Ashley All Day - Training Day Lyrics

[Ashley All Day:]
They be like lilfacetatt, how you move like that?
Kodak say cheese, bitch I'm all about my G's
Got my wrist on freeze, Margiela on my feet
I'm that wavy young bitch, but you can't fuck with me, yaw
I'm back on my bullshit, xan and the two sips
Always off the perc shit
All Day steady murk shit, drippin' with the sauce, lit
Man you know it cost to be the boss bitch
Know I got that plastic with extendo in the coupe
Trappin' like a bitch, you gotta stay with the woo
Don't even hit my line if it ain't about the loo
Playin' with the bread got some shooters down to shoot
Ridin' dirty in the Jeep with my mans blowin' trees
I don't know yo ass, you get the fuck nigga fee
Fuck nigga fee, took the work, he bought it back
For the fuck nigga fee, yaw

[Derek Luh:]
Yeah, Luh, Luh
Shit, ain't nothin change since the same old D
Ain't nothin change since the same old me
Set a payment for arrange and a place in the Keys
New court, hairy weed, I'm just placin' the keys
Bitch I play your damn marks, never stay to the streets
I ain't say your bitch is foreign, gotta stay in the sheets
Let this foreign wide, tourin', got her nude on the beach
She accept like Lauren and I do what I please
Luh, D crazy, baby
And I see you actin' petty, how your Twitter block lately?
But I'm hoping you gon' snapback, wait, can you add me on Snapchat?
And what's this beef about, is it weird for me to ask that?
Forget about that hoe shit, back up on this flow shit
Expianadocious, bet we saving roaches
You know that Mary poppin, Loudpack so potent
Fucked up knuckle, let Katie here roll it
Step up in this motherfucker swingin' my hair
Two step just to let 'em know I'm there
Two fresh prince them, wants to follow me here
Expect nothin' less but some pain in your chest

[Nick Travae:]
I ain't know, you 'shoulda go to length with the kid from the Top Guys, in it
Knowin' weed that give 'em strength like Popeye's spinach
Yeah niggas just talkin', they try to do the hurt me
I leave 'em more red than the Chicago Bulls jersey
They stuntin' in the home and now they wanna run a blunder
[?], like a plumbler with a plunger
Aw, some my niggas been talkin' the shoot me
I'ma turn the birds and I ain't even talkin' the movies
So keep runnin' your mouth, and watch it get duct taped
The feds gonna try to raid my spot like its bug spray
Tell 'em with mug play
My Godplex any given like Sunday
I'm rollin' sticky green on a one way
Next nigga up to bat right before the swinger
Rollin' a blunt stiffer than a Michael Jordan finger
My flow more like a felony, yours like a misdemeanor
You gonna see the infared right before the nina, shup

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Ashley All Day Training Day Comments
  1. YnRJRod

    Ashley came in wit that flow gah damnnn

  2. Chris Lavender

    Luv Ya'll. Super 7,.22

  3. George Grindcore

    This track is dope, Nick's best! And Derek Luh lol, crazy :D

  4. roaminhomin

    It should've been Ashley only on this shit.

  5. onlinedudeman

    fucking cool

  6. Jaded SelfConclusion


  7. La Bel

    Omg, that's a bomb

  8. Isarey Padilla

    lil face tatt !

  9. Christina Fagan

    much respect for my gal holding her own title copy kats wannabe better than you 🐝keep
    gangsta commin up!!

  10. James Bayrami

    this is sort of sick

  11. D 0

    cody ko

  12. A Taylor


    Trap Daily

    your 🔥🔥

  13. FORTUNE and FAME

    Turn this up sum. Cause I'm focused on how it rock.

  14. Kyme Jenkins

    this is way better than that autotuned stuff she put out earlier my faith is restored :')

    Perimiter Music

    Kyme Jenkins

    You are dumb lol, she never put out any auto tuned shit.