Ashley All Day - Shop Til U Drop Lyrics

Fuck with me, get your issue, I got lead just like a pistol
And your mama gonna miss you if you do not duck this missile
I'm the plug, you just the middle, I serve you from out the rental
You can't ride, you ain't my kinfolk, this a Chevy, not no Pinto
She go low like it's limbo, lil' freak, she a nympho
Rollin' OG, yeah that indo, thumbin' blue cheese, no it can't fold
You can't see because the tint, though, I see one time, had to get low
Double parked Forgiatos, pour the codeine in the bottle
Feed my dogs, I feel like Ralo, 'cendiaries, these not hollows
You ain't eatin', no, like Rocko, hella shells, no, not tacos
You need yams, I got a carload, off that muddy, this not Par though
And the 40 black like charcoal, Gucci belt with the Moschino
Callin' plays like Dan Marino, double up, then I trio
Lazy niggas, y'all just freeload, stackin' chips, yeah them Fritos
Gucci'd down, check my steelo, bad bitch think she Creole
Got no cape, I ain't no hero, smokin' O's and countin' zeros
Empty clip, then I reload, sendin' shots, you drinkin' Tito's
Perc 30, that's for me, though, pack musty, smell like B.O
Knock, knock, knock, like who that be though?
Got the chop up by the peephole
Bad bitch, lil' freak show
What you want? Got what you need, though
Ain't got nothin' for the free, though
My Crip niggas countin' C-Notes
I'm with slime, we countin' B-Notes
Twenty racks up in my Ksubis
You got bus card in your chinos
On the Greyhound movin' P's, though
I'ma get it, got the cheat codes
Hit my line and speak that lingo
Cop a five, I float you cinco
(Bitch, shop with me, ho)

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Ashley All Day Shop Til U Drop Comments
  1. Theresaman Behindyou

    This bitch spittin

  2. Donald Patek

    Arobinson a loser

  3. Donald J Patek

    Ashley a loser

  4. Synthetic Punk

    love it!!!! - the girl on ashley's right with the dreads is partying right!!!!!!

  5. lilbroken


  6. Dwight Schrute

    rocky bad aint as big as you but she spit fuckin bars allday and yall could definitely get each other more following fo sho

  7. Dwight Schrute


  8. Taylor Newman


  9. Chad Nollenberg

    Shxp with me hx

  10. vincent paresa

    super live #lol

  11. Jazzmen Fox

    Damn that knock is so loud I was looking around lmfao

  12. Jason O'Reilly

    God damn....

  13. erkydi

    deserve more exposure, keep it up
    respect from Taiwan

  14. Raya C

    Yaaaa you bringing it

  15. Justin Clark

    Shes so hott and a fire rapper

  16. Justin Clark

    I love Ashley

  17. sabina ,

    te amo te sigo triller

  18. Ana Luiza Maia

    shes so hot <3

  19. Bellickeys



    this shit Titan



  22. Zombe Man

    Blacked out Chevy

  23. CouchCommander5000

    best tune iv heard in months

  24. thes oner

    If she wants to blow up ever she needs to do a porn then she will be on cardi b and Nicki level

  25. Jesseekah

    I wanna do a song with Ashley

  26. HarshTalker

    When she autotune the adlibs are really cringe ruins the song

  27. Shark Tornado

    Ashley all day n rico nasty need to make sum music


  29. comic ndn

    Yeah this is a good one!

  30. jimmypinch

    I love this shit, thanks for everything this girl makes

  31. Michelle Vitulli

    This song deserves more love!

  32. gattiyon

    too underrrated i hope she blows up

  33. tony huang

    Ashley got bars tho

  34. Melodie Ruiz

    Drip babe

  35. Jay Chill

    all i heard was lil freakshow

  36. Petro Petrov

    Who new video??? gogogo all day, you talent, gogo

  37. Nathan Francis

    This is so hot!

