Ashley All Day - All Day Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Stay getting money all day, sippin' some muddy all day (lean)
Stay with your bitch all day, been getting rich all day (woot)
Stay getting money all day, sippin' some muddy all day (lean)
Stay with your bitch all day, been getting rich all day (woot)

Pop 3 cause I don't feel 1, you ain't widdit bitch you ain't no fun, seat back ride dirty sippin' on the 101
Short shorts with the booty out higher than the sun, pretty bitch shotgun,
smokin' on some hash, all the drugs in the cash hiding in her titty stash
Ay I see your bitch wanna be me, lurkin' on my IG tryna' to be like Ashley
Cause I'm out here shinin' got your ho on the floor she bouncin' and then rewind it,
trap phone buzzin tell me where I need to slide it, your boyfriend want me and he can't even hide it (nah)
Po me up a six, steady sippin' bricks, stackin' on my chicks, driving foreign whips,
loading another clips, got em' see em' bird cause its icy on my wrist

[Hook x2]

What chu' know about me bruh? You like that small lipstick on my lips huh?
You like the way I switch lanes slappin' hella 2 chains vibin with my main thing got up in my chains swing
It's too easy being me, I get everything for free, take me on a shopping spree and he do it every week
He be begging on his knees, but they never get a piece, cause you can't fuck with me (nah)
Gotta keep it rare ho, got your bitch at my crib playing with my hair tho
& she workin on the strip pole, pouring up another 4 pick it up, drop it low, give me racks for a show
But its nothing to me, stay getting geek, do the same thing next week its a life of a G,
its just too damn easy, I just gas on this speed Put that shit on repeat

[Hook x2]

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Ashley All Day All Day Comments
  1. ENES Yıldız

    5 senedir seni keşif edemeyen türklere selam olsun 😀

  2. Hrvoje Jurić

    can you call this a perfect trap song?

  3. California State

    Smh really

  4. Giu Morielli


  5. Neo 007


  6. Neo 007

    C+++MUGEN no thought.

  7. Chad Nollenberg

    She Great

  8. John Squeeze

    This girl can flow

  9. Pat Phillips

    what is green sippin

  10. James P

    She’s cute...but cmon now.. are we listening to the same thing?

  11. C33s3 H.

    Her and krea all dayyyy.. wish they still made this shit :(

  12. Joseph Carson

    That's Ashley damn that's just trashy lol

  13. Sandra Michalak

    the best female rapper in the world ! $$$$
    and what about the fact that he has a child? she sweeps and has a great style,
    so do not be jealous just because you are a non-talent Cheryl Blossom


    Stay gettin money all daaay

  15. Sascha J

    Beat ballert👌👌

  16. kolton ruvalcaba

    She has beauty but I feel like she has a weird looking pussy that is dark with razor bumps

  17. itz chaos

    She has so much followers🚮

  18. Mary Davem

    let mona know her father was born on December 8 so figure out where danny and his father going with insurance damages. and a Kay dies know her father was born on December 8 1990 and she and her father have insurance damages bclecause of the Milages, figure out where you walking with your own panties! amanda is not legal and has ebt to pay back amanda is landen Joseph drawdy sorry that your mother Bette find her way out of the name Amanda Rucker. make sure Ethan mother has her funds to pay me back sad to watch Ethan and his mother have to pay back more than they can and will be receive. you got you a nasty pouin because amanda Kay's dad was born December 8 1990. sorry that your Milages that your dadd let you put Milages ony suburban and ford better go prostitute for your Milages using pouins last name. Bette work on those Milages before you and her spend a fucking dollar! aww miss amanda Kay gaskin and her father better start working on insurance damages before shecsits her rotten pussy in my vehicles! so be careful having to walk out this house and not have your own last name. let dadd know you and him have mileages to pay back before you eat a mother fucking thing off this American girl! pay back you and your father mileages.

  19. Lauryn Olivia

    Reminds me of tana?

  20. Sergio Villalobos


  21. Jacob Ellis

    I was I was her a girl lol

  22. musicfilledsoul

    Ashley is everything!

  23. Kevin Daley

    I wanna drink buckets of her cum

  24. Angela Patton

    Kreayshawn all day

  25. Almássy Péter

    I could eat that @$$ at 1:48 all day

  26. U. Langner

    Pretty woman. Hot tattoos. Distressed jeans. <3

  27. Jy Bbbb

    Y'all know she does weed and cocaine

  28. Tanya Conley

    Ashley b my big sis $$$<3

  29. Noemi

    Her shit goes but I don't like that she look Hispanic & be saying nigga. Rep your Raza instead girl.

  30. aniya xo

    is she okay like I'm not joking right now

  31. 312vandal

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😂😂😂😂😂 AHAHAHAHAHA...LMFAOOOOOO WHAT IS THIS? i am gonna quit my job and just start rapping, ANYONE can do it nowadays, holy fuck wtf is going on?

  32. Дарья

    Кто с 2017?¿?)

  33. John Squeeze

    I would smash that all day..😉

  34. Devils Workshop

    Stop suggesting this video.

  35. P P

    She hot man

  36. poo

    no one's guy wants you. you look like a meth head you find on the street corner at 3 in the am who give you head for £2

    u w u

    StraightUpG if you know her Snapchat she has a meth head boyfriend and a baby smh

  37. Greg Flores

    Wish you the best tho

  38. Greg Flores

    You fly as fuck, but can't rap for shit.

  39. Luz Vega

    On fleek!! Boss Bitch right here! 💯👑💸

  40. Νικος Λουκοβοπουλος


  41. Blake Carmello

    This was a real banger 💯🔥🔥🔥 she probably my favorite female rapper.. wish she made more music like this.

