Asian Da Brat - Rock Out Lyrics

Hold up
Hold up
Hold up
Bankroll Got It!

Nut up on his face tell him Mask Off
Any bitch got a problem we could match off
Shawty said she was real, take that Mac off
Same city, same hood, bitch you mad fraud
Fuck him in the telly watching Belly, ay
Asian pissed on a bitch like R. Kelly, ay
It's so hot I took the party, playing Nelly, ay
He put ice around my neck to make him jealous, ay

Running through the game with no cheat codes
Bad bitch in designer, she a freak hoe
Money over niggas, bitch that's been the memo
Left a nigga, damn bad, how you take those?
You ain't sliding, you ain't riding, bitch
You ain't popping, you ain't sticking on a fly bitch
Get money in my sleep, flying private
Snipers on the roof, killers move in silence
Ay, pop out, nigga we can rock out
You ain't seen no m's, they used to laugh and now I'm up now
Fendi cost some thousands, forty racks'll break a bae down
Bitch ain't seen no money, when she leave she get a pat down

Nut up on his face tell him Mask Off
Any bitch got a problem we could match off
Shawty said she was real, take that Mac off
Same city, same hood, bitch you mad fraud
Fuck him in the telly watching Belly, ay
Asian pissed on a bitch like R. Kelly, ay
It's so hot I took the party, playing Nelly, ay
He put ice around my neck to make him jealous, ay

First young bitch with a bust down
I'm the first young bitch, double tote rounds
I'm the first young bitch, with her own sound
So these bitches don't deserve to get a princess crown
Ay, let 'em tell it, they up next, ay
Let me show you how you do it, but the best, ay
Bitch you older, and you losing, she a bird brain
Ain't beefing on the net 'less a check came
Dripping on my neck, then stroll
Treat me like a doll, but he fuck me like a hoe
Real street bitch, he a green, he a go
Ain't stressing over niggas, I'm addicted to the dough

Nut up on his face tell him Mask Off
Any bitch got a problem we could match off
Shawty said she was real, take that Mac off
Same city, same hood, bitch you mad fraud
Fuck him in the telly watching Belly, ay
Asian pissed on a bitch like R. Kelly, ay
It's so hot I took the party, playing Nelly, ay
He put ice around my neck to make him jealous, ay

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Asian Da Brat Rock Out Comments
  1. SBR cupcakes

    Obsessed with this song/video combo and whoooo is the maid??

  2. Cem Ce

    Holy Daniel, this beat is a nightmare for my neighbours :D

  3. ariesi Xuz

    There's so much going on in this video

  4. ariesi Xuz


  5. ariesi Xuz


  6. Keiari Nicole

    You wasn't the first young bitch tottin u tripping Pooh. But this song fire tho.

  7. Vincenzo Viggiani



    I sse another nicki minaj influence oh boy. Is it so common for female rappers to constantly use the word bitch??

  9. DeJohnne Lacy

    "Nut on his Face" ... I love this bitch 😅

  10. The Annoyed Atheist

    Sorry I had to thumbs down this video due to a missrepresented title of "Asian Doll". I thought it was going to be a Asian girl, but this lady is African. Not sure why she is missrepresenting herself as a Asian woman when clearly she is not. Sorry I clicked to watch a Asian not a African. Therefore only watched the video for a few seconds and thumbed it down, then now am typing this comment about missrepresentation. Please consider changing your name to something that matches your nationality. Enjoy your night.


    imagine being a colorist

  11. dear black girl

    She killed this

  12. 5Fizzy

    Y'a des Français ici ??🔥🔥

  13. kyngNick

    Finally 1Mil.

  14. jorbare92

    1 mill lets fucking go!!!!

  15. Tayla Berryman

    Yassssss this bitch is definitely going to blow up 2020!! Her views are jumping so much now 😝😝😝😝🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm soo happy for Asian

  16. Jkyle Alston

    Almost one million let’s fucking goooo @asiandabrat

  17. Tayla Berryman

    Only 10k off a milli now!!!! Woot let's go Asian 🥰

  18. Tayla Berryman


  19. Johnnie Simmons


  20. Tommy Burgess

    USB’s sis is my old jam!!!

  21. gemmy pooh

    u making fun of my son lol

  22. gemmy pooh

    tiktok is meh
    ._. my fans lol

  23. Tayla Berryman

    Almost at a Millionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Bout mother fuckin time!

  24. Tayla Berryman

    Let's run this video up to a Milli !! Soo close !! 😝

  25. Solomon Willams

    Asian pissed on a bitch like R Kelly ah.

