Ashley All Day - I Got Whatcha Want Lyrics

Round the [?], that 808 stupid
[?] Yeah I got a dumb, dumb hop on this one
Extra drug dealer too

[Hook - Casino:]
I got whatcha want, I got whatcha need
Who want it, I got it, I'm certain, I'm worth it
I got whatcha want, I got whatcha need
I keep it, I get it, I made it, I set it
I got whatcha want, I got whatcha need
I got whatcha want, I got whatcha need

I got whatcha want, I got whatcha need
All of these baby bottles filled with promethazine
Got my closet looking like a fuckin' pharmacy
Ashley All Day got that work for the little fiends
Rab it up and mel it, bag it up and sell it
Triple that stack, wiping tears with these racks
I'm to real for these nigga's and I know they know that
Get inside one time, now we sprung on face tat
If the squad ain't feel you I ain't fuckin' with you nigga's
It's a goddamn privilege just to be in my presence
Cuz I got what you want and I got what you need
Hold it down, ride her bitch, they don't make her em' me


Trap so much I swear to god I think it's legal
You want a hundred prisons, how you pull up on my people
My partner Purk got the lean when I'm on some purp
It feel like I'm leaning like I drank two cups of syrup
When you want to work, we call it twerk, we use the lingo
Serving every pill song helping you to scale
When my pat land I use to scare away the wheel
Serving out of a public house till they kick the dough
When they hit the dough, I already made a million dough
I don't give a fuck about the spy I move the spy
He ain't making no money he ain't hot
Got nine stores down my down spot


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Ashley All Day I Got Whatcha Want Comments
  1. Perimiter Music

    She needs to use her part from this and make a would be a fucking hit

  2. Jesseekah

    i love ashley since day one xxxx check me out i rap too

  3. I love the world and you should too

    Get inside 1 time now he sprung off face tat 😂🔥

    she ain't lyin on god hoes & dudes be gone off ha😬😳😝💯

  4. Chris Lavender

    At))))) Forever Yoppin. Love you too Lil Kayla Bae.. 69i57j69i58.19193j0j4&client

  5. Chris Lavender

    spot smockin...this track

  6. Timothy Bishop

    hell yes I've been looking for the song for like a year now. I used the Firefox add-on to download the song off of SoundCloud and I have saved one of my phone memory cards. I thought this song was going to get lost forever! I'm so glad you have it thank you!

  7. Perimiter Music

    ashley is backkkkkk, checkout my chanel for her new song 'Ice cream truck'

  8. James hampton

    literally she had soooo much potential. makes me mad how all the girl rappers always get pregnant like omg

    Que Dableyou

    felt the same way they always get pregnant
    but look at that.. she back!

    Sydney M H

    She still rapping & better than ever... smh lol


    Sydney M H Nope she devolved. She no longer raps on beats like this.

    Perimiter Music


    Ikr, her beats aren't as good now


    She back on

  9. - UnKilledSniper -

    I also subbed with both of my accounts I'm BushWhackSniper.

    This account has close to 340 subs

  10. Jeffery -Enslin

    You listen to underground rap tech nine or ICP ?

  11. O-RAWWW Montana

    nice beat damn

  12. lilkamabeast

    bro! I been looking for this song since March!

    Perimiter Music

    lilkamabeast ashley is backkkkkk, checkout my chanel for her new song 'Ice cream truck'

  13. Ana Martinez


  14. nia b

    Good lookinnn