Asian Da Brat - Doll Szn Intro Lyrics

It's so hard for bitches to, to say
Damn I fuck with your style, like you know I'm sayin'
I just like this 'cause you, like you know I'm sayin'
I ain't never in my life [?], I ain't never in my life, like you know I'm sayin'
I gave a fuck, so, when I see girls that's like me, I'm happy
I like really be happy, I really fuck with, I'ma like your picture, I'ma comment
Like you know I'm sayin', I don't give a fuck how many followers you have, I will fuck with it
Because you know I'm sayin', it really makes me happy 'cause it's like damn, I'm doin' something right, know I'm sayin'
I've seen, I've seen people hate my style, people talk about my style, people talk 'bout my big shoes, people talk about my hair, people talk about everything
I, and, and it just like, all of a sudden
Everybody doin' it and it's just like Asian just started
Asian [?] they like damn bitch, like you hoes never wanna give no credit for nothin', you like
How the fuck I did start?
Like how the fuck I did bring this shit to the new generation, like
We all like, end of the day my nigga
I'm the first, I'm the first female artist of this [?] to come out and say
Nicki Minaj is my inspiration, I look up to her
None of you bitches ever said that before
I ain't seen not one interview where nobody said:
"Oh, Nicki Minaj I'm inspired by her, I look up to her"
I can't pick, I was, I was the first my nigga
That's how you know that I'm not with no hatin' shit
I've never hate on a bitch in my life, I got everything I ever wanted in my life, like what you mean?

[Nicki Minaj:]
Huh, Asian Doll always shows me genuine love so
I just, it just warms my heart when the girls do that

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