Ashley Monroe - You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) Lyrics

You ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter
She's a little bit fuller
And you're a whole lot shorter
Let's dance all night
And fill the jukebox full of quarters
Cause you ain't Dolly
No, and you ain't Porter

Well I noticed you right off the bat in those cowboy boots
Who couldn't help but see you in that rhinestone suit
That's cause I'm the reigning queen of karaoke night
Well if I get drunk enough to sing, hell I just might

Hey now, don't you worry cowboy, cause I'll get you through
We'll sing a cheating song just like they used to do

Cause you ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter
She's a little bit fuller
Yeah, but you're a whole lot shorter
Let's drink all night
And fill the jukebox full of quarters
Cause you ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter

You'll probably see me country singing on The Voice someday
Yeah and I'm the guy they wrote about in 50 Shades of Grey
Why don't you come on back to my place and you can have your way
Well baby that sounds tempting, but I just can't stay
Oh we won first prize cowboy, let's just split the dough
Honey I will always love you, but we'll never know

Cause you ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter
She's a little bit fuller
Yeah, and you're a whole lot shorter
We danced all night and filled the jukebox full of quarters
Cause you ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter, no
No, you ain't Dolly
And you ain't Porter

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Ashley Monroe You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) Comments
  1. Theodore Barnes

    I did a duet with southern oreo on tik tok and now I love this song

  2. Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy

    Good ol' Nashville sound.

  3. C A C

    My crush and I sung this song for show then he kissed me!!

  4. James Chadwick

    When they say you ain’t dolly do they mean Dolly Parton

  5. Tyler T

    None of these tik thots don’t even know who Porter is

  6. Thumper17

    So most people should know who Dolly Parton is, but if you're like me and had no clue who "Porter" is. It's Porter Wagoner, who sang with Dolly Parton throughout the 70s.

    Ruthann Cooper

    To add on, it’s actually Dolly who sang with Porter on his show, it’s how she got her start in Country Music as one of his singers. Also, she wrote “And I will always Love You” (sang by Whitney Houston) to him as a goodbye

  7. Tate Lambert

    You ain’t Dolly

    sprinklecorn 99

    Watch Out ok?

  8. mike warren

    Sounds like A lil Buck Trent In There

  9. Marc Van Schil

    The two greatest country voices !

  10. Mr. Vinegaroon

    I don't get it. Dolly and Porter were on TV together something like 45 years ago. I remember Porter had a 15-minute show and he had Dolly on it often. She was much overweight back then (not that I minded, I like her at any weight.) It was a big deal when she left the show.

  11. Samuel Odonoughoe

    Would love to see this live..

  12. Nikolos Schaper

    No people are hear because this is music not tik tok for Christ sakes

    Violet Miller

    Please tell me what the hell IS tik tok? Thank you.

    Nikolos Schaper

    @Violet Miller tik tok is a app where you lipsinc and act in videos. People use the 15 second clip of when they say you ain't dolly and you ain't porter and now everyone's saying it's from tik tok ( mostly 13 year olds go on there and lipsinc )

  13. Virginia Allison

    Man I love Ashley Monroe. I love her voice. Where can i find more of her singing alone?

    paul austin

    Hi Virginia! Go to her channel on YouTube.... There's a good few solo videos on there. I'm from England and a real Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Angeleena Presley and Pistol Annie's fan! Try Kacey Musgraves too... she's a real fine voice too!

  14. Rhandie Parker

    Who ever known that Ashley monroe ever got with Blake Shelton hahahaha

  15. Brandi Lester

    I love this ❤️😍

  16. Gencay Akbas

    Finally tiktok was useful for something

  17. DreBop Gaming

    Yu ain’t shitttt Nd yu ain’t shitttttt

  18. DreBop Gaming

    Shit hard

  19. stevieladsGaming97

    TikTok got me addicted to this -_-

  20. Bryson Porter

    My last name is porter

  21. Hyunjun Damayanti

    Gara gara tik tok cuuy

  22. Molly Rollins

    you isn't here from tiktok

  23. jennifer kaea

    TomTom really

  24. LKF 1

    Yes I from tiktok

  25. Centimeteres

    I’m here tryna get my country boy to play this on his country boy guitar

  26. _the_blooming_rose

    Anyone who's not here from tiktok? 'Cause i feel like i'm the only one

  27. Dag Wood

    damn i thought this was a classic lol

  28. Alexcyn Steenkamp

    Tik Tok

  29. iiKyraa uwu

    Damn all you mf tiktok hoez

  30. Qiana Harris

    *tiktok has entered the chat*

  31. Jesper Lundahl

    Anyone here from tiktok

  32. Avinash Narine

    Dam you tik tok....reading all the same

  33. Eileen Ward

    omg were have I been all these years this is my first time hearing this song tonight on the 10/03/2019 and I absolutely love it already

  34. E-TV

    god the things tik tok got me into 🤦🏻‍♀️

  35. Corona The Virus

    92 New Country Fans thumbs downed this

  36. Maria Torres

    Tic tok here lmaooo

  37. Anthony Weir

    I played this song 35 time this week

  38. Heart Riosa

    Tik Tok brought us here

  39. Norma Flores

    Hit or miss

  40. Norma Flores

    I no TikTok hot or miss

  41. Kathleen Teater

    They are great together singing way to go

  42. Julia Rose


  43. The Washingtons

    I'm from tictoc

  44. Wolfie Paws626

    Yes I Love this

  45. Lester Delp

    She has a pretty voice

  46. Lovely_layla _asmr

    Wtf is up with these comments no one cares if your from TikTok just listen to the song

  47. Ashley

    Who else is here because you heard it on tiktok

  48. marissa melendez

    damnit tiktok

  49. Ventriloquist 11

    I love this so much

  50. Wilcox Tactical

    Porter Wagoner and Dolly. They dont do it like that anymore. I bet Porter was close to 7 foot tall.

