Ashley All Day - Lean Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Lean, lean, lean, lean
Lean, lean, you know I got that lean
Lean, lean, lean, lean
Finna rob a plug for that promethazine

Quarter pint, half a pint, whole pint, aye
Catch me in the Bay sipping syrup everyday
It's Ashley All Day, your nigga know my name
I teach these bitches game 'bout the money and the fame
I go hard in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame
Pussy sweet like Actavis, niggas they can't fuck with this
All you hoes can suck a dick, you know I got that lean
Lean, lean, if your bitch broke she not on my team
Team, stay getting green
Your nigga call my phone like a motherfucking fiend
Hitting licks, popping sticks, serving bricks, robbing tricks
Camera phone, take a pic, pop that pussy, get rich
Bitches want to be me, niggas want to see me
They do anything like bring me drugs just to meet me
Ashley All Day, all work, no breaks
Take your girl on a date, yeah, bitch I run the Bay


I look great, why you mad?
Bitches looking sad cause they know I got the swag
Ashley All Day, put the money in the bag
I'm on point, never lacking
Bad bitches 'round the world, what's happening?
Stripper pole in the living room trapping
In the kitchen whipping work like magic
Don't be talking too much, I won't have it
Quarter bar, half a bar, whole bar, aye
Drop it in the Sprite, slow motion all day
Cop a couple bricks cause you know I push weight
All this money in the way, RIP Mac Dre
You could try, but you never gone be me
Feeling myself, bitch, it's way too easy
Posted in the cut with a blunt and a beezy
Purse full of money, when I leave, you gone see me


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Ashley All Day Lean Comments
  1. Jean. Midi.

    This shit ain't for everybody.

  2. Khadro Galayr

    Lean is my great medicine ☂️

  3. Drank Sinatra

    Never noticed Nicky Gordo in this flick

  4. Shot By NJGoons

    classic fat nick

  5. Rae Tellez

    Still a bop!!

  6. Monty Green


  7. Dominic Lytle

    It's trash

  8. Slater

    Hahaha fat nick 3:26

  9. Lucas Hellsng

    Salve Brasil leen😍

  10. Jasmine Harris


    Jasmine Harris


  11. Jasmine Harris

    Lean 💊🍼🍑🍓🍷

  12. Alexander Luciano



    Ashley all day was fire back in the day

  14. Jay Mallea


  15. Larry Kohut

    Ashley all day is pretty but her music pretty much shit . To me. This is the only song I can stand by her. Not a truely good female rapper

  16. young ZyZy

    Still banging

  17. Donald Patek

    Ashley All Day ain't a celebrity

  18. JDS 790

    So underrated it hurts lol.

  19. Richard Boston

    biggest fan of Ashley all day shes the shit

  20. Mohammed Wasim

    Bahut Hurd

  21. Liandra Louvisi

    Peidei 😂

  22. Kirren Degeneres

    Finally hit the millions

  23. Ev RoRo9899

    This shit goes so sick it's scurrry,😄🖕 lean I know y'all fuck with this hard.

  24. Britt Hutchinson

    2019? If ya bitch broke she aint on my team ayee

  25. black ops pro87 Dubstep

    Yo why is my nigga fat nick up in this bitch tho!!!!🤣‼️😭

  26. Anthony De Lozada

    Where da lean at thoe..?

  27. Anthony De Lozada

    @AshleyAllDaaay , ayye what's Poppin?!

  28. drugS

    y’all fr crazy if y’all think this good :/

  29. Donald Patek

    A A D aint a celebrity

  30. David Meadows

    Bet y’all did know but that fat nick throwin his head around


    David Meadows LOL

  31. Jesus Lara

    te amo slut
    aunqe esto sea ya tan trivial

  32. thehellezell

    this kills at 1.5x

  33. idkdrew

    Doesn’t show a drop of syrup the whole video. This bitch is fucking trash


    did u not watch tha first 30 seconds ? even after that ? dummy lmfao

  34. Eddie

    I miss black hair Ashley

  35. Herman Dome

    Just remembered this song after a long while 😆

  36. Whole Lotta StacksOnDeckMoneyGang Shit

    Quarter pint half a pint whole pint ayyye, catch me in the bay sippin syrup errrday 💯

    Whole Lotta StacksOnDeckMoneyGang Shit

    @Abale Byene 👀 huuuh🤷🏽‍♂️

  37. για πάντα Mi luv

    Trust me I am the truth🖤💯
    Sea how I bring the positivity forth🌊

  38. Shane Hernandez413

    Sounds like a 15 year old came up with this shit

  39. Superrich Visuals

    This reminds me of soulja boy - hoova

  40. Redrum Ceballos

    Lean lean girl you a freak freaking me just the way I like it don't think we together is just lean girl just lean on me.

