Ashley Tisdale - Queen Of Mars Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I was just a lonely girl
Looking for a little fun
Though without a friend in the world
I was forced to find a new one

Now I'm the queen of Mars
I was invisible on earth
It only took a magic portal to mars
To give me some self worth

[Verse 2:]
You put a crown on my head
And you all seem to worship me
You don't understand a word I've said
But still you treat me like royalty

Now I'm the queen of Mars
I was invisible on earth
It only took a magic portal to mars
To give me some self worth

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Ashley Tisdale Queen Of Mars Comments
  1. Jimmy Loh

    It is from phinears and ferb right?

  2. Bugsbunny48

    Who s thinking that if god created the aliens??

  3. mark pricen


  4. mark pricen

    wow you have a beatiful voice and your candace on phinease and ferb i like that movie when i was a kid and now i now who play's candace

  5. Lucy Duffell

    @mazicatinicaxd if this boy has no arms or legs, i'm very interested to find out how he's going to kill me;D

  6. Mike Chattman

    um how i get here!?

  7. Daryl M.

    again and again!!!!

  8. rachel davids

    wow i love her thx for putting her pic online she my idol n who ever put this online u rock

  9. Zakaria

    phineas and ferb Baliwood song at the end

  10. Rayan Ray

    i want to marry her

  11. kathryn Ellis

    @z0402581 no the blonde hair is just a wig

  12. kathryn Ellis

    @z0402581 no thats just a wig

  13. Mae Madrid

    nope its her real haircolor zo402581

  14. StrawberryBoy100

    HEEY. This is just the song played twice!!!!

  15. robynetzan

    @dreamcaster221 'Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)'

  16. Darlene

    @Jeanette21458 It was this year. So 25.

  17. Thomas Lorentzen

    this video sucks!!!!!!!!!! make the right version, srsly, this is boring......

  18. Nikki

    @Jeanette21458 She didn't make it- the people on the Phineas and Ferb team did >w>
    And probably a year younger than she is now? XD I don't know. =w='

  19. filipinordabest

    Is this Ashley Tisdale acting as "Candace" on P&F?

  20. Alison Tanner

    She didn't die her hair blonde. It was a wig. The sort that you sew into your natural hair. Ashley Tisdale is a natural brunette

  21. Alessandro Franza

    hey dudes I thought she dyied it for her album guilty pleasure because this should be an rocker image know who I mean it?

  22. Jolo577

    @cybershockandifrit ?

  23. Lena Brunner

    I love her. She had a verry good charakter and seh is my favourite actor in hsm or in zack and cody and all the others.<3

  24. Noelle Mullins

    @z0402581 ashley dyed her when she was on suite life life on deck the where she almost had to marry a 9 year old

  25. jkp150

    how come so many brunettes dye their hair blonde and so many blondes dye their hair brown. its annoying.

  26. Sarah B

    @97marietje :O I love this show

  27. Trevor Phillips

    @97marietje everyone knows

  28. Fostersfan88

    i love this song!

  29. Jolo577

    Ashley Tisdale = Candace (Phineas and Ferb), Maddie (The suite life) and Sharpay(High school musical)

  30. The Ways Official

    Just proof how much Phineas and Ferb are popular and respected all over the world !!!

  31. Rheanne Reyes

    her hair is brown now! omg i did not know that

  32. Lena Brunner

    ashley is a really good person and i like her and her songs verry much

  33. Moonepy

    I hate the way you ended it

  34. Skarlett Lopez

    that was reapting the last part but i still love the song

  35. 777cena777


  36. Leeza

    Great voice!. I didn't think her hair wuz brown though...

  37. marie pink

    is this really ashley singing ?

  38. 97marietje

    this is maddie in zack and cody

  39. David Caballis

    hahaha funny song
    I like it

  40. Grace Qute

    me too ! :D

  41. Brian Zhang

    did ashely dye her hair after they started the suite life on deck?

  42. Brian Zhang

    you messed up the order!

  43. JozzerrDrfc

    Yepp shes a r8 bitch for a Year 7 lol

  44. JozzerrDrfc

    Shes lying she goes to my school in Chesterfield lol her mums freind with my mum :P

  45. SephMacLeod

    because of damn Highschool who gives a shit 3

  46. unicornsch

    No she didn't, her original hair color is Brown, she dyed her hair blonde!

  47. H00ps

    i think she looked better with blode hair like on the suite life of zack and cody

  48. jennifer butler

    this is not full song

  49. adevilsloverangel

    wow! i did not knew it was ahley tisdale behind the voice of candice!

    she's relly pretty and talented! nice video! looooove it!.!

  50. smashwhammy

    Since she's playing Candace on P&F

  51. smashwhammy

    Unfair Science Fair Redux, a Phineas and Ferb episode

  52. Aidan

    she's naturally brunette

  53. Aidan

    it's because it was for phineas and ferb

  54. Aadam Fakir

    There is no "Full Version", you just repeated it, so you could put more pictures of Ashley Tisdale on it.

  55. Phangirl101

    This isn't the "full" version, you just made it repeat the chorus...

  56. Sunny Kong

    yea she's candace in Phineas and Ferb can't u hear?its really ez to spot her voice lol!unique and sweet voice♥

  57. Blue & Jasper

    why did she change her hair color

  58. crazydivaliciouschic

    woah so she is candace in phineas n ferb ?

  59. Jennstagram

    not really some ppl can sing really high

  60. Ashley Rose

    I <3 Ashley When She Says PHINEAS On Phineas And Ferb...

  61. kellytotallysharpay

    this is REALLY HIGH

  62. Dina Susanne

    his song is so cute :D (8) now im the queen of mars ^^

  63. Dina Susanne

    yeeeah.. and my name is Jack Sparrow...!
    so if they treat you like a royallteee, CARE! i uess you dont even know what a real "royallteee" is, i dare bet that you live in the US, and sure not a kingdom..!

  64. Farre87

    I' like this song, she's improving her songs, I' think this song is cheerful and positive!, love it!!, I hope her new cd will have good sales.

  65. Ashley Rose


  66. Altair Ahad

    I like this song

  67. Tasha H

    Yeah get it right lol x

  68. evillgabb

    she has naturally dark hair but she died it for the rold of Maddie on the suite life of zack and cody and then when the show ended she went back 2 dark hair

  69. Shakeel Zaman

    Is this her song anyway?

  70. lBabiiJ

    its not no full song you just replayed it LMAO

  71. Brendan Ferguson

    shes so fit

  72. DaisytheDrawer


  73. Jenny L


  74. April1350

    she looks hardly like the Maddie in the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Not even her voice sounds like this is that show!

  75. Xixi Wang

    this tune is sooooo catchy

  76. tara supple


  77. johncharmed

    haha cute but its not in the new album her voice has changed this was made i think when she was young

  78. RoberthIsCALIBER

    LOVE IT, so looking forward for a second solo album