Ashley Monroe - On To Something Good Lyrics

Wheels are gonna rust If they don’t turn enough,
And so the story goes
Yeah, I’ve been one of those worn and faded by the rain
Days are gonna fly
Draw lines around your eyes
It’ll make you bitter, it’ll make you wise
it’s coming either way

Lost and found, I’m better dancing when I don’t look down
Hard times roll up but they don’t hang around
I feel like I’m on to something good
I’m better moving on than going back
I’ll ride this train till it runs out of track
I feel like I’m on to something, something, something

I can’t tell you how or where I’m heading now
But, the winding of the road is steadying my soul
Feels like I’m coming home
Oh yeah
It’s in the wind that’s blowing, it’s in the red wine
Life’s got it’s way of showing when it’s the right time

Lost and found, I’m better dancing when I don’t look down
Hard times roll up but they don’t hang around
I feel like I’m on to something good
I’m better moving on than going back
I’ll ride this train till it runs out of track
I feel like I’m on to something, something, something

Oooh something, something
Oooh something, something

Lost and found, I’m better dancing when I don’t look down
Hard times roll up but they don’t hang around
I feel like I’m on to something good
I’m better moving on than going back
Yeah, I’ll ride this train till it runs out of track
I feel like I’m on to something, something, something

Oh I feel like I’m on
Oooh something, something
Feel like i’m onto something
Oooh something, something

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Ashley Monroe On To Something Good Comments
  1. 1besieged

    This is * Ashley Monroe * just LISTEN to how great she is!!! It's like a mix of Dolly and Alison and Reba all in one voice, wow!

  2. mm369

    Such an underrated artist. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves


    Beautiful lil woman

  4. Debbie Chiquita Biddix

    Omg. Memories. Thanks. Haven’t heard this song in quite a long while. ❤️🖤.

  5. Patrick Robinson

    Such a great smile...!!

  6. Jane Fontenot

    She's awesome and needs to be on the radio. She is a amazing person with a GOD giving talent and needs to be recognized. Play her music on the radio.

  7. Mike Robbins

    I love Ashleys voice. I am rooting for her to really hit it big.

  8. Petsana

    Ashley Monroe has a unique voice👍🏼, best among the best 💖 country singer. Love her🌷

  9. lori bixler

    Just discovering her amazing!

  10. Kiro Burno

    She is so talented and no one else sounds like her.

  11. Lucia C.

    Damn! That white dress with the cut out sides 😍

  12. Andy Kobel

    Super song I can often hear him on swiss radio and that means something*

  13. Arina Brown


  14. Carolina R.

    Love this song👏👏👏👏 😍

  15. Rich Rowe

    She’s something good!

  16. Ray Zavala

    Your beautiful love the song beautiful

  17. Mary Lackey

    Ashley you are so talented The voice , putting words to making Beautiful music , you really work the videos I love to watch them all , it's Alot of talented Beautiful female artist , still I think you topped it all in everyway with hands on you , you didn't just lay on a bed looking.beautiful you were in all the right places I got it all , was done just so steaming perfect , I replayed it a dz times I got something more from it each time after saying Oh Dam a dz times , I wanted to hear more songs of yours and again oh Dam , I think was to much publicity going on in other performer's lives good to bad to often when that happens we read things go pull up one of their songs , No Drama going on in your life was a good thing in your personal life , if only the songs of artist were heard , videos were seen , No Doubt Hands Down Your Name Would Have Been Often Called , Would Have Been Many Walks Up Stage Award After Awards , You Can Do It All Amazing , This Year Hopefully We All Learned Something Good Start Listening To More Real Music and Videos ..Alot Less On Personal Issues Who's Cheating On Who Get Back To More Awesome Talent Again .. I Just Love You Everything You're Doing .. Listen Up Stations Play More Ashley More Good Music Videos Keep It Coming .. This Year Wear Tshoes Or Just Barefeet You'll Be Busy , I Look.Forward To Seeing More Of You and Refreshing Award yrs 👣🏆❤️

  18. Arturas Paulauskas


  19. Preston Bailey Bailey

    Reba is the queen of music but Ashley Monroe is no doubt the Angle of great music perfect every time

  20. Jimmy Joyce

    I love the car your driving in the video of on to something good

  21. Sergio Canalini

    Questo video è uno dei migliori che mi piace.

  22. Carole Eloquin

    super song for a trip to USA..I know I did it.. what a trip it was...great music

  23. Meadow Banks

    This album deserved a Grammy #sorrychris

  24. Jeff olefson

    Ashley Monroe is awesome, I wish she would tour.  I know she is a new mom so she may want stay close to home for a while and she has such a prolific writing career that she may feel that she does not need to tour.

