Ashley Monroe - Pain Pain Lyrics

Ain't slept a wink 'cause I'm still hurting
Ain't ate a thing since he went away
Tried everything but it ain't working
These tears keep rolling down my face

Pain pain go away
Come again another day
Tired of this heartache
Tired these tear stains
Nothing that I can do
Left me in the rearview
Standing at the grasshop
Holding on for dear life
Heart laying the street
Covered in a white sheet
Pain pain go away
Come again
Another day

Pounded my heart with a nine pound hammer
Left it in stitches and didn't look back
The way he did me they oughta put him in the slammer
Oughta be a law against leaving like that

[Repeat Chorus]

Looking back now I never saw it coming
I didn't know I fell until I hit the floor
Coulda, shoulda, woulda now I ain't got nothing
But a heartache kicking 'round my front door

[Repeat Chorus]

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Ashley Monroe Pain Pain Comments
  1. Rita Godin

    COOL" I did not know this and i love her voices and songs Thank you lots.

  2. fenderplayer489

    @mybeaver100 She's in the band "pistol annies"

  3. mercinaryphoenix

    limewire sucks frostwire is just like limewire pro but free and has better results plus there is more of them

  4. Bekah

    that sux she is amazing

  5. Countrydiva524

    I Love this SONG thanks so so so mych

  6. echom15

    i like tis song!