  51. Serkan Dolukan

    It is perfect and ı dont know but it feels on me a stupid smile

  52. Naomi Kelly

    anyone else know this from tik tok

  53. chloe barnes

    When u come from TikTok 😂🥴🖕🏻

  54. gabriela wisinski


  55. namtiddies be bigger than mine

    Luke Bryan is still hotter

  56. Leah Epps

    Who’s here from TikTok

    shu fang

    Hands up... Me...:)

    Elianna Rich

    Just dance Play me

    Violet Miller

    WTF is tik yok?

  57. Jaylynn M

    Am I the only one looking this up because it got stuck in your head thinking they said *you ain’t dona and you ain’t Parker*😂🤣😭💀

  58. s h o o k

    Anyone else here from tiktok

    عمر الحربي

    I havtah

    Vanessa Super_timida

    s h o o k Me

    Jocilyn Hubert


  59. Happy Polar Bear

    What is this song about???

  60. bruh

    I low-key enjoy this

  61. bruh

    I'm wearing a Naruto headband

  62. Kaan Havlucu

    yeehaw 🤠

  63. Daddy Shrek

    Damnit tik tok

  64. Zack Robbins

    KAT 103.7 take notes

  65. Liedke.28

    Tik Tok anyone

  66. Lexi James

    Who is here from TikTok

    Niomi Martinez

    The tictok song

  67. Lily Roberts

    When TikTok gets this song stuck in your head

  68. John Redmond

    The true sound of Americee!

  69. Bullshit Detector

    Tiktok yee yee

  70. Brittany Strobel

    I love this song 🙃

  71. Jill Scott

    He said she ain’t Dolly cuz she’s fuller so what do y’all think she’s talking about when she said it was shorter 😒😒😒😒

  72. Abigayle Thumudo

    Damn you tiktok

    Leah Epps

    Cosmic Unicorn true

    Scout Driver

    Cosmic Unicorn same

    Hugo Macias

    Haha yes stupid tik tok

    Tammy Sue

    Abigayle Thumudo hahaha 😂 yes

  73. Hei

    This is real country and 100 times better than the “pop rap” crap they play on the radio these days if only I could hear this

  74. Chloe Jacinto

    im more of a pop song gal but this song is one of the country songs i listen to that have really grown on me its just such a great song

  75. Jay Stevens

    God this is good!

  76. Wolf & Fury

    75 Aliens Disliked this Glorious Song!
    Love from Trichy,India!

  77. Zac Lloyd

    She carried the song


    Reason the kids are ugly? No one bringing that back.

  79. James Blaylock

    Pure country sound. Need more of that today

  80. ryan davisson

    This should be cut on a vinyl record

  81. Andrew Cook

    Bout time we get a real country song 👍

  82. Zero Niner

    I love that steel guitar, real country sound

  83. Kristi Mahaley Dawn Gooding

    Her voice 😍😍

  84. Turn-n-burn

    *You ain’t dolly..*

    *And you ain’t porter..*

    *Shes a little bit fuller ;) ;)*

    *And you’re a whole lot shorter ;D*

  85. robert chandler

    Cute story , (back story) This happened 1968 in my aunts apartment driveway.I was 5 and cared little about celebrity. MY MOM and I visited my aunt and I really looked forward to seeing my uncle who drove a 68 olds 98,while waiting for my favorite uncle to get home a 68 98 drove up but parked in a spot for the other building...being 5 and not caring I approached the car and looked at the occupants and stated matter of factly " YOU'RE not Uncle John!"
    To which DOLLY PARTON replied No honey we're not" ,I closed the door and walked away...swear to god and it was Porter driving lol

  86. spiraljoe1273

    O.M.G.!!! How the hell did this song not own country airwaves!!! Best Damn country I've heard in ages! This is superb.

  87. Caleb Rebold

    this is the country music I grew up listening to

  88. Billie Wind

    Love it. Sounds like old times!!! Wish we could hear more like these in stead of all the screaming that no one can understand

    shu fang

    Yeah... I miss these kind of true country music... And thanks tiktok has me found this song..

  89. jvaijo green

    i looove it.

  90. karmelita bogastim

    Love country music😘

  91. Jeremy Heartriter

    Almost forgot what real country sounded like until this came along...Thank you Ashley and Blake

  92. Dudley DooRight

    Great music but the vocals need to be more present.. especially Blake's.

  93. Cindyjean Stover

    Love it!!!! Perfect country duet song!!! ❤️

  94. Lucky Harrington

    This is country!!!

  95. Ronald Jillings

    catchy one !!

  96. Hortencia Garcia

    Esta me encanta Hijayyy¡¡

  97. John Meyers

    Great music

  98. Michael .Konvicka

    Wow a really country music sounding song without all the studio junk

  99. John A. Fellows

    I love this this chart...