Ashley All Day - In N Out Lyrics

I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Whole thangs and you know what I'm about
Gettin' to the money, ion wanna hang out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Comin' up short then you know it's lights out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out

Get some racks and flip that, count it up and stack that
Blue face, gotta have that, that uzi make 'em bag back
Miss me with the bullshit, my partna got a full clip
All this drip, I never slip
Get your bitch up off my tip
Dirty bread, wash it down the drain
Bad bitch stompin' Gucci boots, OG on my flame
They wonder how I'm movin' but can't see me like Stevie
Swerve up to the function hella steezy, you sleazy
Bend the block, lemon squeezy, have 'em do you so greasy
Easy peasy, he gon' please me while I'm blowin' a bleezy
Burner make you catch a tint, head spinnin' like ceiling fans
Put your boyfriend in a trance but he can never get a chance
Ball my hoes like Lebron, three pointer, shootin' long
Eyes low, blowin' strong
Don't be comin' with the funk, got the pump in the trunk if you wanna press your luck

I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Whole thangs and you know what I'm about
Gettin' to the money, ion wanna hang out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Comin' up short then you know it's lights out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out

I got the sauce, you chasin' clout
Bitch I'm a boss, don't ever doubt
You lookin' lost so you better reroute
I'm feelin' good so we boutta act out
Yung fiji water, yeah I got what you need
Whole thangs, ain't no halves and they come super cheap
Bitch ain't with the shits then get the fuck round from me
Yo rent in my cup, what I'm sippin' ain't cheap
Off the hip, let it rip, get my chips and dip
Big blunts of that stonky, rollin' zip after zip
No sleep, always on the grind like Tony Hawk
Two 9s, call 'em Warren Sapp, play, I'll let 'em spark
Got yo hand out but it's nothin' for free
I don't know yo ass, get the fuck nigga fee
Drop a pin, have a [?], I sit back blowin' keisha
If you comin' up short, bet them hittas gon' greet ya

I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Whole thangs and you know what I'm about
Gettin' to the money, ion wanna hang out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out
Comin' up short then you know it's lights out
I get 'em in, I get 'em out

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Ashley All Day In N Out Comments
  1. Patrick Linden

    free V nasty till my throat is raspy!

  2. Donald Patek

    Ashley aint a celebrity

  3. James Garcia aka D.J. Pun

    I love you Ashley Allday! I love you!

  4. Neo 007

    Greecy beast egg griffin in the symbols

  5. Neo 007

    Romania Pyramid Thought

  6. Highly Incredible Edibles

    All I do in n out all day !!!

  7. Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

    great, for sure I guess.

  8. Eric Riviere

    Hello my cw ou sont partis c122 Mother fuck👍🤙🤟❤️🌹🇫🇷😻🇫🇷

  9. İlayda Güleşen

    You'll be precious in future. We're Waiting for that day. Greeting from Turkey ❤

  10. Viral Central TV

    i can see this song being in some gangsta movie scene.. this song would go perfect in a gangsta dope dealing movie lol

  11. Diseasecovered Putridsound

    Take one for the team

  12. Emma Marie

    This aint really that good but she lookin hot as hell tho despite her outfit.

  13. Mz RaMiR3z

    She is so beautiful and can actually fukking rap too she has her own style. Very unquie !

  14. Juana Records

    All Day 4ever

  15. Jessica Eakes


  16. Anthony Carbone

    Been a fan for ages but she's gotten so much better

  17. Arazosk

    she is soooo dope...

  18. Nina

    This right here is the real Ashley!

  19. Arun James

    shes be saying the same stuff just to different beats


    Ashley I LOVE your New Look☆♡♤▪• Fire track♤◇▪●

  21. Kylie Jackson

    Ashley they are all good

  22. Mandy's World

    I love this. Hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥💰

  23. normal norm

    Ash le le le le le

  24. Sonya Williams

    still better than nicki cause she’s actually down with what she’s talking about

  25. the dog

    We do it better 🐶

  26. Iluziver 999k

    Someone sign her already wtf

  27. Ayden Damian

    Dope song and beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Savina Guzman

    She's so fuccin bad😍

  29. Abdelkarim Alfalfal


  30. Diseasecovered Putridsound

    Rivalry K

  31. P23

    Elementary flow lol so corny but hey if ppl vibe keep doing it I guess LOL

  32. OG Cannajen

    You go girl!

  33. Holiday Inn Express

    Yo Ashley.. Kimmy likes this shit! Love ya girl!

