Asian Da Brat - Queen Of Nightmares Lyrics

I like this Asian Doll!
Aye, I just got to get some shit straight man
A lot of y'all don't even really fucking know me
Da Doll Way!

Niggas thinking we the same, nah bitch you must be drunk or some
I did my research, you was home hugged up or some
Now you rap all of a sudden. Hoes tough or some?
I think a lot of y'all got me fucked up or some
This fucking label got a bitch leered up out West
Hold up lemme get this nigga beard off my dress
They saw I up'd the .30 make them cheer up I bet
Ayo sauce let me get some shit up off my chest
Moms caught a case she up in the jail thuggin
Had to move him out here, they was tough on my lil brother
I promise you where I'm from you'll be lucky to sell water
I ain't a rapper, fuck you and that XXL cover
Standing over the stove in a lil kitchen
Hooked up with Beecher Boys, I'm a lil richer
But I ain't sounding like no doll, I'm a little bigger
I originated this shit, I'm little Richard
14 on my own, I was swerving out
Had to wrap it up, cause it was smellin like I was serving trap
Believe all of what you see and half word of mouth
Cause I done caught a few body's like I'm working out
And I ain't out here fucking all them rap niggas
I hit the block middle school it was a wrap nigga
What you know about eating out of the trash nigga
Caught him by himself I ain't wear a mask nigga
These niggas asking me questions like we in preschool
Shade me and they hate me, see me and try to play it cool
And that's all imma say, read between the lines
Imma have to do you too if you see the crime
They be thinking that I'm Haitian
I done seen the packs move like it's my grave shift
Seen a bitch get stomped right out of her braces
I got something for her, but chicken the favorite
Know some niggas that's wildin in Tennessee
Know some niggas that's bond to listen to me
Rolling loud booking all of my mini me's
They got me fucked up! I'm the Queen Of Any Teen!
Selling shit, I make guapo like everyday
Detach a nigga skull from his vertebrae
The style is pretty big, I seen you with the metal
Every hour I live, I see it on my schedule
Mascara and wigs don't mean you on my level
Wanna fuck me nigga? Dream on!
What up gangsta, 50 cent that's my theme song
Bitch when you was in the house playing ping pong
I was gettin to it in a drop with them thangs on
Bitch we at the awards shows saucin' with my mink on
Did a song with that rap bitch, who ain't really nasty
Smoked a blunt, and that bitch didn't match me
Caught her at the Walmart, that bitch was lackin
Left her scarred on her face, like acne
Gotcha nigga on my phone, he wanna be with me
Said he always loved me, he wanna be Whitney
Niggas left and came back, I call them team frisbee
I got these rap bitches scared like a 360
Everything I'ma fucking do, I'ma do major
Where my fucking dogs at?
Woof, woof, Asian!
Cartier bracelets, Chanel and Gucci
Niggas doing anything just to smell my coochie
I ain't tryna go pop, I'm tryna got block
Baking soda and some water, bitch I'm tryna go rock
Yeah, I got a lot of challenges
Imma eat, make you bitches lose weight like Khalid did
The girl came along way, with my mileages
I see myself with Madonna at Jimmy Fallon crib
And we all gotta go, so nigga why fear?
A lot of y'all stalkin my page and getting ideas
But it's cool tho, you the least one I fear
Asian Doll, I got the shit that the streets wanna hear!

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Asian Da Brat Queen Of Nightmares Comments
  1. Kandi Rain

    I'm ah 80'$ baby and when I tell ya Asian doll shit be popping 👅 IDK WHAT THE FUCK QUEEN KEY WEAK ASS SHIT BEEN ON LATELY 😈

  2. Devin Bryce

    Dat Tee Grizzley Flow🔥🔥🔥

  3. Clear The Fog

    If Asian had better writing skills, she would definitely be getting millions at this point with all her clout, look and personality

  4. Emjhai Bee

    You got it Sis!!!🔥💯

  5. Molly World

    Caught a few body's like im workin out? Someone explain tht bar went over my head... 🤷🤔

  6. brandon lee

    Hard body

  7. Cierra Riley

    she growing...and i love it.

  8. Lunar Eclipse

    Straight fireeee

  9. Woo&Chunk


  10. Female Rappers Clean

    Every song that got “I like this Asian doll” so hard

  11. Yoelvis Fernandez

    Nice cover photo

  12. Carmen Imani

    Lit 🔥

  13. Joaquin Anthony

    I feel like they dont want you to win because Megan's coming up.. just saying

  14. Ladii Bella Official

    How yall aint RUN these NUMBERS UP???!!! One of her BEST!!!

