Ashley Monroe - California Lyrics

I was only seventeen when I first met you
And you were always wilder than me
But I still loved you
But you said I had to watch all the seasons change before I knew
You said you had a dream and you had to find it
You always wanted a girl like me but this wasn't how you timed it
Boy meets girl they fall in love
Boy leaves for the city lights and she's crying
But I ain't crying

It's been four weeks twenty-eight days
Since you went away
I know you'll be back someday
From California
And I'll be the barefoot blonde
Sliver rings and blue jeans on
Standing out there with the dog
Just waiting for you
From California

You sent me Malibu on the back of a post card
Sure looks pretty out there
But you sound lonesome
I volunteered at the county fair
They got me painting daisies on the babies cheeks
Now ain't that sweet


You got a job playing guitar
Well that don't surprise me
I always thought you were a star
But I'm glad you miss me


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Ashley Monroe California Comments
  1. Marryann Lamb

    Great song thanks John.

    john sandiford

    Thanks for listening Marryann

    Marryann Lamb

    @john sandiford your welcome john.

  2. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH GOSH GOSH.!!!!!

    john sandiford

    Thanks for listening Mickey

  3. Glen Yates

    Nice track and lady singer and prays praying for you family friend john in Australia and its hot hot here in Oklahoma and thanks for this nice track god bless you friend john in Australia glenn in Oklahoma u s a linda cats says hi

    john sandiford

    Thanks for listening Glen


    Glen, DenverBroncos is back with a new channel. It is called BestClassicCountryMusic. Dan is trying to find all of his old subscribers. Yesterday he uploaded some Charly McClain videos. Al