Ashlee Simpson - Undiscovered Lyrics

Take it back, take it all back now
The things I gave, like the taste of my kiss on your lips,
I miss that now
I can't try any harder than I do
All the reasons I gave, excuses I made for you
I'm broken in two

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
Yeah I need you

Don't walk away

Touch me now how I wanna feel
Something so real, please remind me
My love, and take me back
Cuz I'm so in love with what we were
I'm not breathing I'm suffocating without you
Do u feel it too?

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you
Yeah I need you

When I'm in the dark and all alone
Dreaming that you'll walk right through my door,
Its then I know my heart is whole
There's a million reasons why I cry
Hold my covers tight and close my eyes
Cuz I don't wanna be alone

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you, I need you

Cuz I can't fake and I can't hate
But it's my heart
Thats about to break
You're all I need
I'm on my knees
Watch me bleed
Would you listen please
I give in
I breathe out
I want you, theres no doubt
I freak out, I'm left out
Without you, I'm without
I'm crossed out
I'm kicked out
I cry out
I reach out
Don't walk away
Don't walk away
Don't walk away
Don't walk away

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Ashlee Simpson Undiscovered Comments
  1. 。弄死黄俄砸碎


  2. Gudryan Samuel

    Aaaah amo a Ashlee❤

  3. Chelsea Bonner

    Love this love the movie

  4. Alexandre Pereira

    É um filme que marcou nunca vou esquecer essa musica .

  5. Rafael

    nice quality audio and video for a 2006 upload!

  6. Ōsama Hatakekakashi

    twelve Years ago

  7. Yugvijay

    Favorite song

  8. nuclear kid

    Why is the title named *undiscovered clip* lol

    I'm taking a sip every time ashlee turns back to look at the guy. Oh jeez there she goes again.🤦🏻‍♂️

    xjøyëux møllïex

    😂 this comment hurt my sides from laughing so hard. Sorry English isn’t my first language but you are so funny!

    nuclear kid

    @xjøyëux møllïex    haha. Thnx. English isn't my first language either.

  9. Toño Gomez

    Me encanta su voz, debería seguir cantando.

  10. MissHolly60

    💗this song👍👍👍..

  11. Mary Ann Lavi

    I LOVE ASHLEES VOIICE!!!!!!!!! so soft raspy and <3 can listen to her all day long.


    She sounds like Courtney Love

    Mary Ann Lavi

    thats who her inspiration is

  12. Holic St4r

    impossível achar esse filme na internet

  13. johnny Cage

    take me back to this time around :/ ,im getting old

  14. Serena Galactica

    This my fave from her 💙🤗

  15. Andra Gunawan Nukman

    I just divorced and read the lyrics of this song, and it's true, it's "undiscovered" , left me empty and left to wonder, how could this happen ?

    But I've got to move on and find something what is the most important and meaningful in my life.

  16. nieke henry

    Eleven years ago time flies wow

  17. Jose Lopez

    When I listen to this song,it takes me back to a place where I was once with someone I cared for too much and now is gone forever!!!


    woman are much stronger then men.


    Nice joke!

  19. Hector Vasquez c

    Muy buen. Video

  20. Sonia Pech

    Ashlee!!!my favorite! i miss you...

  21. Sam Renee

    This movie was horrible I can't get those two hours of my life back

  22. Phillip Beckman

    This is a great song full of heart. I don't care about the SNL incident. She's great

    Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    Phillip Beckman Agreed

  23. Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    Words can't even begin to explain how enamoured I am with this song and her voice ♡

    johnny Cage

    i miss her show :/ ,her and ryan were the cutest couple back in the early 2000's ,i wish i could take time back

    Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    @Josh Bernal Me too I thought they were definitely gonna get married 😞

    johnny Cage

    +Cyndie-Anjell Vernet i know :/ , good times back in the day

  24. Alicia M

    I love the lyrics.

  25. cupcake101

    One of my favorite songs by her. So beautiful and a little heartbreaking!!

  26. havingfun1968

    Ashlee is one hell of a singer. If it wasn't for that damn one night on Saturday Night Live....

    Brent B

    Yep. I never understood why they couldn't come up with something better. Lots of people use their own voice as backing vocals. Why not just say that was what we were hearing even if it was a stretch.

    Cyndie-Anjell Vernet

    Brent Brewster lol

  27. Suga Shae

    Best song of hers

  28. Kay Jay

    Ashlee is better than both taylor and selena combined!

    Brent B

    I don't look up songs by people I say are awful and leave comments. Neither does anyone else I know.


    Taylor can write music and compose her own music. She’s very talented. Let’s not compare artists, thank you so much.


    KayJayRi sorry buy you wrong Ashley she was using autotune and Selena too but Taylor she can really sing 🎶 even live in acústic that's why Taylor she is famous but Ashley and salena they don't

    nuclear kid

    No she's not. But she could have been. I wish she could have come out stronger after her downfall. But she gave up on her dreams.

  29. Blood Reagan

    "smart in a stupid way"...and," boomerang"..well worth checking out. (same soundtrack).

  30. Blood Reagan

    ashamed to find this beauty so tardy.. great fuckin song.

