Asia - Kings Of The Day Lyrics

Heroes of the future
The keepers of the past
And objects of our beauty
Remaining till the last

Walking on the water
The oceans at our feet
The passage of our nature
The taste of bitter-sweet

So shall we be Kings?
Born just to win
Proud voices sing
And we wish that this life would go on and on

Looking in the distance
The fever on the street
Cast away the covers
Let my people see

Rulers of the network
Leaders from the dark
Embrace a generation
The first will be the last

So shall we be Kings?
Born just to win
Proud voices sing
And we wish that this life would go on and on

Shall we be Kings?
Born just to win
Proud voices sing
We will never give up till the day is done

Shall we be Kings?
Born just to win
Proud voices sing
And we hope that the Word will live on and on

Time waiting
Time taking

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Asia Kings Of The Day Comments
  1. 108vasudeva

    Best Asia album. Even better than the first one, or at least as good.

  2. Lucas Pandini

    Asia com john payne e fantastico.

  3. Whisker89

    Glad to be n° 500 putting my thumbs up for this song! I discovered Asia only recently... so there's still hope for this treasures to be discovered by many more people.

  4. André C

    I Love this Song. This should be a number one Song in the usa

  5. Brian Urso

    GUTHRIE GOVAN literally plays his ass off on this song. He literally has no ass anymore.

  6. Diego Silveira


  7. Carlos90

    One of the best Asia's song I really love, it's so inspire to me, thanks Asia

  8. Iron Butcher

    Untill now I've known ASIA only through to "Who will stop the rain" and "Heat of the moment" but I have to admit - at least in my opinion this song is equal great if not even better than that. The same as you I can't understand 10 dislikes but well.... people are different - sometimes strange also.

  9. Frodo The Groove

    I, for mye sake, listened to this and love it very much. But mostly to await John Wettons comeback. "A great tribute band" for the original Asia, but I am very happy for this music. Have all the CDs, of course. Everything changed now that JW died. Im still shocked about this. The setting is that Asia is over. Thats the worst of it all.

    Ruben Saenz

    Why would you want Wetton back when they had this kind of momentum at this point? And Wetton never was able to produce anything of this quality post Payne era. Oh well everyone is different I guess.

  10. peter van hecke

    Together with 'The Last Time' of the same album, one of the all-time great rock anthems. Pity John Payne didn't stick around for a few more albums, along with Govan, Downes and Colaiuta: the perfect Asia line-up.

  11. vardebo

    AURA is like a golden secret. It's great in every way; pop, west coast, prog...simply a dream of an album.

  12. Chris Jenkins

    Amazing songs and album. Can't get better than this. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Lucas Lima

    Chris Jenkins The Bands and Singers of this Flag is the best

  13. Lutfi Adrian

    7 dislikes ???? Probably Justin Bieber and Jay-Z fans......

    Alexandre Janot

    Or simply dumbs having no knowledge of music ;-)

  14. asia alpha


  15. Linwood Lane

    Ive totally knackered my original CD of this album by playing it too much and had to buy another copy - saw them live in Trowbridge many years ago - MAGIC

  16. Gilbene Cadosantos

    mt legal essas musicas do ASIA

  17. Jobson Santana

    asia muito foda com o album mais foda da banda aura ♥♥♥♥

  18. Tippersnore

    Yes, indeed.

  19. Paweł Chorążyczewski

    4 people aren't Kings of the Day.

  20. Art Venzel

    Ну а скажи - ребята дали жару?

    Art Venzel

    Держи клешню амиго! :)

    Александр Кульков

    По другому и не скажешь)

  21. R R

    Great band and song

  22. Michel Durand

    last chance to listen good music..
    dernière chance d'écouter de la vrai musique..


    neskutocne  nadherna skladba.

  24. Matej Tkac

    3:05 probably the best guitar solo of all time..

    music cool

    +Matej Tkac
    oh oui tout à fait d'accord....superbe soli de guitar, jazz rock , plein d'émotion.
    le final du morceau est super aussi.......

    Kirill Fox

    (after 3 years im replying to you... what a world...)
    the musical interval itself is brilliant

    Kirill Fox

    4:39 also perfect too...

    Cedrick Newsom

    Andre guitarrone Rone Steve Howe doesn't play in this song he recorded for only one song on this album "The Last Time".

    Carl Davies

    +Cedrick Newsom Steve Howe also played on "Free"

  25. Gabe Abbey

    Asia gone to weak participants...



  26. Sanny Wayne

    Sau cooles Lied ♡

  27. Nick Torrano Harling

    one of the best songs by asia featuring John Payne

  28. chas717

    Awesome song! It doesn't get much better than this in my book.

    peter van hecke

    Ditto and spot on!

  29. sandor kurta

    Who want good music, here ASIA ! Thanks.