  42. czechking

    Lean and rolls are played out bitch.

  43. Super Duper

    I wanna your P***Y ALL DAY!!!

  44. Perimiter Music

    ashley is backkkkkk, checkout my chanel for her new song 'Ice cream truck'

  45. History ln The Making szilvia. Varga.


  46. David Lurs

    yall was getting too high gotta smoke it likes it's bompton bloop

  47. Plan Art

    VFX for Realness

  48. History ln The Making szilvia. Varga.


  49. Mya Smith

    Everyone knows this from

  50. Honor McCliment

    Hell Naw.. Keep it real, ppl see right threw fugaze lyrics. Talk about shit you live, if you want to entertain with facades then come so off the charts we know its bs but in a fun way. Theres gotta be shit in your life thats happened or is happeneing other than drinking cough syrup. Its fun to write bop tracks but as an artist we want to see all sides of you and hear your story through your lyrics. My suggestion heart and soul let us feel you and you can really be a great artist. Your better than what your putting out. Don't give up :)

  51. Sparks

    She already hot AND she smokes I can't handle it

  52. u w u

    Can't believe she has a baby now...


    Cheryl Blossom watta hoe


    Watta hoe

    Laetitia Patissier

    @PRINCESS AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS haha ur comment is stupid dude

    Guardhouse C

    what is there not to believe about that ?

  53. Ashley Loeffler

    my Name is ashley


    hella monotone. hella boring. sounds like another krey and shes wack too.


    seriously made me sleepy. it just kinda blurred together to make background noise.

  55. Telo Meto

    this shit is garbage, this bitch ain't shit....

    you ain't about that life bitch, I'll stab this bitch.......

    fuck all your dead homies bitch

  56. Bob Dylan Voilas

    J'aimerais bien pécho l'étroit dans mon lit trop beau tu es comme ça ça se refuse pas

  57. Jeremiah Easter


  58. Gabrielle Sudal

    I can't believe she's pregnant now. And on her snap she was saying she couldn't wait to smoke and do more drugs again when she finally gives birth. Two drugged out parents, my god. Somebody take this kid away. CPS, wya??

    u w u

    I know this is like a long ways after BUT WHAT IS HER SNAPCHAT?

  59. Michael Elwell

    sno tha product would wipe the floor with you trash

  60. tyga Kleinsmits

    tew ar patik

  61. RobotNinja

    She raps like a really white Mike Jones

  62. Patrankow

    You're soo rich whit those 1 bucks ;D

  63. Jeremiah Fox

    Really cute girls really actin bad lol 😂!! Great job

  64. Liz Ayyye

    This is horrible she sounds high as shit and looks like bitches I went to catholic school with tring to b gutta

  65. Erica Blair

    thanks for the song

  66. James hampton

    out of all the white girl rappers. I respect lil debbie.. at least she's smart enough to use birth control unlike kreayshawn and ashleyalldayyy. I like them all...but when they wind up pregnant it's kind of disappointing because they have a duty to their fans to make more music.

  67. Derek Dobbs

    Aye...when she coming out with some new stuff?

    James hampton

    Derek Dobbs

    not for a long time I'd imagine...she's pregnant.

  68. Southpaw 86

    I wanna put my face in that twerking girls ass. Ashleys as well.

  69. Whyte Fiyah

    I wanna be a rapper soon frickin baddd

  70. Maria Gastelum

    damn this shit is straight GARBAGE!!!!!!! a waste of fucking time!!!

  71. NastyPictures

    the red tuque girl is getting me hard as fuck

  72. rodenrren sdc61909

    shit is straight garbage buy she's fine though

  73. Audrey Lunan

    your good

  74. Curankmd

    she's a baddie

  75. Briseida Lopez

    i wanna do that on musically

  76. skank hunt 42

    this is painful to listen to

  77. Cianain Nichole

    id puke in this dumb bitches hair

  78. luxury records

    my favorite song of u ❤❤❤

  79. tushcancheg tushcanchegovich


  80. Pure Jokes

    I love you

  81. Panda Girl

    Omg my name is ashley

  82. kosnow11

    Mmmm, yeah it moved.

  83. miraK


  84. Daniel Barboza

    Reppin the bay hard ayeeeee love ashley you bad as fuck

  85. noelia bordon

    pue es eto es feo y es tonto y puto

  86. Rukia Bemer

    been gettin rich all dayy

  87. Eltons Jonatans

    Dads car ,moms money ,grandmas house. ass fuck gangsta shit rap

  88. Jamaica Babe

    Gotta colab with this girl when I hit up Cali again shit..

  89. Anthony Harris

    I wanna hit that so bad

    Rachel Gee

    Who is Ashley?? or someone else?

    Christy Ryan

    Yes she had it in Twitter not long ago


    yeah, she is. she have photo of her belly on instagram.


    yeeeah. But I think that Debbie prefers girls. You know what I'm sayin' ;-)

    James hampton

    Panda Gang

    lol no way. look at lil debbie...

  90. WOKE Mel

    This girl is fucking awful. Just saw a video for Lean and comments were disabled. Truly awful. Beautiful girl, go do something else with your life... go to college. This ain't your thing. If you want to see a real femcee, go check out Latina artist Snow Tha Product.


    All people hatin so she disabled it.

  91. Michael Boone

    yo lil debbie is gonna flip when she here u saying u the qween of the bay...some one needs to show dis to lil debbie maine

    James hampton

    Michael Boone
    haha I loveee them both..but lil debbie has a special place in my heart