Ashley McBryde - One Night Standards Lyrics

I ain't gonna stay for the weekend
I ain't gonna jump off the deep end
I ain't gonna ask where your ring is
Thing is, we all got secrets

You don't wanna hear about my last break up
I don't wanna worry 'bout space you take up
I don't even care if you're here when I wake up

It's just a room key
You ain't gotta lie to me
Can't you just use me like I'm using you?
How it goes is, bar closes
There's no king bed covered in roses
Just a room without a view

I don't want a number, you ain't gonna answer
Let's just stick to the one night standards

Well, I ain't Cinderella either, but who is?
Call me what you want if the shoe fits
I ain't gonna say I never do this, 'cause truth is
Lonely makes a heart ruthless

Ain't nobody gonna hurt nobody
Ain't nothing wrong with needing somebody
You can leave all that
Down in the lobby

It's just a room key
You ain't gotta lie to me
Can't you just use me like I'm using you?
How it goes is, bar closes
There's no king bed covered in roses
Just a room without a view

No, I don't want a number, you ain't gonna answer
Let's just stick to the one night standards

Well how it goes is, bar closes
There's no king bed covered in roses
Just a room without a view

No, I don't give a damn about the morning after
Bottles on the floor, don't even matter
I don't want a number, you ain't gonna answer
Let's just stick to the one night standards
The one night standards
The one night standards

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Ashley McBryde One Night Standards Comments
  1. Becky Roberts

    I ❤ her

  2. Tiffany Roberts

    Ashley I saw you live last night! Amazing!!!! You are definitely my new favorite

  3. Amy Johnston

    Love this one!!! one for the women!

  4. eddie raney

    Wow there is finally hope for country music with this artist 💖💖💖

  5. Deborah steiner

    this song is great I love it ……….its like right now my favorite song

  6. Jeepgirlcj7

    You are so fricken amazing!  I love love love your music!  <3

  7. David Edgar

    Just keeps cranking them good songs out.

  8. Melanie Jenkins

    Can't wait to sing along with you!!!!!

  9. Castledark Dweller

    good God! This woman can WRITE!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man. i LOVE thissssss!

  10. Christy York

    Never heard of you but I love this sound like reba

  11. _Super_Retro_

    This song reminds me of that Thunder Song by Imagine Dragons, but a country version.

  12. Jessica Scyphers

    Hands down my new favorite singer and songwriter. A collaboration with you and Brantley Gilbert would be soul changing. Keep pouring your heart into your music cause we feel it!

  13. tumanchee bryant

    Whoever thumbs down this song obviously don't understand good music...sorry.

  14. Kirstin Leeder

    So good love this girl's songs

  15. Cassilina Holmes

    I just got home from your show with Miranda Lambert, the last show of the tour in Greensboro. You ma'am, have a new fan. You have a voice that surpasses idols and and hold the honest identity of so many of us American girls kickin' ass and livin' life. You're a rock star! Keep singing! Thank you for the show tonight!!!

  16. Linda Wehus

    Love this song 🎼😊👏💕

  17. Christine Repunte

    Here watching after her concert in Duluth. With Miranda

  18. Tim D

    Oh ashley she is fantastic love everything Ashley and Cody Johnson and Cody Jinks are all fantastic great for country music

  19. Mackenzie Manza

    I love this song

  20. Abigail Crow

    sounds like reba

  21. Patti Goldsmith

    How real is this? OMG so much truth in these words!

  22. Donna Benson

    Girl got talent ! Bringing back old country love 💕

  23. Miss me

    Ashley McBride holy smokes!! You are one of my new favorites. Keep on pumping out those songs!!

  24. Tina Howard

    She is amazing. Damn good song writer. I can relate to her songs.💜🎵🎤 Love this song

  25. Millette Saenz

    Love Country Music. Love This!!!

  26. Dorothy Johnson

    Love love love the truths in the lyrics...amazing ... your star has only just begun to shine ,,, each song I hear finds a new connection ... thank you

  27. This Dysfunctional Life

    Love it ❤️

  28. metro tmobile

    This song is outstanding. She was fabulous at the CMA awards. So proud to be from this country when u know u have these types of people.. keep up the great work

  29. Ben Krahne

    great song

  30. Scott Schoenfeld

    She does it again!!! I dont think Ashley could have a bad song! Awesome cant wait to see her live!!