  25. Mark Howard

    my x was better

  26. Countreegirl

    You are amazing!

  27. Eric Novak

    I love her..

  28. Kenny Webb

    Where's that Smile Ashley vacation ya sweet behind n front to longview Texas

  29. Gus Naro

    Her song stuck in my head....

  30. abdi jama nur

    she's not only cutest woman..but she's sexton women ever exist..u r the one

  31. Claudette Sonia Leitsamo

    A very amazing voice.

  32. grace fernandez

    Now on my toplist. 😘

  33. Christopher Gomes

    Loved it!!!

  34. Baby Irene

    It's always great to see female performers lounging half dressed on a bed or a couch. It's so pro-female. it's such a strong message to send to the viewers. it's not a cliche at all. There's nothing sad or weak or lazy about it at all. Not one little bit.

  35. Stacy Norris

    Great voice but she needs better songs to hit it really big.

    The Gothabilly Rises

    Stacy Norris what do you mean better songs?!! If anything it's the artists that do all that remix bull crap that need better songs.

  36. Joseph Ventrice

    She has a good voice but she needs to loose the hooker eye makeup!

  37. Jacob Spaulding

    A treat from Kacey Musgraves to make your New Year's Eve a little better:

  38. Joshua Morelock

    THIS SONG DESERVES A SO MUCH BETTER VIDEO! WHERE IS THE "BETTER DANCING WHEN I DON'T LOOK DOWN"? (I watched this and there is one short foot twist thing.. get Paula Abdul's help) THROW THIS VIDEO IN THE TRASH! WORST EVER! IF I SAW THIS HERE FIRST, I WOULD NEVER LISTEN TO THIS WONDERFUL SONG AGAIN!! PS> Anyone know where I can get this on 8-trk for my old Mustang? <3 u Ashley, keep at it!

  39. Its my Account

    she is Phenomenally awesome and gorgeous.

  40. Tonya Garcia

    Luv this song

  41. Theageofsamurai

    This song has a special vibe. I caught your live performance on T.V. You were at the circle that is unbroken. You hyp·no·tize a crust punk rocker from ORANGE COUNTY. You are on to something

  42. Lucas Zielinsk

    No ass ;(

  43. Billy Stone

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but YouTube music adds are fucking annoying!

  44. Rad MillerJr.

    Way too much makeup, Ms. Ashley has fallen into the common woman trap- someone has told her she looked bad or her mirror has told her that, so she hires super-makeup to slather on stuff to make her look like the modern clones of "blond bombshells". Wrong. She was a sweetie early on, looked real, sang wonderfully well (I don't want to, satisfied) She is so incredibly talented, so dress up, sing on, and we'll adore her. the Radman

  45. Ashton Martian

    ashley... if you ever see this... you are country music's angel. amen

  46. Ohnox 092

    I feel like her heavy eye make-up makes her look older than she is. But seeing similar looking make up almost every video it feels like it is her "trademark" so to speak. Or maybe it is just me.

    Joseph Tyminski

    OhNox 92 she lost too much weight...
    Older videos she looks beautiful..
    That's my opinion ....

    Charming Billy

    Heavy eye make up... Every young trailer park girls go to style!

  47. Edward Dean

    She looks a little like Cher.  Great voice!

    Joshua Morelock

    First time I ever saw her, just now in this video, and I had THE SAME THOUGHT!

  48. Sam Essig

    She would rock the radio me and the radio need to have a nnnnniiicccee llloonnnggg talk😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😡😡😡😡😡😡 you rock ashley

  49. xxExx

    I heard this on the radio today. She's amazing! Ps, I live in switzerland!

  50. I’m good

    Great music tune of the year

  51. Mark McGregory

    Why isn't she HUGE?  What is wrong with America?  She is THAT good.

    Kenny Webb

    Mark McGregory needs management maybe should ask her if she's happy with the Airplane Mode on.

  52. Firdaus Isa

    How the hell did YouTube go from The Beta Band to this?

  53. Dave Mave

    Ashley sounds great on this, but she looks so old for a 28 year old!!

  54. Paco Ross

    Love that voice !!

  55. nancybee xox

    Love this song. SO catchy!! Xx

  56. Mimis World

    She is ao amazing ♥¤

  57. Annie Potter

    The beginning riff is the same as The Human League Louise, but I like the song.

  58. Tricia Irvine

    lovely voice,love the song,you goooooooooo girl

  59. Meadow Banks

    i'm listening this song when it's raining. gosh so gooooooood

  60. wayne brownsword

    love the song wicked

  61. Mary Smith

    I just love her voice!!

