Ashley All Day - Obsessed Lyrics

Lookin' for my mans, love findin' my mans
Spend a hundred grand, that's a fuckin' hundred bands
He lookin' at me, he 'bout to get blocked
Blocked like the guy who think he mine, but free not

[Ashley All Day:]
Fuck boy shoot his shot, he gettin' blocked like Mutombo
Spend a hundred bands I fuck it up just for fun though (Bitch)
Swervin' in the Benz, lil' bitch get a band
All my bitches, they on ten, and you know they badass tens
F&N with the big dick, big clip
Got shooters on click click, won't miss (Nope)
Brown paper bag and it's filled with them rubber bands (Cash)
I ain't sweatin' no nigga, I be coolin' like a fan (Burr)

Back that on me, keep your distance on me, she could wait for love
You're so foolish, you a fool, you really thought she gave a fuck
You're so foolish, you-you a fool, you really thought... fuck...

[Ashley All Day:]
In the field, no not NFL (Nah)
Chopper get to drummin' like some hi-hats on FL (Bitch)
Watch the Washingtons while I'm chiefin' on an L (Gas)
Servin' all these loads, I'ma need a bigger scale (I'ma need a nigga scale)
All this bread, no jelly (Nope), pull off in a Chevy (Skrrt)
I'ma go get it bitch, fetti flowin' steady
Always ready for the plot, still pourin' straight drop
No lease, all bought, lil' dummy, what you thought? (Huh? Huh?)

Back that on me, keep your distance on me, she could wait for love
You're so foolish, you a fool, you really thought she gave a fuck
You're so foolish, you-you a fool, you really thought... fuck...

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Ashley All Day Obsessed Comments
  1. Patrick Linden

    Looking for my meth.

  2. JS B

    We need some MF lyrics!!! Where they at??

  3. Jordan Carter

    Ambienteeee 🔥

  4. Martin Lee

    This bitch need to catch smoke on sight due to all that "nigga" usage

  5. Neo 007

    MK:pimpin MK:girls MK:drift vs ak hydra COOL HOT COOL WET DRY

  6. Pyscho_lollipop


  7. Sonia Polson

    Hate her vid
    Kiiara videos are amazing

  8. Chelsea Glen Estelle Harris McGuire

    She’s wearing a trash bag yo

  9. nicktorres br

    Taylor white all

  10. tisa gomez

    This one coo

  11. Andrew Cepeda

    Kiiara so fucking fine

  12. Highly Incredible Edibles

    Rocked it!!

  13. Kiara Quarles


  14. will will

    All this bread no jelly, pull off in a Chevy, imma go get it bitch fetty flowin steady 🥰ayyyy

  15. A Taylor

    Slappin on repeat

  16. Viral Central TV

    kiara doesnt do it for me .. ashley nice tho

  17. Tatiana Braga

    Love the song, specially the beat 🔥 💜🇧🇷

  18. Christin3 Sundaeee

    These queens are not to be slept on!!🔥⛽️💥💥💥

  19. CreatveMnds


  20. Noelle Alvey

    My Summer Jam

  21. Graceli Lopez


  22. acerothsteinfamous


  23. Brianna Phillips

    I love ashley she spit real facts

  24. Perimiter Music

    I really like Ashley all day but it's hard when you drop put of the game to have a baby and then you try and make a come back....I love her. I'm just saying, it has to be hard.

  25. Melvin Del Cid

    I have the big clip :9

  26. Sabina Carrillo

    ashley hablo en español traduselo ....puedes responder con un corazon

  27. sabina ,

    la mejor de todas Ashly

  28. Naes


  29. Terpene Torpedo

    These two suck

  30. Cliffy B

    This is a hit

  31. Alexandra McDonald

    Been there since the beginning ♡

  32. Nepeta Leijon

    0:24 i guess they . i gue. guess th. they never miss

  33. Jessica Eakes

    💯💯💸💸 love this song

  34. JST 123

    This songs so dope!🔥🔥🔥🌹

  35. aaron buckley

    I love this song an video an check out my music on my channel😜✌💦🐕🐩🐶📝🚀👓💎💍🎨🔈🔉🔊🎶🎵🐦💙💋🚁💕💓💞💖❤🌹🐊

  36. antichrist vevo

    Demonic Voice love it

  37. Rishav

    dopemang 2

  38. Cherry Boy Grant

    Yaaaahs all this bread no jelly

  39. Rishav


  40. Laado Records

    so underrated artist, deserve more

  41. Mark Smith

    imagine dating one of these girls and your life gets destroyed

  42. colleen macinnis


  43. melissa c

    This would have been better with only ashley. Idk what the other chick is even saying...😖

