Ashlee Simpson - Kicking And Screaming Lyrics

Don't get me waiting
Treating me like a fool
I have news for you
I'm turning my back
I'm dropping a bomb on you
You want me
You need me
Believe me
You'll be crawling
You love me
You hate me
Believe me
you'll come crawling

So get down and get off
Let me show you what you'll be missing
We break up you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming

Don't get me guessing
On your favourite obsession
To give me a lame excuse
It's with me that your messing
At the same old confession
Your no one that something would lose
Watch out now
A black out
There's no doubt
You can't have it
Control you
I'll own you
I'll show you but you still can't have it

So get down and get off
Let me show you what you'll be missing
We break up you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming
So get down and get off
You're not the only one that I've been missing
We break up you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming

You'll be kicking and screaming [2x]
I'm so deceiving
You'll be kicking and screaming!

Watch out now
You'll find out
You'll cry out
There's no one above me
I play hard
Don't run far
Come back now
I really do like you

So get down and get off
Let me show you what you'll be missing
We break up you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming
So get down and get off
You're not the only one that I've been missing
We break up you break down
Gonna drag you through this kicking and screaming

You'll be kicking and screaming [2x]
Kicking and screaming [2x]

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Ashlee Simpson Kicking And Screaming Comments
  1. Kr 887

    I like ashley but Miley's version is better in my opinion.

  2. Kr 887

    Miley cyrus was better.

  3. ishaqwertz


  4. Jamie Madrox

    Listenn in 2019

  5. joy july

    Both miley and Ashly has powerful vocals miley’s style is better but her high notes are too nasal which sounds annoying to me so Ashley’s voice is better for my ears

  6. 선요닥

    Ashlee is bitter


    선요닥 Spot on

  7. Anton-Mason Belarus-Minsk

    Ash...Style acapella is better than Miley, but the chorus a notes Miley sing is better F#

  8. Wayne A

    All of you do realize that Ashlee put out the single first riiiight ? Miley basically just mimiced and re-singed the song . I prefer Ashlee’s ( the original ) better

  9. It's Britney Bitch

    Honestly I dont get why people insult Ashlee and others insult Miley like just shut up, everyone has their own opinion lol. It's ok to say I like Miley more or I like Ashlee more but it's not ok to insult those who don't agree with u

  10. Ness P

    I didn't know this was Miley's song... mind blown. I like this version better <3.

  11. Sting-Steve Borden gal

    eeewww....that sucked badly and. agreed it dose sound more. trashier. wow i love @MileyCyrus's wayyyy better and besides i think. ashley just redone it cause kicking and screaming is originally. miley's song she sung that song on her new album. and if you don't. believe that then there. is a concert with miley on stage talking about this song and the new album look it up its there. so needless to say ashley just copied her

  12. i scream


  13. Matias Méndez

    Miley is better.

  14. Eileen Mccartney

    Miley is better

    Max EqualityAct

    Eileen Mccartney You're a hater bye bitch

    Eileen Mccartney

    @Max Ledwith uhm no I'm not, I'm just saying the truth (Miley is better) get your facts straight. And also there isn't no problem if I'm a bitch or not so you're not insulting me lmao bye


    A copy will never be better than original. It costs much more to create sth new than just rewrite the song again.


    And it's your opinion that Miley is better. The truth is nobody cares what you think about the song or the composer since you're not an expert.

    joy july

    Eileen Mccartney miley’s style is better but not her voice too nasal and sound fat

  15. Smiley Miley

    thumbs up if you thought this song is originally by Miley XD XD

    The Andrews Family

    Smiley Miley this song by Miley Cyrus is much better Ashlee Simpson can’t sing lol

  16. Parsa Spr

    I like Miley more but honestly this one is much better

  17. Jade West

    I wish there was a music vid for this song


    Same It's just sad

  18. Brandon

    I love her I wish she made more music

  19. Carlos Martinez

    I feel like Ashlee is just a little too raspy. I can't really make out some of the words she's trying to say. Or the quality of the video is just too much for the speaker.

