Asia - Forgive Me Lyrics

Silent wave coming down on me
Washing out the lie
Living inside me

Life's not hard
Now I'm on TV
This sudden twist of Fate

I am direct salvation
Just send in your donation
I can promise that you'll be save

Forgive me, World
I'm just a man who's lost his way
Forgive me, these two words I pray
It's time to make a change

Yesterday was a different day
Thought I knew the answer
A vision in my mind

Search my soul
And then you will find
A shelter for my pain

The truth is in the open
And now my heart has spoken
Hoping maybe you'll hear my cry

Forgive me, World
I'm just a man who's lost his way
Forgive me, these two words I pray
It's time to make a change

Forgive me, World
I'm just a man who sins today
Forgive me, these two words I pray
My Faith is still the same

Maybe I can't change the past
Maybe love can bring us back
Maybe we can try and start again.

Forgive me, World

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Asia Forgive Me Comments
  1. Lance Russ

    The artwork alone here is very good some of the best album cover I've ever seen great album too thanks Asia it's a masterpiece

  2. Mario Valdés

    Just nice !!!!

  3. Claude Bandelier

    great song! Asia made a few awesome albums but this one is the best!

  4. Jonny Ingram

    sorry this isn't Asia!!! It was like Motley Crue without Vince Neil....Wetton was the voice of Asia!!! Plain and Simple. Payne's voice is painful to my ears!!


    its a matter of "musical taste" Paine has a great voice as Wetton in his way has, both have to be recognized

    T L

    In the words of Colonel Slade, to Charlie (from the movie Scent of a woman): "Take the wax out of your ears! Grow up!"


    Good for you. You obviously liked the song enough to come on here and make this comment. Otherwise you wouldn’t waste your time.

  5. Jester Green

    17 folks didnt like music...

  6. Chris Jenkins

    Fab artist and album - they don’t get better than this :)

  7. Benny Raleigh

    I just realised that the album cover isn't a picture of a Mongolian warrior on horseback gazing towards the west.

  8. Pekka Nygren

    john payne asia is the best

  9. Scott Oakland

    The sound and texture differences between John Payne's Asia and the late John Wetton's Asia really come down to the difference between American and UK prog differences, IMHO. I love both, as they have their place.

    Benny Raleigh

    John Payne is British too

  10. Mizz Meg

    Oh Man......  I love this band.  I'm smitten.

  11. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    This song sounds like Asia doing the band Toto , but this is not a good start, hope the other songs are in the original Asia vibe

  12. Ruben Saenz

    Perhaps John Payne voice is more multi faceted than John Wetton's.

  13. Gabriel Alicea

    para 2001 yo tenia 13 años

  14. Rosario Rangel Suarez

    "álbumes" no albums

  15. Per-Ivar Sandbæk

    What a great album this is!!! I've always been a fan of Asia ever since the beginning and I'm not afraid to say that I love both Asia eras. This idiotic everlasting argument on who's best of Wetton or Payne is just plain stupid. Okey I like Wetton but that isn't the same as I'm gonna put Payne down. John Payne has brought so much to the table and Asia released many really good albums with Payne on vocals. Different styles but both of them are extremely talented and gifted.


    +John Williams

    It'd be hard to tell the man to drop the name of a band he has a claim to. This is a never-ending argument and both sides are right in their own way. Personally, I think Payne did more than his share to keep the band alive and relevant long after Wetton himself and MTV had given up on Asia. Payne co-wrote, played and sang in five great albums and had the business savvy to buy most shares of the name Asia. No one can ask a man to give that up.

    John Williams

    +philosopher2king : You're right, Well said. At least both bands really don't have the same name, one is Asia and the other is Asia Featuring John Payne. I still stand behind what I said a few months back that John Payne should not sing the classic Asia songs where John Wetton sang,  for one, he isn't doing the songs justice at all and second, Geoffry Downes is no longer partnered with Payne where at the time it was acceptable in doing so as Downes was an original member and co-writer to those songs. I can't figure why Payne sings his songs so good, yet can't sing the classic songs good. It isn't because I am used to the classic songs sung a certain way, it's just Payne can't pull it off for me.

    Ruben Saenz

    philosopher2king sad thing is that they need to give John Payne a chance to come back and do some shows with Asia and record another studio album.

    Douglas Hammer

    John Williams


    It's not like they replaced the singer with one who sang in a vastly different register (Queensryche!).

  16. Davorius

    adore this song <3

  17. Silva 2015

    Rapaz, parabéns pela postagem do video ... Sou fan do Ásia... Valeu

  18. Benoit Vanhees

    60 000 views and 157 thumbs up ? Does that mean 59 843 people were too lazy to push the thumbs up bottom, had clay in their ears, or is it that the 157 people came to listen 100 or 200 times to this fine song ?

    I've red somewhere stupid comments about John Payne not being fair about going on using the name Asia, while he's the only one who was in that band ? Isn't that as absurd as pulling Geoff Downes's ear, when he was the only member of the original line up. Payne apparantly bought 50 % of the "brand name" Asia while in this band, so it was written in the stars there would be some commercial friction, once he was replaced again by Wetton... Same discussion as in Pink Floyd. (And calling one band Pink and the other one Floyd was no solution...)

    Benoit Vanhees

    Or what about Foreigner ? At one moment, they were touring without even 1 original member... No, that discussion about Payne being silly by wanting to cling to the name Asia is absurd. He had a substantial contribution between the two Wetton era's, so... I know it is confusing to have two bands using in one shape or another that name, but well, it's not the end of the world is it ? Just enjoy the music, what's in a name anyway...

  19. Benoit Vanhees

    Superb song, well crafted. I'll leave the discussion Payne "versus" (really ?) Wetton, the "battle of the Johns" to others. All I know is this here works out very fine, is catchy, makes me humming all day, and that's what counts when it comes to music. Good vibrations... Massage for the interior...  Some passages remind me of "A good heart is hard to find" by F. Sharkey.

  20. chagallsdream

    Mi cielo no lo se pero te lo investigo de lo que si estoy seguro es de que aqui la unica hermosa eres tu, princessa un abrazo desde Mexico muuuua ¡

  21. chagallsdream

    Im wonder to why iluminati , may the iluminatis will kill all of us and what does that have to do whit a great human song .... peace

  22. horaciobotaya

    el album es de aproximadamente 2000 o 2001.

  23. jikata5561


  24. TheLeviathon69

    Geoff Downes gave him the permission to use that name, as he is the longest serving member of Asia, in either form.

    Henry Jumbazian

    Geoff Downes is sweetheart. He gets on with everyone he works with. I wish I had the chance to work with him.

  25. Viridiana Currier

    en que año salio este album? esta hermosa!!

  26. jsb779

    Supberb. Simply the finest.

  27. SPECTRE1961

    JOHN PAYNE ...


  28. jorge raúl galván peña

    exelente rola, y tomada de grandioso disco