Ashland - Over The Moon Lyrics

At a table for two
Valentino shoes
My favorite dress shoulda been blue
'Cause I've been waiting on you
And now I look like a fool
I told them that you would be here soon

But you
You never show up
You never grow up
I pay the price of all you do

Ooh-you, wee-ooh-wee-ooh
All these years I've cried for you
I know it's pitiful but true
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you
I'm over the moon for you
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you

So I sit at the bar
Drink Merlot until dark
Just incase you're not very far
But now I'm seeing the stars
I lost the keys to my car
Why do I let you tear me apart? (mmh, mmh-mmh-mmh)

But you
You never show up
You never grow up
I pay the price of all you do

Ooh-you, wee-ooh-wee-ooh
All these years I've cried for you
I know it's pitiful but true
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you
I'm over the moon for you
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Everybody knows what a mess I've made
And it's all because of your love
Don't know what it is about you babe
'Cause we never even have any fun

Ooh-you, wee-ooh-wee-ooh
All these years I've cried for you
I know it's pitiful but true
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you
I'm over the moon for you
I can't help it, I'm over the moon for you

(Ooh-ooh) lost my keys
(Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) lost my phone
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh) guess I'm walking home alone
(Ooh-ooh) all alone
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)

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Ashland Over The Moon Comments
  1. S K

    This is such a cute song def going into my playlist. If you don’t like the song it’s just not your taste but don’t be rude.

  2. Iis Sunarko

    gua demen pas bilang uiuiuiui kek suara sirine 🤣🤣🤣

  3. slippy318

    This is awesome, guys. Good work.

  4. ninanile

    A pleasant listen this was 😊✨😌
    Please checkout this song *Life With Me by ninanile.* it’s a song I wrote. I’d truly appreciate it if you’d support my channel.✨

  5. k5ryannc

    Need a powerful song to stretch them vocals! Here from the our last night video. You got it.

  6. Daniel Bienapfl

    This is a pop song lol misleading

  7. charlieorsomething

    Taylor Swift wants her song back.

    Ashland Official

    charlieorsomething Genuinely curious by what you mean? I wrote this song on Feb. 9th, 2018 using garage band lol. I hope you enjoy it atleast. 😊 -Asia


    Ok Boomer

  8. Mimicsan-P

    Just discovered this band
    Sounds very good
    Looking forward to listen more of your songs

    Ashland Official

    Mimicsan-P Thank you! Our new record comes out Dec. 13th 😊

    Luca Taranto

    Me too, from our last night

  9. Jacob Spencer

    This has such a fun classy vibe! The artwork for this song reminds me of like a 60's Audrey Hepburn feel. Thank you guys! Saw you live on Friday btw & you guys are talented performers

    Ashland Official

    Thank you! And I love love love Audrey Hepburn so that makes me happy. Hope you check out the album Dec.13! 😁 - Asia

    Jacob Spencer

    @Ashland Official 😊 will do!

  10. Rain C.

    Ok i'm sorry but i'm cackling bc if you look at the oldest song then this, you'll understand (just, k immma go now XD)

  11. Sameer Sharma

    I know this label long time, this was something really unexpected but I love it. She is a PHENOMENAL singer and I wish them (Ashland) all the best for their new single! 👌👍👌

    Ashland Official

    Sameer Sharma Thank you so much Sameer!!

    Sameer Sharma

    @Ashland Official: You're welcome folks. Keep up the good work...cheers 😎

  12. mex herr

    Who will fix me now?
    Dive in when I'm down?
    Save me from myself
    Don't let me drown

  13. Andres Rojas

    As much as I like this song. The soft sound clipping is pretty annoying. This need to be fixed unless people don't really mind messing up their speakers. It's a lot more noticeable on Spotify

  14. Taylor Bennett

    This is different but really cool guys great job. Def will check out your other stuff as well. And try to ignore all the hate on here.

    Ashland Official

    Taylor Bennett Thank you Taylor, we’re glad you enjoyed it! And yes please check out our other stuff and be looking for the new album! (Dec.13th) 😁

  15. Raymond Reddington

    She is hot.

  16. blessthefres


    Ashland Official

    blessthefres This is pretty mean but it did make us laugh pretty hard 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Keith Arizona

    Not digging DGDs new singer

  18. spacepatrolblue

    Hey Ashland, never heard of you guys but this is really nice, I like it. Ignore the haters, YouTube comments are gonna do what they've always done. ♥️

    Ashland Official

    spacepatrolblue Thank you, we really appreciate that 😊♥️

  19. PrettyBlackBoyRocker

    Repping C-U!

