Ashley Parker Angel - Apology Lyrics

Close to you, so far away,
A rented room, an empty space,
Sirens bleeding through the open door,
Movie scene in black and white,
The snow falls down alone tonight.
No one's ever felt like this before.

What went wrong with you and me?
This is my apology.
'Cos even when I fall asleep, you stay with me,
You stay with me.

Stuck inside a broken frame,
Watching as seasons change,
Hoping time will finally set me free,
Suddenly, you're standing there,
A crowded street, a lonely stare,
A thousand miles of traffic in between.

What went wrong with you and me?
This is my apology.
From the moment that I leave, you stay with me,
You stay with me.

Every letter that you wrote stays with me,
And every promise that I broke, stays with me,
And everything that's left inside, stays with me,
It stays with me.

Close to you, so far away,
A rented room, an empty space,
Sirens bleeding through the open door,
Movie scene in black and white,
The snow falls down alone tonight.
No one's ever felt like this before.

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Ashley Parker Angel Apology Comments
  1. Allan Cobaria

    Ashley !!! 2019 anyone ??

  2. Lauren AnnMarie

    I want to dedicate this song to my grandpa. Dear grandpa I’m sorry for everything we couldn’t do, I’m sorry for the times I was probably horrible, I’m sorry for possibly not filling all the wishes you may have had for me. But know I love you so much and this song says it all for me and I hope in heaven you sit and listen to EVERY word closely.

  3. Georgia

    I was playing sims 4 and scrolled my way into the room with the radio on, was passing by the house and I hear this beautiful song and my Sim was dancing to it so I sat there to listen with her. I have tons of mods and custom content and of course at some point in time I added custom music on the channels by the types of songs they were, if they were rock songs it went on alternative station. So I forgot about this song. It was just so beautiful. I was a big fan of this guy. I came here looking for lyrics :/

  4. Ariel Frias

    im so fucking lonely :')

    Heath Guthery

    Ariel Frias dont be lonely.. no need.. my email is [email protected] me an email sweetie..

  5. nestor siron

    I love ashley parker songs

  6. Just Me

    I'm so in love with this song... I've been listening to this song for hours and I just love his voice..

  7. Lindsay Louise

    No, on his reality show he said it's about his relationship with his dad.

  8. Billy Dafforn

    This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.. I remember the tv show he had, he was really popular a few years ago. What happened?/:

    Laura Zuelke

    Billy Dafforn he’s been on broadway, has a supplement company, been in a few movies since then,& is a fitness coach etc

  9. he wrote this song for his wfe :) well, what i hear.... But the music video is sad

  10. ejbisi

    This is one of my favourite songs.Wonderful.

  11. sisterlouise

    It's been YEARS since I've heard this song, yet I still remember every word. Amazing song.

  12. JohnBoy918

    Damn, he's really good. Whatever happened to him?

  13. xxxteniya

    i never saw his tv show, and never listened to o-town: but when i heard the lead single "let u go" i really loved his vocal talent. it was so raw and wonderful, and after i bought the cd i knew i was right. of course, i dont have the cd anymore, i played it so much that it ruined. :(

  14. chad althouse

    lol i got there cd for free. know i love this song

  15. Timothy Moon

    Wow this is a really deep song. This is the beginning of me liking this guy. It definitely hit home for me...

  16. babygurl17ification

    i cried the first time i heard this song. it just so beautiful.... why does hardly anyone give ashley parker angel the credit he deserves. D:

    Violent J 75


  17. clobby84

    His dad? I thought it was about his baby mama...I saw that episode on his reality show. He was singing it to her...

  18. Iris Rivares

    makes me sad.


    great song

  20. jskf21

    I believe that he did in fact write this song as well as the piano too! Very talented!!

  21. veronica marie

    well i kno it doesnt but i was talking to her n for the record just dont go over bored on wat u think comments r about, they r diff. subjects on how everyone can relate to a song,just b-kuz the song aint talking about the subject we r on, it can somehow relate to how the person feels who left the comment!!

  22. ajamaicanparadox1

    lolz... pt taken very well. I was looking at tht response like wat i don't think the song.. had nething to do with a baby. tssk tssk thr33thr33.

  23. veronica marie

    omg read wat i wrote!!
    i was talking to

    so dont say n-e thing if u dont kno wat ur talking about

  24. haroldname11

    wahh ahhah thats hilarious

  25. veronica marie

    dang that sucks!
    how old is ur baby??

  26. Kate R

    He does sing "tidy" doesnt he~ His voice is amazing~ You should hear him sing on Broadway (Hairspray) You can find them on You Tube... I didnt think it was possible but his voice and range has gotten even better!!!

  27. Kate R

    I know I watched every episode! MTV should do another season or another network should pick it up!

  28. jebandjab

    VERY Nice song. :):) jab

  29. hellsinglikehell

    pure talent I guess

  30. Chicago Cher

    Love this song.

  31. iViolent

    he never stood a chance.

  32. 1karley

    maybe its just me but this sound has a strong resemblance to sympathy by the GooGoo Dolls. I still love it though! :D

  33. Tony Lo

    Hey if u guys don't mind..check out my acapella version of this song! Thanks!

  34. Tony Lo

    He sounds similar to Nick Carter! He's a great singer!

  35. sweetpea7s

    This is my favorite song on the album!