  34. James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler

    I love you ashley all day! Yo te amo tu mi amor *a red rose and an i love you teddy gram was sent by me to you via nasa iss ..yaa..i love you bae.-james garcia tu amor

  35. James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler

    I love you Ashley! Ayee I Daddy loves you bae..! Viva you my babygurl Ashley All Day!-James Garcia tu amor!

  36. Victor Alcazar

    I'm ready to die!

  37. Savina Guzman

    Fucking slaaappp

  38. Енот Полоскун

    крутышка!читает учёт,классно долбит щит

  39. Melanie Cruz

    I will say whoever writes her music is dope

  40. Melanie Cruz

    This bitch gone die soon fuckin drug addict

  41. Sylas Marner

    too monotone

  42. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    An Ashley All Day & Amber London collaboration would be fire.

  43. Sophie Mercedez

    Ashley been that bitch. Can’t wait for her to blow up

  44. ꫂRespect zn


  45. alain disk

    yeap good song

  46. DoeBoy 313

    I wish she was my mother or sister...😭💖💕💯🔥

  47. musicfilledsoul

    Ashley = Everything


    Just waiting for Ashley to get that BIG deal!

  48. Evelyn Tankova

    Yäs galllll

  49. Angela Honey

    Im listening to all your shit now and playing it in my car and people be like "Who is that" ASHLEY ALL DAYhunnies

  50. ghettopeackock

    garbage in garbage out

  51. Lanaya Smith


  52. Vicky Vieyra

    We don’t deserve Ashley !

  53. LustTimeMachine

    i need this Beat

  54. christina welcome

    Aye girl it’s Christina welcome from school sup bro?!? Can’t believe how big u made it always said u would, HMU dude

  55. Ren Lecter, MD

    bitch is transcending like damn. this fire

  56. Rosegold Beats

    from lean to this. she improved alot

  57. David C

    Got your handout but its nothing 4 free i dont know your ass get the fuck nigga fee 💼

  58. Tyy Lyrics


  59. Kate Frangos

    why didnt she blow up yet? she's so good...

  60. Ghoraxe

    Fuck nigga fee.... Best shit I've heard all day

  61. Steven Sembrano

    shiiit bruhhh

  62. Бу Ргер

    Ele go ft wit this bebe

  63. Senpaii Gaming

    Okay 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥

  64. Kevin Daley

    I wanna worship Ashley’s cum. Plus this song is dope

  65. DoeBoy 313

    Why so low likes???where are all Ashley fans at??:( :( :)....😭✌✊she deserve more😠😢😢😃😃

  66. OG Cannajen

    I see her coming up. She has skills. This is just the start for her. You go girl

  67. Savannah Will

    Shes soooo underrated! Her songs are fire! Her delivery is dope asf!

  68. Amber H.

    What is her ethnicity??? She's so damn gorgeous

  69. Amber H.


  70. Albert Jaron

    Hmm pretty cool. I WANT COLLAB WITH YOU!

  71. Zarife Erol

    Turkey <3

  72. Justin Ortiz

    Anyone from SJ?

  73. Karii Hernandez


  74. Elias Saavedra jr Aguliar


  75. Lechel Rodriguez

    🔥🔥 💰

  76. Rhiann G

    soooooo good

  77. Karolina Procz

    Poland 🇵🇱

  78. DrMaoh

    She is grinding harder than she used to grind back in the day

  79. Ath3is7. Sucks

    Ashleyyyyyyyyyy ............ <3 <3 <3

  80. pereti wallace


  81. Dariuxee

    Hella bad

  82. Matthew Jeans

    👌 (wow) ❤ X

  83. Neo 007

    In the mink was mine same time ashley, I'm the guy with 665 fish hooks in the right ear look for me, wanna be gay shop one time righty?

  84. Cassie Paul

    love this song but talkin bout a 'pump in my trunk if u wanna press your luck' is from like 2011 kreayshawn gucci gucci . love this tho song get me wrong 💘


    Cassie Paul yes rappers pay homage all tha time

  85. Trevor Heise

    Love iiiit 😎😍😘 word up!!

  86. Ryan


  87. Mrlloydvideos

    where to find this 808 ?

  88. DoeBoy 313

    Another banger 💯💯🔥🔥🔥you can't sleep on Ashley 💯💯🔥🔥🔥😉👊👊👊

  89. DoeBoy 313

    I have to play this at home and to angry the neighbours 😂😂😂 that's liiittt💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Alex Drummond

    Ashley Underrated lol

  91. M B

    This song is prob your best. Way better than all the other thing she has put out. I can see a more exciting video.

  92. mraarongwhite

    all fuckin day

  93. bill belly

    at least it isn't vocoded out the booty