  31. rainwolf034

    Just one of those songs that when you hear it, you say... Yep.. We have all had a night like that.. That’s when you know you heard something real..

  32. Buttermilk 1

    Wow ,I believe your the best new voice in country your music

  33. Tom Giberson

    Thank You Ashley for Clearing the Air of Country Music!

  34. Sandi Miller

    You are one of a kind & unique Ashley !! Down to earth & keeping it real. Love your voice!!!!!

  35. Shelley Spiller

    I love her. Her voice is so beautiful. Thanks for not giving up.

  36. 10GALLEN81

    Damn,  Girl .....

  37. Lacey D

    OMG, I absolutely love all Ashley's songs and this one is just as amazing as all the others!! Country music is definitely blessed to have such a great artist!

  38. Greatest Ever

    Best country song I have heard in years.
    Hope to hear more out of her. This could be a return to country roots and the death of bro country (thank god)

  39. KW Norton

    Honest woman power.

  40. Chelsie Midkiff

    WV girl here 🙋🏼‍♀️ My ole man went to Martin County high school in your home town. He told me about you coming to his high school and performing years ago and how you blew him away! So here I am with your songs on repeat!

  41. sageb1

    What's an ards?


    Anal retentive delivery system? Aka arsehole?

  42. Valerie Nimchuk

    Congratulations Ashley on winning CMA's Best New Artist!!!! I CHEERED when you won, you deserve it<3 11/13/19

  43. Josh Protz

    I give up on country music now.... you win a award for this song!!!! Horrible

  44. Red Rage Monster

    Cody Johnson was robbed

  45. I'll Eat Pussy For Free

    I wouldn't mind a one night standard with Ashley.

  46. Christina Michalosky

    Loving your music! I am glad I discovered you through Miranda Lambert.

  47. bahram ansari

    Great song writer.
    Can’t wait for new album.

  48. Wendy Spears

    Her voice reminds me of a mixture of Terri Clark and Wynonna Judd. I just love her voice. AMAZING!!!!

  49. tracey hayward

    Awesome Song . What an amazing voice this country gal has . Restoring my faith in country music . Missed Ashley on her last uk 🇬🇧 tour . Gotta say she totally blew me away with Luke Combs back at Shepherd’s Bush empire . Love em both xxx🤠❤️❤️

  50. Tribble Ridge Racing

    Ashley played a small fair in wva, she told me her last gig was the Grand Ole Opry, where she sang 4 songs. You will be a part of that family. When that day comes, I hope to be setting in one of those seats.



  52. Thomas Wiederhöft

    damn, that's crazy shit, like this and some cool beers, let's just stick to the one night standards

  53. ZsaZsa Lopez

    Can't get Enough

  54. Jody Burke

    Wow you did it again...never heard you sing a song i didn't like. Love it

    Jody Burke

    I can't get enough of this song

  55. theamazing39

    Strong lyrics.

  56. Lindsay Roberson

    "Call me what you want if the shoe fits."

  57. unknown unknown

    This song is depressing.

  58. Josh Protz

    This song sends a horrible message! “I don’t want to see your ring”.... Well hell yes I want to see that ring. Why mess with someone if they’re with someone else. It’s WRONG in every way! This song promotes so many immoral actions! This is the problem with society today. As a single 42yo man that is on a hopeless search for the “real” thing, I come across women who are in committed relationships that are only wanting to cheat on their S.O. to piss him off. And my emotions get involved and I’m the one mending the broken heart because she isn’t upfront with her truth! If I knew she was with someone I would have NEVER talked to her like that.

    There are so many other things about this song that my morals and values disagree with.... but that first line hit me hard!

    Ma’am you have an amazing voice and I’m sure you have tremendous talent! Why waste that on such filth? We have so many musicians promoting infidelity and selfishness.... be a positive messenger!

    I understand that sex sells and you are just following what’s popular to make it in this horrible world. It just sucks that this is what “music “ is coming to.

  59. HappyG gilbert

    On it's way to 1 million views listens .. share!