  44. B B

    i loveee when kiiara sings like thisss

  45. Nidhika Bagde

    Watched it almost more than 100 times

  46. neo dog

    white people must be stopped

  47. Cj Faircloth

    This song gives me lyfeeee haha love this shit I play it atleast 3-4 times a week. Sometimes more

  48. Legend's Mommy

    😂😂😂my bd

  49. Sarah Michelle

    I would buy a whole album of the two of you

  50. Golden Chills

    THIs is awesome. 🙌🙏

  51. acerothsteinfamous

    Jelly isn't Red and blue and can't turn people red and blue

  52. Nidhika Bagde

    Only for my bitch kiaara😘😘

  53. Sanskriti Jindal


  54. sorrowsuperstar10

    Ashley All Day keeps comin out wit BANGERS !!

  55. GlinkNY

    this looks like behind the scenes footage lol

  56. OneHandedRaccoon

    Tbh the guy is really hot

  57. aaron buckley

    I love this song an video an check out my music on my channel 🐴👑😘😜😜🎈🌏🚀⛅👟🚶🚶💬🔥🐅💓💓

  58. Rachel Arabella

    Love the vibe this song definitely needs more views!

  59. naye d

    btw, the song is too short. ㅜㅜ

  60. Only You

    For bitches who cannot understand what kiiara is saying..bitch google it..
    Kiiara is queen in vocal chop,pop,bop inshort she is unique🤗🤗🤗

  61. The Mass Experience

    They need to do a ep together. with this and dopemang they really dope together

  62. Gilmar Dias

    melhor parceria

  63. naye d

    I love kiiara’s voice

  64. matrixcmitech

    That slo mo looks great

  65. Ermac xx

    This song is too good 🔥

  66. Leslie Jane

    It would be better without kiiara. Auto tune f ing bishhhh. Get some lessons and learn some talent. The song would've been better without that bishhh. And let the reign of kiiara fans become Wi-Fi gangsters because I can't actually fucking get to them. Nobody likes the same shit. TALENT. I like a very wide range of music but this auto tune bs has to stop. So many talented, gifted, artists are probably rolling in their graves

    Ps. Look out for the wifi gangsters. Trolls. I tell you, THIRSTY for attention TROLLS!


    I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!Please press to the HEART on this comment=)))

    Delaney Miller


  68. Saint MusicalKillahRecords

    I will make a track with you oneway Kiiara <3 mad style mad love <3

  69. Josephine Hernandez

    Silly thought


    Atlast i heard kiiara again

  71. Skinny T

    0:40 Him after hearing her say nigga

  72. Vampress

    Please collab more often.

  73. Rugwed Jamdade

    Kiiara ❤❤❤

  74. r Q e

    Kiiara is a savage mf...

  75. dragonbulley

    Love the song!!! Wish it was longer 😍😍😍😍

  76. Ayo Tamz

    i had a dream last night and this was the theme song.

  77. J Mann

    Here for kiira

  78. prince john

    Aye Yet again Ashley all day 💯🤘⚘with another bamger KEEP EM COMING⚘💯🔥💪 I wanna hear an old type beat you can Bang the fck out to #KeepEmComing

  79. acerothsteinfamous

    Chinese kitty no New friends

  80. Korben Boombastik


  81. Yaq

    damn kiiara

  82. jrdnwalton

    ok!!!!!! wit that juvy flow i c u!

  83. жлС RECORDS


  84. Nefelibata

    all for ashley making it got mad respect for her, but at the same time she was one of those dirty little secret artists of mine.

  85. Daniel Rosberg

    lil gucci x ⚔️

  86. acerothsteinfamous

    High hat's Ashley all day

  87. Ee Vee

    Is there a clean version of this?
    Love the song but I will get the bash if I play a song with the n word within hearing of other people lol 😬

  88. FlowJo

    The lisps intrigue me

  89. Tammy Versa

    this songs lit !!

  90. sree hari

    U guys are underrated 😔

  91. B B

    ugghhh yasss! my favvv KIARA is backkk at it! this is the shit i like girls <3

  92. P A D D Y


  93. Depre_ssed Soul

    Replaying this like its my drug

  94. Tàcio's Novels

    Kiiara, I'm ur biggest fan - and I'm here to support U! 😅

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    B A N G - B A N G 💯💯💥

  96. April Newton

    Their collabs thoooo 🔥🔥🔥🤯

  97. acerothsteinfamous

    Faith Evans you thought she gave a fuck