Ashlee Simpson - Bat For A Heart Lyrics

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head

I'm out of my mind running towards danger
The lights on the street are blinding my way
I can feel you, watching over
I know you want it now, want it now, want it now
I know you want it now, want it now, want it now

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head

The dark in the sky, the wind in my air
A bat for a heart sucking up me
Can you feel me, watching over
I know you want it now, want it now, want it now
I know you want it now, want it now, want it now

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head


My hands are stained from my dirty black hair
My heart is cursed cause you were never there
Another crime that you left behind
I'm just a name that fear of the time

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head

I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head
I'm gonna bang bang, love you up
Twist you out inside of my head

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Ashlee Simpson Bat For A Heart Comments
  1. JadeAsh21

    A bad Marilyn Manson/Madonna impression? Wtf is this?

  2. Rob Rodriguez

    Ugh, I can't tell you how many times I played this song when it first came out. I didn't know what the fuck "bat for a heart" meant until years later and I remembered Pete Wentz beautiful dick pics.

  3. Trenton Dean

    It took me a few lessons a couple of years ago but after a while, I love this song.

  4. Common Sense

    I so wish she would put another song out. This song always brings me out of a funk. It’s the go to 🙂

  5. Luis Zambrano

    Amé esta canción cuando la escuché la primera vez... Hoy la escucho y me causa la misma sensación.

  6. Darcy Marie TCB

    Wow never heard this but I love it. She looks so different. So pretty!!❤

  7. Rosie Posie

    i love this...always liked her and her voice!

  8. Donna Fifer-King

    About Pete, obviously. I love this woman.

  9. joe a

    this is a legendary flop. this song has such cheap-sounding production, but it really coalesces well. I don't even know how to explain it fully but every once in awhile I return to it. haunting, queasy, repetitive, catchy, over-the-top. pop music at its rainiest.

  10. goduskychris Chris Godusky

    She bang and fuck me im single

  11. camilo Sexto

    Ashley que tiempo de no oírte y encuentro esta joya tuya 😊

  12. Thomas Scott

    Obvious waste of good studio time.... Who produced this dog shit???

  13. Kimetsu no Yaiba

    I was in love with her when I was a kid, it’s so sad I didn’t even know about the existence of this not-bad song

  14. TsukiYumeTan

    "Dirty black hair"= Pete Wentz?

  15. James Griffiths

    she looks like buffy

  16. Howard Stern

    I never knew Ashlee could sing

  17. Miriam Davis

    I like the fart solo in the middle ;)

  18. rebeca mendoza

    Te extraño :")

  19. Sara sarori

    Love it

  20. Missy Rose

    The lyrics could use a little work, but I prefer this to her other songs. I think this song is probably more her, and less commercial, company controlled candy coated crap.

  21. Jackie Kramer

    Holy shit that first line caught me off guard

  22. Melissa Smith

    trying to be like madonna's justify my love video.

  23. Tania Sierra

    I just heard this song for the first time and I can't believe I've never heard it before. It's SO good. I miss her ❤

  24. Joseph Smith

    I actually LOVE this new music from Ashlee. ❤️💋👌

  25. Collin Samatas

    Dunno about all the things people are saying, I just think it's a good song with a low-key vibe. Maybe her best?

  26. Melanie S

    she looks like she's on drugs

  27. Alchemic Overdrive

    Nevermind the terrible "singing". I just find it hilarious this skank got a nose job that ended up looking worse lol.

  28. Krissy Norman

    thanks Ash leyyy lvuuuu doll

  29. Margaret Ferrand

    not for nothing I love this f#@kin song !!!

  30. Mads Gismerica

    I like it!

  31. Johnny Boy

    She couldn't even ask daddy for the budget for a decent music video? Tsk.

  32. Jordan Richard

    No wonder Ashlee wasn't making music, she was on Tumblr the whole time apparently

  33. Crystal Jade

    i think this is really cool and she's expressing herself. y'all are haters, she's super talented and UNIQUE.


    Crystal Jade I love Autobiography and i am me, but in what world is she unique? This is the definition of generic song and even i am me wasnt unique in anyway but at least it was good.

  34. Koree T

    Is she still trying for this?

  35. Doni Williams

    I was missing her for awhile cuz I was a huuuge fan of her but when this came out I wasn't expecting to hear much from her again. I mean her genre became less and less appealing to me with every album. Autobiography - Loved, I Am Me - was definitely a fan of it and then Bittersweet was..bittersweet. I liked Invisible for sure but then years later we get this? I mean I'm sure some people were into it but ugh I was much hoping for the debut Ashlee. But oh well. At least they'll always be awesome memories. RIP to her career 2004-2008. <3

  36. Fran Quinta

    please come back!!! ashlee i miss youuu D;

  37. johnnyboii

    tbh. i fucking love itt. totally my style . amazing.

    Ivan Escobar

    johnnyboii hey wassup? can you aim here [email protected] i think you're my type lol hmu bro

  38. IVO Muzik

    Sounds weird, very amateur and demo-ish but I kinda like it.

