Ashlee Simpson - Say Goodbye Lyrics

You don't know me
Like you knew me
You stopped listening
The moment that I needed you the most
You can't see me
Like you saw me
Truth comes easy
But it's hard for you to pull me from the ground

So I scream, scream cause it hurts
Your every word
Cuts me inside and leaves me worse
There's no way back
And what if there was
You'd still be you and
I'd still need to say goodbye

Maybe you don't
Love me
Like I love you baby
Cause the broken in you doesn't make me run
There is beauty
In the dark side
I'm not frightened
Without it I could never feel the sun


Nothing will ever change no matter what you say
I'm still gonna be the same
The harder we try, the harder that we fight, can't get it right


Say goodbye.. Say goodbye.. Say goodbye

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