Ashley McBryde - Andy (I Can't Live Without You) Lyrics

You drink my whiskey without asking
You put your boots up on my couch
Drives me crazy to remind you
More than once to take the garbage out

You use my good towels on the dog
And that's the only thing I've asked you not to do
Most days I'd love to lock you out
I can't live without you

The kitchen table ain't for business
Wish you'd put the bills where they go
I guess you need an invitation
To the backyard to see that it needs mowed

You leave your whiskers in the sink
And I've told you till I'm black and blue
You never worry what our neighbors think
I can't live without you

'Cause you've got my back
Even when I'm wrong
You're the only one who knows
Me and my heart can't get along
I got some reasons to cry
I can't tell you which one
But you don't ask no questions
You just hold me till I'm done
And when I'm looking to fight you flat refuse
I can't live without you

You're always voicing your opinion
You play your guitar way too loud
God I reckon it would kill you
Lift a finger, help me clean this house
You know your jokes ain't all that funny
But I'll keep on laughing if you want me to
Nobody understands why I love you
I can't live without you

You've got my back
Even when I'm wrong
You're the only one who knows
Me and my heart can't get along
Well I got some reasons to cry
I can't tell you which one
But you don't ask no questions
You just hold me till I'm done
And when I'm looking to fight you flat refuse
I can't live without you
I can't live without you

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Ashley McBryde Andy (I Can't Live Without You) Comments
  1. Geri Schlagle

    Just 💚💚💚☝️💯this girl... gorgeous, beautiful voice, reminds me of wynonna Judd 🤟

  2. Bob Fortune

    Ashley goddess glad to find you what you do and so very appealing on so many levels

  3. Michelle Drew

    I want to find someone just like that!

  4. Madelen T.G

    The song is so beautiful, but I can't understand it 100% ... someone who does a translation in Spanish for God I want to understand it perfectly 💖💖 ...Es tan linda la canción, pero no logro entenderla al 100%... alguien que le haga una traducción en español por dios quiero entenderla a la perfección 💖💖...

  5. kratz57x

    After 22yrs a soldier and 22yrs a truck driver, she makes my eyes leak... damn.

  6. Kevin v.

    Wow. I just found Miss Ashley a couple days ago and her song Bible and a .44 and now my YouTube feed is bringing more of her songs up. Love it. Fantastic voice.

  7. christhedj72

    Noone in Country music right now has the purity and honesty in their lyrics like Ashley does. Coupled with an amazing voice and honest tone dripping with emotional, she is a rarity in today's music scene (any genre). Country music and Nashville music producers could learn a thing or two from Ashley. They need to give us less of the generic pop bubble gum songs they are writing for female artists. Thank you Ashley for keeping country music pure, raw and beautiful.

  8. Candise Smalley

    I love you and all your songs!!! Girl you are going FAR in this life. I can't wait to watch ❤

  9. Katie Faith

    Exactly how I feel about my man...her lyrics voice are the best that have hit country in years...real country her heart spills over with words we all want to say

  10. Carolina R.

    I love this song 👏🏼👏🏿👏🏾👏🏽👏🏼👏🏾👏🏾👏🏽

  11. Jessica Navarro


  12. Nicole Sovia

    To my husband, Andy, I can't live without you!! ❤

  13. Karen Stepp

    I really love this song, it reminds me so much of my ex husband. I just played it for him and he laughed and laughed because it's so "us" 😊

  14. Patti Goldsmith

    This song is the absolute truth!

  15. Paige Casto


  16. Heidi Cornwell

    OH WOW! I just discovered this talented young woman! I got goosebumps listening to her soft, not obnoxious loud strumming on the guitar, and down to earth lyrics! You will soar!

  17. Felipe Banda


  18. Cloudie 831


  19. Charlie Renee Warr

    She reminds me of a Mesh of Wynona Judd, Trisha Yearwood, and Terri Clark. I just heard of her on the CMAs. I stopped listenening regular radio because most in the new country is too poppy for me. If i want pop I'll listen to Britney. 💓💓💓💓💓

  20. Anne Shreve

    This song reminds me so much of my high school sweetheart/husband of 14 years. I could never begin to count the many hours he would hold me while I cried, always assuring me that everything would be alright. God and cancer took him to Heaven about 9 years ago now but my heart ❤️ will stay his.

  21. LiveLaughLove Lynn

    Hits my heart!❤️🎤🎵🎶

  22. purposenlyfe

    I Love her!!!

  23. Becky SHIPP

    Bob's girl loves this song😙

  24. Brittney Gathright

    I feel like except for the guitar line you wrote a song about my marriage. 18 years strong now. Amazing song made me cry.

  25. carl suiter

    Great song !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Johnny Dodge

    I love this

  27. cliff schadt

    Two words, “Real Country “!


    cliff schadt,
    Truth. And that is a bigger compliment than a lot of people would understand.

