Asian Da Brat - Headspin Lyrics

[Asian Doll:]
Big benz, big body, all my thotties friends
I ain't rocking with these niggas, I got dead friends
All these diamonds around my neck, give me sickle cell
Asian Doll, I'ma savage, I'm so fucking ill
Put a Glock in your mouth, like a Tic Tac
Pussy boy, tried to run up, got that get back
Draco hold a hundred, and it ain't got no kick back
Sneak dissing on the net, get your wig snatched

[YBN Nahmir:]
4 cars, 4 houses, nigga, for me
I was loaded, 4AM, we was 4 deep
Was feeling good, so I went and copped a Rolly
These niggas tryna take my shine, I can't get cozy
Like I'm casper, I'm a creep of the community
These rappers funny, cause they really think they losing me
They need to stop it, need to stop all that buffoonery
A lot of money, and I spend that shit like usually

[Asian Doll:]
Headspin, like a fan, money rubberband
For my nigga I'ma sin, lost my brother to the pen
Fucked up, cruisin' in a Tesla, now my check is up
Finesse a nigga like a burglar, can't chill ain't regular
Real bitch from the south, and I'm reekin' like a pound
She don't like me, word to mouth
Asian knocking bitches down

[YBN Nahmir:]
High as a kite, ain't no flight, playing for my life
Bitch thought she couldn't get the hands, 'cause she was a dyke
You chillin' at the house, sittin' broke, eating dinner pots
I'm prolly at the crib, eating steaks, like my nigga Clyde
Wednesdays, I change the Gucci, to LV
I'm the man, ain't shit that you could tell me
I'm Bah Humbug lil' nigga, even with this money
Like how you walking around, looking bum and dusty

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Asian Da Brat Headspin Comments
  1. Spoops ZK

    Prod. HEAL!! Beat go crazy! 🔥🆑

  2. 2wavyMani

    I need this instrumental bad asf

  3. otk hoodie

    instrumental anyone🤨

    Haha Bruh

    otk marty I need it

    Freeco Baby Yum

    otk marty I need it

  4. annna ou


  5. Derrick Shawn

    who tf is the 7 people who don't like this song???

  6. Derrick Shawn

    "can't chill anit regular"

  7. HYPE

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  8. Alayto •

    Was waiting

  9. Tongera Clifton

    this not the whole song

  10. Lisa Davis

    They need to drop a music vídeo💯

  11. PlayBoiWop Official

    Waiting for a instrumental

    Haha Bruh

    PlayBoiWop Official same !

  12. J a n i y a h


  13. kimberly perez

    my favorite from the mix tape!

  14. Lustrous Loudmouth

    Asian snapped🔥🔥 PERIOD !! The whole song is fire! Wish it was longerr😩😩 but it’s okay😝

  15. andrew ortega

    Ok so no one has noticed this so imma be the first one to point it out. But in the beginning you hear a boy say heal. THATS SORA FROM KINGDOM HEARTS 1 SAYING HEAL SKSKSKSKSK I HEARD THAT AND RECOGNIZED IT SO QUICKLY LMK IF YOU NOTICED THIS TOO

    Philip Jackson

    andrew ortega it’s the producer heal’s producer tag. He’s a fan of Kingdom Hearts

  16. Scar

    Fuck this hard🔥🔥🔥

  17. Tooney Games

    Been waiting on shit since July

  18. Fanis D


  19. Warrick Wilson

    Louisiana business bitch respect thiz bitch go hard lava flow 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥here before it blow

  20. Nene trill

    She fucking did thatttttt. Follow me on ig :nenetrillgvng and tell me u found me from YouTube

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  23. Irvinghamilton

    Lud foe remix ??🔥👀

    FNG Raven

    Irvinghamilton omm he would exterminate this beat



  25. PlayBoiWop Official

    Only reason im jamming this shit no cap

  26. Drew datG


  27. VicVic The Boy


  28. D E F II A N T

    🔥🔥Shit is so hard.... (finish the sentence)

    Shrek Wazowski

    Its harder than the di*k that's in tay k as$ in jail


    Shrek Wazowski why you bleep yourself

    Derrick Shawn

    than my daddy biscuits

  29. GRIZZLE MANIA 2 #TheDayumGuy


    YBN Kid

    Mine is Cuban

    random person

    Milladelphia Gates yaaas !!

  30. Neeka Rose

    They ate this shit up 👅