Asia - Rise Lyrics

Look in the papers
See on the screen
Oppressive behavior
A foreign regime
That's not gonna happen
That don't happen here

Legion of hope
Don't give in
Land of the sun
To where West was won
To the future

Political stranger
Under attack
Forever in danger
For stating a fact
It's not gonna happen
It's not gonna happen

Legion of hope
Don't give in
Land of the sun
To where West was won
To the future

It's time to rise
Lose a disguise
From land of the sun
To where West was won
For the future

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Asia Rise Comments
  1. دلال علي

    الله يحفظك ويحميكي انا بحبك شديد صوتك حلو رقصك حلو

  2. Fox Claw

    You’re voice is amazing!!! I love this cover.💕 Keep doing what you’re doing you’ll go places!

  3. Leslie LaRue

    me too i love watching you grow since you were younger

  4. Yahaira Guzman

    It’s so nice I listen to it everyday

  5. Isabella

    You are amazing! You have such a gift! I have been watching you perform since you were little! I love you so much! Keep doing what you love. You're amazing. You are wise beyond your years! I love all of your music! You are soooooooooooo talented!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s_gachaqueen Queen

    Isabella so true

  6. Nothing Nothing

    2:15 is my fave

  7. KyEditz

    Still listening to this! <3 I love this version/Cover

  8. Anjali Rangrej

    I can’t get over how wise you are, your wisdom for everything bewilders me

  9. reyna armenta vazquez

    I always love your songs

  10. Candy Hayes

    2:20 - 2:21 that’s my fav

  11. Jashelle Miller

    I love Asia Monet Ray if you don't you can catch my fade!

  12. soldadodeJesus07


  13. Dwayne Scott

    This is the best song i ever herd

    lanasia's Squad

    Dwayne Scott you need to learn how to spell heard

  14. Fernita Joy Mungcal

    I love her 💜❤💜❤💜❤

    baby unicorn

    Me to she is so amazing and talented so talented

  15. Trisha Farris

    Omgggggggg very very awesomeeeeee

  16. Jaszmin Robinson


  17. supergamerstar 200

    I love it

  18. Arumi Gomez

    Its so gggooodddd

  19. Bugaboo Smith

    your singing is great

  20. Mercy Gitonga

    Hi hope you're well and please visit me l live in

  21. Itsyagirl Veirra

    She’s gonna have a biger career than abby

    Momolover 101

    So true

    Faith Brown

    she already does 😂😂

    baby unicorn

    So so so so so true

  22. Kaycee Reed

    This is the best song ever I swear

  23. Gisselle Portillo

    Love you 😍

  24. Ria Roblox

    She sounds like she is 22!!

  25. the baba pup woof

    Imagine Katy Perry saw all the comments that asia was better than katy lol(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ love you asia

  26. Madilyn Queck


  27. Madilyn Queck

    She has a amazing vocie and OH MY GOSH SHE IS 11

    Musicvideos __

    Madilyn Queck it’s auto tune....

    Alicia Brice

    @Musicvideos __ no it's not now shut up

  28. Harmonie Webb

    What the heck your so good and your 11 no way how?you got me shooked❤️😮😊

    Lauriane Alexis

    Now she's 14

  29. Dncjc nncc


  30. Karol Chavez

    Asia .... canta super tu voz es unica

  31. iiiomqmxdlin Speed builds

    2:14 This Part Got me like WHAT!? 11 AND SHES THAT GOOD!? I'm only And I can't sing that good.

    Musicvideos __

    iiiomqmxdlin Speed builds its not that hard to sing that

    hotpocketae •

    Musicvideos __ yes it is hard to sing that

    Musicvideos __

    hotpocketae • I’ve done it before you just have to have musical talent🤗

    hotpocketae •

    Musicvideos __ and that’s what Asia has

    Musicvideos __

    hotpocketae • I never said she didn’t. I was saying it’s not that hard if u do have musical talent

  32. Kianna Collier

    She doesn't look 11 at all!