  26. Solomon Willams

    THIS song is my shit

  27. Yazzy B

    Okay girl❤️

  28. Ceon White

    Almost at a milllyyy!!!!

  29. Marie Bai

    I get YG vibe from this, she's dope.

  30. Leyla Ruvalcaba

    That’s my jam

  31. taylor ebarb

    Here before that million views! Hell yeah let's get it 💪💪

  32. Yung Cee


  33. Francine

    dis ma fav track fasho ❌🥵

  34. TruthBeTold

    All her videos are like a LED show.. Colours popping everywhere! Gives her a "Look" you can associate her with 🔥

  35. bunay hunay

    ewww this video is straight up gross wtfff. nut up on his face hell nooooo

    Alex Lodico

    You really dont belong here

  36. Self Made

    Yea Gucci know wtf going on!!!

  37. Self Made

    Nut up on his face tell em mask off!!!

  38. Vi Gar

    It dnt matter about the hue of your skin if ur attractive ur attractive but I love asian da brat she's the best lol

  39. motard/junior/40

    du bon rap comme ds le temps tout ce que la france a perdu xd, vive ce rap du bon rap vraix!!

  40. Konstantinos Pantelidis

    That shit with the rodent lmao

  41. rock star 96’


    Alex Lodico

    Fuckin right, i swear i see it too. She's too real for this label game

  42. Lance Hang

    nut up on his face, tear the mask off....can i get a tee shirt puhhhleeassseee

  43. Maya Williamson

    how did this not reach an M yet? this is my fave vid by her. I hope she keeps winning <3

  44. Cj Sims

    Sexy ass face on er...

  45. Sara Griffith

    Love Asiandoll!!!! She always got funnyass videos and she can flo badass!!!! She's one of the best new school rappers I think, her and queen key!!!

  46. Chen Chira

    This beat tho😍🔥🔥 #AsianGoal

  47. Sindile Hlazane

    Any bitch got a problem we can match it off 👊😍😍

  48. Tyrell Hickman


  49. Cindy Thugatti



    If you Asian why you so dark

  51. Tussy Pop

    Come on Asian,let us get a Miami video,u went hard on that mofo👌

  52. acetaminophen PM

    What's this song sampled in the beginning?

  53. cardi B bitch

    I see u asain doll

  54. Tatted -Unloved

    My favorite 😍💕

  55. Ryan Jonas

    Damn that maid tho...

  56. lily monroy

    I mean even though I'm not massive fan this much better track, I must Asian brat doll she is gorgeous dark skin woman. Love her style of fashion tooSlay sis.

  57. Mac Entertainment enterprise M E E.

    👍👍 up Asian Doll. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

  58. Woo&Chunk


  59. Saralena Griffith

    Love Asiandoll, she can flo and her videos are comical!!!! Always puts a smile on my face!!! But the only thing is there is already a da brat who ive been a fan of, so i dont think its cool her taking the name, its kind of insulting in a way, however i get it she dont wanna be a doll anymore i guess becuz her and cuban arent cool no more???

  60. Karen

    Never stressing over niggas

  61. Sindile Hlazane

    🌶️ too much lit

  62. Kieaira Carroll

    All these bitches is undercover prostitutes smh

    Alex Lodico

    Do you feel like the males are too? Cus they both rap bout sex and their genitals and shit

  63. Paquet de Mouchoir

    Tana mongeau killing her maid role, Really suits her.

  64. maria berube neron


  65. Yung R

    The most underrated but the hardest out here

  66. H3adphonez


  67. eend

    I wish every music video was 5K

  68. Jordan Von Erichsen

    Damn Asiandoll really has a body perfect like a doll, now she really deserves to be called a doll unlike some others, i wont say names only to be respectful but yall know yall have eyes too. The more i watch Asiandolls videos the more i really like her!!!!!!

  69. yorglassmane

    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 1017 so icy goon squad

  70. Jordan Von Erichsen

    This video is hot!!!! As is Asiandoll!!!!! I love her voice and she can flo!!!!!

  71. Mpho Mashimbye

    Dis kinda Doll..
    Is Lit

  72. Camala Mcleish

    Thats my Boo we love U son ❤❤❤😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i like the last part when she was like.. THAT NIGGA GONE WITH THE HOUSE 😂😂😂😂🔥Aayeeee

  73. IITrippy

    Ayeee 1:42

  74. Tayla Berryman

    "I'm the first young bitch wit her own sound"
    Ain't that's shit real as fuck, she got her own signature sound, and I really like this Asian doll 😝

  75. Tayla Berryman

    She need to be seen more. It pissin' me off 😂🔥🔥

  76. Minaj 123

    Asian doll is dope AF

  77. ariesi Xuz

    she look so meeeaaannn it’s cute she so gangsta

  78. fuckyou

    how you bad as fuck w all these whole looks wearing the same bum 💤 ass chain

  79. jay czar

    I'm sorry, I thought female rap was only Nicki and Cardi... this chick dope, she got flow, delivery and lyrics...

