Ashley McBryde - Bible And A .44 Lyrics

He had a Southern draw like a red-bone hound
Every song he sang was my favorite sound
He'd be the last one off if the ship went down
Kinda man it feels good to be around
Kinda man it feels good to be around

Had hair as white as a cotton field
And he could spin you a story like a wagon wheel
Never went nowhere without a rod and reel
Lord I miss that man and I always will
I miss that man and I always will

He'd see through a lie like an old screen door
He taught me how to hunt and how to love the Lord
He carried a bible and a .44
And they just don't make 'em like that no more

Said take what you've got and do the best you can
Best thing you'll ever own is a piece of land
Y'all he knew his like the back of his hand
He was something else, my old man
He was something else, my old man

He'd see through a lie like an old screen door
He taught me how to hunt and how to love the Lord
He carried a bible and a .44
And they just don't make 'em like that no more

Saw him strum this thing every chance he could
And he left it to me like he said he would
If you ask me why it sounds so good
It's cause I'm holdin' more than strings and wood
I'm holdin' more than strings and wood

He'd see through a lie like an old screen door
He taught me how to hunt and how to love the Lord
He carried a bible and a .44
And they just don't make 'em like that no more
No they just don't make 'em like that no more

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Ashley McBryde Bible And A .44 Comments
  1. Sound Loud

    Be nice to watch from your flat

  2. Mark Minton

    She is Pretty...

  3. rebecca watkins

    I Love This Song Number I Listen To This Song Alot God Bless You Keep Doing What Your Doing God Bless You And Your Family And Your Music Families

  4. Kenny Money

    Now that's letting your love light shine! ONE LOVE♥️🙏♥️

  5. Randall Franklin

    Beautiful Voice and song!!!

  6. Rocky Mountain Rough Riders of Montana

    Absolutely stunning, powerful song !!!!!!

  7. rebecca watkins

    Beautiful Song Ashley God Bless You Always We Love You

  8. Brooke Hefley

    At the first time I had to a girl to take her home with y’all for dinner tonight I was gonna was it was really

    Brooke Hefley

    I’m sorry to hear I’ve in no

    Brooke Hefley

    Brooke’s kfibb KB h.
    M ok u. I’m sorry to bother riding the car but I wanna I hi

  9. Marshall Davis

    Man I love this song. Way to go Ashley!

  10. RJ Mar

    Damn she is good, nice voice

  11. Ann Jennings

    Good old Arkansas girl

  12. Silvermane Wesleyjohn

    Wow, Ashley.

  13. Edward Wright

    Love her version of her song The Truth. Been listening to her for a while just love that gal!

  14. Darrell Patton

    I liked the storytelling as much as the song. Sure sounds authentic.

    I don't understand the 340 people who downthumbed it.

  15. kevin honeycutt

    Lady you have got a voice and a way to bring a tear to a fellers eye

  16. Mallory A Simmons

    I share every sentimental accoustic piece of you I find....keep truckin gal, hold it for us & release it like you do. Tride & True

  17. Mallory A Simmons

    ❤beautiful Ashley...plum beautiful & I want to thank you. My ole man , rest soul, you bring a light to life so beautifully uniquely understood. Thank you. Dads are proud to have gals like us ❤

  18. greglovell60

    Thank you for your talent. You have enriched my life.

  19. Donna Kalstein

    Still living this girl 💖🌟

  20. Abject Failure


  21. BMK

    Ashley mcbryde and Aaron Lewis..... two of the best voices ever imo

  22. Bobby Nigh

    If your in London & the crowd knows the words to the song & American Radio doesn't want to play her songs something this wrong

  23. animalraider

    Well my started bad rain on my shoulders all day at work and my boss in my ear.i got home Sat on the couch all alone drinking all night alone..this video right here stopped me from doing something that I would only regret..this song is worth living for...thank you going lady

  24. Carrie Ogdon

    I watched an Interview with her for 60mins just like 6/7 mins but her Daddy never approved of her music career. He was kinda a hard man. I believe he was a Dr also.

  25. Kevin Tanner

    Nice song. If you want to truly want to honor your father. I'm confident he'd rather see you respect the values he stood for and honor his legacy with following his example. Peace.

  26. Tim Kelley

    39 year old Pk here. Tears running down cheeks. Just beautiful!

  27. Dj Anderson

    wow can't believe they deleted the best verse shame on you whoever deleted it!!!

  28. nutmegelf

    Now that is genuine awsomeness... what a voice!

  29. Burt jennings

    Best female vocalist I’ve heard since Reba!

  30. Trillistar Auriestre

    genuine and all heart, need more women like this, hell more people period...

    Burt jennings

    Trillistar Auriestre Damn right!

  31. Kelly Ford! My precious Dad passed on to our Lord’s House almost 4 months ago. Geeze I miss him so! The lyrics....well, just spot-on for me. Beautiful voice!! Thank you!

  32. usaf vet

    This song made this old man Cry. 🙏👍🏻🇺🇸

  33. Lee Xixis

    That last verse that was cut from record made me choke up. And it definitely shouldn't have been cut.

  34. kernowrock555

    Well... That only took one song for me . Instant fan !! Beautiful song and it.

  35. Bobby D

    Just heard Ashley today now iam a fan

  36. William Lambert

    A touching song, look forward to seeing when you come to Nashville

  37. Loupis Canis

    Thank you

  38. Genine Gaertner

    Discovered by chance, fan for life!

  39. Chief Goose

    Was getting teary eyed from the beginning then when the crowd started singing in key that tear finally gave way.....great song I’m upset I just now discovered you but guess better late than never. What the Hell happened to the country music industry ? This is the real genuine stuff that should be on the radio not all that poppy country crap, bring back the good stuff dammit !