  31. Eymard Vivas

    Este video venía en el disco de Ashlee

  32. ahmed diyaa

    I'm not breathing ,I'm suffocating without you

    nuclear kid

    Is it love. Nope Its called oxygen.

  33. Danial Shariffuddin

    Best break up song ever.

    Chame e Mustang Chuga

    for shure! :)

  34. justin1104lee

    favorite song of all time... cant help crying :(

    Rhoda Jeanett Esparagoza

    good memories flashing back 😂 am i right. makes you cry or depressed bwahahhaaha

  35. Abomrai Alsaiari

    ياويل حالي ..

  36. cadroy

    great song and clip and surprisingly warm film.

  37. swe3t23

    my favorite song of hers. She had potential

  38. Ángel Alejandro Leal Vázquez

    I have a question, you made this video?

  39. Valentin Alen

    this song is one of my fav of hers. love ashlee.

  40. Mira Ku

    still remember the lyrics XDDD

  41. Flor Damico

    this song is so amazing, gives me chills

  42. Aiman Darda

    like it so much......

  43. mynameis bubble

    Yeah, I like this. Have passion!

  44. Hoshman justin

    i cant fight it

  45. ricky oje

    nice song.....

  46. Jose Oz

    great song, good job (Y)

  47. womanizerb

    I miss this girl.... I love her voice

  48. MrFrattt87

    i havent seen the movie but this song is just awesome

  49. moundhir eclip

    what crazy voice she has

  50. Rebecca4

    same :(

  51. jjuliana19900

    my favourite song from ashlee.. it makes me cry so easy..

  52. no no

    English. Learn it.

  53. Fuming Decaborane

    a singer doesnt HAVE to have voice like adele. a unique, distinct voice like this would get you hooked instantly

  54. brimurph2009

    my favorite song by her. it makes me cry everytime i hear it

  55. Sommer Mae

    my favourite ashlee song

  56. Julian Artica Rosado

    Sabado de Respuestas y Recuerdos...

  57. Sevvanna1

    :) I need you..... yea I need you.. <3 this song! so true the words

  58. Christian Quiroz

    me gusta esta cancion. es chevere!

  59. Franki Lee

    she grat

  60. kopczyn90

    the best of Ashlee's songs!

  61. Harley Kat

    "Boomerang," "Undiscovered," and "Smart in a Stupid Way" are songs I think I'll never stop coming back to on youtube to find, just to listen to again. Nowadays I'll find myself listening to a song, then randomally think of one of them.
    Beautiful songs.. :)

  62. Karina Andrea

    me enkanta ashlee simpson!!!! y me enkantaba su reality show es seka!

  63. Karlos Otero

    My favorite song of all time

  64. TheLegend855

    one of Ashlee's best song ever!!

  65. enigmaatual


  66. Amina Hida


  67. Serena Ding

    I always play this song while putting on makeup

  68. Evaldo Henrique

    que porra de mucica!!!!!!

  69. Kaylinn Manuel


  70. maslakx

    wow.. this song still reminds me of the past I had.. love this..

  71. Fhatima Tomura

    this is the best of sound
    is increrible ...
    i love... Oo

  72. aybak kanamat

    what name of the song

  73. Madyemily Lucas

    I love this movie and this song

  74. Ashlee De La Torre

    This song is so amazing i love it ! brings lots of good memories =) i love Ashlee she is so awesome. way better then her sister

  75. Lisanne Van der Scheer

    THis song is my favourite for 4 years now !!!!

  76. janine mueller

    she's so different now, I loved her for a long time. but now she's a barbie, badly :(

  77. hayley martin

    Love this song and the film :) <3 xx

  78. TheLegend855

    this song is amazing !! Love Ashlee's voice !!

  79. justin1104lee

    Every time when I feel moody, lonely, heartbroken, empty, desperate. This song gives me a feeling of companion which comforted me a lot..

  80. AB gale

    this is also my favorite ashlee song, her autobiography album was pretty descent, then i am me was ok, but i didnt like bittersweet world that much, i hope she releases an album soon tho

  81. Londy Mendieta

    iluv this song! best song bye her :)

  82. Looly AlMarri

    amazing song

  83. Asha McCartney

    i like it

  84. Andreea Staicu

    I love this song....I sometimes really think that it was written for me

  85. venaly3

    @caro7nea : yes, it is.

  86. R3BLAT

    someone can tell me where find this version of undiscovered (cause the album version is diferent)

  87. Ian

    I love Ashlee and her character in Merlose Place! And Steven Strait is really hot by the way!

  88. Tonya Geniole

    its apart of her character in the movie.

  89. zx123cv

    Why does she keep looking down?

  90. Taylor 01

    Such a beautiful song and clip!

  91. Tessamusique

    It's my favorite Ashlee's song

  92. Elsa Polindo

    dios, me encanta esta nena, sus canciones dos tres pero ella esta... hermosa

  93. MrsBloom1991

    I love this song <3

  94. mrsdotman

    This song is in the movie "Undiscovered" with steven strait

  95. Juliette Ortiz

    The best song that ashlee simpson sung!!!!

  96. ztevo

    unique voice

  97. Sarah Brennan

    i love this song :]

  98. Jenah Lattin


  99. 000sundancer000

    This song is so incredible! I don't know why it never made it to the radio!