  38. IAG Records

    This shit hard

  39. jack bolman

    some trash cans

  40. JawsΩWillΩDrop Ω

    Ashley All Day, Ashley All Night, Ashley All YEEEEEEAR!!!!!

  41. abbigail Gibbens

    Damn babygirl I love u and yo music I been fuckin wit u sense u started u got this girl keep it up G

  42. Vaves On the beat

    god.. my favorit track // she eated it



  44. RyGuy

    goin stupid

  45. Angel Merchan

    How do you get your hair so long? 😍

  46. twocsies

    Where to shop in Oakland?

  47. Cj Faircloth

    Her music is fire it always has been and just gets better and better

  48. Gabi M.

    U tha baddest n hottest in tha game, keep it up gurl🔥

  49. Raman Hoger

    man i gotta say with such great hits whats the reason of getting short of them each time you record a new one?

  50. Smitty Mittenz

    hands down grimiest shit she had done. salute

  51. OBM Beats

    This lowkey hard asf. thumbs up

  52. evanescencelover44

    H E A T

  53. Nina

    Too lit 🔥

  54. stonerkeke


  55. Dr. R.

    I’d love to see Ashley and Lil Debbie tour together.


    That's exactly how it's done

  57. Nicole Nomura

    Boring delivery

  58. George Grindcore

    Jeez thats on fire!!! Bangin!!

  59. sorrowsuperstar10

    Bad Bitch Lil Freak-show lol AKA Lil face tatt

  60. Cassie Paul

    Love this.🔥💞😍 But when that blonde skipped Ashley on the blunt!😮😱 When it's probably Ashley smokin everyones broke asses up!!😂😂! Tf

  61. Jules Norris


  62. Melvin Del Cid


  63. Melvin Del Cid


  64. TheyCallMe Doug

    I was shore AshleyAllDay was a techno artist.. This is shit!

  65. perfectomendoza

    Ashley been that Burner, Act like you know, Sincerely yours Mr Perfect #3*

  66. Remsha Naz


  67. cacointhehole

    It's your issue 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Hokulani Nalani

    Pack musty it smell like b.o.? Lmao okay so credit ohgeesy lololol.


    And the C notes mention after

  69. Jessica C

    Go off sis

  70. Mandy's World

    She goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Lulú Cerecedo

    Viva asley all day

  72. KingCashBoy Gaming

    Ash got the bangers dropping back to back 🔥🔥🔥💯💪

  73. Nouamane Sermak

    Ho made the béat ? Dudes asking 👑

  74. * Y A S M A N Y *

    *THAT BASS ARE* 🔥🔥

  75. Gravity Partisan

    Это просто охуенно. Подписка, лайк. Снесло башку

  76. Proizvol812 Saint-P

    Nice nice

  77. Keith Garner

    I like it but the only thing i don't like is too much 808 on volume, it was distorting it too much making the note of the 808 not come in clear, other than that it was great

  78. rockmasterflash

  79. Karina Sabiniewicz

    Queen 👑

  80. Cliffy B

    She getting better

  81. Mr. Incredible

    hahaha ridiculous but the beat is sicko

  82. kkrystianoo platforma

    Oj Ashley time at time end will started tru

  83. Bridgett Traylor

    Ashley ain’t here to play! She’s been dropping straight fire! 🔥

  84. K V

    Fuq wit me get your Issue

  85. Wu Tang

    Peace 2 your music. Keep going!

  86. malikedenizcan dizdar

    Lil face tat is lit🔥🔥🔥

  87. elcolicous

    Why is it so shooooort?!? Peng, bang and fire as always. Ashley so reliably bangerangolicious :D

  88. Mae Forester

    Love it

  89. K Day'LaShaun

    She cold af wit it


    i fux wit ashley because he got BANGERS !!!

  90. JST 123


  91. Vegan Trader

    this goes hard... we need a 2nd verse! btw.. you look a lot better with black hair ;)

  92. Liz Ayyye

    Did she breathe one time during the whole song ?! My god