Ashley Parker Angel - Where Did You Go? Lyrics

There's an empty room full of memories,
And everywhere I look, it's where we used to be.
It's like a photograph,
A moment froze in time,
I'm staring at your face, even when I close my eyes.

Oh oh, where'd you go?
I thought you'd never leave,
Oh oh, should have known,
How much you mean to me.
Oh oh, where you are is where I wanna be,
So, it's a shame that you'll never really know.

I wish I could go back,
And be with you again.
'Cos there's so many things I should have said,
When I had you listening.
As close as we were then, as far as we are now,
As much as this won't change a thing,
You've got me calling out...

Oh oh, where'd you go?
I thought you'd never leave,
Oh oh, should have known,
How much you mean to me.
Oh oh, where you are is where I wanna be,
So, it's a shame that you'll never really know.

Now was it ever meant to last?
The candles burned from yesterday,
The past is over, gone ahead
And watch the glow just fade away.
I can't run to catch my breath,
I can't hide to see what's left,
The plans, the hopes, the dreams, the tears,
All disappeared...

Oh oh, where'd you go?
I thought you'd never leave,
Oh oh, should have known,
How much you mean to me.
Oh oh, where you are is where I wanna be,
So, it's a shame that you'll never really know.
Oh oh, where'd you go?
I thought you'd never leave,
Oh oh, should have known,
How much you mean to me.
Oh oh, where you are is where I wanna be,
So, it's a shame that you'll never really know.

So, it's a shame that you'll never really know...
It's a shame that I never really showed.

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Ashley Parker Angel Where Did You Go? Comments
  1. Fangirl101

    I miss you

  2. mint gum

    Just lost a close friend today...for the second time in my life...

  3. Fangirl101

    Why do things have to change?

  4. Galactic_ Selena

    I thought I had a friend. I trusted her with everything. I did anything for her. Then, she stabbed me in the back. She bullies me. But that's fine I guess.

    mint gum

    I'm sorry to hear that, i hope you'll be fine :,(

  5. Maya {gacha life}

    How did u guys lose your friends

  6. Maya {gacha life}

    I lost 5 friends because Maryna took all of them away

  7. sweetdog AJ

    Oh boy, I miss all my friends, I haven't see them in a Long time and I don't think they remember me, one of them have new friends and the only new ones and one of the old I had I can't see them anymore because I can't go back to the school where they are cuz of the problem i have, curse you sickness ,.,
    And the only ones in my family that loved to hang out with me stopped calling me and the other doesn't want to get out of his house and I miss them alot and this song makes me think of them
    Now I feel that the only friends i have are my pets

  8. Renz Rafael Tunacao

    Is this song for people who lost there best friend or a song for people who is going through break up or maybe both ????????????????????

  9. Popey Popey

    When you're happy (Me right now): You listen to the song
    When you're sad (Me yesterday): You understand the lyrics

  10. Liliana Garcia Gonzalez

    When he said “everywhere I look that’s were he used to be “ that hit me 😖😔😣😭💔

    GamingKidMaster YT

    Liliana Garcia Gonzalez me too

  11. Doggo _

    I need some sheet music for the piano,

  12. Rhoda Powell

    She was everything I had but know she's gone it's so hard to move on

  13. Rhoda Powell

    We were playing and she went to the road and she... she... she got runned over.

  14. Spud Queen

    I think it’s, “the past is all we’re gonna have” instead of “the past is over gone ahead. I’m pretty sure anyways

  15. Michelle Rodriguez

    2019 and I’m still here for this song

  16. SadBoiHours

    Well... I had an great friend we spent a good year with each other.... and one day we didn't say anything to each other... every morning I would get a message saying "WAKE UPPPP LAZYY" and I would instantly have a conversation so much happiness and great memories probably the bet year of my life... this person opened my eyes I was able to be myself around her.. it wasn't until may 30th 2019 when she said nothing.... she showed me some other dude she knew... and then day after day went by without her saying anything... all her social media was filled with this one person.... I was left in the dust... hurting and crying... that's why I'm in tears writing this I don't want our relationship to end... what happened to "friends I will have in 10 years", or "I will never forget you no one will replace you"..... I wish I could go back and spend more time with her but she doesn't care to talk to me she doesn't say anything to me at all actually unless I starts the conversation... I'm so heart broken... we were like family and now she's just gone... i love that she's happy I can't explain that if I'm with him and her than the way they talk remind me of when we used to talk... it tears me in half EVERYTIME I see them.... 😭 I wasn't strong enough to let her know my feelings and how hurt I was.... Emily..... I miss you 😭 💔

