Ashley Tisdale - E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. Lyrics

Those boys are always up to something,
And it's bringing me to tears,
Cause just before you get home
It always just magically disappears!
Those boys are evil!
But before you get home they somehow always clean up the mess!
[Vivian:] (Testify Candace, Testify!)
[Candace:] Those boys are evil!
Let me spell it out for you mom
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

They built a roller coaster,
And a beach in the backyard!
Drove cattle through the city,
And messed up the boulevard!
They took me back in time,
When we went to that museum!
They built fifty foot tree-house robots,
But still you didn't see them!

Those boys are evil!
Their crazy shenanigans cause me all kind of distress!
Those boys are evil!
Sing it with me!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

I know you think they're saints!
But mom I'm here to tell,
Those B-O-Y-S they're just E-V-I-L!
Those boys are evil!
They're making me feel like my head's in the hydraulic press!
And that don't feel too good!
Those boys are evil!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!
That's what I'm talking about!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!
That's right those boys are
Evil little boys!

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Ashley Tisdale E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. Comments
  1. F M J 27

    i hate this girl
    christina aguilerra clone 😅😂😂

  2. ivoir jevoir

    im still listening here. Dec 24,2019 at 7:48am hahaha

  3. Cathyyy Lee

    Use to love this song at 12 years old on the Disney channel

  4. Nazri Buang

    Aspirin Oral

  5. Rodnel Saintil

    We takeing u to galcstate wolrd

  6. Rodnel Saintil

    I got to get dress

  7. Rodnel Saintil

    U a black coc original

  8. Rodnel Saintil

    Who let the 🐕 out

  9. Gustavo Augusto

    miss ashley tisdale, 'bout time that you uploaded the 1040p He Said She Said video , c'mon!!!!

  10. Danny Barbosa

    Isso me faz me sentir tão velha😢

  11. D Butterfly

    This is so cringe now that I’m older but I’m still here for it lol

  12. Ballet Forever

    Kinda shady of YouTube recommending this 12 years later. Anyway amazing song!


    i need jall not slapping my booty and stuff if they paid they lease out of me


    its okay its just that your parents are me


    its supposed to be double take clip for signing up for the shows


    yup i bet they still me


    dont play like that isnt jennifer then shes not a lesbian

  17. PhipheeDancee

    Ashley please come back this style 🔥👌🏻

  18. Kaila De Asis

    Its like candice is singing this not ashley tisdale

  19. Ema Tafolla-Vasquez

    ❤ from Brasil! I love Ashley 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  20. Khanh Hoang

    So the dude in this vid is gay!? He walked away in the end of the vid while she was inviting him 😂.

  21. Lillyanna & Jovanne 101

    The quality 😌💀

  22. Amber Knewman

    This song turned me into the hoe I am


    don't be lying like you own that apartment complex and stuff im only 29


    if yall stay in the community they will come through like they always do


    i want them in that you me then


    ive already been merried at 5 times


    yup they not me


    are you actually alexa mockler

  29. Husky ARMY

    This song was my religion when I was 13. I used to shake my hips like her and act like I was in da club

  30. Rodnel Saintil

    Justin. How are u doing

  31. lil moon light

    How classic is this, i rmb i sing this song randomly when I was 10

  32. ella ً


  33. Kimm vm

    This song and them phone bring backs alot of memories lol. Where did that 12 years go 😍

    Before 2019 ends im here 😜

  34. 1313DOS

    Damn I miss those mid. 2000

  35. Rodnel Saintil

    Change my name. Ashley

  36. Rodnel Saintil

    Peoples my new name is mariaih a. New person. Star

  37. Paddy powerof miracle i g w b a t

    no I love u ash of u miss want me comment on my comment time place meet

  38. Yes I own cats

    Uh huh????? Ashley what

  39. Nora Zulkifli

    Back when vests were cool

  40. Chase Grivna

    Someone animate Candice singing to this!!!!!

  41. Galore Music

    This hook is still the best disney chorus that has ever existed

  42. Christina Räubertochter

    Omg this Lacoste Perfume 😂

  43. Joseph North

    Spc Santiago tisumdale

  44. Joseph North

    One night with you

  45. Joseph North

    Swifty 4 life

  46. Joseph North

    Just like that baby

  47. Channell Giamona

    Feeling nostalgic today ! Love this video!

  48. _so _so

    Nostalgia 😓😓😓

  49. Aiko K

    Omg i used to love this song while i was.... like 10 maybe...

