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This little house that I made for myself
Keeps me occupied
Little house o' mine, little house o' mine
This little life that I made for myself
Keeps me satisfied
This little love is satisfied
All I need to satisfy me

Not always easy, but it's what we wanted
Swore myself to you when we started
Love, in fact your love is all I knew
All I want from you

Summer nights don't reflect the beauty I'm seeing
Winter time inside with the drinks that I'm choosing
We race in a place beyond the pain
Well, anytime I want, I'll go to ease my mind

This little love o' mine, mine
This little love o' mine, mine, mine, mine

This little house that I made for myself
Keeps me occupied
Little house o' mine, little house o' mine

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Ashlee Simpson Home Comments
  1. Garden Girl

    Beautiful song

  2. Diane Santamaria

    Beautiful ❤️

  3. Daniel Munro

    Favourite track from the EP ❤ so beautiful

  4. cc cc

    i miss my barbies.. where art tho? we need more of your voices!! love u both forever

  5. TaShawna Williams

    Love this song ❤️❤️

  6. Prycilla Almaguer

    I love you guys so much as a fan. Please season 2 for summer !!!!! @ashleyandevan ♡♡♡

  7. Stefanie Anderson

    I love this song can never get enough ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  8. Emily B

    I’m really liking their songs! They both sound great

  9. RaiRaiBrown

    This song is Hott! They both sound perfect!.

  10. doseyrosey19

    This song is fabulous! So happy to hear Ashlee singing again, and Evan is the perfect pairing! I hope that your happiness continues as well as the beautiful music that you're making together!

  11. Miss Grinch

    His voice sucks and so does the autotune.

  12. jackie mendoza

    This song makes me cry. Ashlee you sound amazing. I couldn't be more proud of you. 💗

  13. Maria fernanda Delgado


  14. Andrea Galindo-Parra

    Ashlee missed your music. It feels good to listen to you again and remember that album “autobiography” that I still love. ❤️ xo from Venezuela.

  15. Misty Van Pelt

    Love the music you two make. Groovy and relaxing.

  16. Ashton Holmes

    Obsessed. ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Nisai Gibbs

    Just beautuful!! 😍

  18. Kimberly Moyer

    Evan, what a hidden talent!

  19. New Religion

    Crazy i 'm loving these songs.

  20. Barbie Perez


  21. Jamillah Love

    Obsessed ✨

  22. Maritza C

    Yall are so cute! Young love is beautiful. You definitely have a blessed connection.

  23. altovise14

    I was thinking, I really like this song and would love to play it at my wedding, until she did the horse raspy voice thing throughout the song. It messed the whole song up. Can you do a do-over for this song without the raspy thingy majiggy, asking for everybody?

  24. Yugvijay

    Whats ur favorite from this album guys?
    Mine is I Do.

    Emilee Rose

    Yugvijay phases ♥️


    @Emilee Rose 😍

  25. Jessica Lyn

    I’ve always loved Ashlee’s voice! It’s so beautiful! Such a beautiful song!! I never heard Evan sing before I watched the show and I must say his voice is gorgeous!

  26. Mogwath Balele

    love every song in this album

  27. Fauxindigo

    I'm so f*%k!n8 happy she's back and that the music is all so perfect with Evan. I love that she's evolving as an artist.

  28. Neo Khama

    Deserves more recognition😭♥

  29. Crysta Belle

    I really really liked it.

  30. 03crazycatie

    I'm so glad you are making music again, Ashlee. I love that yall are making music together at that. I know it's easier said than done but I'd def say don't stress yourself too much over perfection girly. We all have made mistakes or choices in our past that didn't go as we hoped. Trust that us fans still have mad love for you and don't hold it against you. If anyone does, it's deflection and shows more about them. Can't wait to see your journey from here on. You have a beautiful family, btw. Keep rockin' ❤

  31. Jeremiah Smith

    love Evans Ablibs. And Ashlee sounds like a beautiful Christmas

  32. Jeremiah Smith

    This sounds like a old Ashlee but mature I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. something for the people Israel shslom

    Beautiful song Evan brings out the best in Ashley. Because I have to admit i never cared for her as a singer until this joint. He makes her sound soulfully country. No offense to her fans. Just saying she sounds like a young Loretta Lyn or Barbra mandrel. Type country yet soulful

  34. Yuxper Moon

    God, I love this song! I just wish it would be longer. Of rest, it's perfect and beautiful and sdjkansdkjna♥

  35. Marlene Martins


  36. Vincent Marchese

    When will all be released??

  37. Rhuan Cesar

    what a beautiful song <3 love you Ashlee

  38. Dsk Setya

    WOW 😍

  39. Vici NotZicki

    Your songs are so great. I love the melodies and lyrics :) keep it up. #longtimeashleefan

  40. Melissa Jackson

    I hope we will hear more from you both, i hope we will hear more songs, more on tv 🙏🏽😍🔥

  41. DV MOMMY

    I love it!!!!

  42. Noora

    I love it. They have awesome songs 😍

  43. Jana Fuller

    This makes me so happy! 💜

  44. Laurie Warrick


  45. Francisca Valenzuela


  46. Edmundo Matoviche

    Love you guys!

  47. Talei T

    Ashlee & Evan, your creations speak to my soul, they elevate my heart! Thanks for making our day brighter & keeping honest love between a couple so pure and beautiful. Love & life is amazing. May everyone feel what we feel 💕

  48. Joniqa X_X