  62. holcroft1969

    One sassy classy talented girl!

  63. Ryuji Omote

    Ashley Monroe - On To Something Good (Official Music Video)

  64. Howard Charles Williamson

    Taylor who Ashley is a lot better than miss pop music taylor just wanted to be slutty like the rest of the pop music world stay country Ashley we love you just the way u are keep writing those beautiful country tunes love you Ashley Monroe

    Tiernan Flaherty

    +Howard Charles Williamson
    Knock Taylor all you want but the slut-shaming was unnecessary.

  65. Howard Charles Williamson

    Awesome song love her she is so beautiful and talented

  66. Mônaco Oliveira

    I love her, she so lovelly!!!

  67. Jason Pressler


  68. Jason Pressler

    Write a comment...

  69. Shelby&Blush

    This is my happy song! Love you, Ashley!!
    P.S. What does your side tattoo say (2:27)? ♥

  70. LivInADream

    Can't wait to see you in Ireland in a couple months.. Wohuuu!!

  71. Dylan Knipe

    This woman is so beautiful!!!!! She's got that blonde, Taylor Swift style.

  72. BaruMuzik

    I will never understand why people are saying things like ''I wish she was more popular''. If she would be more popular it would only give more pressure to create more accessible songs, look at Taylor Swift. Of course she deserves recognition but I like it better if she just keeps writing for a smaller audience rather than having to please radio stations with a pop song.

    Jeanne d'Arc CYUZUZO

    +BaruMusik if she's not accessible to some that is their problem.

    Jeff olefson

    Its just nice to see an artist of her ability get the credit she deserves.

    Carl Harrison

    I love it that Ashley is under the radar if that is how you like to put it. She has a brilliant voice, is true to her real Country roots and comes across as an extremely genuine person which I am sure she is. Great voice, great songs.

  73. Mahogany Cobb

    you r awesome

  74. keep dreamin

    Ashley Monroe is True Country

    countrygirl country musiclover

    keep dreamin t and c don't need capitalizing. Also she is far from the only one who is true country these days. Check out literally anything from anybody's mouth on literally any fm country station on the planet these days

  75. AL CAT

    love the new album better than one before! wow crazy good!

  76. Toni Bruno

    She is so talented, radio needs to start playing her music😊

  77. Michael Junior

    Crazy that this has not got more attention or views. Mainstream music is crap. The world needs songs like this. Uplifting but not necessarily throwing religion in your face. Positivity

  78. Rhonda Thacker

    Love this song!

  79. Jay Kelly Knutson

    I've been wondering for a while now? How much better would she look if she got rid of those huge thick black, fake eyelasshes. They look horrible!! I don't think I've ever said something this nasty to a women before so if she hears this, I'm sorry but your to beautiful for those.

  80. Humberto Ponce

    nice miucy l love

  81. Junior Oliveira

    Vizite Carmo do Rio Claro em Minas Gerais no Brasil.

  82. Elizabeth Newberry

    this doesnt sound country sounds pop

    countrygirl country musiclover


  83. edgey31

    I have never seen her happier or more beautiful !!!

  84. Edward X

    I adore Ashley, but is it just me or does she somewhat resemble Lady Gaga?

    Nicole A.

    The eyes kinda. If you look fast, she looks like Lady Gaga not dressed up!

  85. Romas M

    Best song from the great album

  86. Dylan Rogers

    This chick is hot.

  87. Courtmillett94

    The whole album is amazing I love every single song



  89. kha Lil

    nice sooong ..  i love it :D

  90. rogar61

    I can't get enough of her; absolutely love her voice.

  91. 1besieged

    I sure would love to hear this as a cross-over song , on pop stations Ashley.
    Check out Ashley's other songs, 'I don't want to' and 'Satisfied' , and 'Hank's Cadillac.'

    Ashley Monroe's awesome and all country music lovers already know her :D *

  92. techie101

    Don't really care for this song, I first heard her with the duet she did with Blake Shelton. She sings so beautiful! I love "the blade". She needs to be on the radio and on the top of the charts

  93. Lauren Coles

    Casey Holmes sent me here, love this song!

  94. Pink Lemonade Company

    Favorite Song Ever ATM. Love her!!!

  95. 1besieged

    Great tune Ashley Monroe.. I fell in love with your music when I first heard , "I don't want to"  and also love many other songs you sing.. keep up the great tunes

  96. Paul Hadley

    Amazing album. Pure country gold.

  97. Douglasville Darling

    Love Ashley and this video!

  98. glendasue70

    I want a ride in that 71 firebird please Ashley.