Asia - Free Lyrics

Look into the distance, you're living in a cage
A fire burns inside you, that fuels all the rage
You're thinking of the outside, and dream of the past
The gates to freedom lie within your grasp
They're changing the system, rewriting the laws
Renaming religion, reshaping your cause
You always be lonely, walking with fools
The shadows in the doorways make the rules

Because you're free, this time
Don't be scared of who you are
Free, to find
There's no hiding in the dark

A new day is dawning, a New Age begun
Nobody told you which way you should run
Wait for the thunder, break from the shell
Is this the gate to freedom from this Hell?

Because you're free, this time
Don't be scared of who you are
Free, to find
There's no hiding in the dark
Free, this time
You can learn to live again
Free, to find
There is shelter from the rain

They're razing the fences in the pastures of doom
The fields of our heroes, the land won by few
The call of a New World, dream to transcend
Now it's time to fight and start again

Because you're free, this time
Don't be scared of who you are
Free, to find
There's no hiding in the dark
Because you're free, this time
You can learn to live again
Free, to find
There is shelter from the rain

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Asia Free Comments
  1. Jason Barbush

    latest endeavors in study: captivity and emancipation slavery and freedom....

  2. Alexander Göbel

    Love this band and though this Album has only a few of the classic members on it, IT IS MY FAVOURITE and amazing down to the last song! LOVE IT!

  3. Robert Huffman

    I prefer the original ASIA lead singer.

  4. Ivano Cogo


  5. João Mauricio


  6. Chris Jenkins

    Freeeeeeeeeee - from the corrupt EU. Long live an independent United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  7. Andrew Corbett

    Asia painting with sound.

  8. Chris Jenkins

    Dedicated to a Free United Kingdom from the EU 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

  9. Chris Jenkins

    Free from the corrupt EU 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. Nathan Dehnel

    this is cyberpunk as hell

  11. Kal El

    13 morons who wouldn't know good music if it slapped them in the face, this song is badass

  12. Movie News


  13. Frodo The Groove

    I, for mye sake, listened to this and love it very much. But mostly to await John Wettons comeback. "A great tribute band" for the original Asia, but I am very happy for this music. Have all the CDs, of course. Everything changed now that JW died. Im still shocked about this. The setting is that Asia is over. Thats the worst of it all.


    Waw.very very good song.salutations from morocco


    Waw.very very good song.salutations from morocco

  16. Rafael Navarro

    A real hit! im spanish fan from this progressive group!

  17. Mizantropescu

    One of the best Asia songs. I'll always love this song, not only for the music, but for the message.

  18. Andre Rone

    this song from asia is very epic from beginning to the end and under the gun is very good as well asia you guys did it again well done boys.

  19. Harald Schäfer

    Ich never can't decide who is better...Payne or Wetton.
    I think both are brillant.

    Ellie Colleni

    R.I.P. John.. we have lost you now. <3

    Juan Federico San Fernando Larráz

    John Wetton was the voice of Asia, Payne a good replacement

  20. Luis Alberto Portocarrero Caldas

    buen tema

  21. cjenkins73

    Brexit - free from EU

  22. Arjan Hut

    Asia meets Saga! What a lovely adventure.

  23. Sam

    This sounds like saga, and the lead singer John Wetton.

  24. Francisco

    una de las mejores canciones de Asia.Melodia,sonido,solo de guitarra,teclados.Casi perfecta.

  25. La Roseraie

    One of my favourites and one of Asia's feat. John Payne best songs ever !


    this song is wicked

    Jason Barbush

    @MrPizza063 wicked means good and nasty can mean nice.

  26. Pete Braidis

    Phenomenal epic from the excellent Aura LP in 2001. "Free' features Steve Howe, Pat Thrall and Saga's Ian Crichton all jamming on guitar with Simon Phillips on drums. WOW! On the tour, Guthrie Govan had taken over and he wailed on the whole track handling ALL the guitar parts. Another genius.

  27. Ιωάννης Γρίβας


    Ιωάννης Γρίβας

    @Jayson Neal Yes! Of course my friend.

  28. klistarf

    Love the sheer energy of this...   \m/   (:o)

  29. John Smith

    Payne, thank you for rising Asia to the likes of Yes and Alan Parsons.

  30. Bernhard Schmid

    Der Asia-Sound ist einfach geil.

  31. roland robberts

    Simply awesome -even saw em do it live at the limelight club in Crewe  unforgettable

  32. Rich Faille

    I've always been disappointed in anything Asia until this song. Very nice

    That Dude

    Really , most there songs seem like master Pieces , Listen to time will tell , Its (In my opinion) There top 5 song

    Lucas Lima

    Rich Faille in anything you are included Wetton era?

  33. Kat9293 Gmk


  34. Lutfi Adrian

    From John Payne's era, Aura & Aria are my favorite albums.

    Андрей Шишкин

    очень хорошая музыка

  35. stormshear1

    one of their best from the Payne era.. Pat Thrall rocks!

  36. Jeffrey Jacobs

    Another hidden gem (to me at any rate) from the John Payne era.  Couldn't find the album Aura on iTunes or the song.  I loved the album Aqua.  Who Will Stop the Rain, Someday, Love Under Fire and The Voice of Reason are four of the great cuts. 

    Andre guitarrone Rone

    go on to find the asia cds and this album i have this cd and this is one of the best in my book.

  37. Gabriel Alicea

    Not guthrie govan plays this song is pat thrall

    Andre guitarrone Rone

    noo Steve howe of asia play's on this one.

  38. Kim Salter

    This song kicks so much ass! Love it!

  39. asiafeatjohnpayne

    It's a mix of all 3 players - Guthrie Govan, Steve Howe and Ian Crichton.