  60. Earl Pitsch

    I love her voice its so soulful. Shes a female Luke Bryan her voice resonates life experience, and compassion. It evokes emotion in me unlike many today! You go girl!

  61. Scott Raper

    Video sucks. Song is soo great. Video sucks, we can do much better, call me.

  62. Tyler Duczeminski

    I think “the row” is finally listening to its fans and getting rid of this pop country and bro country.

    HappyG gilbert

    I truly hope so.. long row to plow

    Christina Michalosky


    Gray Farmer

    We can only hope kane brown disappears out of the country scene... I don't have a problem with him and his music is good it's just I cannot stand that is apparently country yet it's far from it

  63. Lilli Ann Butts

    Do you no it by heart

  64. Sarah Pfarr

    Good music video 😊☺ , i like it

  65. ricky coker

    been there done that...glad it's over...thanks for everything babe

  66. Carolina R.

    Ashley McBride 😍🤗💚

  67. m love29

    90's country vibes.. yesss. That voice though 😍

  68. Dakota Russell

    sending love from the Missouri Arkansas line ..way better than Florida Georgia line...

  69. Regina Barreras

    I love her and her music

  70. RacCnst

    love you voice

  71. Jared Rice

    This women can sing,thanks for keeping it country !

    life of courtland

    My new favorite country singer,keeping it real

  72. Billy Fernstrom

    I sing ish lol I have most of my stuff on Facebook but check out some of what I have on here..rock on girl hope to see you in maine sometime in the future

  73. Billy Fernstrom

    Idk who you are. Or where you come from but I have been sitting here listening to your YouTube for the last hr and I have to say.. girl you got it.. keep it up :)

    HappyG gilbert

    I did the same thing a year ago.. could not get enough of that voice!

  74. Dr Maria StackTV

    This is a fantastic new song..and such a terrific tune..Congrats Ashley McBryde on another masterpiece..

  75. Lauren Carrell

    This is real country right here, not pop stars in songs and crap like that


    Hi Ashley xx God your'e good

  77. April Marie

    Love love this song.

  78. 379 Life

    Love your voice and the way the songs laid out 👌👍

  79. Althea Palmer

    Good Job, Ashley ! Love this <3

  80. Ocean Westman

    This is just so good. I’ve listened to it on repeat for days.

  81. Ashley Webb

    Love it!!! Glad I took a double look when I saw my first name lol. She is VERY talented !!

  82. mychoclabwinston

    Love it, great song,

  83. 91chevy1500

    "Truth is Lonely makes a heart Ruthless" most real line in country music right now, sums up why hookups happen

    Texas Girl

    I absolutely agree and can definitely relate to that line!

  84. val cason

    Just seen Ashley perform this live at the Academy,Manchester live and yes we were singing along :)...What a lovely genuine warm woman..........please,please come see us again soon :)

  85. CHaos

    OMG U are a beauty. I thought you were a man just by hearing your songs the first time.😂

  86. Scott Raper

    Love your music but this video could be way better. Song is sooooo good and the video doesn’t add anything to it. Sorry.

  87. Alberto Ochoa

    Brilliant 😍

  88. vgrace78

    This is gold.

  89. RachKY

    You never disappoint!! I love all of your music...takes me back to real country! ❤️ You are awesome! Keep up the good work. - fan from KY

  90. Martin Haywood

    Absolutely love this very clever and well written song. Ashley McBride is an awesome singer. Have seen her live and her vocals are spot on and she puts together one hell of a show. She's the most country sounding female singer currently getting played on the radio.

  91. Missy Hale

    I think you aught to make it to Thompson Bowling so we can all sing along!

  92. Joanna Helder

    I came here from Luke Combs YouTube page 👍 I hear your touring together 😎 shame I’m all the way in 🇬🇧

  93. Adam

    Sounds like a better Rascal flats!! Good song

  94. Kenneth Montalvo

    Just a kickass tune.


    Love it very good country there

  96. Songstuff - Artists

    Great lyrics, song and performance! Included it on Peggy's Weekly Top 10 Picks!!

  97. Joel Davis

    My theme song lately. :-O

  98. Lynnemargaret Phillips

    Love it Ashley,🙂🙂