  41. Elijah Barrack

    Delete all files that pertain to this is upload


    Elijah Barrack ok yea sure here i go .... stranger on tha internet lmfao only cuz YOU said so ! 😂😂😂 sike.

    Elijah Barrack

    @ashleyalldaaay eat a dick you trying to confess you murdered my dog purchased with my credit card I got in 6th grade?

    Elijah Barrack

    nigga that aint a photo of me

    Elijah Barrack

    you on some little ugly mane shit
    i bet you aint wanna rap my verse

  42. Jerry Arzola

    Man this chick is dope

  43. Terk strategraffvandal

    I seen this bitch in person

  44. Stop Saying Literally

    Opiate rap. Thanks white people.

  45. Stop Saying Literally

    She did not just say nigga!!!

  46. Highly Incredible Edibles

    Trappin all day

  47. crackhead energy

    Almost 3 mil hehe


    That shit is dangerous for real

  49. Rusty Sussen

    Cardi n nikki ain't got shit on ashley. Shed put a port out on nikki's pussy n cardi would feel it. Alldayyyyy

  50. Matthew West

    This is the entire Obama era right here.

  51. Alfonso Hernandez

    Garbage just straight garbage

  52. Exzatic Kid Broken

    Y she saying lean but have Fanta the fuck on she one, let me guess lean

  53. Mickey Valor

    I'm glad you stopped doing those drugs. You some straight 🔥 now

  54. Slither's Cave

    I like this def shoulda got that Lil b feature tho

  55. Josh ya

    Is that fat nick

  56. Jevin Burza

    Am I the only one who noticed fat nick shaking his dreads in the video

  57. Jose Crisostomo

    Still down song in 2019

  58. Wyatt Heuer

    Love Ashley bitch

  59. Murda Monsta

    Shordy got swag by da bag look out now

  60. Ysgramor Himself

    I like some of her songs but not this one. I'm sure id need more intellectually even on some lean listenin to this.

  61. ashlie jackson

    Memory lane her music brings me back to back in the day ayeeeeeeee.......
    I'm tripping I thought this song came out in 2012 🤨🤨🤨🤨 wtf I wasn't with him 🤔 ......hummmmmmmmmmm

  62. Helier Del Castillo

    Temaazooo wonaa

  63. Томас Цветанов

    Bad Bitch .. So so so good!!

  64. Timothy Exum

    Missing you

  65. Aracoixo

    good pace

  66. The Playinghand Show

    This lowkey a lil b type beat lmao this belongs in his green flame mixtape

  67. RIKy4life

    I’ve managed to watch a minute of this garbage I honestly feel like cutting my ears of and blowing my brain out

  68. Derek Ronzo

    lean lean lean lean
    this is the worst thing i have ever seen seen seen scene..

  69. Official Rosaila Magnolia

    You know these kids that do drugs and smoke and go and clothes and pop and spread their bodies around anyone and everyone and don't value themselves and they degrade themselves are just pathetic and the fact that the music industry will you know allow that to occur and promote that is even nastier than it says what that Industries about at the end of the day there's different levels and this is just sick and the song is just disgusting and and there's a lot of garbage out there and this is just one of them this troll ain't no damn role model for nothing good in life

  70. Jonny Jenkins

    Ein Klassiker, den Refrain kann jeder mitsingen 😊

  71. Ro Bones

    This shit is so fucking bad😂

  72. KAIRO

    So why do white girls get away with saying the n word 😂

    kt the beaner

    KAIRO her mom is black and her dad is white

  73. KAIRO

    Lean lean lean lean lean you know I'm a fien
    Finna rob a plug to feed my whole fien team

  74. RaiamIvoire

    Ashley All Day é perigosa



  76. logix7

    wow, this is garbage

  77. Jordan Malveaux

    i still remeber this song when im on lean

  78. spaceman

    Based bitch

  79. prestinrapper97

    I would fuck her

  80. ChiChrisTho23

    Dear god this song is horrible

  81. Extra

    don't do drugs before making a song... C'mon I thought you knew better...

  82. W A R & P A R I S

    U still sell cookies i need some

  83. Pachanga 93

    Grosse merde

  84. RaiamIvoire

    Muito brava dona Ashley

  85. Danna Cuadros

    No mames que puto asco 😆

  86. A B

    Come on.

  87. 50/50innertainment

    if want your video featured to our 3,000,000 fans please submit it to [email protected] , thanks.

  88. Ronald T. Farr

    Haa' crunk in peace Mac Miller lil s.c.a.. rostrum. No worries^

  89. Badman tv

    Leak... Lake.. Laugh!!

  90. Mert Gezer

    keşke bu tarzda kalsaydın ashleycim

  91. Lissette Rivero