  39. Gregor Meglič

    she left her sighn in music history, good performer, good artis , special singer i give 7 of 10

  40. Mathias Grün

    and all I hear is 'aye aye aye aye ay

  41. Traina

    Ashlee this is amazing, I've been a fan of this song for such a long time, please return to music, I miss you.

  42. Mela

    sounds like something lana del rey would make


    it reminds me lizzy grant era so much! it didnt work for lana, why did they think it would work for ashlee...

    Rosie Posie

    kinda felt that too. love them both

  43. icebud

    This song has potential. It sounds more like a demo than a mastered song. The biggest problem I have with this song is the lyrics. They feel unoriginal, passionless, and cliche. This song could've been great, but I feel it needs more work. She should keep experimenting, then she'll create a masterpiece.


    Linda Perry wrote the lyrics


    Oh Lord. Don't let Mama Perry catch ya talkin' smack. She's won a Grammy... and I don't mean the rockin' chair kind, ya feel meh?

  44. Rafael

    Ashlee please comeback with a indie pop rock album please

  45. MrAquarius27

    love this!

  46. howheavyisthatx

    THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  47. Littlesweetrabbit

    i reckon it actually not a bad song

  48. Jade West

    Aw I miss her music so much

  49. geovanny flores

    Amo esta cancion de Ashlee Simpson

  50. AshleeLatina


  51. Rachid Rachid

    It took Pete 4 months before he would marry her I guess he didn't love her that much.

  52. Bryann Torres

    This is a good song to tell ur ex boyfriend go" fuck them self s"

  53. scrumsie

    she sing alot about her head.

  54. ZeriocTheTank

    Why is she even still trying!?

    Amanda Lewis

    That's mean let her do what she wants

  55. Ana Luiza Cezar

    Ashlee Simpson

  56. Pipe M

    miss you ashlee ... it sounds like a demo

  57. Aloep Banks

    if you dont understand this song and her artistic expression then dont just say how she should still be doing teen pop/rock music and its horrible, she was in a completely different time in her life a couple years ago and Im sure still is than she was a decade ago.

  58. lexy sum

    HONEY PETE DOSE NOT WANT YOU! this song is childish

    Phoebe Callaghan

    She doesn't want him either, you've completely misunderstood the concept of the song.

  59. Kayli Griffin

    who exactly is she gonna fuck up?  I'm not threatened lol neither is anyone else.  Pete Wentz is better off without you.

    Kayli Griffin

    @Kenslee S. how many fucking times is she gonna say "I'm gonna bang bang fuck you up"?!?!?!??!

    lexy sum

    +Kayli HiddlestonLover (Queen Kayli) God knows &' SHE CANT

    Aloep Banks

    +Kayli HiddlestonLover (Queen Kayli): huh? she's re-married, had another baby, so did he. let it go, this is just music, her art.

    lexy sum

    +Aloep Ci Banks that is not art honey that's a grown women being childish


    +Kayli HiddlestonLover (Queen Kayli) Pete Wentz.... poor guy

  60. Leo Mendoza

    This is so random and nothing like Ashley's..

    Aloep Banks

    +Leo Mendoza Ashlee*

  61. Amber Thompson

    Ahhhh I see it ....very courtney love

  62. Amber Thompson

    Ok I'm gonna say it😐.... I kinda like it...although it's kinda like Miley's "adore you" and millions of other videos like this....

  63. DarkxxxxLight

    Is this ashlee? seriusly? Just Horrible...

    Kayli Griffin

    @DarkxxxxLight amen

    Aloep Banks

    +DarkxxxxLight you just dont understand it

  64. sbe79

    I have never heard this song.  I was not aware it existed.  I can also understand garbage.  This is something simultaneously beyond that, and also genius.  It is pretty obvious the song is meant to be "askew".  The borderline dance beat against the slow piano and the distorted vocals.  

    It's trashy, it's nearly talentless, it's bizarre.  It also works.  Much like when Ashlee channeled (OK, ripped off) Missing Persons in "Outta My Head", it taps into a more underground 80s vibe that isn't as forgiving as ripping off a Peter Cetera song.  It's a song that is more like a blurry Polaroid than a Foto-Mat 4x6.  

    It's the soundtrack to the party you wish you didn't attend as a 15 year old (but secretly brag about as an adult), as opposed to a snapshot of your bake sale the next day. Capturing that sonically properly, alone, is worth a fist pump.

    It works to a huge degree. I'm not surprised it didn't make radio playlists, but I also think it's a hidden treasure.  It's actually well-produced, even if it's not well written. There's a lot of forces working against each other in the song, which makes it a challenge to interpret. It's like early 2000s Britney Spears reimagined through an 80s lense -- which nobody yet has done, which probably no one will do again.  It's a niche, a snapshot, a scene that may not be adorable -- but has a story to tell.

    This song is actually worth a listen.  That is all.


    +sbe79 beautiful...