  20. iamnazuren

    not bad.

  21. Karen Alvarado

    Miley is better

  22. comet717

    Miley's voice is more powerful. Miley suits better. 

  23. queenbee

    Ashlee's version is so much better,her voice is more raw and raspy making it more suited to this style of music!!


    yes I agree. if miley's voice didn't rattle then I MIGHT like her version, but miley sounds like too much like a kid. ashlee is a lot better


    +Belletaina im ashlee.

    Roxy Cauldwell

    Ashlee sounds like she's whining, there is Zero diction and she can barely even sing

  24. Jason Methystine

    there is no comparison, Miley sounds like she is being electrocuted on the bridge of her version.  Ashlee's raspy thin curdled warble suits this song PERFECTLY.  Gtfo saying otherwise PERIOD.


    miley is better

    Max EqualityAct

    Jason Methystine lmao Jesus


    @Sant no

  25. Miley CyrusVEVO

    miley sing is better

  26. Crunchy B Roll

    Wrong comment! God i am playing my freaking YouTube playlist and my comments are getting mixed up sorry just ignore the last comment plz.

  27. Crunchy B Roll

    Rd is totally awesome!

  28. AnaHollywoodVideos

    I've always thought both versions were pretty good!

  29. Chelsey B

    LOL i finally just realised why this song was always so familiar on Miley's album The Time of Our Lives. I Always liked this song, and the first time i heard it years ago i was able to sing along.. they sound VERY similar, but i do like Miley's voice better on it. /shrug still good both ways!

  30. hhtwbps


  31. ifiwereajohnson417

    I like Ashlee Simpson, but Miley sounds better. She can do the little scream better ;)

  32. meme dream

    I like Miley's better. This is still good.

  33. Bizzle Biebs

    Miley better than her

  34. Lori Natalia

    fuck miley this is ashlee miley is a whore ;p

  35. Lora MyWorld

    conclusion :: miley's voice always be the best

  36. Ivanamileyfanx


  37. Tori Samaniego

    Dont get me wrong, I grew up listening to Ashlee Simpson, and shes amazing. but Miley Cyrus has the voice for this song. Keep up the good work Ashlee :)

  38. thatbigdork

    Yeah sorry, Miley does it better. This just sounds trashy ....

  39. Julia Martins

    Já pensou Miley e Ashlee fazendo um feat. com essa musica?!

  40. Julia Martins

    Amo em qualquer versão, mas acho que a voz da Miley combina mais com o estilo da musica!

  41. 123456789123maria

    miley's is better :)

  42. wonkytonka

    I just discovered Miley's Kicking And Screaming on SongPop. Not bad, but I knew this one way before, and I still love it.

  43. Gabii Cèspedes

    just found out about miley's cover and well, no. this is much better.

  44. 023liz1

    La canta mejor Miley :D

  45. Surya Ketaraju

    I don't hate Ashlee's version becuz it's her song and she did it great!!! but miley's cover is better becuz it has more attitude, anger and she does the screams better :)

  46. PerSpaventapasseri

    Miley covered Ashlee. Ashlee performed this before Miley was on anyone's radar.

  47. Serena Rose

    who cares about which version is better just listen to the song yes they are both good versions :)

  48. MissAngela997

    Miley is better. sorry

  49. mystey3

    miley is better........

  50. Alihan Kasap

    Miley's version better for me

  51. Leilabeth Ledford

    miley is better than ashlee? what is it with kids my age? i bet you haven't listened to any of ashlee's other songs

  52. Aliarich21

    Miley version is wayyyyyyyy better more attiitude

  53. mo0n12216

    I cant stand miley!ashlee sings way better!

  54. MelodiaVonLesque

    AGREED!!!!!!!! WAY better. *I don't like any other song by she is better than Ashlee

  55. MelodiaVonLesque

    Miley version is way better....some how I find that pathetic

  56. ivana.

    Makes my ears bleed... MILEY'S VERSION IS WAYY BETTERRR


    Hope u went deaf dear...

  57. Lynn

    Mileys Version ist echt besser.

