!

  40. James Lee

    went to there concert yesterday there shits better than main stream bands now days.. i just hope they make it really big cause these guys deserve it.. really cool band when you talk with them and there music fucking rocks!

    Assuming We Survive

    James Lee thank you, dude!

  41. sergio uvalli

    nice meeting you all (subway)

  42. SeerShadow

    Got a chance to meet Adrian after their show in Sioux City this year. A legit 100% awesome dude!! Wish we could have hung a bit longer and put back a few together!

  43. ratbog14 0000

    wicked 🤘🤘🤘

  44. Pyklodeon _

    At 0:15 that guitarist had an attila shirt on. At 0:18 he has a plain black shirt one. What

  45. Emergency Drawings1302

    My Grandmaws brother just moved in with us and he brought a radio with him and he lived with his kids and Grandkids and a disc by this group was left in the radio by the granddaughter apparently lol, I like this song and I think I'll look for more songs by them. any suggestions?

  46. Caitlin Marie

    I Just realized Jody was in the video and that makes me extremely happy!!

  47. Shehasnoshadows

    First time listening to this! New fan right here! \m/

  48. James Staggenborg

    You guys rock by the way.

  49. James Staggenborg

    I saw you guys at Warped Tour last year but forgot your bands name and stumbled upon this. I definitely recognize the Bald Guitarist

  50. Daniel Pritchard

    You guys also have the best logo.

  51. Daniel Pritchard

    Made a new fan when I saw you guys in Sioux City with iprevail. Awesome performance, lead singer has great stage presence and an awesome voice. Very fun!

  52. Shellby466

    Love how I Prevail is chillin with um in the video lol

  53. dino girl124

    I'm so happy I got to see you guys live in Grand Rapids

  54. A. Walker

    you guys rocked it in Grand Rapids last night

  55. UxM Quantum

    Just saw you guys for the first time in Bismarck! Loved you guys!!!! Keep up the good work!

  56. Danny Farrell

    Seeing you guys live last night was probably the best concert I've been too, you guys, Villain of the Story, Wage War, and I Prevail all KILLED IT!!!!!!

  57. Residuum Music

    These guys are incredible live. The singer had this amazing positive energy and when he wasn't playing, he walked around high-fiving and saying hi to people. I met him after the show and he was really really nice.

  58. Jordan Atkinson

    Saw you guys in Spokane last week, lead singer even walked through the knit to interact. Gotta say for an underrated band you guys are pretty great!! And I love that you don't seem like hot headed air heads xD keep on keeping on!

  59. Eddie Moen

    Seen you guys in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. What a awesome show

  60. Jenna Shaddick

    you guys KILLED it in Calgary last night! come back again soon!

  61. Shayla Batty

    saw these guys in my city last night, fuckin killed it 😘 they have amazing stage presence!

  62. DoomTooth

    Saw these guys last night they were so fucking good so much energy

  63. Nathan Conner

    just saw you guys in Portland awesome show!

  64. Selvaina Evans

    I got to see them live on Monday and they were AMAZING. Definitely a fan for life.

  65. Jessie Chapman

    I just saw you guys in Spokane at the Knitting Factory on 3/5 and fell in love!! This song hit home and I can't wait to hear more.

  66. BMTHcazierboy76

    you guys KILLED IT in Spokane with I prevail and Wage War and Villain of the Story, and I LOVE the message you guys spread. keep it going guys.

  67. Yanitza Reyes

    I met the lead singer in person before actually listening to the band and he is such a nice person! Sadly, I didn't get to listen to their band live.

  68. Chloe Price

    I saw you guys live in MD I'm glad you were the open act you were awesome your really not my type of music but your band now is you guys have great talent

  69. Amber Dunn

    Never listened to you guys until last night at the dallas concert. Definitely amazing!! 💖💖💖

  70. Jon Syfrett

    Oh and last night I meant Adrian looked like Jordan from bring me the horizon not Paul lol, anyways loved the concert and the music I got from y'all's Merch table

  71. josh s

    Fucking killed it in Houston with iprevail wage war an islander

    Nancy Duenas

    Made a hell of an impression down here in San Antonio too!
    This song in particular made the crowd go wild, and made a fan out of me!
    Keep rocking guys!

  72. Jon Syfrett

    Saw these guy last night with i prevail,never heard them before last night but now their easily one of my favorites, talked to the singer for a bit, their really dope got them to sign an Attila shirt, if you get the chance go see these guys at warped tour it's definitely worth the money.

  73. rebel rebellion

    just my night so much better saw them in concert last night best night ever made my night adrain gave me hug twice and wage war islander and i prevail yall were freaking awesome last night never fucking change

  74. Maegan Grigsby

    Saw and met these guys opening up for I Prevail tonight. Love em!

  75. D Carrier

    Heard these guys (and this song) live last night. These guys are pretty damn awesome.

  76. Madi Martinez

    Reminds me of ADTR!! I just fell In love😻 Can't wait to see you guys live In lubbock❤

  77. Sam Xx

    They were awesome at warped tour

  78. Scott Colgin

    I love this song I wish they would of played it when I seen these guys live in Cleveland with falling in reverse if the guys see this comment I'm the guy that has the nice beard lol

  79. Daniel Turner

    You guys were great in Baltimore last night great show!!!!

  80. MrFilthy McNasty

    Saw you guys in Stroudsburg on the 12th it was awesome!

  81. sydney decamp

    well shit, you guys are fucking awesome! also great in concert!

  82. Cheryl Stockwell

    Love them sound fantastic live!

  83. Danny Kay

    Just gave this video is 1000th like, score

  84. Foxymama18 Mills

    I love your guy's sound ❤ keep making music!

  85. BriGLuigi

    this is so good this is what we nnedddddd

  86. Pat Halligan

    DAMN, DriveThru Rec. feel... it's like I'm 14 again... good job

  87. Rabb1dzebra

    so pumped to see these guys with I prevail next month!!

  88. dee11unnoticed

    Love your wiener dog sign Adrian! XD

  89. Susan Jones

    Saw them at Webster Hall recently, love this band....incredible stage presence. And the guys were super friendly!

  90. Hannah vlogs too

    i love adrian watch

  91. Chasebjj

    Come to Salt Lake Utah!! I saw you guys at warped in San Diego and have been a die hard fan since. You guys are sooo good! I wish you had some more merch posted online cause I would love to get some shirts. Seriously though, keep it up! One of my favorite bands for sure.

  92. Jacqueline Sifuentes

    You guys are amazing!

  93. knifefromHeLL

    Can't even hear the vocals over the loud ass guitars

  94. ThePatDemers

    Decided to check you guys out since you'll be opening for Ice Nine Kills and gotta admit I'm even more pumped now!! See you guys in Toronto

    james ike91

    ThePatDemers they are amazing live never heard of them until last year and they killed it

  95. The Mad House

    I saw you guys at warped 2016 and fell in love with this band, will you be at warped tour 2017??

    Jade Alex

    Emilie S they will not!

  96. Luis Garcia

    See you guys at game changer in NJ

  97. Just Some Person Lol

    Are you going to play at Red Rocks next summer?

  98. WTF Nation Radio

    Seems like we recently heard this song somewhere...could it have been at the FREEDOM ON FESTIVAL IN DENVER?!?

  99. Above Comedy

    Met some of you guys at the Shell Station in Valley view. Thanks for coming in, good stuff.