Ashley Tisdale - Heaven Is A Place On Earth Lyrics

When the night falls down
I wait for you
And you come around
And the world's alive
With the sound of kids
On the street outside

When you walk into the room
You pull me close and we start to move
And we're spinning with the stars above
And you lift me up in a wave of love...

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth ?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

When I feel alone
I reach for you
And you bring me home
When I'm lost at sea
I hear your voice
And it carries me

In this world we're just beginning
To understand the miracle of living
Baby I was afraid before
But I'm not afraid anymore

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth ?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

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Ashley Tisdale Heaven Is A Place On Earth Comments
  1. Ryan Pham

    Auto tune!

  2. Sumita Ghara

    Hey I am sub to you.

  3. personmanin

    holy shit do something original.

  4. Ricky May

    This is ok, but I still prefer Belinda's version (its more catchy).

  5. Jessy Tuxedo-Mask

    I love AshleyTisdale she is amazing!!

    Maria Tovar

    Ashley Tisdale song video ashley fans

  6. Leon Kl


  7. Lidia Belyakova

    This is great! But I like Belinda's version better still.

  8. SaltyLasagna

    maybe this version is better to some people, who cares? this and this original are both good songs

  9. Jeannie and Tony fan


  10. Natalia Bryndza

    Orginal is way better.  Belinda Carlisle :3
    Thats so, so bad

  11. Luis Perez

    Love this cover!

    Maria Tovar

    Ashley Tisdale song thank you

  12. Svenskefaen_99

    Original song is better!

  13. Roberto Díaz

    she didn't interpret the song well

  14. Damira Fowlkes

    Hate it nothing like original

  15. mayracedillom

    One of Ashley's new songs? ASHLEY'S NEW SONG? HAHAHAHAHAHA POOR KIDS

  16. IdentNone

    You didn't actually look it up, did you? The studies are all available on the internet. Now you just need to learn how to use it. Good luck~

  17. Susan Carmody

    wow this is awesome I love it

  18. Diva Geek85

    LMAO wow with the ignorance of that statement it shows you must LOVE rap music more than life.

  19. IdentNone

    If you really get it, then why are you still here? #SeekHelpNigguh.

  20. IdentNone

    Yes there is. Studies show that stupid people prefer rap and contemporary clubbing/dance genres. Google it on Wikipedia.

  21. dbz4586

    People stop hating anybody can watch this and like it or hate it but just stop with the this version sucks we get it

  22. TouristTrophyRecord

    Belinda Carlisle is the best

  23. Michelle Martin

    No, but I like this one too

  24. Cat Jordan

    Very well then.. I suppose you're right. I just happen to love the original '80s hit..but, to each their own, friend...

  25. Diva Geek85

    I am 27 not a kid and I prefer this cause I like the more dance feel. There is nothing stupid about having different taste in music stylings. I do enjoy Belinda as well however

  26. Diva Geek85

    I always liked her voice

  27. Matt Vdk

    I like this.

  28. Don Kiddick

    This must be the farting version.

  29. Gensel Plays

    Who Love´s Ashley Tisdale? Me

  30. Brodie Felsman

    I'm I fuckin teen and I love the original version and hate this version

  31. picstoburn

    i know lmao but there little kids they don't know anything about music yet.

  32. avrilforever1

    it tells me what to think. bahhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    i'm an obamasheep. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    padded rooms are safer for us :)
    don't forget to turn in your guns. daddy obama knows best !!!!!

  33. Cat Jordan

    Shut up, kid.

  34. avrilforever1

    yeah you hate !!!! you need your account canceled !!!!
    bahhhhhhhhhhh.. I'm an obamasheep. bahhhhhhhhhhh...

  35. avrilforever1

    no. that was britney spears.

  36. Riley Cody

    I couldn't even finish it.. It actually scared me...The original is a million times better. This is not Ashley Tisdales actual song.. Please now that..

  37. Femme Fetale

    i remember 2008 everyone loved it and then BAM her fans got oöder and became haters. peace.

  38. widing 19

    Soo bad.....

  39. Brodie Felsman

    What the hell the original is way better


    this is so bad...

  41. IdentNone

    This bitch made hell a place on Earth.

  42. Shay Porter

    I like her version better

  43. Devon Lendrum DJ Vu

    Yeah, i like this version

  44. picstoburn

    9 years big deal, there's no reason to call anyone a imbecile lmao grow up. if people want to listen to this song, then let them be.

  45. Cat Jordan

    I was born in '84, imbecile. Nice try..

  46. picstoburn

    lol i know this version sucks but im just listening to it for the memories, i think that's why everyone is listening to it. and i'm probably older than you. i was born in 92, you do the math.

  47. Cat Jordan

    This version sucks and you know it...but, you're probably just a kid who doesn't know any better. So, whatever.

  48. Cat Jordan

    I myself just did, moron.