  28. Justin Wunderler

    Great song sums up a lot 👍

  29. Tony’s Dynasty

    this is so pure and amazing....I'm going to see her in Duluth off this performance alone!!!! Sent this song to my wife as she sleeps, and I'm so upset it took me this long to find this!

  30. lorritify

    I absolutely love this Woman's songwriting and her voice! This song is.....My husband and I!

  31. Earl Pitsch

    Ashley I became an instant fan the minute I heard your soulful voice. Don't know why but I'd guess you got some life lessons that you could stand to jot down and people would read it. Sincere best wishes

  32. Thomas Shamrock

    This song deserves way more views! Who agrees?

  33. Beverly Luper

    I love this song

  34. Outdoor Flair Function

    SO PROUD of HER! CMT Breakout artist.. She is on her way up up up !! Cloud 1000

  35. Up the Ante

    I lived my life thru this song.... And I've no doubt Dad's watch'n and play'n along!!
    I'm so happy for you Ashley, you deserve this!!

  36. Carolina R.

    Beautiful Ashley 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿

  37. Kgothatso Molaodi

    Ashley (Nobody understands why i love you)♥️💯.. Wish you play "Home Sweet Highway" for me, lol I'd melt in your guitar 🔥🔥

  38. Viva Vegas

    Best female artist period.........

  39. Debi Phillips

    Beautiful! Great emotion! Hello & Hugs & Love from Tampa Bay, Sweet Friend! xxs<3:)

  40. Randy Bennett


  41. mynewsong


  42. BeerPong Willie

    Came here from the Ranch series

  43. Hailey Elliott

    I love you Jeremiah so much. ❤️ Your bean.

  44. sheoncehadme

    I miss my friend Andrew. Who this song is about. -Evan

  45. Shane Ball

    Sure love listening to your voice, it makes my day to hear you sing. Thank you for never giving up, you are so worth it.

  46. Kregg Deur

    One of the best Country Love Songs of all time. See you Friday in Virginia Beach!

  47. Julia Reeves

    Get goosebumps when i hear this song. Makes me think of sons dad. Him and I are no longer a couple but we tried for 10 years. I love him still...wish him happiness and peace in his life. We weren't meant to be. He always had my back, he was the only one who knew me. He is a patient man and although i can live without you i will always hold a special place in my heart for you. I love you Bow, not in love. I think of you when i sing to this song-JuJu

  48. Robert Michael

    I'm not sure how long she's been out but she is completely amazing!!!

  49. vladscastle

    Love this so much! Thank you.

  50. Chris Carter

    Awesome song

  51. Sam M

    Saw you in London Ontario. Love you and your music. Hope you come back soon! Love this song

  52. it's true

    I don't think the world could live without your music♡

  53. donna croft

    Will see you live in a few weeks......So EXCITED

  54. Robin Haynes

    I feel this song so much I’m a huge fan 💕💙💕

  55. Larry Gauld

    Country badass!!!!

  56. gixerman01

    Not sure how I haven’t heard you on every country station! Just found you today, loved every song I’ve found!

  57. Tina Howard

    This is my life She is Amazing and a Hell of a Song writer. She is now my favorite Female artist. I can listen to her all day.💜🎤🎵

  58. Patrick McNorgan

    Nice voice Ashley Been playing the guitar since 11 yrs old I wrote songs and then a lot of them were just songs on a piece of paper then went to the garbage over the years but all good always wanted to sit down and play guitar with a female that plays guitar and has a good voice and just play the acoustic guitar.Nice voice and yep some teachers can be a bit nutty lol got asked the same question what do you wanna be Shit im 8 yrs old but back then never knew but did.Keep up the nice voice very good.

  59. Ashley Alexander

    I literally cried listening to this..reminds me of my husband. Especially the boots on the couch part. Lol.


    season 6 end song. the ranch

  61. Sarah Jones

    My jaw just hit the floor. What a voice and what a performance. And just ordered your CD.

  62. Melanie Coleman

    What talent!!!! You are amazing girl!!!

    Carolina R.


  63. Julie Caudill

    Such a emotional song 6 11 19 😂

  64. Julie Caudill

    Good country song and she has a pretty voice good country female singer 6 11 19 👍

  65. Tim D

    Wow what a talent

  66. Paul Allen

    This lady is on fire with voice and writing ability beautiful voice going to the top

  67. Meers

    gun to my head - I honestly think this is her best song. my feelings are laying all over the kitchen floor..


    Love her, love the song. But to be honest Andy sounds like a bum

  69. Aadra Vanderbleek

    I first heard this song in June of 2018, and it hit so close to home I can't even begin to explain how coincidental hearing it was. I was picking up some items for my brother, Andy's, funeral. He had died by suicide on May 29th. I had to pull over when I saw the song title come up this song just seemed impossible.