    Ashland Official

    PrettyBlackBoyRocker Yesssss!! 👊🏻

  20. shamus248


  21. Elijah Snyder

    Yes! Ashland is back! Love you Asia and Aaron!

    Ashland Official

    Elijah Snyder We ♥️ you too!

    Elijah Snyder

    Ashland Official Hope to go to a show in the near future!

  22. Emerson rocha de jesus


  23. NORTEskXIV

    What the fucknhappend to this label?

  24. Fang ran

    I liked the label but didn't expect to find this here. It's definitely different from my norm, but I enjoyed it. Thanks!

    Ashland Official

    Fang ran Yes!! So happy you enjoyed it, thank you! 😁

  25. Mike Omar Graffin

    love it!

  26. Jupiter Mx

    El gobierno nos quita nuestro breakdown :(

  27. Alleyne Phoenix

    I want to work with you all.

  28. samia woodward

    This is a breath of fresh air.

    Ashland Official

    samia woodward Awww thank you ♥️

  29. Nathan Hoskins

    Absolutely adored hearing you guys in Dallas the other day. So glad to be introduced. <3

    Ashland Official

    Nathan Hoskins That’s awesome! Thank you so much. Hope to see you at another show soon!

  30. Swamp Witch

    Amazing talent and great musicians!!! Absolute ear candy!!

    Ashland Official

    Swamp Witch THANK YOU! 😁🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. mins claire

    Sweet sound

    Ashland Official

    mins claire Thank you ♥️🙏🏻

  32. It Comes In Waves

    This is beautiful. Can’t wait for more! Been following since you played with Sws in stl at fubar. AWESOME!

    Ashland Official

    It Comes In Waves Thank you! We love hearing how people discovered our music. 😊

  33. Nic Luttner

    Loved their first album and super excited for Over The Moon to come out! Love this song and I just pre-ordered the album!

    Ashland Official

    Nic Luttner Thank you Nic, can’t wait for you to hear it! :D

  34. Yále Lima

    i love it !!

    Ashland Official

    Yále Lima Thank you Yále!!

  35. WoeIsLee

    Ariana Grande wannabe

    Ashland Official

    leerey14 Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so I respect that but I’m genuinely curious as to why you think this. :)

    Jay Walk

    @Steamed Lamps That's the third time you have used that response. In what way is that toxic masculinity?

    NRG jinjer

    @Steamed Lamps copy and paste this over and over again cause you have nothing else to say bitch.


    Because you honestly sound like her a little bit and the rhyming/lyrics/vocal structure sounds like some shit she would do.
    Im not saying this is bad by any means, I actually dig it.
    This was just my initial reaction.

    Ashland Official

    leerey14 Awesome, I haven’t heard that before thank you! We hope you’ll check out the record when it comes out 🙏🏻

  36. hakhagmon

    хуйня уровня тейлор свифт

  37. TheDarkRoy 179

    Rise récords uploading POP?
    What the fuck

  38. kdawg

    The single life is soooo underrated.

    Ashland Official

    kdawg Nothing wrong with being single or in a relationship. I wrote this song about things that have really happened to me- getting stood up, being rejected, tripping on my own feet haha

  39. Dr. Gainzzz

    This might be the wrong label for you guys..

    Anders The Ginger

    The label obviously believes in the music. Crazy concept right?

    Dr. Gainzzz

    @Anders The Ginger labels make mistakes all the time... This might be one of them. Crazy concept right?

    Anders The Ginger

    @Dr. Gainzzz comes down to opinion

    Dr. Gainzzz

    @Anders The Ginger exactly I was voicing mine and you made some stupid response to it.


    Welp, they're on it, still crying? Maybe fuck off to another label that only signs bands that sound the same? Or continue crying about other people in the internet, your choice.

  40. dylanmarinus

    Why is this on this label?

    Steamed Lamps

    dylanmarinus Because it's good!

    Sierra Valencia

    If you’re heard their other stuff you’d know

  41. MattsCreative

    most boring crap ever releaed so ashland but get some push some attack

    Steamed Lamps

    Gamedev1909 Ok Mr. Toxic Masculinity

    Ashland Official

    Gamedev1909 We can respect your opinion. Thanks for at least giving it a listen. Hopefully you’ll check out the other songs on the album when it comes out and maybe find something that connects with you more!

  42. Lost Dreamer

    I love it

    Ashland Official

    Lost Dreamer So happy you love it! ♥️

  43. Casey Nicholas

    This was pretty underwhelming

    Ashland Official

    Casey Nicholas Thanks for at least giving it a listen though! 😊

    Chris P. BaconCheeseburger

    Let’s see you do better

  44. Somnumexterrerisolebataeternam


    listen my songs will like


    take that gang and finger it and than burn it