  17. Xxxtentacion_Legend_LLJForever

    I lost my best friend at age 10 it's very hard not to cry Im 11 so it's been a year Almost 2 years now I miss her so much the next day I went out and I was playing with her and then the day after at 1:00 am I knocked at her house and she wasnt there her parents were very upset they didn't answer the door tho I didn't know what was happening so I tried to look for her i went far from my house and I saw her with a person and then I went where she went then she disappeared into thin air and I never saw her again after that I told her parents and I told my parents all about it and her parents were best friends with my parents they chat still now and I used to play with Chloe everyday and time we had parties together we went to the same school together and we played together in school now I have more friends but when it happened it was school the next day I didn't forget what happend and I went to school and I cried I didn't tell anyone and then they realized Chloe wasn't with me for a week she's never off for a week so it's obvious and then they all came to be and I told them afterwards and then they all stayed with me and we became best friends but still Chloe is my first bestie I will never forget about her. Chloe I wish you were here with me and I could do anything for you so your happy not gone or sad but I love you Chloe forever in our hearts ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 I don't know where to go now and I didn't know how much you mean to me 😭😭❤️❤️

  18. Hannah Murphy

    Me and my ex best friend were so close but then we started dating then we broke up now every time he walks past me at school we won’t even talk to each other like he has to get his friends to come talk to me from him😭😭I MISS HIM SO MUCH😭😭<3

  19. DanTheMan

    My best friend stabbed me in the back, probably replaced me for new friends and ditched me. I’ve done a lot for him, on November 23rd, 2017 my best friend helped me up to my feet because I sacrificed my bloody injured knee for our volleyball team in the finals, he helped and walked me to get medically checked and bandaged up. Video expresses the past relationships I had with my best friend. R.I.P. to our brotherhood: October 2016 - June 2018

  20. Grace Shelton

    Besties Forever, Remember?

  21. Jodie Mae Osborne

    Wish this song was on Spotify 😢

    (Edit): it is but not available in my country. 😢

  22. Grace Shelton

    Yeah I lost my best friend of 2 years last week, her and me did everything together, talked about everything together and one day she just started fading from me and looking at old pictures and videos of us hurts a good bit...😕

  23. sidharth SRIRAMOJU

    I lost my best frnd Aditya of some silly and fake news.. my best frnd listened to that fake my best frnd isn't speak to me..Really when listened this.. Really even single lyrics is related to my situation
    Now he's not talking to me

  24. Cyrus the Virus

    3 friends left me in under a year and it makes my depression worse

  25. Tall Trizzles

    I sent this to my boyfriend. This song compares how i really feel about him. I really love him that i call him my bright soul. ⛅⛅⛅

  26. teagan and friends

    I though she was my best friend. I mean she hanged out with me a lot. We had a lot of laughs. But when she was with her. She made sure everybody knew they were best friends. She never did that with me. I though we were best friends :(

  27. Laura Zuelke

    He wrote the song for his grandfather...

  28. Danielle Mizell

    I miss my ex more than anything and I found someone new but I can’t stop thinking about them. I love them with everything in me and would do anything to get them back🤧😭

  29. Cupcake Yen-Khanh

    My best friend left me, i never thought I would have lose him this early.... i miss him a lot, i miss him talking to me, i miss him laughing with me.....losing him hurts me so bad

  30. lupitas word

    I miss my best friend so much when I always listen to the song I Cry

  31. Oliviette Johnson

    I love this song so much, I choreographed a whole dance to it for my talent show cause I can relate

  32. Joshua Valenti drake

    I used to have a best friend then i fucked up

  33. Po410

    Hi I’m just happy to be here

  34. Rhiley Andersen

    Me and my friend were friends since all of a sudden she wants nothing to do with me....I feel lost and alone....she says she will never speak to me again...I respect I don’t talk to her...I don’t even make eye contact just to respect her....I miss her

  35. Ewelina S

    I miss you, friend.