  15. Tayla Berryman

    Feel like this song needs to be rereleased with a video. It deserves more views and most of these bitches on here saying Asian is trash. They need to listen to this song and then let me know what ya think. 😂 honestly. Most these people don't even know 3/4 of the songs Asian got

  16. cleaver

    This is asians best song ever

  17. Tayla Berryman

    Amazing 🔥

  18. Tayla Berryman

    She sound like 6ix9ine in one part 😂 'drop wit dem tingz on' 😂

  19. McKayla Danielle

    This is the song that really made me like you!!! 💯💕💙

  20. Ghost Clouds

    Did anyone catch her dissing Rico nasty 😂😂 love you babes😘💕

  21. Gia Baby

    Asian 😍👌

  22. BlackSkyBoii

    This is wat harder then sicko mode


    Omfgggg she got me hooked.

  24. Gwín luv

    Did a song with that rap bitch who ain’t really nasty😂 I never caught that and when you was in the house playin ping pong lol all that shit went right over my head I forgot about that whole amigos video💀

  25. Dr MIAMI

    Dam this bitch hard

  26. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good way to come in. I like this

  27. Adrianique Bailey

    My shit 🤝🍴❤️

  28. KDTV

    Real shit!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  29. irie san

    fourteen on my own....damn asian i feel dat quote.... yep ranaway 2 spain at thirteen then i moved 2 ireland at 14 real shit

  30. That Girl

    So Raw!!! 💯❤️🔥🔥

  31. Guardian OfEden

    No one should sleep on Asian doll. Ever

  32. cheyenne

    her adlibs>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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    Detach a nigga skull from his vertebrae!!🔥🔥 I love Asian Doll

  34. Synthia Johnson

    Came a Long Way Babygirl

  35. Payton

    Like how did Bhad Bhabie rise up so quick but she still with 71K makes no sense

  36. Payton

    And she only has 71K? She deserves more fame for all her music I can tell she tries hard this is better than Cardi even tho I still like cardi

  37. Noturmomma

    Omg 😮 who the fuck is this SHE HARD AS FUCK

  38. sir petty 05

    Every rapper fuck you and that XXL cover

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    BITCH YASSSSSSSS! this shit is whacha call a fuckin' art motherfuckers! Love ya queen of bratssss <3

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    This tight Asian Aint no otha like u 💯💯🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  48. ill 8085

    This the hardest Doll song ever 🔥🔥🔥💯

  49. Kamala Cooper

    whenever it says "i like this Asian Doll" i actually really do like this Asian doll

  50. bahdd_babii

    This shit came off like tee grizzly first day out

  51. Lexi Janae

    This shit actually bang go Asian ❤️

  52. Dollie

    Not the butterfly on ur foot, please don't sell out like other artist asian ur too talented

  53. LoBlanco World

    Ummmm If any of y'all see some edges please let me know🙌🔥🔥🔥🌹

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    She so slept on

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    Hold it down Asian 💙💙Fuck what they say Dallas Vibes⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  59. Addzz C this chick even better.

    Arianna Hutchison


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    Djaye Bubs

    Michael Lyons RIGHT

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    dropping sauces

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    when that beat dropped omg straight🔥🔥🔥👌

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    “Did a song with that rap bitch who ain’t really NAAASTY !” I felt that & Rico did too 😭

  67. DaNy Beatz


  68. nyalaha Asdfghjkl

    So we not going to catch that rico diss? LMAO she said did a song with a rap bitch who ain't really nasty like omg

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  70. Roy

    This is the best.

  71. Baby S.


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    SUPADOPE TRACK GYAL YEEEEAAAA ..... fourteen on my own ...what you know about eatin out of the trap ...feel dat boo, mucho luv boo, we got it !!!

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    Tee Grizzley ? NEVER This Straight Meek Mill - Dream & Nightmares VIBESSS ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Ok honestly if you kept putting out stuff like this I think you'd have way more subs. I loved your Carti cover, that's how I found out you could really rap. But other stuff sounds like you're using 3/10 of your skills. No offense, it's just I know you're good because of this so I'd like to see you keep it up.

  80. Jake Green

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    The cover photo of her gives me Mileena (Mortal Kombat) vibes ✨

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    Personally I think her mixtapes are trash but recently it seems that she has perfected her style and she’s getting really better at this rap shit !

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    Iam Xzotic period!!!!!!


    Not even a argument we all know that


    This shit go hard af🔥🔥🔥🔥




    FUCK YOU AND THAT DOUBLE XL COVER !! I felt that too sis ❤️❤️❤️


    I couldn’t even finish the song fully cause i kept on rewinding this shit ISSA HIT!! #SUPPORTFROMFLORIDA


    When she said “ they be thinking that I’m Haitian I done seen them packs move...” I FUCKING FELT THAT SIS ❤️❤️🙏🏾


    Everyone who disliked is a fucking hater this shit hard asf!! #DOLLGANG

  92. tom murray

    never seen this side of you <3 love u crazy bitch