Ashley Tisdale - Positivity Lyrics

From where I stand I see
A world of possibilities
So don't be going negative on me baby
Love is hard
But that's alright
Give it time it's worth the ride
You know it's all in the way you

You're lookin' at me
I'm lookin' at you
What more do you want
Show me some positivity
It's all that I got
It's leading me on
Leave it alone
Show me some positivity
You're making it harder than has to be
So won't you please show me
Some positivity

Wish I could get into your mind
So I could see if I'm inside
'Cause I know you're right here in mine
Oh baby
The glass is half full
Not empty
Why do you think you wont get none
You know it's all in the way you


Don't bring me down
Bring me down watch you baby
I'm on a high up here
And I don't want to let go
So I'm gonna tell you one more time


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