  33. It's me sofiana

    Omg 😲 this is an incredible song this is now my favorite song and I'm serious

  34. vbabygirl45611

    i listened to both of them singing at the same time and i just have to say that Asia sang it so much better and with more passion and emotion

  35. A_veryweirdo_lizard :3

    Apparently when I sing I sound exactly like the person who is singing and also I'm 11 she look 14 lol

  36. Marla Stanfield

    All the dislikes u have are because they are jealous that they can’t sing like you

  37. Donovan Williams

    every time i hear your song i feel like a great when i am feeling down love you

  38. Ava Bradley

    I'm 11 and dont look anything like her (age) you making feel ashamed, ok yal opinion, is an 11 year old supposed to look like this or younger

    katy helliwell

    Jay Jay no your probably a “normal” size. Asia looks way older and acts very mature for her age. so don’t worry

    Ava Bradley

    @katy helliwell ok thanks for info

    Marla Stanfield

    Jay Jay lol it’s ok I’m almost 13 and I look 9 years old XD but that’s cuz I’m 4”10

    Gianna Gabi

    It all depends on the person. But I looked like this when I was 11

  39. Zhantel DAVENPORT

    i like you

  40. unicorn gaming

    Even tho you looked sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute when you were little

    Ava Bradley

    She still was little (11)

    iiiomqmxdlin Speed builds

    Nah she was 8.

  41. unicorn gaming

    Thy say that you were a diva when u were little

  42. Kier Malone

    Wow she is good and I saw her before

    Maita B

    She’s so talented

    K De La Rosa

    I agree

    Ava Bradley

    Dance Moms

  43. GachaŽødıacwølf23 UwU

    Legit chills

  44. Joanna Ernest

    I could listen to this song 4ever aMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  45. Christy Ernest

    I forgot that she was 11 in this video

    Joanna Ernest

    Hello sisterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i didnt even notice u

  46. Atv

    def not better than Katy.

    Ava Bradley

    What is yo problem, of course, she's different in her own way duh


    Jay Jay yo problem ? finish school? doesn't seem so. and my problem? no problem. just voicing my opinion. you seem tense and on edge. they make medicine for that.

    Small chili Pepper

    Tony Vargas shut the fuck up no said she was better

    hotpocketae •

    Atv she’s 11?


    imo that’s not true but even if that’s your opinion why did you need to comment that?

  47. Tracey-ann Fairweather

    I love this song..😍😍😘😘😘❤❤❤💙💙💙... Love this song better than Katy Perry

    Small chili Pepper

    Tracey-ann Fairweather bitch plz. It’s NOT better Katy perry

  48. Gabrielle Tchemy

    hi asia you inspire me so know i like singing and your voice like mine

  49. Tiffany Hall

    This one is better than Katy Perry 😂😂

    Small chili Pepper

    Tiffany Hall u wish

  50. Misilla Howell-Paul

    she has a powerful voice ...i love this cover ... one of the best i have ever heard

  51. Stacey Kabuga

    Alicia keys

  52. CAMBREE 5607

    Wow! She’s really good. Your a boss

  53. Battle Angel

    Super powerful love your voice keep it up :) You’re so talented

  54. Lucia Trsťanová

    her voice is so powerful

  55. Kensleigh Gurske

    oh man i just remember you on dance moms but now your all grown up love ya girl🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜🤩💜

    Ava Bradley

    She still is young just looks plder

    Kensleigh Gurske

    older not plder @Ava Bradley

  56. Jazlyn Rosales

    It's so weird that there's so much good comments but so much dislikes

    Ava Bradley

    @Lamaria Thompson this video is not about Mackenzie you hear me

  57. ツღ Seyi Majek ツღ

    So talented🤩💜

  58. Moses Kwanya

    Omg looooooove you are adorable biggest fan especially on come along I was touched hope to meet you # 1 fan

  59. elizabeth brown

    best katy perry still rise cover I have heard yet

    HallofFame 777

    Have you watched SUPERFRUIT Cover?

