Ashley Tisdale - Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules a
And so do I
A full commitment's
What I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get
This from any other guy

I just wanna tell you
How I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around
And desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie
And hurt you

ooohooo give you up
ooohooo give you up
ooohooo (never gonna give, never gonna give)
give you up
ooohooo (never gonna give, never gonna give)
give you up

We've known
Each other for so long
Your heart's been aching
But you're too shy
To say it
Inside we both know
What's been going on
We know the game
And we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how
I'm feeling
Don't tell me
You're too blind to see

[Chorus x2]

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Ashley Tisdale Never Gonna Give You Up Comments
  1. İrem Yıldırım

    2020 :))))))))))))))))

  2. Nicholas Druce

    What's next, Miley Cyrus singing the Trololo song?

  3. Rodrigo Eyzaguirre

    Ok I love this

  4. Jalen Skates


  5. GaTech379

    Worst remake of a song ever

  6. bugsfrickingbunny

    This song was so bad it gave me ass cancer

  7. Lovelle Ring

    ok seriously?!

    she sounds like she sucked on helium, then accidentally kissed britney spears.


    Watch mojo sent me here...its not THAT bad

  9. martina ___

    Why I discovered this just in the 2019???

  10. SomeWhiteGuy

    After listening to this, I have cancer

  11. Harry Shoemaker

    Phineas: MOM! Candace is covering a song that became an internet meme!

  12. Harry Shoemaker

    I got Candace roll'd!

  13. NinjaCraft

    i hope she gets aids

  14. Jon Snow

    I like it but i feel like the little techno beat in the background is kinda ruining it.

  15. Patrick O'Brien

    Remember YouTube, originally this song was only available via a download code that you got from buying Degree For Girls deodorant.

  16. Allison Elizabeth

    It's okay. I kind of sang along

  17. GrellAtTheDisco

    This is so auto tuned

  18. WOOO Entertainment

    This MUST be in Ralph Breaks the Internet

  19. The Lost Jammer

    this is actually a bop

  20. Elijah Whipple

    Totally throwing this into my DJ set

  21. Nikki Roessler

    I think I remember listening to this a decade ago and it was just as good as the original song IMO :)

  22. Miss Phenomenon

    I heard Rick Astley did a cover of this song

  23. Stellar Soleil

    Oh my god...

  24. major moron

    After hearing this I have ascended to the astral plane and shed my mortal form

  25. drastic castic

    Someone is going to die today

  26. madisonremy

    Tbt my childhood

  27. Jun Lee

    대한항공 A330

  28. OnlyAwesomely

    Welp. Can't go telling anyone they've been Ashley Rolled.


    No just kidding. Don't use that.

  29. RinsaVuIIer

    (reads description)
    You do realized you're asking for people to do it some more, right?
    Also, no.

  30. AustriaSnake95

    she killed it. in a bad way.

  31. Honest Erica

    Great cover

  32. Honest Erica

    Jesus 💘 u. Follow him. Love Ashley

  33. Zumba with Lisa Allen

    I really love it great beat

  34. Sophie_W 98

    Did we just get rickrolled by Sharpay???

  35. Moongirl12121

    Why does this eXIST?

  36. Danny DeCheeto

    Jesus christ I forgot about this

  37. its mireya

    Better than the original 👍

  38. daya dreamers

    Way better than the original

  39. Claire Gorsch

    Oh goshdangit I totally fell for it

  40. Kimmy Art

    Satan brought me to her this.

  41. Melody Gaza

    I hate you, I love this song. Rick Astley better. So think your cool like him.

  42. bugaboo kc2020

    I like ashley tisdale and some of her songs😍😍 like he said she said,be good to me,headstrong,crank it up,and this song too as well😊and etc.

  43. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    Darth Astley and his disciple Darth Ashley

  44. סתיו הרשקו

    the hypocrisy in the description is amazing

  45. Fernando Santos

    The Best!

  46. Arkham Bear


  47. Throwback Channel

    Ashley Tisdale Rick rolled us!

  48. CruddyCircle

    Anyone who thinks this is a bad cover, you be wrong

    ccateni 28

    CBear624 I like it, but it could be better. So I do understand the hate.