  36. Basil Hauzel

    please come back lucy you are my best friend.....i can't eat or sleep....
    i am sorry please i can't take my breath anymore.....please i can't live without you
    come back.....
    i am sorry

  37. Pineapple Pen

    Its even painful, when your best friend left you without saying goodbye and an explanation

  38. KNM30

    Wish I could go back to the very first day I first heard this song. Songs like these takes you to a very far away place

  39. sleepy head

    I had these friends last year, and it was such a great year. There were bad days, but not many at all. But this year is so different, the relationship is gone, the group chat is dead, we don't talk anymore at all. I miss them so much, they're a lighter and I'm a candle. We complete each other. I leaned on them so much, and I trusted them so much. I see them only for 20 minutes each day, and compared to 10 hours (yes, literally.) everyday, it's so fucking hard. I try so hard to act like I'm fine- like I don't miss them and I don't just want to hug all of them, but the truth is is that I want to just spend a day with them, maybe even the last. I want to spend a good, long day with them. Maybe go to the beach or just do something. I love them all so much, but I'm questioning so much if they love me. I'm so scared, I'm so alone. I need someone, I want someone, but everyone is leaving. I don't know what I'm saying anymore, thanks for listening to my mini rant. I'll be okay...

    Jaelynn G.

    • - Amy - • I’m here if u need to talk I understand what ur going through

  40. Dimitrije Nikolić

    Where Did You Go?

  41. KingNeal954

    I have done something very stupid and it cost my friendship i wish that time had a rewind button so that i could got back to correct the mistakes that i have made,my life isn’t the same without her it’s full of void every morning she would call me and she would make fun of my morning voice waking and would laugh together how i wish to have that all over again! 😭😭

  42. Amber Greenleaf

    I miss you alexis!! I can’t believe you’re gone. You’re my other half and I am destroyed. 3/25/98 - 9/7/18

  43. Titanfall legend

    I've lost 8 Best friends

  44. KNM30

    Whatever happened to Ashley Parker Angel?

  45. Skyla Stewart

    Honestly needs put on SoundCloud.

  46. Isabel Ugartechea

    My friend Emily is in surgery 😭😭😭

    Isabel Ugartechea

    elchile_relleno yeah..😭

    Isabel Ugartechea

    elchile_relleno thx for caring. :3

  47. Michael De santa

    I was on high school then we loved each other ...
    Now she just f*cking disappeared.
    This song always make me cry...
    Oh god! she is far.....................cry.😪

  48. Kree Bernard

    You should put this song on music or Spotify

  49. Erza Scarlett

    When I listen to this song I think of my best friend and how she started to drift apart I sometimes think to my self what was it that I did wrong but oh well I must move on and face reality

  50. John Tyquiengco

    I miss us Kaenon.
    You lifted my self esteem. You made it the best 3 months of my life. It's a shame you had to leave me.
    At least we found friends. You gave me the courage to break out of my shyness. Now I'm more open about myself. Hopefully we might be able to talk again. Did I do something wrong?

  51. Hannah Haller

    My best friend cut me out of her life. We were friends for 5 years. And one day bam she stoppes talking to me

  52. Kei Miranda

    my very best bestfriend leave me its so hard to breathe and just knowing my best friend dont care about me anymore kills me every second :(

  53. Goku Black

    I miss you fatima their wasn't a second that I didn't care about you I didn't want to leave you I miss so much

  54. Abbigail Hightower

    My song to my bestfriend that killed hisself #sayno2h&

  55. HardyMvZ !

    My crush dead just 5 months ago i miss her so much, and i used this song for the video which is dedicated to her 😭❤😭

  56. Larry Vanromondt

    I love this song

  57. it's me mariah

    I miss my best friend/big sis

  58. mother panic


  59. Excliptix47

    This is stupid but Sophie (Teddy), if you read this, if you even watch this video. This is my question to you, I understand that you have problems and that you need your time and I'm a selfish bastard but I just need to know if you're okay! I don't what else to do now, I don't fucking know.