    TtotheD IsMe

    well said

    Berenice Eme

    sbe79 I think this is a complete new low. It's astronomically awfull. The piano, the beat so cheesely off. And I didn't even mention the moronic trying so hard lyrics. Warp speed of bad.

    Missy Rose

    Berenice Eme I like it. I agree the lyrics need some work, but there were a few lines I liked. And I agree with the statement that although this song is a MESS... It works. I like that it's not all polished and prettied up. It's kind of raw, and broken up, and reminds you of how you feel after you've gone through something significantly painful.

  65. Staedler Staedlerr

    Love it

  66. jrizzle8769

    I used to love her and I would love her to make a comeback, just not with this garbage.

  67. lvvanity music

    And i'm 20 now

  68. lvvanity music

    I've been a fan of her since I was 10 I love her music I have all her albums but wtf happened to this chick?

  69. delimanxt91

    Holy shit I couldn't stop laughing

  70. Savannah Baptiste

    Is this about pete wentz

    Savannah Baptiste

    +Mia Frary okay thanks

    Missy Rose

    Probably not actually, since the lyrics weren't written by her. Also, their breakup seemed relatively civil, so I don't think she was feeling that messed up by it. And I think she was already in a relationship with her now husband when this was released. I'm guessing she just liked the song and there was probably a relationship in her past, maybe before she was ever famous, that made her feel like this at some point, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Pete Wentz.

  71. Gin A

    She's 30 writing songs that sound like they were written by an angry 12 year old...

  72. Divya Depp

    Ballet school was worth it for Ashlee=)

  73. Divya Depp

    I can't believe she's gonna be a mum again. Didn't seem like the type who would have a kid before she met Pete Wentz. Love her music though!!

  74. Moderator


  75. Barbara Centeno

    this is awful, I'm gonna stay with the Ashlee from L.O.V.E and La La. 


    Barbara Centeno this is a bop we-

  76. George L

    Love it!!!

  77. ruben garcia

    I love Ashlee Simpson sucks that she's not gonna make another album but still love her 3 albums

    Joey Knox

    ruben garcia she did make one tho

  78. Mônaco Oliveira

    So perfect, come back to music Ashlee, without Ross in your artist name please! :/

  79. Jaysen Summers

    It's like she tried to be Slut Miley before Miley became a shameless foul mouthed whore. LOL

  80. Dan Gomes

    That's not enough!!!!! I Want More!!!!
    Miss U

  81. Nuno Soares

    A far cry from the Ashlee Simpson from 10 years ago. I hope she has better songs than this.

    Ookami Silver

    Being hot doesn't make someone a good singer, idiot...

    Ookami Silver

    'Whats an idiot'. I don't know, maybe you?

  82. Slade Wilson

    Ashlee ♥

  83. Gloria Yaneli

    Always have & always will love everything she does

  84. Ookami Silver

    Did she get a nose job? O_o

    Aloep Banks

    +Ookami Silver like a decade ago....

  85. Megan Gray

    I really liked her last album, but this song as well as the music video seem really poorly produced. Here's hoping they bump up the production value when she actually releases another album.

  86. Natalia Ramos

    No se q le paso a Ashlee...Cuando era el 2005 hasta 2008 era genial pero ahora ya nadie la recuerda :( igual la amo

    Gabriel Battistelli

    Yo pienso que su representante simplemente no sirve y no la motiva a sacar nueva musica, yo te aseguro que con un buen manager y un buen productor Ashlee saca un nuevo cd y pega unas cuantas canciones!

    Natalia Ramos

    Aun me acuerdo  de L.O.V.E cuando la escuchaba antes de irme a una fiesta o cuanda la pasaban en MTV

    Leo Mendoza

    No fue culpa de su manager ni nada, fue por la culpa de su presentación en SNL. Nadie desde ese momento la empezó a tomar en serio.

  87. Larraine Wong

    Loved her music she look so punk a little bit of pink & the other 1/2 Gwen S

  88. DODO

    lyrics make it impossible for radio. it flopped. she got bad advice to use the profanity


    they mute stuff on the radio all the time! so, why not?

    Kurt Taylor

    There's a clean version where she says I'm gonna bang bang mess you up

  89. Román Aguilar

    She kinda reminds me of Gwen Stefani here. Like a B&W version of 4 in the morning haha

  90. Jeff Klause

    Its a cool song,she rocks does jazz, why not,

  91. Monica Ramirez

    " im gonna bang" what's the meaning of that?

    Monica Ramirez


  92. Madison Absari

    She's voice like the voice of jessica simpson

  93. Newton

    best flop ever though the lyrics kinds suck

  94. Johnny Condit

    She looks like Courtney love

  95. reggae rap/rock

    no se parece a ella :S

    reggae rap/rock

    o.o la nariz le quedo tan extraña.. estaba mejor antes , perdio como escencia no se ..

  96. Face Reality

    love it

  97. Spears 86

    This song is just a song to be sung it seems to be because she use to put so much passion into her stuff if you listen to songs like pieces of me and shadow compared to this...just seems like work to her now like it's not fun for her anymore.