  50. Jessica López Franco

    I was just 17 and I wanted to be like her 😅🤩😍

  51. Joseph North

    I said keasheah

  52. RPM BikeExtreme

    Candace from phineas and ferb!😂

  53. Rodnel Saintil

    Hey. Jacob

  54. machinedrum17

    Remember when we were 7 and this was the most groundbreaking scandalous thing ever? Lmaooo. the best days

  55. Nina 123

    Like Madea said it's not me it's my hoe side showing off everytime I hear this song 😂

  56. Sakura Yamashita

    I remember singing along with this song when Disney would show this between show time. At that time, in my head I sounded great but in reality I was singing so badly off key I was extremely tone deaf. 😂

  57. Stan Itzy & Superm

    this song was so good

  58. Abs Ahmed

    Love how so casually, YouTube recommends this after 12 years.


  59. Reece o

    this song is the reason i’m such a slag

  60. yana footman

    "12 years old" like shittt

  61. Noluthando Jali

    Wow Candice was a badass.

  62. Luciano paródias

    December 2019 ?

  63. Lorde is my queen

    *I never realized how dirty this song was until I listened to it with my Mom-*

    King Kool

    Yep, me too! Did you also never notice the sensual way Ashley was moaning in the background until now?

  64. Kelly

    This was my shit in middle school lmaooo

  65. Lavallalex

    I completely forgot this song existed

  66. Jaheem Wilson

    Her second best song 🎉🎉

  67. Your boy Zed

    2:00 omg i had that perfume it smelled god awful

  68. Addie B

    Yo that Verizon chocolate is throwing me for a loop doe

  69. Qwavon Woodland

    Who here cuz it recommends it

  70. mark coney

    so we're not going to acknoledge the way she came on the track at 0:04

  71. Teyana Love

    The true hoe anthem


    This beat slaps...


    don't play like im not micheal tho when you see on us tv all the time so do we


    casper the friendly ghost tho Is my movie

  75. Edward Casteen

    I remember this would come on Disney channel between shows I can’t believe they okayed this

    King Kool

    Yeah, it's crazy this incredibly steamy music video used to air on a tv channel for children! Do you think the seductive way Ashley was moaning in the background is what makes it inappropriate?

    Edward Casteen

    That and what she is singing about and for the time her outfit was kinda racy

    King Kool

    @Edward Casteen True! Her mini skirt is really short and those lyrics are incredibly sexy. I never understood why my parents made me change the channel when this video was on tv until now

  76. rublin

    Carlos es un borracho de mierda

  77. Biel

    12 year old me was feeling myself singing this in front of the mirror😂 and I never knew this song is this dirty hahaha

    King Kool

    IKR! Did you also never notice the seductive way Ashley was moaning in the background until now too?


    @King Kool OMG!!! Yaaaas!!! I was like "she wanna get bang" hahahahha I didn't know any of this back then😂

    King Kool

    @Biel heh heh, yep, it seems like Ashley was horny while she was making those sounds. I never understood why my parents made me change the tv channel when this video came on until now, lol

  78. Thank u Next Next

    Época boa ... sdd

  79. Max Walker

    Yo Zack jealous AF watching this shiii...

  80. Amber Smith

    He said she said

  81. Amber Smith

    Just like that babe give it to me baby

  82. Kimberly

    They literally played this after school on Disney Channel...

  83. melody nguyen.

    this song made me realize i was gay

  84. Haroof

    Damn this is so slutty.

    King Kool

    YES, especially the sexy way Ashley was moaning during this seductive song!

  85. Jasmine Love

    What perfume was tht? Paris Hilton’s?

  86. Ivy Pabon

    This is Antonella from Patito Feo kind of vibeeeee 😂

    mono dramas

    that show was the besttt

  87. chaos trocio

    Why recommend this 2019 youtube?

  88. Jacque Marie

    I was obsessed with this song and this is the year I wanted to go blonde

  89. Orie C.

    This is where my dumb 12 year old ass learned the word "deliberating" lmao that was my main takeaway from this whole bop

  90. Matheus Celes

    2019 ♡♡

  91. Unkown

    I'm gonna put this song in a roblox game


    This song is so iconic and will always be one of my favorites!

  93. Charlie Puth Fan

    So weird.... 😂 well i was only 3 in this time... my sis said i use to like this song.

  94. Maverick

    John Ross from "Dallas" !!! Great to see him again.

  95. Amber Smith

    He said she said so cool :)

  96. Amber Smith

    I love this song

  97. Cesar Pinatas

    Hannah Montana: Who said
    Ashley Tisdale: He said She said

    Audrey Elias

    Selena Gomez: Who says

    Cesar Pinatas

    @Audrey Elias Oh yeah I forgot about that one😂