Ashley Tisdale - What If Lyrics

Don't speak, I can't believe
This is here happening
Our situation isn't right
Get real, who you playing with?
I never thought he'd be like this
You were supposed to be there by my side

When you say that you want me
I just don't believe it
You're always ready to give up
Whenever I turn around

What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without a fight

I'm so sick of worrying
That you're gonna quit over anything
I could trip and you'd let go like that
And everything that we ever were
Seems to fade but not the hurt
Cause you don't know the good things from the bad

When I say that I want you
You know that I mean it
And in my hour of weakness
There's still time to try

What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without a fight

Every time I speak you try to stop me
Cause every little thing I say is wrong
You say you're noticing but you never see
This is who I really am, that you can't believe
Makes me want to know right now
If it's me you'll live without
Or would you change your mind
What if I need you?

But What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without a

Oh baby what if I need you? (what if I need you?)
Yeah yeah, What If I need you?
What if I need, what if I need you?
What If I need you? (Oh) What if I need you?
Yeah, what if I need you?
I need you, you, you

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Ashley Tisdale What If Comments
  1. Scoutpower1

    This a good one for Leonardo & Karai of the CG 2912 version of"TMNT"
    Also for Rex & Circe of "Generator Rex"

    Even though both shows ended before their romance could progress any further!! HATE THAT SO!!

    In their case, it's her

  2. Cutie Twin

    Im here because of NaLu AmV

  3. Relax CreatorM

    Well yep,he showed me I'm NOTHING to him in the most cold way...

  4. Catherine Villafuerte

    My favorite song ever

  5. Shamy Franklin

    Lmao... string cheese

  6. Pooja Kankamwar

    2019 anyone?

  7. Kimberly Millet

    Best song ever anyone agree...

  8. Kimberly Millet

    💔For the lost love😥

  9. Amilkar Villalobos

    Cute song

  10. ALsandra StrawHAT

    in loving memory of Stan Lee in youtube brought me here :(

  11. Em Ash

    New favourite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Eduardo Tapia

    Who came here because of Lucy and natsu I mean NALU?😉😌

  13. Syafiq Izazy

    She sounded like Avril

  14. RandoCommando

    this is giving me si many ideas for a romance story

  15. Puja Tripathi

    lyrics bruh !!

  16. Karen

    Remember Kakashi and Sakura

  17. II_xTrinityx_II

    I kinda thought she sounded luke miley cyrus but as hannah montana

  18. Junina Auryn


  19. Meagan Maru

    I feel the song, im keep listening 2017 😊

  20. الغلا amot


  21. Mary Redespa

    I found this song through the FT Nalu amv I have watched.

    Lol same reason to some people here too 😆👍

  22. MrFlameboy15

    God, this song 😢😢 this should have been a single. hits me right in the feels

  23. Harrison Delmenico

    i made a mistake i can never undo, i tried to love someone

  24. Kostantina Ft

    great song and great voice 😍

  25. Sirena

    This shouldn't explain me, as much as it does.....

  26. FunÉlise

    j'adore trop beau magnifique miraculeux

  27. lorissa severight

    vegeta & bulma ..

  28. Anela

    any other pirates of the caribbean fans here? this always reminds me of Jack/Angelica😂😍😍

  29. Silver Aj

    im here cause of nalu :00

  30. maria ferman

    Quote: Be there for whoever both wants or needs you.

  31. maria ferman

    Quote: Let people LOVE you for WHO YOU are NOT for your PHYSICAL LOOK!!!!!!

  32. Earen Rupa

    haha im here because of natsu and lucy of fairytail

    its me hahaha

    Earen Rupa shitt dude i watch that video 4 years ago and im here after 4 yrs again shit time flies so fast ugh

    nhi nguyễn

    its me hahaha OMG same here, I did watch Nalu video 4 years ago but I didn't realize how wonderful this song is until now
    Feels like as long as it's video about Nalu, I will always fall in love with that song :)))

    its me hahaha

    nhi nguyễn its just giving an good memories on this past 4 years.. ugh nostalgia


    Ashley can really hit some notes👌🏻

  34. Maayisme


  35. opio kelly

    I love tidzale

  36. BbK99

    I'm listening metal and rock but she is amazing

  37. Akmal


  38. Xmadamerose

    Who's here because of yuunoa

    Rick Rick

    Im here because of NIGHTCORE :)))))

  39. Megann Quinn

    She was horrible Im high school musical. I knew she was so much more better than that. Like way better. and this proofs me right. 💘 she is a true talent with a strong future.

  40. Alina Kutzi

    i love des song too: )

  41. bia moss

    i love to sing💝

  42. wasted mind

    I never knew such a song would exist. Beautiful. Thanks for making me cry!

  43. Liviu CSGO

    Those words are very true !! :)

  44. Allizeriall

    reminds me of what I used to ask my father

  45. Blink Covers

    am I the only one here because of nalu

    zak adshead

    +Annie Taylor GO NALU!!!!

    Glemics Entertainment


    Χρυσα Κοσμιδη

    ayeeeee misss


    Smolucy :0 i dont think so because i am here because of them too

  46. ann brinet

    To my ex :/

  47. Melinda Tudgey

    This songs lovely and bloody hell i had know idea she could sing this well.

  48. DamienSlayer666

    wow ashley Tisdale is really good. some pop singers still have that talent!