  58. dzjxdzjx

    Ashlee does it best!!! :D

  59. Wanda .Pasierb

    I like mileys version better, this song doesn't really suit ashlees voice at all.

  60. Quaryshon Pittman

    i love this version it so much raspier but we know who could sing this better in a live battle miley

  61. quelithax

    me gusta mas la version de miley

  62. Mimi Lalarirari

    @VickyCyrus16 no its no, miley did a cover on her album, but its a ashlee's song

  63. no se sabe

    Miley ROCKS! This is Miley's Song

  64. Kyle Krumnow

    When I first heard this, I thought it was Miley...

  65. Angie Des

    I think that the Miley voice is so much better than Ashlee's just my opinion.

  66. coolcassie2

    Both versions are good. Miley does a great job but my favourite version will always be Ashlee's. I love her screaming in this song, gives it more edge.

  67. internetangelX

    Honestly, I don't know why people are arguing about the two versions. I personally like them both.

  68. BSMichelle

    miley's version is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    times beter if you don't think soo you are deaf miley i love miley miley miley miley miley!!

  69. Ashlee Choi

    Woah after all this time, I just found out that Miley's Kicking and Screaming was a cover of Ashlee Simpson's!

  70. Peyton Walker

    Ashlee can sing, yes.
    The chorus is better on Ashlee's, verse on Miley's.
    Someone needs to mix the two ;]

  71. kriteon

    @jordansworld93 hahaha only miley's voice sounds so out of place on her version. she sucks. period.

  72. Jade

    Miley sings it 100 times BETTER!!!!

  73. Michelle Megens

    this doesn't fit ashlee.
    miley is more rock!!
    but what do i know.
    it's just a pretty good song!!

  74. Louise Finlay

    i dont like this verson....

  75. Abzii111

    There is no comparison. Miley's got nothing on Ashlee!

  76. Nevana LaRosa

    i like both versions. there, the debate is settled.

  77. thenewlifeofme

    @DAForever4Ever You know Miley?

  78. thenewlifeofme

    @petugalo I say i still prefer Miley's voice for rock and Ashlee's voice for pop to me

  79. thenewlifeofme

    Miley voice is MAKE for the rock, Ashlee's voice rather for pop..

  80. Ariana Bozzo

    @MileyCyrus0557 yeah:) miley's version is better :)

  81. newkidwithoutbraces

    It's more rock and roll.

  82. xstephanie1996

    her screem is pathetic haha

  83. 562luckyboy

    @arigaby9 ashlee miley cover it! i love both versions!!!

  84. Ariana Bozzo

    is this miley's song or ashlee's?

  85. Lauren Oblitey

    @cherry1359 IKR

  86. Lauren Bradford

    sorry to say but miley is way better she suits the song sorry

  87. Pamela Torales



    8 years later still nobody cares about u lol

  88. Sweet97Lollipop

    miley's version is way way better than this!

  89. Amanda Emilie

    I think Miley's better, but I really love Aslee!!

  90. Denisa Vacaru

    omg...MILEY IS M U C H better

  91. Gabriela Urbina

    QUE ASCO CANTA RE FEO AL A AU LO CANTA DEL ASCO miley la canta mejor

  92. Gabriela Urbina


  93. Pilar de los Angeles


  94. Алина

    miley Cyrus ist better qq but this ist good,too

  95. Taylor Ravioli

    so now i can rub it in my sisters face, this song she likes was origianaly by ashlee simpson, SHE OBSESSED WITH MILEY CYRUS! HELP ME!

  96. Filipe Fernandes

    Gente, ela é muito desafinada, a voz dela é horrível, eu ouvi as duas versões e a da Miley com certeza é a melhor. Fãs da Ashlee me desculpem, mas essa música foi feita pra Miley.

  97. NR105176

    @eeverypartofme Yeah this is the original song. It's a bonus track on the international version of her second album. That's why most people have never heard it before Miley Cyrus covered it.

  98. Omar A H

    miley is better

  99. emilygames12

    I like both , so this is the original? great job ashlee