Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography Lyrics

You think you know me
Word on the street is that you do
You want my history
What others tell you won't be true

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep
Nobody's really seen my million subtleties

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

I hear you talking
Well, it's my turn now
I'm talking back
Look in my eyes
So you can see just where I'm at

I walked a thousand miles to find one river of peace
And I'll walk a million more to find out what this shit means

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

I'm a bad ass girl in this messed up world
I'm the sexy girl in this crazy world
I'm a simple girl in a complex world
A nasty girl, you wanna get with me?
You wanna mess with me?

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
I laugh more than I cry
You piss me off, good-bye
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

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Ashlee Simpson Autobiography Comments
  1. Nurul Amirah

    Still obsessed

  2. 吉澤亮

    2019 ya

  3. NicCamp

    This shit turns 15 today

  4. Madeleine Medina Gutarra

    2019? ;)

  5. Sheridan Sanchez

    I never knew she had her own show in the early 2000’s

  6. Mangan2504

    If you like this, you should check out "Tränenschwer" by Juli (even though you might not understand it, because it's in german 🙈). I love the guitar sound from the Juli track more.

  7. Veronica Sosa

    2019 por siempre

  8. Dill

    Love this song! She is great

  9. tony williams

    Here it is December 2018 and I'm still in love with this song

  10. Felicia Devitt

    I just love this song too rock out too and sing too .

  11. Magdalena Stachowicz


  12. Danace Tobias

    I used to watch her reality show on MTV when I was 14. Brings back good ol' memories.

  13. Jesse Dominguez

    Aun tengo el disco en Fisico... grandiosos recuerdos y me volvi muy fan de ella a los 13 años!

  14. PenumbraTheWolf

    A song that was supposed to help her cover up that saturday night...

  15. Ashlee Driscoll

    Will always love her!!

  16. Tammy Murphy

    used to be obsessed with her in 2005, here it is nearly 2018 and im listening to her haha

    Jess Stoner

    Why yeah

    Aries Cervantes

    You are not the only one, haha!

    Samadhi Irina


  17. Jill Rosen Hilly


  18. Jill Rosen Hilly


  19. Jill Rosen Hilly


  20. britney spears is okay

    i always thought she was saying "i'm a big-ass flirt" lmao

  21. Terrance Jovan

    2017 i need some new music from ashlee. this was my girl. <3

  22. Volker Paulsen

    Such an amazing song! Love it.

  23. Paula McTaggart

    2017 love your songs!

  24. Crystal F

    Loved THIS Ashley Simpson!

  25. awakened_link

    For some reason this song always made me think of Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events, and all the struggles she went through. Like an anthem.

    Jordan Guay

    I can relate as I read the series during the time of this song!

  26. pattyl vartanian

    it says it's not available in my country !!! why is thattttt :(

    pattyl vartanian


  27. Raquel Oliveira Silva


  28. Candy Coleman

    love this

  29. poopsie0323

    this was on my ipod back in the day when the only way i could listen to music was to sneak my ipod to school. God bless asian parents

  30. Lorem Medina

    Omg 2016 and I still love her!!

    Ue Ai

    still loving in 2017!!

  31. Daniel Santos

    I have this album

  32. Alyssa Henson

    I love her squeak in the bridge of the song


    Alyssa Henson yesss and in song love me for me that voice break ao is awesome

  33. Khadijah Lilly

    love her

  34. Bad Romance

    I made out to this song in the 5th grade

    Legend's Mommy

    xTheOc lololololol

    Max EqualityAct

    Lol. Ew....

  35. Michele Rich

    This song was catchy so fuck y'all

  36. Brittany Lizardi

    I'm so a fan of Ashlee!

  37. Jourdinn Paxton

    My jam back in freshman year in college...

  38. Camille McCabe

    this was my jam in like 6th grade and now I am a junior in college holy fuck

  39. Artie Shawl

    i don't like her, she's a spoiled brat, can't really sing, but this song is surprisingly closer to rock than to pop, and i really like that. you can't find that theses days in mainstream music

    Artie Shawl

    no man- there are still great bands like rise against, fob

    Chris Warman

    +Stoneyeyey I said pop/rock. Which is a combo of both. Pop song with guitars, drums, ect. That's what pop was in 2004. Today pop is so technological and dancy. These days, this would be considered more rock than pop. Not saying this is a rock song, cause it's obviously not, but times have changed and so has music. But back in the early 2000's pop/rock was what almost every pop singer was, besides the bigger stars like Britney and Christina cause they've always been ahead of their times when it came to pop music.

  40. Alan Seosamh

    this is not an original song check out german band 'juli' song called tranenschwer 

    Trine Langohr

    Alan, you've got it wrong. The "original" artist of a song is always the one who publishes it first ("publish" in the legal definition means: play it live at a public gig, on the telly, or on a record). Since the song was used as the theme song in the "ashlee simpson show" in mid-04, and the album too came out in July 04, Simpson is the original singer of this song. Juli published their version in September 04, only 2 months later, but their version is legally a cover.

    Kara DioGuardi probably sold the melody to two different artists at the same time, and both made their own independent version. But Simpson published it faster, so this version is the original.

  41. hereiam19


  42. Pinklover Kittycat

    thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2013 :D

  43. haunted14

    This album was my life when I was 12 or 13 and I'm now 23. Still good. Hellz yes.

  44. HappyJedi99

    An absolutely rocking voice!!!

  45. amina mans

    she lip synced on SNL the song started playing before she sung so they knew about it n it was some sort of a big deal

  46. kandiluvzu

    what happened?

  47. kaylee wilson

    you are a great singer and great songs to u r my hero ashlee simpson love u.