  30. Shad12Dash

    You can't tell me it sounds like it.

  31. Finn Kåre Karlsen

    Well , the Aura album is from 2001 :-)

  32. Shad12Dash

    The magic of the 80s.

  33. Finn Kåre Karlsen

    Who's fu.....a..hole with the thumb down ?

  34. Finn Kåre Karlsen

    I'm a big Asiafan , and this one is a real killer !!!

  35. Gazpacho09

    Great Song!

  36. horaciobotaya

    What Asia album is there not to like? I have been following Asia since their very first. I never got stuck on any other bank like these guys. They have it all. Harmony, meaning, vocals and a way too beautiful sound to go with it. AURA is AWESOME!!!

  37. silverd1305

    Asia songs will always be with me. From the same album - "We will be with you, wherever you are...".

  38. kimolesen

    A good tune,but yhe 1982 album is AWESOME !

    Ruben Saenz

    kimolesen yes it truly is but to me this has more depth than the hits.

  39. JBL / harman

    Damn this album is excellent beyond belief! Cannot get the songs out of my head...

    peter van hecke

    My sentiments exactly!

    Andre guitarrone Rone

    me too i cant stop listening to this album from start to finish thanks .

  40. jsb779

    @horaciobotaya - Aria simply kills. See: Sad Situation.

  41. jsb779

    @faouar - Shall we be kings. That was the best comment I have ever read.

  42. AragornIsStrider


    I have every Asia album. I love Aria.

    But (after Aura) I like Arena a bit more, due to the eclectic style of the music.

  43. horaciobotaya

    @EagleOnTheRhine when it comes to something so soulful as music there aint no boundaries. I'm an 80's guy myself but never underestimate anything. No matter what the origin there's always something around that will get to you.

  44. horaciobotaya

    @AragornIsStrider you should try listening to ARIA.

  45. horaciobotaya

    @Medsas maybe so, they were very AOL in the 80's but with great talent. Ever since they grew more mature and very exquisite with great sound arrays. Dont know of any other nowadays.

  46. horaciobotaya

    I was in the U.S. working far from my family when i came upon AURA. As always didnt think twice about buying it as i did with all of ASIAS albums from their very first.
    My son got hold of it after seeing me constantly listening to it and it became one of his faves. Caroozi, i have been playing ASIA since i was 20 through my 30's, 40's and now i'm 50 myself. Happy journey!!!

  47. AragornIsStrider

    I am not a fan of John Payne's current band touring out there and calling itself Asia to make a buck...I will be interested in new studio material they produce, but calling themselves "Asia" is a joke.

    Having said that, John and Geoff contributed amazing material to the legacy of Asia, and Aura probably stands as the pinnacle of their achievements together.

    I didn't realise how good it was at the time, but after being a little bit disappointed with Silent Nation and Phoenix, Aura stands tall.

  48. The God of Truth

    My favorite Asia song ever.

  49. The God of Truth

    The first seven tracks on this album are as good as anything I have ever heard.

  50. Kristian Crone

    yearh, it is Simon Phillips on Drums ;D

  51. Rob Henderson

    Asia died when John Wetton left in early 80's. I'm glad these tracks mean alot to you an old foggie, but if Payne brought new fans to Asia...then he did his job.

    Ruben Saenz

    Rob Henderson you need to give John Payne a chance he's brilliant!

  52. Gazpacho09

    100% agree! And this is one of my favorite!

  53. vjstanding1962

    Likewise guys,brilliant album,brilliant track .Play it constantly on i-pod when stressed out - does the biz every time.
    All this b.s about Asia line-ups, does it matter? Just appreciate this fantastic body of work these guys turn out. We are blessed that we're able to share in their individual and collective talents. Aura,Aria & Aqua - the New holy Trinity! V:)

  54. Aleksandar Janjic

    Only a moron would laugh at that. This is one of my favorite songs, that gives me shivers every time I hear it. Aura is the best album ever.

  55. Medsas

    awesome song, asia is an underrated band

  56. Fernando Silva

    Finally we have "FREE" on youtube!

    w w w . youtube . com / watch?v=8MvQm1IEGg8
    (remove spaces)

  57. Łukasz Kira

    Is there any reason to laugh on someone who feel the music the way it is meant? The song is not 'bout simple things, but rather life from specific perspective. Reason I put it on YT was simple - it wasn't there, and IMO one of the best tracks of Asia. Definitly the track I'll play when I turn 30, 40, 50, man, maybe when I'll have children, I will play this song:D

  58. Łukasz Kira

    Yeah, Simon plays on tracks 6 & 8 on this album, Kings of The Day and Free :)

    Ruben Saenz

    Łukasz Kira yeah I can see him on this after every fill coming back to the snare drum and turning his head to the side on this one giving it that Simon feel!