    Do you remember the promise I made to you?I promised you that I'll always be by your side, that I'll be there for you anytime you need me. We both promised that. I swore on that. But, did you remember what you promised me? What I told you?

    I'm selfish I know, I'm a selfish mother fucker and I should die in Hell but I can't help but be worried about you! Are you reading this?

    And if its someone else reading this, don't mind me.

  60. II_xTrinityx_II

    This song reminds me of how many people we loose everday.. And how short life is..

    This is a really good song but it makes me cry sometimes.. I like to listen to this when im going through tough times.. 😥*sigh*

  61. Đëãđ

    I always cry listening to this song beacuse it reminds me of my dog who died

  62. Smii77y

    I lost a friend his name was Leif. He just stopped talking to me out of nowhere. The sad fact is he was my only friend.

  63. Lorraine Curthny Catig


  64. - Vixenn__ -

    Yeah... I knew you for 5 years.
    Called you my sister too,
    Most importantly..
    I gave you all of my trust that I had earned,
    I told you my secrets,
    Told you everything.
    Oh but what do you do?
    You snitch on your mom and now we can't see eachother anymore.
    Honestly, I hope you aren't missing me as much as I'm missing you.
    Because if you are,
    you're hurting real bad.
    I love you, cya maybe... Probably not.

  65. Eli Bautista

    Still listening in 2017 going into 2018 and I don't understand what I did for you to go like this without an explanation all I ever did was give you my all... my time... my love... Maybe in some other lifetime or somewhere down the road we might meet up at the right time

  66. sadboi091

    I know this is just like everyone else but, if my best friend sees this, please, say something to me, let me know you are there. You never answer my texts, my calls, my emails, nothing. Please let me know you haven't forgotten me.. I need to know that the person I care so much about and love deeply is still there.. That you remember me.

    I had this best friend. Her name was Addison. You were the best friend I could've ever asked for. Then, the end of elementary school came. We had to go our separate ways, even though I got into the school you and the rest of my friends we're going to, my parents forced me to go somewhere else.

    I made it through the summer with occasional Minecraft sessions and other games. Then school came. You stopped talking to me. I tried calling and texting. Emailing and messaging. Nothing worked. I feel like you started ignoring me.

    We've known each other for 7 years. Don't tell me you've forgotten me already. I have too many pictures of us. So many memories we shared. I even still have the sticky note you left in my locker in 1st grade. I still remember you. I will never forget you, no matter how hard I try, I just can't. I need to know you are ok. Please, if you see this, text me or something, let me know you still remember me.

    I reminisce over everything we ever did almost everyday. We used to pretend we were possessed in the schoolyard, have fake mysteries, even act as if we were seeing things and going crazy. We had the best of times together. I even remember that one year we wore completely different costumes on Halloween, but we still made up a backstory behind it.

    I just need to know that you didn't forget, because I sure as hell won't. I just need to know that you're fine, if you see this... I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I'm sorry for every argument I started. I'm sorry for everything I did wrong. I'm sorry. I just feel empty... When we parted, you took my heart with you, and there's just an empty space where it used to sit. I'm sorry.

  67. Ruby YT

    Im not okay guys i really miss my bestfriend its like my feeling i love her as my bestfriend well im gonna tell you guys the story.when i was gonna enter her school and then she said shes going tp transfer to another school quezoncity science highschool im filipino btw. When she told me that i got really sad

    KB Flash

    Ruby YT stay strong the comment section is with you if that make sense

    Renz Rafael Tunacao

    me too :3

  68. Milkyway Johnson

    My bff is moving outta state today... Worst feeling I have ever felt. When it comes to losing my bffs that is..

    KB Flash

    Milkyway Johnson stay strong the comment section is still with you if that make sense

    Milkyway Johnson

    Konstantin Brekke Thanks chu.. She's moved outta state now tho..

    KB Flash

    Milkyway Johnson ok

  69. Ajay Ajaykantak

    I lost my best frnd becoz of some silly and fake news... my best frnd listened fake things. .. so my best friend is not speaking to me... really when I listened to this really even single lyrics is related to my situation. .. if my best frnd won't trust me or believe me but I trust and believe ... so waiting for my best friend to come back... plz come back..... I wanna need ...-meena

  70. Ajay Ajaykantak

    all of u don't worry ...if u have lost ur frnds nothing happens
    you will get someone better than them this is my promise
    becoz even I have lost a friend but until know I did not trust anyone and did not even made a frnds
    I am searching for a frnds who can understand me and know me than anyone else

    Daily Tea

    Ajay Ajaykantak thx even though I’m not very sure

  71. Rachael Sings

    I wish my best friend didn't ditch me for another girl

    KB Flash

    Rachael Sings stay strong the comment section is still with you if that make sense

    Bianca Toscano

    Same here

  72. meena ammu

    Even I have lost a friend who I loved from bottom of my heart and even she loves me .. and I want to say her that plz comr back . I will promise u that I will never hurt you plz come back yasho

  73. Bushra Inam

    I miss you Kim Jonghyun. You did amazing. Rest well. I love you. Thank you for everything.

  74. Guitarlearner 03

    First of all this song is so amazing. I know it's been like two years since you posted this and I'm glad you did. This song is very relatable. I'm not sure if I really lost my friend. I feel like I am though. We're in high school and she has a new friend and their exactly alike and they seem like best friends. To me it seems like my friend would rather hang out with her than she would with me. They talk a lot more than we do. And it breaks my heart because I try to talk about my friend about something serious and she doesn't even notice. Did I really lose her? I want to tell her how i don't like her new friend. Because her friend is kind of mean. But I feel like if i tell her then I'll definitely lose her. Everyday I feel like I lost her and I don't know what to do.

  75. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜💖💖😭😭😢😢😚😚😙😙😍😍😆😆👌👌👏👏 YASSS!!!

  76. FakeTDM

    This is the story of my life with my Most best friend but know she's 13 she left me

  77. I Love Guinea Pigs101

    💔😭😭😭😭😭😭 my best friend cut me out of his life 😓

    KB Flash

    I Love Guinea Pigs101 stay strong the comment section is with you if that make sense

    John Tyquiengco

    I Love Guinea Pigs101 Honey, same.

    Jaelynn G.

    I Love Guinea Pigs101 welcome to my life

    GamingKidMaster YT

    Mine died

  78. I Love Guinea Pigs101

    I had a best friend and he cut me out of his life😭

    KB Flash

    I Love Guinea Pigs101 stay strong the comment section is with you if that make sense

    I have 0 braincells

    I Love Guinea Pigs101 Me too.

    Tall Trizzles

    I am sorry for your bestfriend leaving your life. Sometimes people think it is better to leave your life than to stay to later make you upset and hurt your self. But i hope that life brings you joy.

  79. sloth lazy

    WE MOVE TO DIFFENRT SHCOOLS me and my 3 bffs went to the same elementary but then middle school came so,we got into different they replaced me with another girl but i did replaced them to with other 3 ppl I actually feel bad but maby its for the best they don't even talk about me nether do I I barely so am also guilty but there still my best friends!!!(I hope)

  80. Trân Nguyễn

    I never knew losing a friend would hurt so much. It's been 3 years since the friendship died and 2 years since we last met, it still hurts. Sometimes the distractions around me are enough for me to carry on without thinking too much about her, other times it just hurts. Can I ever really let it go?