  48. kate olsen

    i miss ashlee :'( she made my days better when i usued to watch her show on mtv

  49. ilovelinmanuelmiranda95

    I didn't grow up with this. I actually grew up with music FAR from this but I really like this song. I looked into her SNL incident. I actually feel bad because her music is good. I mean Beyonce lip synced the National Anthem. Give Ashlee a freaking break!

    sara abdelnaby

    Exactly, I couldn't agree more. Give her a break, she has great music and I saw live versions on youtube of her singing "Pieces of Me." She sounded pretty close to the damn studio version.

    Rilynn Pierce

    ilovelinmanuelmiranda95 i grew up w her n still love her. As for lipsync incident if i remember right it only happened cuz she was sick that concert but didnt wanna cancel on her fans

  50. Khatherine Ivankovic

    The pics of her on this album look JUST like my older sis, it's kinda creepy....

  51. pebs016

    someone already told me what snl was but good try though

  52. Megan Dailey

    Less raspy Courtney Love is good LMAO given I dislike Courtney but adore Ashlee,

  53. Toxic Envy

    She got busted for lipsynching.

  54. Sam Rueter

    Ashley, get your ass out of my Diary. now.

  55. pebs016

    whats snl? and did she die? ????/

  56. Kristin Boothe

    haha this song was my favorite in kindergarden.. i'm a freshman in highschool now! pretty crazy

    Max EqualityAct

    Kristin Boothe wow. Lol. Kindergarten??

  57. Amber Barnes

    Okay well then the following were co-written by her:

    Autobiography, I Am Me, La La, Shadow, Pieces of Me, Boyfriend, and L. O. V. E.

  58. Amber Barnes

    >.> Thank Kara DioGuardi for writing it. <.<

  59. Amber Barnes

    Man...I can't believe Kara DioGuardi wrote this song. Huh, never would have thought. I remember when I had this album back in middle school. So great.

  60. emomagica

    I also love her voice. She sounds like a less raspy Courtney Love.

  61. Pixxie244

    The ashlee simpson's show Intro :')

  62. Ivan Stojanovic

    depend of what you drive maybe I wanna your AUTO

  63. ashley caroline

    I dyed my hair red and cut my hair and got bangs. My name is Ashley and everyone has been telling me that i look i look like Ashlee Simpson. I think its such a huge compliment bc this girl is gorgeous!

  64. Kelin Doan

    I miss her a lot. There was a time I was crazy over her. :((

  65. Leah Pemberton

    Dear Ashlee,

    thank you for making a song that explains me

    -Leah :)

  66. anportillo

    Loved her when she was normal and not with 1000 surgeries... :) she was authentic and did not care about the people gossip....

  67. WishesSailorMoon

    Also, have been listening to this since I was 11. Almost 20 now. No shame :D

  68. WishesSailorMoon

    You piss me off goodbye!!

  69. Kaci Lokz

    awww i remember i used to watch her show on mtv :)

  70. Taylor Ravioli

    got stains on my t-shirt, and im the biggest flirt, right now im single but that might changing eventualy, got bruises on my heart, and some times i get dark, if you want my autobiography, baby just ask me, i laugh more than i cry, you piss me off goodbye! is so relatable! love this song, i feel like its my biography!

  71. Wanda Tanya

    and even after all these years I can still remember the lyrics to the song. I love all the strong lyrics in her songs

  72. Bridgitt Lee

    what a great song!

  73. Nicole Herrley

    This song makes me think of my freshman year of high school everytime!! Aww!

  74. Gabriela Mallo

    @pinkfantasy9 Agreed ♥♥

  75. Rita Devicora

    I like this song, it's very relate-able except for this one line where she says "I'm a simple girl in a complex world" .... Now I don't know about Ashlee or anyone else, but I feel like I'm a complex girl in a simple world! Just wanted to share that ^-^ It's a good song though!

  76. Jules DeLeon

    You should maybe use spell check next time.

  77. TigerX Girl906

    i love this song!

  78. cassiopée

    lol fail you wrote wan't instead of won't

  79. Taylor Ravioli

    this is just like me,
    i have stains on my tee shirt
    im the biggest flirt,
    if you piss me off goodbye
    got bruises on my heart,
    sometimes i get dark.

  80. maya nicole

    @Dman761 AGREED! so sick of the electro shit!

  81. james alegarbes

    love this song.. :))

  82. Dman761

    this was when pop music was influenced by rock. Now it's influenced by crappy techno/house/gay club rave party (you get my point)

  83. Dman761

    @ferch61 me too

  84. Paulina Potter Delgado

    7 years ago..!! wow

  85. re lly

    loved it!!

  86. bridget Alexander

    her and jessica are nothing alikeee

  87. ferch61

    WOW ... this song was my favorite in 7 grade .... Right now Im starting college ...=)

  88. Megan Bertsch

    "Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually."
    Pete Wentz! Haha.

  89. Nicole Cerniglia

    @withoutmusicplaying you're right! what are the lyrics? maybe she did a cover of it or something

  90. Precious Lambert

    this song came out when i was 20 and i still love this song at 26 yrs old.. she tha shit for a white girl

  91. Sonja Maria

    there's a german song that sounds EXACTLY like this one: /watch?v=AJ__CZjDDmI

  92. jadeyes914

    i was talking about someone's comment. not the song.

  93. jadeyes914

    i think it's you that needs to settle down

  94. Esam Mohamad

    What is wrong with you all. We are not perfect. Just because you misspell something, the other comments tries to ridicule you. What the heck man. We are here on earth to live together. Please settle down damn

  95. jadeyes914

    learn how to spell. it's "terrible" not "teribble"

  96. Lauren Heinrich

    i love this song. i remember singing this a while ago. i love this song.
    amazing job!!(: