Ashley McBryde - Fat And Famous Lyrics

Frizzy hair and glasses
At the back of the class
You made fun of me on Friday nights
I was down there in the band
You were up there in the stands
And now who's voted 'Most Likely to Hate Their Life'

You got fat, I got famous
Ain't that funny how it changes
You made fun of me for years
I get paid to play my songs
I got a headline gig in Austin
You got a closet drinking problem
And a juvenile delinquent
Souvenir from Senior Prom
I got a Budweiser endorsement
You're re-financing your mortgage
How's it feel to make those payments?
You got fat and I got famous

You cheated off my papers
And ignored me in the hall
Drove a daddy's money Mustang around town
I drove a rusty pile of tin
That you loved to go by me in
And loved a lot, like that heap you're driving now

You got fat, I got famous
Ain't that funny how it changes
You made fun of me for years
I get paid to play my songs
I got a headline gig in Austin
You got a prayer-chain gossip column
And a pack of crappy friends
And an ass just like your mom
My guitar player says I'm sexy
I strum his Tele, when he lets me
It's a bitch the way life changes
You got fat and I got famous

You know it's nice to sing about the truth every now and then
Truth is; karma and gravity
Yeah well, they're the same thing

I got a Budweiser endorsement
You're re-financing your mortgage
Ain't that a bitch?
The way life changes
Coz you got fat and I got famous

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Ashley McBryde Fat And Famous Comments
  1. Marijuana Maintenance

    She's funny eh? A comedian and amazing singer. Thanks for the uploads

  2. Mark X

    Ooooohhh 🔥💞🔥💞🔥💞🔥😂

  3. Samuel White

    What a flex

  4. Daniel Alldredge

    That’s awesome!

  5. Liam McLillyz

    Girl you're like a cool breeze and tall glass of lemonade I love your beautiful soul I haven't laughed like that in years

  6. Kathy Armstrong

    I just love this song!

    Kathy Armstrong

    You got fat and I got famous.


    She's one sassy ass woman, I love it!!

  8. lostfleas

    OMG, she's a comedian also. Funny AF, I could just listen to her TALK.

  9. Wildcat9206

    I didn't get famous but sure can relate. Love her humor and music!

  10. C. Stephens

    How wonderful

  11. Josephson Ognita

    Ashley McBryde ladies & gentlemen.

  12. Brenda Goforth

    I just love her voice.

  13. Michael McCombs

    I bet those 36 dislikes are from former classmates 😂

  14. Ldr Johnson

    she is fun

  15. Eileen MacDougall

    Proof there's justice in this world!

  16. Grayslyn Hulsey

    When I'm sad I lis ten

  17. Tom Racz

    You’re doing great keep on going I love your songs

  18. Montexan

    Pure gold!! We love you Ashley Mcbryde!!!!

  19. Cindy Klonowski

    You go Ashley!! Your voice and song writing are THE BOMB!!!

  20. stephanie Cook


  21. Stephen Lingay

    i lost my father in april 2018, he taught me how to hunt, i remember him reads the bible everyday now i really miss him.

  22. Marxx S

    Someone in Texas(east) just found you. I'm going to proceed to sytamaicly listen to every song I can find. Hope more songs than beer I got 2left not even noon

  23. Dayna Waymire

    We Spring River people love Ashley!

  24. James Ackerman

    Wow!!! She is incredible!!

  25. Kathy Armstrong

    My favorite!

  26. Luz Rucci

    Wow. That's me and my dad...beautiful song!!! Thanks

  27. Wandering Historian At large


  28. ashley

    OMG I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Carolina R.

    Congratulations Ashley 👏🏿👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿👏🏻👏🏼👏🏿👏🏻👏🏼👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽❤️💜💚🇧🇷

  30. stratman70528

    Please please come to lafayette Louisiana at the cajun dome!!! I’m definitely gonna see her in concert!! Love her music!

  31. Gwendi Davis

    I love her sense of humor and she's got one hell of a voice!!

  32. BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band

    Like this gal ! ! ! :-) Can relate ! ! !

  33. Tony Broderick

    She's a bit fat herself.

  34. Chris Hetherington

    She is Amazing!

  35. dyrepoliti

    Had the pleasure to hear her in Dublin on C2C 2019 recently.

  36. Tiana Haley

    What a great song. You go girl!!

  37. Cleve Kechego

    your the best!

  38. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Awesome you are ""Ashley tell them"""💞💞💞💞💞🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  39. Jessica Johnson

    My Fave so far!!!

  40. Roger Lay

    That's just AWESOME!!!

  41. Cecelia Fraser

    WooooHooo, just flamin' lovely, lush and premium talent - thanks for the glowing work Ashley big thanks James

  42. Macarthur Bates

    Love this woman!!

  43. Lori R

    This woman rocks! I'm Definitely on this train!! 😎

  44. Connie Pagan Ramos

    oooh that's so good, and lots of truth behind it too...relatable

  45. Colton Black

    3:31 her face though

  46. Ryan Lewis

    She said all us high school losers wish we could!

  47. JustRockInIt

    Your a hoot!!! I love it! Sing it sister cuz it’s only funny cuz it’s true!!!! I got pregnant at 17yrs now I’m retired and a gramma at 49yrs old God has blessed me so much and I look back at those girls that just were appalled at my refusal of the number to the local abortion clinic ( just was not the right choice for me “at the time” but I have no judgement on them for their choices ) but boy were some of them mean to me behind my back of course but I think that they forgot that God hears forwards, backwards, sidewords and lieword etc and He has a funny lil way of serving you up a delicious helping of your own “spew stew” 😀🤗🙊🙉🙈 that sounds like a song ...🤦‍♀️oh never mind ...I think I just have been listening to you n Eric Church for the last 3 hours on utube while I made jewelry so now everything sounds like a country song!!! Lol I just love your spunk n beautiful voice n sweet spirit! God bless🙏❤️

    Jamie Rupert

    Great choice ! Congrats to you.

  48. Sanghee Ozuna

    OMG she is hilarious :)

  49. Jamie Rupert

    Every school bully needs to hear this. This is GOLD!!!!

    Stephen Kent

    So right

    barbarella James Walker

    my son was bullied...but he now travels the world at 26. most of the bullies work in a local store.

  50. Darrell Somers

    You go girl

    Stephen Kent

    I've listened every day to Ashley since I first saw her on the BBC London news program. I can't help but cry when I listen to those soul searching lyrics.

  51. Tonia Rose

    This is public payback GOLD! Lol. I would have loved to see the look on that womans face. Hopefully someone got a pic of it. It would be a great cover art for a single.

  52. Rachael Collins

    You are hilarious!! Yes tell it like it is!! 🎤⚡

  53. Linda Ernesti

    Great song, poetic justice is a wonderful thing. Great song by a beautiful person with a fabulous voice.

  54. Chris35005

    Classic proof of why you never upset a songwriter! I am looking forward to seeing Ashley again with Luke Combs later this year.

    Samantha Fiehn

    Chris35005 were you in sugar land tonight? i was lol

    zoe lou

    Woohoo seeing her in luke Thursday night xx cant wait

  55. Donna Piano

    Love her humor! Obviously in addition to an amazing voice and songwriting!