    (scratches head) You guys said in an old Armada issue this had been performed by Pat Thrall and recorded remotely from the US.

  40. asiafeatjohnpayne

    3 guitarists this one - Guthrie Govan, Steve Howe and Ian Crichton of SAGA.

  41. oilkills

    Are you saying that... this is not Guthrie Govan?

  42. R Gray

    Endup is pretty fucking amazing

  43. agella72

    all the best songs give me goosebumps the first time i listen to them, this is one of those......

  44. Lino Kurtz Marriott

    Wonderful piece ! Fantastic John Payne !!!

  45. BillandJanMoore

    Thanks for posting this great album!

  46. asiafeatjohnpayne

    Thanks everyone for the support - check out our NEW single "Seasons Will Change" on our official channel.

  47. asiafeatjohnpayne

    Steve Howe did play some guitars in that middle section, well spotted!

  48. DesertEagle97531

    This and "Kings" are my two favorites from Aura hands down. The whole album is a damn masterpiece though.

  49. Andrew Blackman

    Well, that's just not so. Brian Johnson, the lead singer of AC/DC allegedly found his voice during an early performance with that band, whilst having an attack of appendicitis.

    Frankly, I would pay to see John Payne's Asia if he were to sing just like Paul Lynde did in "Bye-Bye Birdie" on the song "Kids", and if there was at least one 15 minute set where he delivered the songs in spoken-word style, like Rod McKuen --- perhaps with bongo drums accompanying him.

  50. Andrew Blackman

    The rumor is that John Payne wanted to deliver the vocals in a Mr. Rogers/Paul Lynde/RodMcKuen hybrid style. Geoff Downes allegedly asked Payne whether he could narrow it down to Paul Lynde's sound, but while having an acute bout of appendicitis. No one had ever done that before, and there you have it.

  51. Toddster2012

    truth be told the two JOHNs could not be more polar opposite, Wetton in a classic pristine vocalist with a pure as refined sugar voice, john payne flat out ''just sounds horrible'' he sounds like some vegas lounge act or some guy on a cruise ship he mangles every note its just god awful how they tried to replace JW with payne, i actually paid a guy in a studio to strip and remove the payne vocals from all the ASIA songs he did with them, now i just listen to the music only versions !

  52. Padarack1

    Dude, your heart literally shook?

    Great song!

  53. Alex Penn

    Free's always good

  54. House of Zorn

    Though I prefer John Wetton's vocals, this one's really cool and the instrumental part is excellent, it almost sounds that Steve Howe is on guitars!

    Uncle Joe

    He is.
    (Not much, though)

  55. markusmala

    Good Idea to put the solo of Ian Crichton, spacy in the middle, when Asia says hello to Saga, just a studio session like a little fun probably. Remembers me some old Saga stuff also...even if each of the bands have their own stamp.

  56. theehero

    The Gutherie Govan Album!

  57. shea hargis

    Just getting into Asia, fun stuff

  58. R Gray


  59. Andreas Nilsen

    Ian Crichton of Saga on guitar along with Thrall and Howe, doesn't get much better. :-)

  60. Lino Kurtz Marriott

    Fantastic piece ! Fantastic John Payne !!!

  61. JBL / harman

    Excellent, excellent album - this track in particular with the songwriting skills of John Payne/Geoff Downes combined with Steve Howe and Simon Phillips... Nothing less than brilliant!!

  62. harnois75

    Simon Phillips on drums.

  63. tecla tate

    que puedo decir solo master,master y los mejores, que rolas ya lo dije en su era john.. es el mejor y la misica es celestial grandiosa orale nestor escucha esto no se te olvidan estos weyes andrez,oscar,luiz,isma,may,(no tan aca),rene, y yo..vas aca-2011¡¡a.n.d.¡¡

  64. Dan Sullivan

    Along with "Who Will Stop The Rain?", this is the high point of the "Payne Years"...Both tracks feature guest appearances by Steve Howe...coincidence ???

    "Aura" along with "Aqua" are the definitive John Payne led Asia albums...

    Kudos to these works having been given, I'm absolutely 100 % glad that the original four are back together and still making quality music...

    To those pundits who deny Asia their just place in music history, you don't know what you're missing !

  65. agella72

    I've heard most Asia albums but none have grabbed me like Aura. This song in particular takes you on an amazing journey, I never get sick of it. What a wonderful thing good music really is!!

  66. Tsnore

    Payne blows away Wetton. Any thoughts?

  67. pandvale

    This is my anthem!

  68. Tsnore

    Asia is free at last! Long live ASIA!

  69. fridgeonline

    One of the most underrated rock bands, especially in the `90s, when in my opinion rock music has been in its baddest condition. Was on a live gig in april 2010, this was with the original 82' musicans, but also very powerful and extraordinary. i love asia =) . and john payne was a very good choise for this band, one of the best rock singers, i would liked to see him now in the front of the band saga. (sorry for a bad englisch, i am from germany ;)

  70. lorveal47

    bueeno muy buuuueno¡

  71. Corey Graham

    There is not a bad song on this CD. However, I think this is the number 1 song. Amazing, that's all I can say

  72. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed

    I have no words to describe this track...but all i can say at this point of time is that It's one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life....It's like a magical experience!

  73. Donovan

    I've been a true fan of Asia since the beginning. Although I prefer John Wetton at the helm, I love John Payne too. "Free", I think, is the most powerful song I have ever heard. During the climax of this song, my heart litterally shook with emotion. What an awesome anthem this is. What this song does still amazes me today. When you listen to it, turn it up loud...!!!! Tbank you, Asia.