  40. Kenneth Richardson

    Just Wow.

  41. Dina

    I love her music ! Makes me miss my daddy ! She is genuinely a great songwriter and singer !

  42. justin Garrity

    She and Chris Stapleton would rock

  43. Ivan Murphree

    so good

  44. Jacki Pitsch

    I love when the audience sings along!!! Makes the artist feel ... like yea go for it!

  45. aitf99

    Good Lord what a voice... !!

    Why is it that Trashville is full of idiots that cant sing and the people that should be there arent?

  46. Chloe Farhar

    Didn't expect to cry over this.
    You're such a beautiful person .
    Hope I can see you when you get to Indianapolis

  47. Johnn Davis

    Typing through tears. Thanks.

  48. Adrian Miller

    Wonderful song. I hope my daughters feel this way about me when they get older. Great song

  49. Apokalypseplease

    What does .44 mean?

    James Fleming

    A gun...

  50. james horvath

    I had my GoPro on a stick and it was supposed to be well above my head while recording this. Sorry.

  51. mac423

    Take what ya have, and make the best a can. The best thing you can own is a piece of land. Your dad was a smart man.

  52. adam rushing

    shocking they let her into the country singing a song like this! lol Beautiful song...beautiful voice...beautiful lady.

  53. carl moore

    They dont make em like that no more. Songs truly from the heart, preformed with passion and filled with love.

  54. Matthew Hayden

    Wow, this girl is amazing! So so glad I found her music. Please come to North Carolina and play for me!!!!

  55. C Mo

    Cheers 🍻

  56. C Mo

    She is a brilliant smart ass 😁👍gotta love those country girls 😇🙏

  57. Wesley Cooper

    They don't make men like James Dorsett any more. I miss that man like you can't imagine. He was the only father figure I ever knew and respected. God I miss you April and your whole family except that crazy bitch sister of yours.

  58. Judy Jones

    Her face when the crowd started singing with! 😥

  59. DarkLight

    i loved that so much

  60. Aaron Kilgore


  61. Mark X

    Who all went back and played a second time straight away!

  62. Mark X

    Oh come on now just beautiful 😍💞👏

  63. Michael Pogue

    Great song.

  64. Renae Fenner

    Today my dad died 19 years ago this song is my dad he taught me to fish love the ending she is Amazing got to see her at miranda concert now learning guitar so next year i can surprise my mom with this song. She was married to my dad at 14 he was 18 till he passed oh how I miss Him 💔

    Steven J Coker

    Today would have been my grandmother's birthday. She died 42 years and four days ago. I still remember her life like it was yesterday. The more love, the more you remember.

  65. raemarie22

    I cried so ugly watching this .. i was raised with the belt and the bible and can definitely relate .. absolutely beautiful

  66. Sah. B.

    Beautiful voice, but ugly voice.

  67. Jim Clark

    WOW. I Love this. I may very well go buy this album

  68. Bradley Updyke

    wouldn't mind seeing her and Aaron Lewis do a duet and tour together....

  69. Laura H

    She is so amazing!

  70. Kevin v.

    My dad didn't teach me a fuckin' thing.
    I'm at least glad her dad wasn't like mine

  71. Cin Coy

    Wow. Love this song. Miss my dad.

  72. Taylor Barker

    All I can say is, I didnt want the song to end..... WOW

  73. John Lee Burnley

    Thats some real country right there...

  74. atfinn

    I bet pops loves this song.

  75. Jeff Campbell

    She could sing the phone book and I’d listen. Amazing talent. Simply pure!

  76. Texas Creek Cowboy

    Eating dinner and watched this video.....damn near choked. Beautiful song. Got me in the feels

  77. Kim Paul

    Not every word or every sentence fits, but overall, that’s our Dad. Thank you Miss Ashley. Wonderful memories and sentiment, We love and miss our Dad

  78. Jack Smack

    44 uk people are like what !?

  79. Pamela Darlene Woodward

    Never go glitter. Stay true to yourself. There's enough of us to keep you in buisness

  80. South Texas

    When Londoners know your words, you’ve hit it

  81. m c farris

    Fabulous... You blew me away!

  82. WilsonEatsASMR

    The deleted verse was the best verse!

  83. john johnson

    True that . They don’t make em like that no more. I miss my pops and all the old ways . Looking back those were greatest of times.

  84. Gena Hebert

    Man this hit me hard. My dad through and through 💙..died at 49 & I miss him so much every day. God Bless 💙🙌🏻

  85. HeD

    34?... she looks like she 54... that party life will age you fast. Should have stayed a preachers daughter.

  86. Diana Fogg

    Beautiful song and a beautiful voice. :)

  87. 98isuoe

    that bald head tho.. .

  88. Tony FaithBand

    Great voice.

  89. SGTJDerek

    WOW she has some pipes.

  90. Vickie Lauderdale

    LOVE it....i relate

  91. Kansan Mapper

    My absolute favorite part of this entire video is her visible reaction to the audience singing along with her. Just goes to show that her music has impacted so many people in so many ways, and she got to witness it through her audience. Must be no other feeling like it.

  92. Tim D

    Love this girl, please stay pure and don't conform to anyone

    Niki Brown


  93. gunstrucks14

    There are not many people in this world that you will see have this kind of talent.Go get’m girl. Can't wait to hear and see all you have to offer I'm just happy I was here in this world when you came along.🎸

  94. brad coffin

    heard it all before !!!!

  95. Dallas Ellis

    Good God she's perfect 🎶