    Teisha Gibs

    Voices of Service

  60. Muqtar Keynan

    The mom the best daughter 😘

  61. Ramos Kidz

    It is amazing how much she has grown and improved over many years. Also great voice girl 👍

  62. Tia Taylor

    Katy perry should be seeing this

  63. Geoff DRUMADICT Morgan


    Thefavoritechild Lila Jean

    Jazlyn Rosales she still sings ya know..

    Jazlyn Rosales

    @Thefavoritechild Lila Jean I never said she doesn't sing

  64. Jazlyn Rosales

    It's weird that there is so much good comments but so much dislikes

    Thefavoritechild Lila Jean

    Jazlyn Rosales the haters don’t wanna confess and get attacked...😂🤣😅😏😑

  65. Atarah Ruddock

    Great voice go girl

  66. unicorn gaming

    I love how you sing this asia and cute name you have

  67. Julio Vargas

    Better than katy perry

    SophiaCovers '

    Julio Vargas 🤦🏻‍♀️

    klari lou

    Lmfao definitely not better than katy perry 🤣🤣🤣

    Thefavoritechild Lila Jean

    She good but Katy’s good too.

  68. Lita Myangel

    Omg this made me cry she has an amazing voice and it’s no powerful and so strong

  69. genarojrs


  70. Cool Cat


  71. Ashley Waters

    I love her and also we have the same name I've whatched you for a while

    Ashley Waters

    @Goat Cheese this is my mom's account I'm using her phone so ya

    Goat Cheese

    Ashley Waters
    Ohhh! Thanks for explaining that for me! :3

    elzz 5678

    So your name is Asia Waters? Cool.....

    Ava Bradley

    Dance moms

  72. Unice Banda

    Go girl

  73. Everbless Bless


  74. JBNSA

    I love it

  75. Miatheunicorn 1114

    There is no way she is 11 this has to be edited or something

    Lucia Trsťanová

    she sings like this :)

    Ava Bradley

    @You Offended? doesnt look like it

    You Offended?

    @Ava Bradley Well she was

    Ava Bradley

    @You Offended? does she look like she was 11 no, so dont get smart

  76. Alex Ted

    What can’t she do

  77. Alex Ted

    Only a year older than me but way better at singing

  78. Sarah G

    Her enunciation and tone are so clear; I love that in singers. You're amazing Asia.

  79. Mamii Neal

    I know this song word by word she be sing to my soul

  80. Sarah G

    Damn. I didn't know she could do this. She's just a ball of talent between the voice and dance.

  81. Ahonesti Dimples

    She doesn’t just have a good voice she has a AMAZING VOICE

  82. gacha vines

    Omg have I been asleep for like 10 years she has grown so much she so pretty
    And I thought I sang good she sings amazing

  83. Princess Cutie

    Ur amazing I wish I was ur sister

  84. letícia vs

    you sings nuito

  85. Harmony Kimbrough


  86. Kate Crowley

    She’s amazing

  87. Sam Jackson

    I thought she was 20!

  88. Mid_SummerEclipse

    You sure shes 11???

    kkgymnast565 898

    Exactly she looks like 15


    She should be 14 or turning 14 this year

    B M


    ツღ Seyi Majek ツღ

    Toga himiko this was when she was 11

  89. Stephanie LPS

    You grow so big I love your voice 👏💖😍

  90. nesha thomas


  91. julia hashem

    She’s so pretty and mature 😍♥️👌🏻

  92. makaylah riley

    Love this song

  93. alejandra sanchez

    love 😍

  94. Ariana Cardona

    her voice tho 😇

  95. Todd Hetherington

    how old are you


    11 at the time of filming this

  96. Diane deGraft-Johnson blew my mind. You are the next Beyoncé. Maybe even better