  49. picstoburn

    Then go listen to that version.

  50. Marlon Leocádio

    who said it was supposed to be compared ?

  51. SupermarketSweep777

    Well, chalk up another great song ruined by a modern day "singer".

  52. J Rose

    im sorry i dont like thisssss~~~!!!

  53. Cat Jordan

    That's nice...

  54. Eido

    agree 100%, what a terrible over-produced remake

  55. Cat Jordan

    Stupid kids..this version is NOTHING compared to Belinda Carlisle's 1980's all-time hit.

  56. Mia Devereaux

    Thumbs up if your on a childhood music spree!

  57. joethehero2

    Crap. I'm getting Dirty Bit flashbacks! AGH! AGH!

  58. Sorren Jowlins

    bitch cannot sing.

    ELVENKING's version FTW

  59. Jen Kilburne

    I like Millionaires version best!

  60. alex brown

    EH i hav herd better but i still LOVE ASHLEY

  61. Ash Ketchum

    this shit sucks ass ashleys still hot though so at least shes got that

  62. Phuong Le

    u know what. if she has a chance to attend a 80s music party, she would be the happiest person in Earth ! :)

  63. charlene rennie

    it does not matter if ashley tisdale did an hit song it's her choice and she choosed it and if people don't like it they should listen to it all over again until they like it and so what i love this song so much i would listen to it all over again:)

  64. mmcnabbc2014

    Not bad but why the hell is Ashley Tisdale covering a whole bunch of 80s hits?

  65. zeldaxlink

    i like ashley but the original version is way better!

  66. Emanuele Cossa

    she destroyed this classic..

  67. diaperzombie

    the voice you hear here is not real!

  68. Mark Taylor

    I actually prefer this to Belinda Carlisle's version, believe it or not.

  69. RJLupinFangirl

    Interesting. I do like this version... but I'm afraid I don't think the style has quite the same impact as the original.

  70. Donna Murray

    love this song both versions idc

  71. cjetelomar2010

    sorry ashley tisdale... i stick to belinda carlisle's version...

  72. Bogdan Hristodor

    what the fuck is this?!

  73. Josh Orozco

    Lion scaring off animals like kangaroos elephants gorillas crocodiles ostriches snakes giraffes

  74. Simone C

    @avrilforever1 f u she rocks

  75. OBAMAhopeless

    @avrilforever1 great comment ! you rock !

  76. avrilforever1

    Did any of these "Muzak" shit songs by Tisdale reach the billboard?
    My shit farts sound better. Thumb up if this sucks !!!!!!!!

  77. Eva Braun


  78. Raúl Chiquete

    She has a great voice but what the fuck with the farts on the song, hu?

  79. akumaino

    @MsDarknessofthemoon @friendsofsgran the nightcore version is better than both of them

  80. Simon F

    she does a good job singing the song, but the producer should be fired

  81. 007ferguson007

    @MsDarknessofthemoon in america (which i'm from) you used the wrong form of your. nice try though. better luck next time

  82. Nevena Stajković

    This is so bad!!!!!!!! i have only 13 ages and i can to see whats good

  83. omfgmatty

    I just picture Candace singing it to Jeremy.

  84. Peter James Shipway

    Belinda Carlisle is much better

  85. 007ferguson007

    @SmileyMT you....completely missed the point of my post....i'm saying that when you come on a video of an artist and leave a comment about how you don't like the artist, nobody who watches this video is going to care. obviously the people watching the video like the artist, for the most part, and commenting on how you think the artist sucks is just annoying on your part. once again, nobody here cares about what you just said...

  86. SmileyMT

    @emilyvictoria93 could you please put the original artist in the description at the bottom. Thanks

  87. SmileyMT

    @007ferguson007 I half agree with you, yes people shouldn't comment how bad it is without listening to the song but they should be allowed comment on hearing the song. Personally I've zero respect for her as she rehashes everyone else's songs and doesn't write her own. This version is muck.

  88. mlodaesz

    farting cover i would say


    OMG! Stupid cover! Stupid bitch!

  90. joel

    the original is Fucking Better Point Proven

  91. Paia Kelli Linnan

    i kinda like that song. even though its getting old :) lo0l

  92. 211091miss

    good grief.

  93. Vanhaeno

    Good coversong, maybe even beter than Belinda`s ?

  94. 007ferguson007

    @Thigrandil i meant that nobody cares if you think the artist is bad. yes, i do care when someone comments just to say they think the artist is bad, because that's fucking annoying. but i couldn't care less that they think the artist is bad. nice try. lol

  95. Donvale


    well obviously you seem to care. lol

  96. gato23

    the only problem is the fucking techno bullshit, if she made her own rock version, it would have been infinitely better.

  97. hussein335

    im going to hate on purpose cuz the original sounds way better and belinda has a better voice.

  98. RobAntDen

    @UchihaItachiFureva They are in the description box.


    She destroy the song