  80. Misssyj_ snow

    Treat me like a doll
    But he fuck me like a hoe...


  81. One Cheeeka

    The rats at the end 🙃😂🤣

  82. David Hoard

    We dont need a nother Nikki part to please

  83. schoolgurl2hot

    And she write her own music, go girl 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Wednesday Morbs

    This shit is so fire 🔥, Asian got all these little bitches

  85. 7abian

    beat is super sick and delivery is dope!

  86. Layla McCrowne

    This must be the beckley hotel

  87. Nijee C

    “Asian pissed on the bitch like r kelly” 😭😭 ELECTRIC CHAIR

  88. Halime Halim

    My wife 😍😍😍😍

  89. Noe Moneytoya


  90. Naimah Smith

    Anything but a rat 😒😒😔

  91. Melissa Wallace

    Sight of fire eyes inside my mind glides behind binding lines of time to fight the trick tides pi designs. Phi scries my mind to blind sight of divine insight.

    I'm silent and quiet in here, about to go violent in here, if some one don't help out the baby daddy, I swear I'll go loco in here. Ghost lookin out... Your homie spits fire and you are where??

    It's nothing personal man. You know me. And this shit right here, it's different, I swear.

    See, fire eyes blind me and the center is taking over me. It has great hold of me. Or is it alien technology?

    Where ever the heart is, it is clear to me that every one can see that there's art in this.

    Philosophical bliss.

    Monstrous miss.

    Charging me to diss.

    Homie, you've got it. It's a wrap like I'm honest and dishonest is heard. Fuck what you heard.

    This is it and you've got it. Just bounce with it. Flow with it. Ripp wicked poetry.

    I just whipped this is less that 10 minutes. Nigga you know it's me.

    Nah, bitch.
    It's like hit and miss.
    Swerve in this.
    Bump this shit.

    Jump into this shit and if you aren't heard, then it serves that someone else will be.

    I am the doctor.
    Oooooh yeaaa
    Bloom. Boom. Shackaaa lackaaaa

    Homie don't fuck with these daughters. You know what this is.

    Fuck what you heard.

    It's philosophical bliss that's G as shit, like a baby Eminem that's feminine. Sorry. You're part of me. You cried for me.

    (suicidal homie. I'm sorry, baby, forgive me. I'm honestly feeling)

    I ain't grinding your shit so far in the dirt if you don't need to be heard to get off your guard and release you shit while they are listening to your hardest.

    Your lady bumps shady and Nigga I'm hard in this bitch. First pit. Eternal dismiss. I'm dodging it. I only want you to ride in this, if only for a minute.

    You'll never get another shot at this shit and if you do (God Blessed you but I promise you...)

    It'll never be like this. Don't hit and miss. Jump into the bliss and release your words.

    You've been served, cause I ain't kickin niggas to the curb.

    Yes. It's as hard as this. Get with it. Since when do I use words like this, especially in public. Or expose you, like a bitch.

    Don't make me do this.

    Someone jump on this.

    Home girl is Just Talking Shit to Motivate this Bitch to Move his Shit. Nigga, he act like he Scared to Bounce in this Bitch.

    Look. I ain't new to this. You're exclusive. What you gonna do? Act a fool, Bitch. Please, Use this because I'm gripping my shit. Got me nervous in my shit.

    I'm OK with it.

    You beast at this shit.

    Besides, I owe you. You wouldn't have to get moving like this the way things is if I didn't mean my shit.

    So, I'm used to this shit but I'm exposing your nerves bitch.

    Why the lies you might ask? Why this bitch an aggressive ass hat, you ask?

    Honey, I'm just trying to get you off your ass so you don't shatter like glass and take over my casket.

    I'm getting nasty.


    Binding Pi's fire-eyes and gliding rhymes of time to scry signs inside divine light of heightened skies.

    I scry with might the scribes that might tie the binds of fire-lights that now reside in scribes of Pi's fire eyes.

    Time for rhyming tides of g-bliss, bitch. Nigga if you down with this, then fuck what you heard, drop your shit cause this is the last time I'm getting down like this.

    Bitch, use this. Jack this shit and put your own groove to it.

    For those making music, show J-Time how he can use it (but not on this. My wall. His shit. Drop it bitch) 💖

    Lots of love to the ladies who can show him how to get it."


    I'm just a DJ that's grinding his shit