  81. Nazmulislam8609 Islam

    this song melts my heart totally

  82. Nazmulislam8609 Islam

    today I totally broke, my best friend hurts me and my bf he has already a gf why I can't move onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  83. Jordan Maldonado

    I've had some friends that I lost...It put me down and made me sad, but nothing depresses you more and hurts more than loosing your BEST friend. A best friend is a person you look at and say "We're gonna be friends forever!" For a while that's what it seems likes, but sometimes...People change drastically, cahge to the point that you no longer know that person...They found someone to replace you, they ignore your messages, your calls, and never wanna hang out. That to me is the worst kinda pain, not loosing a Girlfriend\Boyfriend, not loosing an ordinary friend.......

    Loosing your best makes you feel alone more than ever.

  84. William Bawdon

    This song reminds me of everyone that people trust and then they leave so it makes me think of all the friends I’ve lost over the years and who have unfortunately passed on and everything.

  85. Eli Oliver

    My best friend died last night. And this song has been on repeat since i found out. Thank you so much.

  86. Danielle Mizell

    Me and my best friend are mad at eachother because she got jealous because i was hanging out with my other friend. Rylee plz comr back. This song makes me think of her 😖

  87. Phoebe Rowina

    My best friend left me, i never thought I will lose her....we use to have a strong bond but then she left me, i miss her a lot i miss her talking to me, i miss her laughing with me.....losing her hurts me so bad. I thought we will always be together forever but....i guess not, she changed and i miss the old her. 😢😢

    Tall Trizzles

    I know that it is hard for you. But things will get better for you and i will promise you that. I hope you find joy in life and find a new best friend.

  88. Shaked Englander

    I know it's hard but please don't blame yourself! You're all so amazing and none of this is you're fault.

  89. Ali Bosh

    I lost my best friend last night...she died due to asthama😔😭 i miss her alot she was just 13.....

  90. Jordyn Rowley

    I'm crying right now bc this reminds me of my bestie we are have problems I miss her so much fml

  91. Veeti Nieminen

    My friend moved out and I cr y every night and listen this song😭😣

  92. Shreyash Sanjay

    the music is just so so so so so so so so gooo.....,........ .......................................d

  93. Shreyash Sanjay

    nice song I just subscribes

  94. Rain Girl

    I miss my best friend. he was strong enough to leave me alone by himself, and here I am crying without his company.. i wish he was back.

  95. Selena Edwards

    today I lost my best friend cuz she's changed and not the same person😭

  96. Elz Vlogz

    My best friend never acts like she likes me and I feel other things bout her it's hard to not like her as she's so amazing and i can't live without her. If anyone treats her bad I'm always there for her and if she's hurt I'll be their and I'd get a beating just to keep her safe she's like precious thing u can't brake and I protect her but it's almost like she don't care or see what I try to do for her everyday what I do

  97. Sunset SpeedUps

    I had 2 best friends, we were best friends since we were little kids but when we moved up to secondary it all changed. One of my friends went to a different school and it was just me and my other friend. We got put into different classes and she met another friends and they became best friends. I still hang out with them and we are all 3 best friends but it doesn't feel that way to me.

    I just miss how it used to be.

    Miss you guys....

  98. Deanna Perez

    my bestfriend sent me a paragraph a month ago wanting me to forgive her for ruining our friendship i did we never talked again after that and today she sent another paragraph apologizing and told me she didnt mean to replace me and how sorry and hurt she is for wat she did and idk if i should give her another chance i never cried over losing a bestfriend before we always said we were forever

  99. Jerry The Hampster


  100. smashAM

    MESSAGE: I'm so so *SO* sorry to everyone. I haven't been on YouTube much with this account so I'm surprised by all the comments I got. I hope you all are doing okay right now and I'm very sorry that I couldn't respond to the comments. Remember to try to look forward in life and try not to let the past bother you too much :) I <3 you all

    lilah long

    Joshua Prince I'm on mobile

    Joshua Prince

    oh, sorry, was asleep X3 ~Spaz

    Joshua Prince

    on mobile - press & hold the iframe container (AKA "the video") which has the video in it, and you should see some options appear, tap the option that says "loop", this will loop activate the HTML5 video feature which loops the video ~Spaz

    Joshua Valenti drake

    my cat ran away i get bullied

    I Love Guinea Pigs101

    smashAM sadly , my past is tearing me apart, and the now.