  49. Loran Blajeu

    me too i'm cry

  50. Strong19343

    I heard this song on fairy tail Nalu what if very good


    +Willma Carter It is

    nikita yoongi

    +Strong19343 same here

    talina salamah

    +Strong19343 not only that, i heard this song on akagami no shirayukihime: zen and shirayuki clip too

    its me hahaha

    Strong19343 i watch that video 4 yrs ago and brought me here after i watch it and now im here after 4 years again i miss those memories

  51. ManhiManhiManhi Manhi

    I really don't do ships with Natsu but eh Lucy to attention seeking for me .-.

  52. It'sWaffleTime

    i didnt know ashley tisdale was this good.... holy snap right to the feels...

    Karla Russell

    Hey king trition

  53. Rofaida Kar

    I need u :(

  54. Rafaela Lehmkuhl

    Música linda!!! Toca meu coração à anos!!!


    im sad now 

  56. Eunice Pacil

    What if I said I loved you? :'(

  57. Dogs Lover

    Yes I love this song now!! <3

  58. kaitlyn

    Makes me cry everyday I hear this song. And I am only 9 years old.

    Khaled Omt

    I can feel the song.

  59. kaitlyn

    Making me cry... :'( ¦') this video is making me cry like crazy making me cry happily and sadly.

    Milliana Katsuragi

    Me too..its make's me cry😂😭

    Kory Bug Burkett

    Me three

  60. Trouble Maker2

    @***** #HATERZGONNAHATE, im also an anime freak so deal with it. I can see Sylvia and Grey doing the same thing, not just Lucy and Natsu from fairy tale. 3.

    Gia Maria

    I think you mean Juvia.🙎

    Trouble Maker2

    @Giavanna Mocci Sorry, I have short-term memory and I haven't seen the show for a while so forgive me

  61. Ashley hale

    ilove this song so much!!! NaLu is the best!!!!!!!

  62. Evelina Cepanova

    very nice song

  63. Sasha Degnan

    This reminds me of my ex who said he didn't cheat on me with this girl now i feel stupid cause he broke up with me and now he is going out with her

    Wolka Han

    Same here. It feels like so ironic

    Jikook Life

    Sasha Degnan don't worry I know how it feels my Ex broke up with me a few days before my birthday. But he had a reason. it was because we were to far away from each other he's in Indiana and I'm in Spokane but I wish him the best. 😔😔😔

  64. Vanessa White

    Ashley Amazing song . Poland love U <3 

  65. Ayat Drbal

    I need you 😭

  66. Nicole

    hard life
    love can suck sometimes wen you don't have the right guy by near you !!!   

  67. Cristina Maria Duarte

    Its a bit of miley cyrus im the middle and taylor swift in the beginning

  68. Kaylee Niven

    I need you😭

  69. traci morgan

    This is the exact story of my relationship :(

  70. traci morgan

    This is the exact story of my relationship :(

  71. MeloMainiac

    Anyone else here from a nisekoi amv?


    +MeloMainiac I'm here from an Amnesia anime AMV^^

    Zena Chii

    +Ultimatevegeta1 Shin? Toma? Ukyo? Kent? Ikki?

  72. jenny dejesus

    I don't understand😥

  73. jenny dejesus

    What if ? :( :'(

  74. Samantha Ferreira

    she is so amazing. when i was younger i always wanted to be her in high school msuical.

  75. Kiera Ace

    I'm here from NaLu 2 that's how I found the

  76. Kiera Ace

    Love this song

  77. Elizabeth Crz.S

    :( T.T what if I need you? :(

  78. lorissa j seve

    Can't get enough of this song, Seriously it reminds me of so much shit that had happened this past year, and I just break down.. I think I really need to do this, Cry until it's out of my system.. I never got a chance to last year.

    traci morgan

    I know how u feel its happening to me right now ;( ;( ;(

  79. Gisselle Solos

    Luv this song describes exactly how I feel♥️

  80. Mėrïem Yënnã

    This is my favourite song i love it so much

  81. SNYN 2

    Try 2014 lol

  82. Natcatitaa

    Such a beautiful song <3

  83. kateann abergas

    XD i cry because of this song,cause it reminds me of Fairy Tail,btw im also here because of the NaLu AMV :' ) i miss everyone in Fairy Tail,i wish this Year 2014 Fairy Tail will Continue,I Love you Fairy Tail!

  84. Jessy Sone

    Sad but good song

  85. Vanilla Anne

    Ashley sounds a BIT like Miley Cyrus... o.O 

  86. Vanilla Anne

    I'm also here because of the NaLu AMV ^^ But thanks to that, i have a new favorite song ! :3 <33


    The one where Lucy cries "NATSUUU" and Natsu answers "LUCYYY"?

    Blink Covers

    +Vanilla Anne I watched an nalu amv with this song its not my fav song aswell

    Kostantina Ft

    Vanilla Anne I also am here cause of that amv xD


    Vanilla Anne yeah me too i watched an amv of amv and came here.



  87. Mai

    i'm here and i'm a Otaku but is not 'cus this AMV.

  88. Nyella

    Some Otakus are here because they heard this song from Fairy Tail AMV Nalu!! <33

  89. lonelykitten20

    same here lol

  90. KrazyPAnda

    Like if you're watching it in 2013 ;D!

  91. alexis mumma

    I got here from an AMV on fairy tail an anime! i can tell this is going to be a song im going to learn the lyrics to within one day and cant fall asleep without hearing it! amazing song!

  92. LivingThoughItAll

    i stopped it at 32 seconds to leave this comment, I LUV THIS

  93. Ariel

    wow i havent heard a song from her in a few years i forgot how amazing she was

  94. Ghosthuntangel

    Thank you for this song!

  95. Patricia Marcos

    if i get 10 likes i will make a cover for this song!! :))

  96. PalkiaIsAwesome

    I seceond I heard this song I loved it