    Veronica Peters

    I'm so sorry for your loss, this must have hit you hard

    Brenda Lewis

    I'm sorry for your loss:(

    Kelly Phillips

    Reading your comment made me cry. I lost someone too. It changes you. God Speed.

    Karen Stepp

    I'm so sorry for your loss! 😢

    Vernon Pennington

    Aaadra. Vanderbleek ,
    So very sorry 💔 for your loss.
    No one can really know what
    You feel. Or how to take your
    Pain away . But just keep your
    Faith . It's something that you
    Couldn't prevent . But God has him now .The pain he was needing. To escape from now
    Is gone. God has taken it all away. He's comforted by God's hands. I do but believe
    This I believe my be God is a
    Kind and loving comforting. Savior . That's what we have to hold on to. Yes Hold on to
    Yours. And those who you hold most dearest .And I wish you and yours love , comfort and All greatness in your life
    Time. Just afew words to let
    You know Even though we have never met remember. To
    Keep a song in your hearts. ❤️🥀

  70. buddy779

    wow,somehow you made sense of my life with charlie that i couldn't put my finger on ..hes been my best friend for 31 years

  71. Ryan Cullen

    Just ...WOW!!!

  72. rainwolf034

    “When you shave, you never clean the sink.” Sorry, I love the song, but I have to change the lyrics there, because it is a little cringe worthy right there.... lol.. I even love this song, but every time I hear that line I have to change it in my head..

    Matthew Swenson

    This is my wife's top complaint.


    To what?


    Matthew Swenson,
    So clean the damn sink!

    It's not that hard, and if you're still married to her, she must be worth it, right? (Just squirt a bit of liquid dish soap in there and wipe it down with your fingers an hot water. Much easier than abrasive powders, btw.)

  73. Eric Williams

    Awesome voice . She must've done some research with my wife to come up with that one. Lol

  74. Telma Diaz

    The Ranch brought me here lol love her so much now

  75. Sarah Yates

    I love her sound she's amazing, I hope she stays true to herself and doesn't change just because some record label wants to make a buck. She's what country needs right now!

  76. Carla Taylor

    Omg girl your Awesome! Your voice and words pull at my heart and seem so familiar. Keep writing we love it

  77. Hugs&Kisses XOXOXOX

    Oh my gosh, you just dont hear real country music anymore UNTIL now!!!! I just stumbled across a video and took a chance, glad I did. Thankx for some great songs. I wish you well.

  78. Laura Dehart

    Simple country music, but SO, SO GREAT! ❤️

  79. Billy Himes

    Oh my heart this is amazing

  80. Gabriel Grigonis

    For what ever reason I can listen to your music all day long. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Cant wait to what else you write.

  81. Jack Baker

    Just paints a pretty picture of life

  82. Garth Brooks

    She is country music’s modern day savior.

  83. jamie zepeda

    Her voice sounds like Reba to me.

  84. Stanley Belk


  85. Lorie Coffman

    How does she sing what I feel. My new favorite jam

  86. Patti Goldsmith

    I see Ashley surpassing Wynonna (and a few other Greats)...SOON! An Amazing artist! Songwriting ability/Lyrics/Beautiful Vocals are over the top!! Keep it real Ashley! PLEASE DON'T START "SCREAMING your songs like Carrie U."!! Most annoying, makes you lose interest too! Your music gets people "In the feels, by it's Beautiful Lyrics and Honesty"!! Thank you for portraying the beauty in your heart and in your songs! Much Love and Respect!!

  87. Martin Taylor

    Keeping it country, please don't sell out. You are great just the way you are.

  88. Sean Hansford

    Such a lovely song and just the right tempo to the way i am feeling at the moment.
    Beautifully played and such great vocals i am hearing at the moment.
    Ashley is moving up my playlist and almost every night she comes on the cans!

  89. julie adler

    Your voice goes straight to my soul..

  90. Chris bushway

    I know you hear it but thank you , 1SG B ,  Dahlonega

  91. HereFishyFishy

    Thanks to Grady Smith, I heard this song for the first time today. Songs like this need air time.

  92. Tim Cannon

    I heard Ashley say in an interview that she had a problem with love songs. I beg to differ, THIS is a love song !

  93. Myra kay Poncho


  94. Castlebury21

    Absolutely outstanding!

  95. Gretchen Snyder

    This lady puts the country back into country music!!!

    Sara Smile

    Yes she does.

  96. Jamie Soklev

    I saw you play last night in Melbourne Australia backing Luke Combs and you are an amazing artist, with a voice of an ANGEL.God bless you and may you rise high than the heavens. Love you and please come back to Melbourne.

  97. martin munn


  98. B M

    Awesome song Ashley!! Krishna and I are forever fans and friends! Keep doing what you are doing!! We both think you are so beautiful and talented:) see you in Vegas:)

  99. Henry Williams

    This women is one bad ass singer.