Asia - Long Way From Home Lyrics

There's a black Siberian
Look a white guy in the sun
Miles away from where the quest begun

From the ice to the sand
Nations moved across the land
Ever since time designed the man

Someday to return
To the place of my birth

I'm a long way from home
But I know where I belong
It's a long way I know
But the heart will still carry me home

Firewater in the blood
Took away the livelihood
Giving thanks every single year

Who the hell
Owns this land?
Is it God or is it man?
With the blood we draw the line again

I'm called to return
To the place of my birth

I'm a long way from home
But I know where I belong
It's a long way I know
But the heart will still carry me home
I'm a long way from home
But I know where I belong
It's a long way I know
But the heart will still carry me home

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Asia Long Way From Home Comments


  2. Benoit Vanhees

    Both Johns have merits, but Wetton was the heart of the band, Payne the balls, excuse my English. And while you can live without balls, you can't without a heart. The Payne era has its merits for sure, but except for the logo and some reckognizable Downes interventions, this line-up should have had another name than Asia, as it really has no real emotional connection with the only real Asia.

  3. Frodo The Groove

    Now that all is over, I repeat what I said to JW: I love two different bands playing the music we love! JW once said that the new Asia was "a great tribute band". I think what he meant was that Payne was blocking Asias reunion possibilities. Asia was JW's child. Everyone knows that.

  4. WM3 Deception

    Another great John Payne and Geoff Downes’ song. Although I think John Wetton was one of the great all time musicians, I am incredibly impressed by John Payne’s contribution to Asia.

  5. Lorenzo Gerola

    Still one of my 100% alltime favs -
    Love it 😎😎😎

  6. Jester Green

    Totally agree with you

  7. Mitch Barr-Elleli

    JP would have been better off getting a little more vocal training and applying his talent as an opera singer in Italia.

    JW was exuding warmth and love, openness, vulnerability, joy, loss, and hope in all of his songs, and inhis own special way. Miss him, miss him.

    Ruben Saenz

    Mitch Barr-Elleli yes I agree but he is not able to take Asia on a musical journey like Payne.

  8. Cedrick Newsom

    3:07 one of my favorite instrumental pieces to come from the JP line-up
    Edit: I have found an even better song with JP. Moon under the water

  9. Bruno E

    John Payne the best voice

  10. kurtmorr

    Wetton is a much better composer though.

  11. Bob Bob

    John Payne is not Asia.

    Cedrick Newsom

    Bob Bob Then why are you here if you don't enjoy it? Or are you just saying you think it should be under a different name?

    Lorenzo Gerola

    He is a 100% 😎✌️✌️✌️





  14. 大場健太郎


  15. William Haney

    Both Wetton and Payne are blessed talents. This is by far the best Payne era CD edging out Aqua.

    Benoit Vanhees

    Again someone with a "by far the best"-comment, except that the lady I had in mind someone else here on Youtube claimed exactly the same thing about Aria.

  16. Gabriel Raphael

    I like payne's vocal too..  but weton is classic.

    Ruben Saenz

    Gabriel Raphael yes both are good but Payne was able to take Asia on a musical journey without boundaries. He’s my fav!

    Gabriel Raphael

    Well wetton was the guy behind many bands, he made the history with a great album on King crimson, a great album on Uriah heep, many albums with asia, and John is great with asia and with Andy Nye too!! I'm a big fan from both.. but the 80's classic feeling keep with Wetton.

  17. Olivier BOURDIN

    Je partage tout à fait l'avis de Billy McSeato.
    La voix de Payne me touche beaucoup plus que celle de Wetton.

  18. leonakita

    Theres room in my collection for both ASIA versions... I like them both.  Paynes style is more 'ballsy', but Wetton has an understated mature quality that resonates on specific songs quite well. e.g. 'Thru my veins' from the album OMEGA

  19. Defender80s

    Back To The 80s!

    Rick OnTheDrums

    This album is late early 2000s.  What do you mean 80s?

    Christian Camlin

    @Rick OnTheDrums He means it still sounds like an 80's song by an 80's band.It is not that hard to understand.

  20. Frank Werner

    I agree with you - I prefer John Payne's Asia.