    About99 donuts

    CBear624 it's better then the original song
    The original song was cringey

    ccateni 28

    @sanspinkipoo the yokai I like the original, but this song and the orginal could be improved. That's a definite!

  49. plimpy rocks

    Not saying its bad...
    Prefer the rick astley once since that one is way more touching and calming then this

  50. Chris A


  51. Cristóbal Ferrada

    i love it

  52. Carolina Salas

    why isn't this a meme?


    It is- oh you mean this version

    Yeah, I don't think this'll suddenly take it's place as the rick roll meme

  53. NycotGaming

    /it came out a year before the real song came out as well it really came in 2009/

    The Sun

    NycotGaming The original came out in 1987...

  54. Queen Of Goths

    $0000 SIIIK N L!!!T

  55. Adam Perry

    Too much auto tune

  56. TheBedsideWolf

    Autotuned as shit

  57. Yvette Weber

    I actually like this, sorry not sorry.

  58. Austin Dickey

    Not terrible, but she definitely can't beat Astley

    Danijela Đuković

    Nope his deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep voice so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Dirt Burger

    huh. . .y'know, it's honestly not that bad by itself. it's just that it's a cover of a classic, so it's weird hearing it like this. on its own, though, as it own thing, it's pretty nice

  60. Nathalie Ferreira Diamandis

    Why didn't I even know this existed until now??!! 😩😢

  61. PrincessLuLu

    334 people don't like being Rick rolled

    Matthew Redford

    PrincessLuLu they just the original version

    Hidden User

    PrincessLuLu More like 334 people don't like being Ash rolled.
    EDIT: Make that 361 people.

  62. Sofie Rouse

    I heard this at the mall, Swedish shopping centers, wtf

  63. River White

    watchmojo brought me here

  64. aurora4278


  65. Carter Coy

    she killed it

  66. Sorry Its Cady

    I hit play and I entered another dimension

  67. inudigifan201

    I never liked the original, this is a major improvement.

  68. Snow Poff

    i LOVE this version! it's amazing!! <3

  69. Jonny Yu

    "Rick Ashley"

    Vljmhhnjnjh Bhbfg

    danxtlilj same

  70. James Hancock

    Can I ask how this got 1k likes?

  71. Dee Culture

    funeral music confirmed 👍


    this is dan howell's mixtape



  73. Literally awesome Llamas

    Eww the song sucks

  74. Bryan Huerta

    this is better than the original

  75. Scott Leung

    Hey, I just got rickrolled by Ashley Tisdale!

  76. Refreshingly Cynical

    It's not terrible...

  77. OnlyAwesomely

    Rick Astley?!?!

  78. Hon ey

    my ears are bleeding

    Dale Rockman


  79. просто слухаю

    hahaha got ashley rolled, i love it

  80. Alfonzopancakes


  81. Chris Rainbird

    Never gonna hit those is musically and vocally better then this garbage

    Expansion Pack Deluxe

    You mean "Never Gonna Hit Those Notes", but yeah you are right lol.

  82. hahayourfunny94

    imagine hitting the lowest point in your career

    major moron

    Ashley Tisdale can't relate to that sentence

  83. guardianslayer99

    Not gonna lie, I dig it. I get why she did it, but changing that one "Guy" into "Girl" ruins the flow of the rhyme there, but otherwise it's a good cover.

    Ben Moore

    Gal wouldve worked better

  84. Noodles

    I have to admit I kind of like this... I mean the original is better but still the background music is pretty sick

  85. Tom Hanninger

    Never gonna listen to this bullshit cover again up

  86. B 1

    I can hear God

  87. kfcnyancat

    High School Memical

  88. Lauren Y

    this is actually really good. adding it to my playlist!

  89. Abby

    I fucking love this. Ironically of course. (Plays at funeral.)

  90. Dee Culture

    so much love in this......*tears*

  91. Grandma Pirate

    Why is this a thing


    Because singers want to make money? I don't understand why it's such a huge deal. If you don't like a song, there's thousands more out there that you'll

  92. Domenico Grande

    beautiful song

  93. Sarah Crad

    I clicked on this ironically on tumblr.. This is in my favourites now

  94. syion100

    This hits the souls in a good way. Awesome makes me fall in love with this snow bunny girl. lol

  95. Graceful Gaming


  96. S C

    What a bop.